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Chapter 4 I Am The God

“What are you doing? What are you doing?!” Fatty Wang was flailing his arms around. He was terrified like a pig ready to be slaughtered in the slaughterhouse. “You’re a monster! Let me go!”

He is a monster. That shouting quickly woke Qin Chao from his anger. Qin Chao loosened his hand, letting that fatty Wang fall hard to the ground, which almost broke his butt into pieces.

A lot of strange things has happened to him lately….Qin Chao recalled the scene from last night where he acted as a hero. He vaguely saw a black shadow enter his body, when a vase hit him. Then, he became very strange. Not only had his arms turned into dark, beastly arms, but he was also able to stop a speeding sports car with his bare arm. Right now, he was full of strength. Even being electrocuted by fatty Wang’s electric baton didn’t force him to flinch. He could also easily crush many security guards handily.

At this time, one of the security guards came to him and desperately held him by his back. That security guard shouted, “Come on, I caught him, you quickly save the director!”

After he yelled, the others suddenly reacted. They ran towards Fatty Wang and saw that he was severely beaten.

At the same time, Qin Chao’s captor’s mouth suddenly evoked a strange arc. With breath that smelled like an orchid, he said a few words in Qin Chao’s ear.

“Natural devil body …… Hmmm, my luck is Superb …..You better be careful. Before I come to you, don’t get devour by that devil.”

Then, Qin Chao suddenly felt his body become light. It was as if the security guard behind him suddenly disappeared into thin air. Qin Chao felt even more weird, because, he clearly felt the fullness and softness of that security’s chest. Apparently, that security guard was a woman.

“You’re all fucking stupid. You should start to help me up!”

Hearing the shouts from fatty Wang, the security guards quickly awoke from their stupor. They quickly pulled up their director from the ground. Fatty Wang’s buttocks were badly hurt. The feeling of pain in his butthole made him infuriated.

“Good boy. You actually dare to provoke me?! This matter will not end here!” Fatty Wang said to Qin Chao with his small eyes that were wickedly looking around. It seemed like he was hatching a devious scheme. But, when his eyes turned to look at Qin Chao’s eyes, which were cold as ice, he became frightened. His body started to tremble.

“Quickly surround him! I’m calling the police!” Fatty Wang yelled out as he pulled out a cell phone from his side pocket. At this time, a very sweet female voice suddenly sounded, which ended Qin Chao’s encirclement problem.

“No need to call the cops. Director Su has been expecting this man.”

Everyone looked over. They saw the other side was a beauty, who wore a white suit. Her two legs were long and white; She could be called top quality goods.

“Secretary Qin.” Like magic, Fatty Wang’s ugly face instantly turned into a nauseating, yet smiling face. He then started to collect himself.

This beauty, who was called Secretary Qin, frowned and quietly stepped back, and then said with a professional smile.

“Director Wang, you’re too kind.”

Behind that Secretary Qin, two little girls waved their hands at Qin Chao.

Qin Chao suddenly understood. Initially, these two girls, Fang Wen and Hu Luli, saw that the situation was not right. So, they quickly went to report it to the principal’s office. This secretary Qin must be the one who called him earlier. She didn’t just have a sweet voice. Her body was also very lovely.

“You’re called…Qin Chao right?…How come you look like a mummy…?” Secretary Qin looked at Qin Chao from head to toe, hesitated for a long time, shouted out his name, and then muttered a bit.

“Puchi….” The two girls behind her could not hold back anymore. They started to laugh. Being stared at by fatty Wang, the two girls immediately ran away as fast as possible, and soon disappeared inside the building.

“That’s right. My name is Qin Chao.” Qin Chao also collected himself and smiled at her. After all, they would become colleagues soon, so, he should try his best to build good relationships with fellow colleagues. Especially a good connection with a gorgeous colleague. He doesn’t know how, but, maybe it could also solve his life’s problems. “Sister looks so pretty. You also come from the same family as me. I felt honored to know you. ”

(TL: Qin Chao and Secretary Qin has the same surname)

“Pei!” Fatty Wang, who stood to the side, quietly swore, “glib.”

Secretary Qin also gave him a look, “You can just call me Qin Ling. Come with me, the Director has already waiting for you, for a long time.”

Then, she twisted her ass and leisurely strolled towards the campus.

This chick’s ass, which was wrapped tightly in a uniform was very round, like two plump watermelons. Qin Chao and the other security guards were all staring at it. Their mouths were dripped with an unknown liquid.

Qin Ling seemed to feel the staring behind her. She turned around and saw the look on the men’s face. She rolled her eyes and gave them her menacing look.

“What are you looking at? Hurry up!”

“Yes, yes!” Qin Chao nodded, while in his heart said Amitabha Buddha, lasciviousness can lead to bitter consequences. Several times he read that sentence from the Heart Sutra, while the corner of his eyes, he saw the hatred in that fatty Wang’s eyes. He quickly went to follow Qin Ling.

“F*ck.” Not long after the two people walked away, this fatty Wang started to shout, “That son of a b*tch is going to work here. All you guys pay attention, give him a beating every time you see him, you hear! If there’s an accident, I’m the one responsible!”

Then, rubbing his buttocks and his head, he limped back into the security room.

“Pei!” The other security guards secretly cursed, you’re the one who’s responsible when there’s an accident. Forcing us to beat people, when that time comes, maybe we’re the one who’ll get into an accident! That Qin Chao is really ruthless; maybe he learned martial arts?

While they were busy speculating whether or not Qin Chao was a martial art master, Qin Chao was currently walking behind secretary Qin Ling toward the school’s administrative building while his body trembled.

Looking around, and seeing the surrounding imposing school building, his heart lamented. Comparing his 3rd rate university with this Guanyuan School, this Guangyuan School is like a first-class courtesan in a brothel, sought after by many people. While his 3rd rate University is like a prostitute with a flat chest, flat ass, and flat appearance. Her visitor is only poor people with stds, and even then, that only happens in a shitty room.

Such a big disparity!

Su Fei was in her bright office. After listening to what her sister said, she felt a little scared. This little girl likes to run all over the place; She even went to Chaoyang Park! That is a place that people could not go to casually, it’s a mess there.

But she had always liked to study Buddhism, as well as dealing with strange people. It is frustrating when oneself as an older sister, never knows what was troubling her sister.

In order to punish the naughty little girl, her father, Su Xianqin, early in the morning, sent Su Ji back to Jinyang. Locked her at home under strict surveillance, without letting her out of the door by even a single step.

Although her sister was saved by this man named Qin Chao, Su Fei didn’t like this person. She inquired information about this Qin Chao, a third-rate College graduate, idle, and without a job. Maybe he’s the one who arranged these hoodlums; he wants to get rich by using her Su family’s wealth.

Hmmm, this kind of people, Su Fei has already seen a lot of them. She must have a good talk with Su Ji, in order to stop her dealings with these types of people.

To her surprise, when this fellow came, he beat Wang Wenkun, security director of their school. Wang Wenkun is a distant relative of her Su family. Knowing they have a familial relationship, he always liked to abuse his power in the school.

Thinking of this nasty man, Su Fei curled her lip. Suddenly, her mouth evoked a smile, as she whispered.

“Hmmm, now that you have come, I’ll arrange a good job for you.”

After thinking out loud, secretary Qin Ling’s voice rang at the door.

“Director Su, here I brought Qin Chao….”

“Let him come in.” Su Fei quickly made a cold face.

At this time, the office door was opened. A head, wrapped in bandages, came in. Revealing only one pair of eyes.

“You are Qin Chao?” Su Fei initially was taken aback, but she suddenly remembered that her sister said, that yesterday the man was hit on the head until bleeding. Her heart understood the circumstance. Thinking of this, her heart suddenly had some guilt. She had to admit, in order to save Su Ji, this man was injured. So, she mustn’t arrange such job for him.

When her heart was just softened, she suddenly caught the man’s eyes ogling at her chests.

As if stung by scorpions, Su Fei suddenly flared up and coldly snorted.

“Well, Yes, it’s me.” after staring at the beauty, Qin Chao suddenly awakened. Qin Chao was sighing with emotion. The twin peaks of this chick before him was outstandingly beautiful; it looked no worse than those of Su Ji. But her face has a layer of coldness, and it made Qin Chao feel that Su Ji was lovelier.

Her hair was golden black, the difference between them was like fire and ice.

“Director Su, sorry to bother you, I….”

Before Qin Chao even finished his sentence, Su Fei already cut him off with a wave and coldly said.

“Okay, Qin Ling, you come in.”

After the Secretary had come in, she said, “Take Qin Chao to the security room and give him a uniform. From tomorrow on, let him do the security.”

“Ah?” Both Qin Chao and Qin Ling were suddenly stunned, but after looking at Su Fei’s stern eyes, she suddenly understood.

“Yes, director Su.” With that, she pulled Qin Chao, “You come with me. ”

Then, she started to drag the stunned Qin Chao, out of Su Fei’s room.

“Humph!” Su Fei sneered a bit, “pervert, see how I fix you.”

Su Fei did not know that this decision also affected her life.
Sh*t! Qin Chao looked at the dark blue security uniform on his arm and the allotted rubber stick (the electric baton can only be used by the security director), and could not help but be miserable. This Su Fei was apparently playing with him!

He was unwilling, that security director Wang Wenkun, fatty Wang wanted him to quit.

Two people in the security room, dumbfounded, looked at each other for a long time.

“Boy, now you come to my place, you better pay attention!” The fatty Wang said and, without knowing from where it came from, on the previously clean desk, he suddenly pulled out a thick stack of paper. He then said.

“See this? This is the security guard’s regulation! I will give you one day; you must memorize all of this! If not, quickly get lost!”

“Such a thick pile?” Qin Chao eyes opened widely, “You’re dead ……” He was about to curse ‘you dead fatty, head full of sh*t’. But he remembered, he needed this job and could only receive this treatment. ‘D*mn, for rent, for food, I’ll put up with this,’ he thought.

“Also, don’t forget, you are my subordinate!” fatty Wang could see Qin Chao’s defeated face and was feeling satisfied, “Here, in everything you do, you must listen to me. Later on, you must do everything that I tell you!”

Fatty Wang finished, he called the security guard who had been drinking water right next to him, “Yang Guang, quickly extend your face!”

“A…..” that Yang Guang’s face became white. He quickly collected himself, walked in front of fatty Wang and readied his face.

Qin Chao watched with dismay. That fatty Wang slapped Yang Guang hard on his face. The later then covered his face, and quietly walked back to his seat.

“See? In here, I am the God.” Fatty Wang then pointed his finger at Qin Chao, saying, “You, come here and give me your face!”