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Monarch of Evernight

Author:Misty South

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Updates:Chapter 73: Those Days of the Past

He rose from hardship, but was felled by betrayal. From then on, one man, one gun; treads the path between Evernight and Daybreak to became a legend. No matter what was destined to be his fate, he intends to become the ruler who dictates. Follow Qianye as he traverse the wide, wild and bloody world of Daybreak and Evernight. King of the Eternal Night The Legend of Eternal Night“s Sovereign 永夜君王
《Monarch of Evernight》 Volume 1 – Between Daybreak and Evernight
Chapter 1: Crimson Colored Night
Chapter 2: Standing in Silence
Chapter 3: The Big Shot’s Decision
Chapter 4: Welcome to Hell
Chapter 5: Evernight and Daybreak
Chapter 6: Daybreak of the Empire
Chapter 7: The Cannon Fodder Special
Chapter 8: Red Spider Lily
Chapter 9: Night Raid
Chapter 10: Waiting is Unnecessary
Chapter 11: This Is… a Friend?
Chapter 12: The Cost of the Past
Chapter 13: Coming of Age Ceremony
Chapter 14: To Fight or Not to Fight
Chapter 15: First Time
Chapter 16: Long Enough to Become Desperate
Chapter 17: Graduation
Chapter 18: First Match
Chapter 19: Secret Art: Thousand Mountains
Chapter 20: Sweeping Through
Chapter 21: The Definition of Genius
Chapter 22: Trip through the Skies
Chapter 23: Rookie Mission
Chapter 24: Preparing for Battle
Chapter 25: Blood Thrall
Chapter 26: Cleanly Purged
Chapter 27: The Empire’s Twin Paragons
Chapter 28: Death Quota
Chapter 29: Trap
Chapter 30: Contamination
Chapter 31: Falling into Darkness
《Monarch of Evernight》 Volume 2 – Bloom of the Other Shore Flower
Chapter 1: Small Town’s Lighthouse
Chapter 2: Burning Youth
Chapter 3: Expeditionary Forces
Chapter 4: Other Shore Flower
Chapter 5: Peaceful Life
Chapter 6: The Path of Darkness
Chapter 7: Virtual Combat
Chapter 8: Real Military Poise
Chapter 9: The Lamplight under the Cover of Night
Chapter 10: An Uninvited Guest
Chapter 11: Eyes of the Night
Chapter 12: The Final Hunt
Chapter 13: One Hit Kill
Chapter 14: Place of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 15: Werewolves’ First Appearance
Chapter 16: Death by Explosion
Chapter 17: Primo
Chapter 18: Abnormal Changes
Chapter 19: A Startling Transformation
Chapter 20: Brothers
Chapter 21: One of Them
Chapter 22: Fighter King
Chapter 23: Dark Transaction
Chapter 24: Chase
Chapter 25: Breaking Part of a Promise
Chapter 26: Happening
Chapter 27: Great Escape
Chapter 28: Prosperous and Thriving
Chapter 29: Encountering an Expert
Chapter 30: Abnormality of the Black Blood
Chapter 31: Home of Hunters
Chapter 32: An Unpleasant Episode
Chapter 33: Hunters
Chapter 34: Mission
Chapter 35: Snakes
Chapter 36: Boiling Blood
Chapter 37: Assaulting the Werewolves’ Hideout
Chapter 38: Success
Chapter 39: Hidden Danger
Chapter 40: Conflict
Chapter 41: Do Battle
Chapter 42: Kill Order
Chapter 43: Exiting the City
Chapter 44: Passerby
Chapter 45: Lone Wolf
Chapter 46: The Hunt
Chapter 47: Goodbye, Rookie
Chapter 48: Intercepting Murder
Chapter 49: Small Victory
Chapter 50: Eagleshot
Chapter 51: Sniping
Chapter 52: Night of Devilry
Chapter 53: Distance
Chapter 54: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 55: Encounter
Chapter 56: Reunion
Chapter 57: Soul of the Imperial Army
Chapter 58: Standpoint
Chapter 59: Bloom of the Other Shore Flower
《Monarch of Evernight》 Volume 3 – The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace
Chapter 1: A New Day
Chapter 2: A Dazed Present
Chapter 3: Fighting in Close Combat
Chapter 4: The Beginning of Trouble
Chapter 5: The Night of Annihilation
Chapter 6: Eliminate from the Roots
Chapter 7: The Soon Departing
Chapter 8: Neverending Encounter of Fate
Chapter 9: Just a Passing Traveller
Chapter 10: Spring Also Comes For Masculine Women
Chapter 11: Returning to Old Haunts
Chapter 12: Condition
Chapter 13: Blood Feast
Chapter 14: Little Girl
Chapter 15: Blood for Blood
Chapter 16: Blood Poison
Chapter 17: Player
Chapter 18: Collapse by Force
Chapter 19: Outpost
Chapter 20: Unsolved Problem
Chapter 21: Successor Examination
Chapter 22: Qiqi’s Orders
Chapter 23: Beautiful Bait
Chapter 24: The First Order
Chapter 25: Attracting Hatred
Chapter 26: Extra Reward
Chapter 27: Duel
Chapter 28: Strike of a Fighter King
Chapter 29: Returning to the Battlefield
Chapter 30: Going to War
Chapter 31: Minor Billows
Chapter 32: Undercurrent
Chapter 33: Attack
Chapter 34: Retreat
Chapter 35: Assault
Chapter 36: Bloody Battle
Chapter 37: Collapse
Chapter 38: Long Night
Chapter 39: Chaotic Night
Chapter 40: Reinforcements
Chapter 41: Close Combat
Chapter 42: The Escape
Chapter 43: Destroying the Evidence
Chapter 44: Crossing Swords
Chapter 45: Return
Chapter 46: The Last Mission (long chapter)
Chapter 47: Profound Heaven Spring Hunt
Chapter 48: Dinner Feast (long chapter)
Chapter 49: Camp Raid
Chapter 50: Guests
Chapter 51: The Promise Back Then
Chapter 52: How Could I Be Satisfied With Just Top Three?
Chapter 53: Start
Chapter 54: Stealing Prey
Chapter 55: Retaliation
Chapter 56: Hunting Expedition
Chapter 57: Reverse Hunt
Chapter 58: Yes, I’m Bullying You for Having a Shorter Range
Chapter 59: Danger (1)
Chapter 60: Danger (2)
Chapter 61: Encirclement and Annihilation (1)
Chapter 62: Encirclement and Annihilation (2)
Chapter 63: No Longer Alone (1)
Chapter 64: No Longer Alone (2)
Chapter 65: No Longer Alone (3)
Chapter 66: Friends
Chapter 67: Confusion
Chapter 68: The Curtain Drops
Chapter 69: Venus Dawn
Chapter 70: Perverted Thief
Chapter 71: Disaster of the Past
Chapter 72: The First Match
Chapter 73: Those Days of the Past