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She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing skill-sets. Highly skilled in medicine and poison, executes covert assassinations, viewed as insane and demonic in the eyes of people of the world. Killed in an accident, and reborn into the body of a disfigured young girl. What? Face disfigured, identity stolen? A return to the family dim and hopeless? Her identity can be given up, her family can be forgone, but as for the one who harmed her predecessor who inhabited this same body, if she didn’t at least make them scream in unimaginable agony and throw them into a state of wretchedness, how could she live up to her demonic reputation? Endless turmoil ensues and it’s a battle to dominate over all! See how she shook the world dressed in a suit of red, her sword up against the dominant powers that rocked the Heavens! Her name spread across the seas, shocking the earth! 绝色妖娆:鬼医至尊
《Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor》 Text
Chapter 1: “Conspiracy in the Woods”
Chapter 2: Sold
Chapter 3: “I am Feng Jiu”
Chapter 4: Melding of Memories
Chapter 5: “A Knife Across the Throat”
Chapter 6: “The Man She First Met”
Chapter 7: “Sticking to Him”
Chapter 8: “That’s called an Uncle”
Chapter 9 : Into the Nine Entrapment Woods
Chapter 10 : Gathering Herbs Alone
Chapter 11 : Meeting the Uncle Once Again
Chapter 12 : Uncle’s First Kiss
Chapter 13 : Thick Hide Plaster
Chapter 14 : A Mere Beggar
Chapter 15 : Strange Skills
Chapter 16 : “Extortion Out of Convenience”
Chapter 17 : Uncle, Do These Things Eat People?
Chapter 18 : First Glimpse of the Honed Edge!
Chapter 19 : Overflowing with Murderous Aura
Chapter 20 : Rolling with the Power in Counter
Chapter 21 : Extreme Terror
Chapter 22 : Hunt Commission
Chapter 23 : Leading Energies into the Body!
Chapter 24 – Reflection in the water
Chapter 25 – Encounter! Wolf Pack!
Chapter 26 : Alone against a Pack of Wolves!
Chapter 27 : Did You Hit Your Head That Hard?
Chapter 28 : Hidden Danger
Chapter 29 : “Sinister Smile”
Chapter 30 : Why Are You Staring at My Little Kid Brother!
Chapter 31 : “Stabbed in the Back!”
Chapter 32 : “Familiar Face Coming in from the West!”
Chapter 33: “Strange Yet Familiar”
Chapter 34: “Shocking Inexplicable Change”
Chapter 35 : Ancient Mythical Beast
Chapter 36 :
Chapter 37 : Experts Exponents Gather
Chapter 38 : “First Suspicions”
Chapter 39 : Deep into the Ground
Chapter 40 : Fallen Into A Nest of Mice?
Chapter 41 : Breaking Out of the Egg
Chapter 42 : Chubby Little Sacred Beast
Chapter 43 : Secret Underwater Palace
Chapter 44 : Body of a Mystical Spirit
Chapter 45 : He Who Once Reigned Supreme
Chapter 46 : Mysterious Ring
Chapter 47 : To the Swords’ Tomb
Chapter 48 : Seeking the Blue Edge Sword
Chapter 49 : Blue Edge Sword Picks Its Owner
Chapter 50 : Three Times must be Destiny!
Chapter 51 : Thousand Year Frost Poison
Chapter 52 : Part Ways Here
Chapter 53 : Protecting Each Other with Their Lives
Chapter 54 : Leaving the Nine Entrapment Woods
Chapter 55 : Ravishingly Dressed in Ladies’ Wear (1)
Chapter 55 (Pt 2) : Ravishingly Dressed in Ladies’ Wear (2)
Chapter 56 : Who is the True Love
Chapter 57 : Glancing Back with a Smile
Chapter 58 : Spatial Spirit Palace
Chapter 59 : Seven Star Scabbard
Chapter 60 : A Dark and Windy Night
Chapter 61 : Night of Slaughter
Chapter 62 : Eradicating All Trace
Chapter 63 : Underground Black Market
Chapter 64: Title Below
Chapter 65: Battle Arena
Chapter 66: Incredulous
Chapter 67: Esteemed Status
Chapter 68 : Two Powerful Fighters
Chapter 69: Blue Edge Unsheathed
Chapter 70: Blue Edge Tastes Blood
Chapter 71: Eliminate all Witnesses
Chapter 72: Aggrieved
Chapter 73: Time to Leave
Chapter 74: Shocking Words
Chapter 75: Two More Additions
Chapter 76: The Xu Family’s Rage
Chapter 77: “Go Knocking Upon the Door”
Chapter 78: “Nagging Thought”
Chapter 79: Ghost Doctor Fame
Chapter 80: Peach Blossoms Blooms in March
Chapter 81: Feng Mansion’s Qing Ge
Chapter 82: Close the Mountain for Three Days
Chapter 83: Troubled Heart
Chapter 84: Peach Blossom Ridge
Chapter 85: Excited Palpitating Heart
Chapter 86:Attracting Butterflies and Bees
Chapter 87: Shattering the Tranquility
Chapter 88: Whole Bunch of Useless Trash
Chapter 89: Saved by Tai Chi
Chapter 90: Escape
Chapter 91: Seeking Help
Chapter 92: Not allowed to advance!
Chapter 93: Actually Really Awesome
Chapter 94: Insufferable Torment
Chapter 95: Visiting the Xu Mansion by Night
Chapter 96: Setting the Xu Mansion Ablaze
Chapter 97: “Order to Kill !”
Chapter 98: Night in Blood’s Shade
Chapter 99: Impure Thoughts
Chapter 100: Alarming All Sides
Chapter 101: By My Blood
Chapter 102: I Command Thee to Manifest
Chapter 103: Sleepless Night
Chapter 104: Heart Meridian Injury
Chapter 105: Chance Encounter on the Streets
Chapter 106: Where is She?
Chapter 107: “Hopelessly Mesmerized”
Chapter 108: A Slap Out In The Open
Chapter 109: Uncovering Her Veil
Chapter 110: “Leaving in Embarrassment”
Chapter 110: Heading Off to the Guan Mansion
Chapter 111: Differential Treatment
Chapter 112: Losing One’s Composure
Chapter 113: Unworthy of Attention
Chapter 114: Retreat with Every Strike
Chapter 115: Shifting Mirage
Chapter 116: Shifting Mirage
Chapter 117: Chaotic Scene
Chapter 118: Self Expulsion from Clan
Chapter 119: “Losing All “Face!”
Chapter 120: Her Grandpa
Chapter 121: I’ll Pay for the Wine!
Chapter 122: Old Patriarch Feng
Chapter 123: Missing Person in the Feng Residence
Chapter 124: First Words on Betrothal Annulment
Chapter 125: Pulling Off the Veil
Chapter 126: Anger and Distress
Chapter 127: Who is the Real Deal?
Chapter 128: Phoenix Birthmark
Chapter 129: There’s Trouble!
Chapter 130: Possessed
Chapter 131: Mentally Deranged
Chapter 132: Initial Target
Chapter 133: Forthcoming with Her Identity
Chapter 134: Night Visit to the Feng Residence
Chapter 135: Pained for Old Patriarch Feng
Chapter 136: Discovered
Chapter 137: Highly Skilled with Poison
Chapter 138: Grandfather Awakens
Chapter 139: Feng Residence’s Search
Chapter 140: Being Watched!
Chapter 141: Beating Them At Their Own Game
Chapter 142: So Delicately Weak to Bully?
Chapter 143: You’re Not Dead?
Chapter 144: Leave Some Alive
Chapter 145: Begging to Tell It To Me
Chapter 146: The Best Drug
Chapter 147: Poison Clan Territory
Chapter 148: Setting the Mountaintop Ablaze
Chapter 149: “The Poison Clan Gets Annihilated”
Chapter 150: Elite Masters
Chapter 151: The Mysterious Feng Guards
Chapter 152: Peak Level Martial Masters
Chapter 153: Feng Jiu Returns Home
Chapter 154: “The Old Patriarch Returns!”
Chapter 155: “Who Are You?”
Chapter 156: Identity Exposed
Chapter 157: Nowhere to Hide
Chapter 158: Off with the Tongue
Chapter 159: Wretchedly Pathetic
Chapter 160: The Ghost Doctor’s Identity
Chapter 161: Handing Over the Feng Command Token
Chapter 162: I Want to Annul the Betrothal
Chapter 163: Settle it with Fists
Chapter 164: My Lord! Stop Hitting Me Already!
Chapter 166: Fighting to Get There!
Chapter 167: Almost Exposed Herself Fully
Chapter 168: Red Underpants!
Chapter 169: The Green Gallop Country’s Black Market
Chapter 170: Please Remove Your Mask!
Chapter 171: His Identity?
Chapter 172: Uncle Ling!
Chapter 173: What Are You Doing! ?
Chapter 174: Miracle Medicine Grand Meet
Chapter 175: Atrocious!
Chapter 176: Knocked Out and Carried Away
Chapter 177: Lord of Hell’s Palace
Chapter 178: Clipped Wings Can’t Fly
Chapter 179: Getting Along Strangely
Chapter 180: He Wants to Strip Off My Clothes!
Chapter 181: Hell’s Palace’s Medical Tower
Chapter 182: Too Sly
Chapter 183: Thinking of The Hell’s Lord
Chapter 184: Erectile Dysfunction is an Illness
Chapter 185: Magical Herbs Worth Thousands of Gold
Chapter 186: Not Exposed
Chapter 187: So It’s Her!
Chapter 188: Forever Hanging Never to Wither
Chapter 189: Fiery Rage Out of Nowhere
Chapter 190: Perpetually Standing
Chapter 191: Get Out!
Chapter 192: Remaining to Take the Night Watch
Chapter 193: What Are You Doing?
Chapter 194: Broken Sleeve Habit
Chapter 195: Feel Unwell All Over