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In a world where magic and sorcery flourish came a tale of a nobody who grew into a legend. Partake in the conquests and tribulations of a great army where warriors live day-to-day, seeking the thrill of combat. Experience heart-rending drama and hilarious situations while awaiting the impending arrival of the malevolent evil stirring in the darkest depths of the world… Journey alongside Rody, a young knight, as he dons a mask of circumstances that is filled with secrets to unravel the mysteries of the universe! 变脸武士
《Masked Knight》 Text
Chapter 1: Warriors and Virgins
Chapter 2: A Failed Robber
Chapter 3: Rich family of the Imperial Capital
Chapter 4: Amorous Surprise Attack
Chapter 5: The Crafty Playboy
Chapter 6: Nicole’s Decision
Chapter 7: Abnormal Family
Chapter 8: Sword Master
Chapter 9: God’s Language
Chapter 10: Nicole's Secret
Chapter 11: Why Did It Turn Out Like this?
Chapter 12: Rabbit Ears, Donkey Ears
Chapter 13: Young Master’s Gorgeous Servant
Chapter 14: The Masked Person (1)
Chapter 15: The Masked Person (2)
Chapter 16: Reaching a Higher Level
Chapter 17: Charming Visitor at Night
Chapter 18: The Skeleton Can Speak!
Chapter 19: Subversion
Chapter 20: The Voyeur
Chapter 21: Family Degenerate
Chapter 22: The Colossus Randt
Chapter 23: I Did Not Lose!
Chapter 24: Skeleton Andy
Chapter 25: Amazing Rumours
Chapter 26: Feigned Illness
Chapter 27: Donkey Ears Exposed
Chapter 28: The Lying Skeleton
Chapter 29: Rich Folk's Evening Banquet
Chapter 30: Stuck in Gilded Party
Chapter 31: Peerlessly Charming
Chapter 32: Jealous Nicole
Chapter 33: Tear Stained Face of a Beauty
Chapter 34: Sinful Love
Chapter 35: Soul Swap
Chapter 36: Criticism
Chapter 37: Abstain from Women
Chapter 38: Female Might
Chapter 39: Youth’s Aspiration
Chapter 40: Innate Rebellious Spirit
Chapter 41: The Fake Playboy
Chapter 42: Voyeur Skeleton
Chapter 43: A Terrifying Matter
Chapter 44: A Gang of Scoundrels
Chapter 45: Romantic Arena
Chapter 46: Song of an Unrivalled Beauty
Chapter 47: Fierce Fight in the Courtesan Quarters
Chapter 48: Change in Situation
Chapter 49: Imperial Family Guards
Chapter 50: Glory and Disgrace
Chapter 51: Entrusted Important Task
Chapter 52: Night Exploration of the White Tower
Chapter 53: Relic from 200 Years Ago
Chapter 54: Sunflower Treasure
Chapter 55: Horseback Archery Examination
Chapter 56: Impressive Eight Directions
Chapter 57: Inheriting Peerage in the Audience Hall
Chapter 58: A Tragedy
Chapter 59: Lightning God’s Whip
Chapter 60: The Last Hope of the Empire
Chapter 61: A Curious Coincidence
Chapter 62: Farewell Myka
Chapter 63: Old Man Mark
Chapter 64: Life-Saving Treasure
Chapter 65: Glorious Expedition
Chapter 66: Life and Death Look Alike
Chapter 67: The Village
Chapter 68: Night Attack
Chapter 69: Justice
Chapter 70: Before The War
Chapter 71: Fierce Battle at Watt
Chapter 72: Bloodstained Tulip
Chapter 73: Mighty Army
Chapter 74: The Scary Truth
Chapter 75: Unfriendly Banquet
Chapter 76: Long Distance Raid
Chapter 77: Blood Oath
Chapter 78: Knights of Roland
Chapter 79: Holy Light
Chapter 80: Black Veiled Saint
Chapter 81: Changing Roles
Chapter 82: The Beautiful Prisoner
Chapter 83: A Thousand Year Old Tale
Chapter 84: To Never Leave Each Other
Chapter 85: Wolves Attack
Chapter 86: Special Envoy of the Imperial Capital
Chapter 87: Oath To Kill!
Chapter 88: Mysterious Visitor at Night
Chapter 89: Skeleton of the Night
Chapter 90: Reshape Origin
Chapter 91: The Pain of Separation
Chapter 92: Kill Immediately
Chapter 93: The Westwood Capital City
Chapter 94: Provocation
Chapter 95: Rebellion
Chapter 96: Stench of Blood in the Setting Sun
Chapter 97: Scoundrels of the Political Circle
Chapter 98: Crusade
Chapter 99: Drawing an Alliance
Chapter 100: Defend
Chapter 101: Assassin Attack
Chapter 102: Journey to the Southeast
Chapter 103: Surprise Attack
Chapter 104: Ten Year Agreement
Chapter 105: The Welcome Ceremony
Chapter 106: The Chaos in the Southeast
Chapter 107: Mutiny
Chapter 108: Negotiation
Chapter 109: Peaceful South Plan
Chapter 110: Chief of the Flame Tribe
Chapter 111: Heavenly Abode of the Mountains
Chapter 112: Prophecy
Chapter 113: Sneak Attack in the Night
Chapter 114: ‘True God’ Kara
Chapter 115: Summit of Evil
Chapter 116: Wuya’s Secret
Chapter 117: Monster
Chapter 118: Gate of the Abyss
Chapter 119: Deep in the Canyon
Chapter 120: Bloodthirsty Spider
Chapter 121: Samsara River
Chapter 122: Wuya’s True Colors
Chapter 123: The Strong Supports the Weak
Chapter 124: Two Drops of Fresh Blood
Chapter 125: Strange Human Faced Lion
Chapter 126: History’s Strongest Fatty
Chapter 127: Powerful Domain
Chapter 128: Dragon Converter
Chapter 129: Dragon Converter (2)
Chapter 130: Super Left Hand
Chapter 131: Mystic Dragon Purge
Chapter 132: The Truth of Gods and Demons
Chapter 133: Fatty Leaves the Mountain
Chapter 134: Imperial Capital‘s ‘Good News’
Chapter 135: Tagging Along
Chapter 136: Fierce Battle at Night!
Chapter 137: Absolutely Won’t Yield
Chapter 138: Mad Genius (1)
Chapter 139: Mad Genius (2)
Chapter 140: Proceeding North to the Imperial Capital
Chapter 141: One Becomes Two
Chapter 142: Reborn for Your Sake
Chapter 143: Battle for Imperial Power
Chapter 144: Shadows of Vampires
Chapter 145: Heroic Beautiful Woman
Chapter 146: Go To Hell!
Chapter 147: Blood of Gods
Chapter 148: Petrification
Chapter 149: Myka’s Feelings
Chapter 150: Draw your sword! I am in a hurry!
Chapter 151: Dracula Spear
Chapter 152: Master Autumn
Chapter 153: Sacred Swordsman
Chapter 154: The True Meaning of Swordsmanship
Chapter 155: Crafty Plots
Chapter 156: Rody’s Smile
Chapter 157: Magnificent Reply
Chapter 158: Great Wind Rises
Chapter 159: Assemble in the Imperial Capital
Chapter 160: Skeleton's Body Change
Chapter 161: Breaking Through!
Chapter 162: To Behead
Chapter 163: God’s Vanquish Spell
Chapter 164: Playing It Big
Chapter 165: The Skeleton Becomes Emperor
Chapter 166: Public Opinion in the Imperial Capital
Chapter 167: The Duke’s Responsibilities
Chapter 168: Creating a Star
Chapter 169: Rise of a Great General
Chapter 170: Sorrows of the Empire
Chapter 171: The First Day
Chapter 172: Testing the Waters
Chapter 173: Achilles' Heel (1)
Chapter 174: Achilles' Heel (2)
Chapter 175: Achilles' Heel (3)
Chapter 176: Combined Sorcery
Chapter 177: Combined Technique
Chapter 178: The Paladin's Challenge
Chapter 179: Dragon Break
Chapter 180: Dragon Transformation
Chapter 181: Comprehension
Chapter 182: Rody Can Scheme Too
Chapter 183: Die After The War
Chapter 184: New Army
Chapter 185: Rody Appears
Chapter 186: Field Operations (1)
Chapter 187: Field Operations (2)
Chapter 188: Disguise
Chapter 189: Black Veil
Chapter 190: The Tulip Bloomed
Chapter 191: Valiant Warrior
Chapter 192: Prelude to Climax
Chapter 193: Ambiguous
Chapter 194: Too Smart for Your Own Good
Chapter 195: Bitter Then Sweet1
Chapter 196: Conflict
Chapter 197: Pink Panties
Chapter 198: Heart of Stone
Chapter 199: Adoration
Chapter 200: Confession
Chapter 201: Tit for Tat
Chapter 202: Nicole’s Tender Love
Chapter 203: Strange Visitor From the Imperial Capital
Chapter 204: Legendary Scimitar
Chapter 205: Lake Monster
Chapter 206: Break Out
Chapter 207: Holy Beast, Mythical Beast
Chapter 208: Darke Joins the Group
Chapter 209: Trap
Chapter 210: Taming
Chapter 211: Scoundrel Darke
Chapter 212: Intimate
Chapter 213: The World at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 214: Blood of the Sinners
Chapter 215: Staff of Moses
Chapter 216: Hatred
Chapter 217: Special Assignment
Chapter 218: Looking at the Roland Continent!
Chapter 219: At the Sea
Chapter 220: Inhuman
Chapter 221: Evil Rody
Chapter 222: Rapid Kill
Chapter 223: Muddy and Turbid
Chapter 224: Dragon Warriors
Chapter 225: Coincidence
Chapter 226: The First Pontiff
Chapter 227: Complete State
Chapter 228: Rupture!
Chapter 229: Reptiles
Chapter 230: Next
Chapter 231: Rules
Chapter 232: Shackles
Chapter 233: “Love at First Sight”
Chapter 234: Beauty Trap
Chapter 235: Stunning Beauty
Chapter 236: Legendary Master
Chapter 237: Provocation
Chapter 238: Freak
Chapter 239: Female Paladin’s Visit
Chapter 240: God’s Chosen One
Chapter 241: The King’s Ambition
Chapter 242: The Curse of ‘God’s Record’
Chapter 243: The Sauron Royal Family’s Secret
Chapter 244: The Person Standing Outside the Circle
Chapter 245: Underground Cave
Chapter 246: Mural
Chapter 247: True History
Chapter 248: Mouse’s New Clothes
Chapter 249: Swine
Chapter 250: Enemies are Destined to Meet
Chapter 251: Fielding's Transformation
Chapter 252: Estrangement
Chapter 253: Break!
Chapter 254: Nebulous
Chapter 255: A Night Perfect for Assassin
Chapter 256: Aliens will not be Loyal
Chapter 257: Prometheus
Chapter 258: Seth’s Fear
Chapter 259: Garden Encounter
Chapter 260: Departure
Chapter 261: Unexpected Follower