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Chapter 3 – Don’t Touch Me

Here’s the 3rd chapter by Rabie, enjoy


Translated by Rabie

05-03 Don’t Touch Me

“…, and that’s why,”
Jin was desperately trying to explain to Elsa. It seems that Elsa finally understood that it was a misunderstanding.
“Ok I understand, but an automatic doll that is emotional instability … I have never heard about such a thing.”
“Reiko is a really special”
heaving a sigh Jin looked up at the sky. The stars were already beginning to appear.
“Well we should soon go inside”
Elsa also consents when saying so, two people then return from the garden to the room.
“Oh, did you go for a walk?”
There was Elsa’s nanny. After throwing a cold eye toward Jin,
“It seems that dinner is ready.”
So Elsa headed to the cafeteria with the nanny. In returns to their room and collects Reiko once.
Reiko says that she doesn’t need a meal but only Jin heard her say that,
“But well, I didn’t tell anyone that you were an automatic doll.”
It was told so, so Reiko nodded obediently.
By the way Reiko can eat the whole meal. It has to discharge secretly later though.
As well, if the discharged food is further compressed it will turn into a beaded or needle-like shape, which can be taken out by the mouth, because of that it can also be used for attacks, it is stored in the body to some extent.
In addition, there is an analysis function in the mouth, it analyzes the taste of Jin’s preferences, and it can be made use in cooking. Originally it is a detection function for poison, but this is the result after being strengthened by Jin.

Dinner of that day was gorgeous. Clearly Jin is the only one to eat such a dish for the first time.
I didn’t understand exactly what it was when I heard the dishes name because it wasn’t clearly rounded to fine cuisine. “Sharif ‘s Bruschetta”, “Gekuburu’ s Ajejo” or “Aufrauf”.
I don’t really have any likes and dislikes, so I didn’t have to worry about eating, but I did not understand the manners, because I ate with Elsa’s who’s look looked like it seemed somewhat tired, it was Jin who didn’t feel like eating.

* * *

That night, Jin was relaxing in the room and the door was knocked.
Reiko had got to get rid of the food that she had eaten so she was absent, when Jin opened the door, Elsa’s nanny was standing there.
her chestnut hair is collected at the rear of the head, she had brown pupils
“excuse me ”
The nanny cut off the invitation to come in,
“Mr. Jin, I will tell you as a milady of lady Elsa, just because the lady allowed you to ride the carriage with her, Never misunderstand it. Because it is very rude when you do impolite mimicry”
“Ha haa”
It was Jin who didn’t know what he misunderstood, what was he being rude about, but he knew that he should never talk back to a woman who speaks like this from past experience
“You only have to understand. Then.”
That’s when she went away and left.
Closing the door, I did not know what it meant, so Jin stopped worrying and go to bed.
Reiko also came back so he turned off the light of the magic lamp and was indeed tired when lying on the futon, Jin immediately fell asleep.

* * *

The next morning was an early departure. It seems that it is a bit far from the mof [mofuto] [mohuto] village which will be the next lodging place.
For breakfast they had Milk of a domestic animal, freshly baked bread, and after lightly salting of the vegetables they were finished. They left Flathead village while being waved off by the village head.
The flat head mountain which shines in the morning sun was beautiful.
“Ah, I couldn’t make a damper after all”
Jin was busy trying to solve the unstable Reiko and Elsa’s misunderstanding, and it was impossible to develop the damper. But Reiko,
“its okay Father, I will heal you this time”
As Reiko said so, Elsa’s eyes became round.
“Oh, maybe, Reiko, did you remember the healing magic?”
“Yes, thanks to you”
“… ….”
Elsa who finds no word to say. That would be so. It’s not a common thing to be able to reproduce the magic that was recited after only hearing and watching it once.

* * *

Talent and spiritual power to connect to the “data repository” which usually plays “chanting, image, magical power, what is also called” magic catalog “in addition to that.
If all these are not appropriate, magic will not be activated.
To say “you can not use magic” means that one of them is missing.
Jin can hardly use attack magic because He can’t connect to the “magical archive of attack magazine”.
On the contrary, it can be said that he has nearly unlimited access to “engineering magic data repository”. It was incomprehensible for a person born with just this.

Speaking of magic as a computer program, it can be said that a calculable function exists in the “repository”.
Instead of calling the function y = sin (x), can we talk about whether or not trigonometric functions can be solved with only four arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)?
(Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles.)

Then, that’s maybe why Reiko who is an automatic doll can use attack magic of more than Jin, I think that it is in doubt whether there is a limit to engineering magic though.
This is easy to imagine because normal magic including attack magic, in consequence is simple. There are only really many relatively simple “functions” that activate at the same time.

On the other hand, engineering magic chooses who can use it because it is necessary to image not only the result but also the process.
Although she has a brain with a magical expression written with the highest technology in the highest quality demon crystal, Reiko’s image power, creativity power doesn’t reach Jin.

On the contrary, even if she can’t connect to “Attack magic data repository”, Reiko can remember most magic if she can only write “function” to the memory demon crystal in her body, she then can use it.
The same is true for the bracelet made by Jin for himself.
However, it is impossible for the magic that it was so complicated as he’s not able to write or the method was unknown. Well if it is analysis ability of Jin and Reiko, almost all existing magic can be analyzed.

* * *

” Because some of the technology that is a part of Reiko is an ancient relic, it is possible, so she can do that”
Jin kept on explaining so. Well it’s not a lie, Well only partly.
Elsa who heard the technology named “ancient relics” did not put any further doubt and only frowned.

Jin who is looking out at the window today. The reason for that is that it is seems he doesn’t get sick easily.
The highway gradually changes to a climb. A considerable steep slope came out partly. the horses in this world are powerful. Because its pulling a horse-drawn carriage only with two horses.
“Jin, can I move next to you?”
Elsa asked. Certainly, if you are sitting backwards on an uphill slope you will fall down to the other side.
“Oh, sure”
its only three people, as well with Reiko being small we have plenty of room. Jin put his body on the window a little. Reiko also sticks to him accordingly.
Inevitably Elsa will sit on the opposite window side.
“Today’s trip we will be climbing all the way. Today’s accommodation, Mof village is a village made on a sloping gentle slope under the Hanvalvale [hanbarufu] Pass, there main industry is cheese”
So Elsa explains. Indeed, although the end of February is already over, it seems that the landscape gradually reverts to winter.
“It’s a mountain but there is hardly any snow, because of that the roads pass through these areas”
Though Elsa seems to have been surprised at Reiko’s magic acquisition, too, As such, did you consent? It’s like the talk we had yesterday.

At that time, when I thought whether the horse-drawn carriage swayed greatly, It stopped while leaning.
“Milady! I am sorry, the wheel has struck a hole!”
The voice of the driver sounded.
Three people get out of the carriage in a hurry. Around that area was a road that was attached so as to cross the slope, some places were eroded due to the water flowing from above and the wheels of the horse carriage had got stuck in one of those holes.
“The horses will be able to persevere!”
A uselessly savage man usually shouts at encouraging the horse and gives a whip. However, even though it’s a strong horse, the wheel that has gotten stuck pretty tightly does not move.
The carriage that was going ahead noticed it and stopped, and four of the followers came down.
“Elsa, please leave it to us.”
Three of the people saying so try to put power into lifting the carriage. However, with the weight of the carriage and the tightly fitted wheel nothing moved.
Jin who saw that,
In short,
“Yes, father”
Reiko answered briefly and approached the carriage so as to push away the men.
“Hey girl, what do you intend to do?”
One person said so with a rough language, but Reiko ignored it, she did not care about clothes getting dirty under the carriage,
Reiko stood with the horse-drawn carriage pulling out of the hole.
“What …!”
“Oi, are we dreaming?”
A small girl just lifted the carriage with both hands and saw the sight of that girl who carried it further, the three men looked at it while opening their mouths.
Anyway, because the two horses had kept trying to move started to drag themselves off of the rough halfway.
When the horses did so, Reiko moved the carriage to the place where there was not a rough road surface, Reiko gently lowered the carriage and came back. A little bit of mud was attached, but if she shakes her body for a while it will fall off. Rare materials bonzai.
“Good work, Reiko”
Jin strokes and praises the head of Reiko who came back. Reiko who seems to be happier than usual.
“Although Reiko is an automatic doll, isn’t her power as good as golem?”
Elsa asks surprised as well.
“Oh, that’s right, you saw it once before, back at the Potlock dock.”
Elsa asked so, she said that her mind had been upset by the golem attacked at that time. So she had forgotten, well. Then,
“An ordinary automatic doll is about as strong as a human, or a bit strong, but I have never seen an automatic doll that can produce that such power”
“Is it so……”
If I had such a conversation, a man who cried to Reiko a while ago,
“Huh, so you are an automatic doll that’s like a girl?”
Reiko answered and that man,
“… … may I also pat you?”
He asked. But Reiko who answer had a cold voice,
“It is useless, only my father can touch me without permission.”
As she said that, the man was hesitant and he was pulling back.
“… …. He has been away from his daughter for about half a year, so I think he wanted to pat Reiko.”
Elsa followed that. Talking about him, she said he was a guard post. Even so, he seems to be a master of the sword.
Because they finished talking, the party resumed the trip.