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Chapter 5 – A gearbox, a magic turbine, and…

04-05 A gearbox, a magic turbine, and…

The next morning, after Jin woke up and had his breakfast, he began making a gear.
First, he created a linear gear as a reference.
First he prepared a straightened adamantium strip, then he made the teeth of the gear. He didn’t worry about the module (the size of the teeth). This is how Jin normally works. (TLFalin: It actually says module and has the part in the parentheses, it seems the author researched this to give a more authentic explanation, so there may be more as the chapter progresses)
「Is this much good?」
Because Jin plans to use it for a car, it needs to be strong, but since he’s using Adamantium, it’ll be work well at a small size. Although it’s simple to make it big by itself, Jin decided to start from something small.
For the time being, he made 200 copies of his first one. These were made without difficulty.
If lined up face to face, it becomes immediately apparent that the spacing of the teeth is the same and they’re all identical.

「Well, if I can make do with one band, and . Could I… yes, I can do it!」(TL: He’s muttering, so this was hard to translate)
He completed the teeth on the linear gear.
「After that, yeah… make a gear with the number of teeth that I need to fit this. Yes, it’s a success! Now, into a circle. I think I’m done with the outside of the gear with this.」
At this stage, he has a gear with his desired number of teeth. It is, so to speak, a doughnut with teeth.
「Now, to fill the inside circle of the gear, . Great, it worked!」
In front of Jin laid a completed spur gear.
When Jin made another gear with a different number of teeth and tried to engage the two, they engaged so neatly that Jin began to feel like dancing.

If a spur gear is made, Jin can make a bevel gear somehow as well. However, it will be limited to the same number of teeth.
Still, it was fascinating that it could change the rotation 90 degrees, and it would quickly increase the kinds of machines Jin could make.
「Yosh, let’s make a car!」
He made the chassis with light silver and got carried away and made a 4 cylinder engine, no, a 4 part engine. The tires are made neatly from rubber and in the afternoon the car is completed.
「Un, un, it’s nice.」
Because there’s no transmissions, it can only be operated by an accelerator and a brake, so it’s not automatic. Because the output of the golem is constant, it can work.
After driving around in the flat area in front of his research center, Jin got off satisfied.
「Father, I feel that the golem horses were more versatile.」
Jin couldn’t understand Reiko’s question for a minute, but shortly after realized the implications of it.
The airplane had a and the ship had a
Although Jin had thought of the golem engine for land that’s paved, he forgot that most of the world hasn’t been paved.
How much time until it’s a cars turn in this world?
「Hmm, did I become complacent? Well, it’ll work for this island.」
Was said,
「Reiko, have Topaz make a road network on the island. You don’t have to pave the surface, use , It’ll prevent the weeds and also allow something heavy to go across it.」
「Yes. Should I give priority to Tatsumi Bay, the fields, and the airport?」(TL: Was it called Tatsumi Bay in a previous translation? I’ll have to come back to this.)
「Ah, yes, please.」
Because I made the airport for the airplane, the maintenance of the road was urgent business. A large Warp Gate is installed at each place as well, but a road is still necessary.

「Aaah, I’m hungry.」
It was already pitch black out.
「Father, I made dinner today.」
「Ah, Reiko, I’m looking forward to it.」
Because Soleil and Luna were busy mass-producing the airplanes and ships, Reiko took charge of cooking for Jin.
「It’s pure white bread, isn’t it?」
Reiko peels the wheat, one by one, and the bread was made with the ground down flour.
「Mmm, tasty.」
Jin eats the bread and has vegetable and fish soup, after all, the bread without the crust is is more delicious when mixed in.
「I’m sorry, the rice hasn’t been found yet.」
「No, I understand, I’m asking for a lot. I’ll search for it in the western country I’m going to this time.」
Since they couldn’t find rice in the port town, Port Rock, Jin thought they might find it in a western country where the things might be different and unusual.

7 days since he returned to Hourai Island…
「Might as well make a turbine.」
The first day Jin began with the lines. The principle was simple, to put an impeller in a sealed container and turn it with wind magic.
Since wind doesn’t need to be taken in from the outside it circulates well and doesn’t leak, so it can be done easily.
「Oh, the number of revolutions is high as expected.」
Because it’s basically a windmill, the rotation speed is high. On the other hand, the torque is inferior to a golem engine.
「Oh well, it’ll be useful for something.」
It was fun to make.

Reiko savors the significance of being near someone like Jin.
The data of the work Jin completed is also saved in Reiko, and it’s put in order and preserved so that it may be possible to reproduce at any time. It is the role of an auxiliary storage device for Jin.
「Father, what happened to the talk of creating a weapon?」
And, like a secretary, she points out what Jin forgot.
「Oh, did I say something like that? It will be necessary for the defense force.」
Jin said and then was lost in thought
「, and …」
He decided to make a laser standard equipment.
The reason being that it’s easy to make non-lethal if he changes the strength. Although the defense method is limited, it’s easy to aim and hard to make. (TL: pretty sure he’s talking about for others, so if one gets lost, they can’t just reproduce it).

「Ok, I should be able to make it like this.」
Jin has Reiko get the materials right away so he can begin manufactureing. The structure is simple. In the form of a thin flashlight, he writes the inside. (TL: is it just me, or is he making a light saber?)
「Ok, now for authentication.」
「Father, what is authentication?」
Reiko asked about the unfamiliar words.
「Ah, let’s say, for example, you lost it and someone else found it, it still won’t work for that person.」
Without Jin’s magical power waveform it won’t operate. It was name magic waveform authentication .
Because all the golems and Reiko inherited Jin’s magic waveform when he made them they can use it without a problem.
「And that’s done.」
The prototype was completed. It looked like a tube and wasn’t of the pistol type. (TL: I guess it’s not a light saber)
「Do you want to try it?」
They go outside of the laboratory and aim at a pile of rocks at the edge of the open space and fire the laser.
Thin rays the size of a needle pierce the rock in a few seconds.
「Yes, a success.」
Jin changes some of the settings while saying so and prepares to fire once again. The range is short, which slightly diffused the rays, but the rock was vaporized immediately this time.
「This is dangerous, we shouldn’t use it except in an emergency.」
Jin said and decided to consider another low power weapon.
「How about paralysis…. a stun gun!」
When Jin first met Beana in the Blue Land, she had a “Paralysis Cane”. This allowed him to understand that such a magic tool already exists. (TL:Was it called a Paralysis Cane before? Oh well, I’m going with that for now.)
「Well, I’ll make something a few stages above that.」
Jin was enthusiastic but…
「Father, it’s almost time for lunch, please make sure you eat.」
Reiko told Jin and he obediently left the research center and went towards the house.

「Did Soleil make today’s lunch?」
The menu was toast, citron marmalade, a salad, and eggs sunny-side up.Although it looks like breakfast, Jin doesn’t worry about it and eats.
「Gouchisousama.」 (TL: Although I figure most of you know this already, it’s a formal way of saying thanks for the food after they’re done eating, no real translation for it though. I could just put “thanks for the food” or “I’m done” but I think I’ll leave it at that.)
Immediately after eating, he headed back to the laboratory.
「As usual, when it is about making something, father always lose sight of his surrounding.」(TL: Thanks to T.Y. for helping with this line.)
Reiko followed immediately after Jin to help him.

The stun gun was easy to complete, because he had looked at the “Paralysis Cane” before. He resolved some of the faults and improved the efficiency.
Its looked similar to a wand and was about 30cm long. He also made 2 police baton type ones as well. The wand was for self defense and the baton was for security.
The wand was made of light silver and the baton was made of a mithril and adamantium composite.
「Since it’s come to this, I’ll also make an army.」
Jin said so and made 20 golems and name them from 1-20, Land.
With this, Hourai Island’s armed forces were completed.