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Chapter 4 – RIVAL

Jin and the others are having dinner at the Sea Pavillion, it wasn’t much but they had a toast for the formation of the team.
「Well then, here’s to celebrate the formation of team 『MJR』」
 They raised and tapped each other’s glasses. And,
「Let’s aim for for victory!」
 Incidentally MJR was made up of the initials of Marcia, Jin and Reiko. Of course, Jin had left the naming up to Marcia.
 After a peaceful meal, they began the meeting. Then Jin remembered,
「By the way, that smug man from before, who was that guy?」
 Marcia seemed to have difficulty saying it. Jin sensing that,
「You don’t have to force yourself to say it.」
 He said, but Marcia had resolved herself,
「No, I don’t want to keep secrets from a team mate.」
 Saying that, she began to talk.
「That guy is a Marquis of this Elias Kingdom. Marquis Hudson’s 3 men are the assistants of the ruler of Port Rock, Valentino I believe he is called, however…… he says he wants me to be a mistress without any hesitation」
「He also has three other wives and two mistresses. That guy said he wanted to have the same number of wives and mistresses.」
「What a ridiculous guy……」
 Jin was disgusted of course.
「I don’t know why he’s taken an interest in me.」
 She asserted. Marcia didn’t seem to be lying as Jin thought she was beautiful enough herself. However he didn’t say that,
「So is that guy also entering the competition?」
「He will. More so, he’s the favourite to win. He can use his family’s power and money to employ a good shipwright and a skilled Magi Craftsman. There’s also a rumour that he’s invited a Magi Craftsman from the center of Magi Craft, Celuroa Kingdom.」
「It is impossible for Onii-sama to lose to such a man.」
 Reiko who had stayed silent until then couldn’t bear it any longer and interjected.
「Y-Yeah. I believe so too.」
「So, what are we going to do now?」
 Somewhat forcibly, Jin attempted to change the subject.
「Right, a-anyway, we’ll need to get the materials for Jin to make a golem. Cost is no concern is what I would like to say, but as you can see, please don’t expect much.」
「It’s fine, normal materials are enough.」
「Since I’ll be helping with the fishing in the mornings until the day after tomorrow, we’ll have to take care of getting the materials during the afternoon. Therefore you can do as you like during the mornings.」
「Helping with the fishing? Why?」
 Hearing that, Marcia with a little embarrassment,
「It’s a bit embarrassing, but even if it’s just a little, I want to get used to riding a boat and while I’m at it, earn a little money.」
「Oh, I see. Then are you all right with having lunch in this dining room?」
 Since Jin liked how delicious the meals were. On the side, Reiko diligently made note of Jin’s tastes.
「Yeah, let’s do that.」
 Marcia nodded.
 In addition to that, we heard that the the lord might come take a look at the competition and there will be a prize for design and idea besides just speed before we finished up that evening.
「Otou-sama is really whimsical. Are you helping others again?」
 She was probably talking about what happened in Blue Land.
「Well, I guess so. But it’s also because I’m curious about the race, it’s seems like fun.」
「I’m fine with it if Otou-sama is too, but I’m worried you’ll work your body too hard.」
 Since Jin was overworked by the boss and seniors of the company in his previous world, even though he was aware of it, it was his disposition and that can’t be easily corrected.
「Yeah, I’ll be careful.」
 That was the best answer he could give right now.
「Now then, I want to take a shower to refresh myself.」
 He was somehow sticky from the sea breeze blowing on him all day.
「I’ll go wash my body.」
 Jin said to Reiko and went to the communal bathroom with a change of clothes and a towel… But soon immediately came back.
「Otou-sama? What is it?」
「No way, no way. The water doesn’t flow out, you have to draw it yourself with the bucket on the shelf, you can’t bathe at all. Even worse, because the sea is nearby, the well water is also muddy.」
 Jin once again recognized that water was precious. A pump was made at Kaina Village, but it doesn’t seem to have spread to here yet.
「I’ll go back to Hourai Island tomorrow and take a bath there.」
 Jin who gave up on taking a bath and shower for the day, thought about various things and plans while lying on the inn’s bed, but he soon fell asleep before he knew it.

 The next day. Jin and Reiko had returned to the Laboratory using the Warp Gate to bring the materials.
 Reiko carried a barrel of fish paste. They couldn’t find any soy sauce so they got it for its similar flavour.
 Getting out of the morning bath he had Reiko prepare, Jin immediately began preparing.
「Now then. Reiko, I believe there was the leather of a Sham Dragon.」
 The wing membrane was used for Reiko’s skin as it’s thin and tough. Compared to it, the leather was thick and flexible.
「Yes. I secured the material on my 4th teleportation when I hunted it.」
 Reiko casually handed the fish paste over to Peridot who was in charge of the housekeeping. 『Sham』 as it may be, it was still a monster with Dragon in its name. It would normally take at least 10 people to subjugate it.
「Good. I want a bit of it. Also a wind attribute magi crystal.」
「Wind attribute? Would that be better than the water attribute?」
 It was a reasonable question, but Jin readily,
「It’s because the golem I have in mind needs speed more than power.」
 He said just that.
「I understand」
 She answered obediently. Reiko then collected the things he had asked for.
「Good. Let’s make the swimsuit now then.」
 To Reiko who had a confused expression, Jin,
「Well, wasn’t there also a beach there? It’s been a while since I last swam.」
「So that’s why.」
 The string of the Ground Spiders appeared once again.
「My predecessor sure was amazing to have made this knit & weave loom.」
「Yes, Okaa-sama is very great.」
 The preceding Magi Craft Meister, Adrianna Balbora Ceci seemed to have been very womanly and had developed things of the likes of a spinning loom and a knit & weave loom.
 Inside the knit & weave loom was what could be called meias-like fabric that could be used to weave.
「The thread I dyed navy blue is set, and… Okay, activate」
 Activating it, the speed at which it weaved was much faster compared to machines on modern Earth. This time he was making a swimsuit, so he stopped once he weaved it to a modest length and took the fabric out.
「After this I’ll also dye it white, so could you weave a bit more?」
「Yes…… Luna, Soleil, I leave this to you.」
 Jin decided to leave the rest of the work to Reiko’s two subordinates, he then began putting finishing touches to the swimuit.
「This goes like this, cut this, attach it here… Alright, it’s complete. Reiko, this is yours.」
「Thank you.」
 Jin had made a navy blue one piece swimsuit. He wanted to think that its resemblance to a school swimsuit was just his imagination. After that, Jin also made a swimsuit for himself.
「Alright, it’s not yet noon so we still have time. Let’s return to the 『Sea Pavilion』 and change.」

 They returned to Port Rock and after changing into their swimsuit at the Sea Pavillion, both of them headed to the beach at the back.
「It’s convenient that it’s close.」
 Jin immediately entered the sea. The seawater temperature was relatively high so he didn’t feel too cold. Reiko then followed after
 Reiko weighed about the same as a human so she was able to float by stretching out her body. For a while, both of them calmly floated in the inlet while bathing under the southern sun.
「Aaa~ it’s really is relaxing.」
 It was at the moment Jin spoke to himself.
「Oh? Could that young lady over there be a doll?」
 Some person said.
「Wh-what? … GABO–」
 Trying to set his body upright in a panic, Jin accidentally swallowed some water.
「Otou-sama, are you okay?」
 Reiko was worried about Jin. And the person who had called out to them,
「Ah, as I thought. This is wonderful! There isn’t one in our country. Could it possibly be an Artifact?」
 It was a man who looked about 3 or 4 years older than Jin. He was tall and thin with grey hair and grey eyes. His skin was white, though slightly tanned. He was probaby a swimmer as he was wearing a swimsuit.
 Jin put himself on guard against this man.
「Why do you think that Reiko is a doll?」
 The man with a slightly exaggerated shrug,
「Even though I look like this, I am a Magi Engineer of the Shouro Empire. No, you call it a Magi Craftsman here. Oh, forgive my impoliteness, I am called Reinhardt.」
「…… Jin. This is Reiko.」
 While still vigilant, Jin also named himself. Then Reinhardt,
「Mister Jin and Miss Reiko. Could it be you are also entering the Golem Boat Competition?」
 He said with a smile.
「Yeah. Then does that mean you are too?」
 Jin checked,
「I am indeed participating. My golem is this.」
 When he said that, he introduced a golem that suddenly appeared next to him.
「The golem I poured my heart and soul into to make, 『Lorelei』.」
 It had the lower body of a fish, that is to say it was a mermaid model golem.