Wuxiaworld > Magi Craft Meister > Chapter 2 – GOLEM BOAT RACE


「This is a cheap and tasty shop.」
 Jin once again observed Marcia who began to speak.
 Even if it can be said that her appearance was that of a beautiful woman, her face was free of makeup and her hands and feet are also tanned light brown. Because of her work as a shipwright, the gaps between her nails have turned black.
 If that’s the case, shipwrights don’t process their materials with magic, it seems to be an occupation of constructing with their hands.
 Wearing a normal top and bottom of linen, she hung an apron from her neck to avoid getting it dirty.
「Well… where should I start from?」
 Jin and the others sat around a table while drinking Kwue, the local specialty. By the way, Reiko was also drinking to pretend to be a human. Although Reiko doesn’t need to eat or drink, she was capable of doing so. You can say she doesn’t need to eat or drink, but was able to eat and drink.
 Jin took a sip of it and felt that it tasted closer to cocoa even though its name was like coffee. He thought about going to buy it later.
 Marcia also took a sip of the Kwue,
「This country, the Elias kingdom, is a country that develops ships.」
 She started out in a manly tone. Jin also,
「Yeah, that I understand.」
「And so, annually, or rather every single year, a competition is held for the various ships」
 So there does seem to be something like a race. It’s an effective way to improve technology.
「So, five days from now, there will be a competition for high speed boats.」
「Sounds interesting.」
 Jin responded carefreely,
「It does sound interesting, right?」
 Marcia said leaning forwards. And,
「Therefore let’s participate together! If there’s a problem with money, I’ll cover for it as much as I can.」
「H-Hold on!」
 Jin stopped Marchia’s excitement.
「The story just took a huge leap. There’s a competition for high speed boats, please explain from around there.」
 Marcia sat back down and drank the remaining Kwue in her cup,
「My bad, sorry. The competition for high speed boats has several restrictions or rather requirements」
「The size, that’s the length and width, the crew number, well I’ll leave that aside, and a golem to move, those are the requirements.」
「A golem?」
「Yes. Going in a bit more detail, the operator is a human, while the golem propels the boat.」
「Ah, I see」
 He gradually came to understand it. In other words, it was a race of ships powered by a golem.
「So, I want you, Jin, a Magi Craftsman, to make a golem! Please, help me!」
 Jin calmed Marcia who was excited again,
「I understand what you’re talking about. So, what are the merits…… the benefit of entering this competition?」
「Of course, it’s honour! For a shipwright, coming in first is great honour isn’t it? ? Well I can get the prize money too though」
 Jin understood her feelings. If you make a model that moves, you would want to compete against others.
「So, why me?」
 This was an essential point. Why was she so fixated on Jin when it was just their first meeting?
「There are rarely any freelance Magi Craftsmen. And above all, your response when you saw the ship I made.」
「Oh, the catamaran.」
「Yes, that! You called it a 『catamaran』? Then there are also other ships of such form right?」
「I-I guess」
 He can’t say about other worlds though.
「In other words, Jin is a freelancer, and also a Magi Craftsman knowledgeable on ships. That’s why I wish to cooperate with you.」
 After hesitating a little, Marcia continued,
「… My family have been shipwrights for generations, but after Father got engrossed in gambling, we lost the shop. On top of that, what women make here are often disregarded. However I want to get the shop running again…」
 Hesitating for a bit, Marcia then continued her speech once again.
「… honestly, we have nothing left. If we don’t make a name for ourselves in this competition, Father’s shop will completely fall into the hands of someone else.」
 Jin didn’t intend to hear about the circumstances for it that deeply.
「I see. But why do you put your trust in me on our first meeting?」
「It may not look like it, but I’ve been through a lot of hardship. If we talk a little after we meet, I can roughly get an understanding of the other party. Jin, I can trust you.」
 Jin gave a wry smile,
「I can’t possibly refuse if you’re going that far.」
 Reiko next to him was as expected, expressionless.
 Because Jin agreed, Marcia,
「That’s the spirit! Alright, it’s decided. Until the day of the competition, Jin and I will form a team. Jin, where are you staying?」
「It’s a place called 『Sea Pavilion』」
「Oh, I’m also staying there. What a coincidence. I’m in the 『Heron』 room on the third floor.」
「We’re in 『Bonito』 on the second floor.」
「We’re in the same inn so it’s also easier to meet. Then I’ll tell the rest of the story there」
 From there, it was decided that they would continue the rest in the 『Sea Pavilion』.

They decided to have our talk while eating lunch in the 『Sea Pavillion』 dining room. The menu was focused around fish, one of Jin’s favourite foods.
「Now regarding the reward, do you have any requests?」
 She said and after Jin pondered,
「How much is half of the prize money?」
 Marcia was speechless from what he said. Her face also stiffened.
「I did say I would cover what I can… but Jin, are you unexpectedly greedy?」
「Huh? Why do you say that?」
「I mean, the prize money is 1 million torr you know?」
 That’s about 10 million yen.
 Irresponsibly saying half of the prize money, that much seemed to be the last thing she would think to hand over. So he quickly deceived her.
「No, that’s when you win. When you don’t win, it’s different.」
「Ohh? You seem confident.」
「Of course, naturally I should aim to win, right?」
 Jin said while laughing so the worry in his heart wasn’t noticed, then Marcia laughed too,
「Yeah, sounds good! Aim for victory! If we win, I’ll gladly hand over half! … So, what is the actual request?」
「Well, could you take a look at my work?」
「Is that fine?」
「Of course. It’s not like I’m troubled with making a living right now」
 He said, then Marcia with an expression of relief,
「Hmmm, you’re a weird one, Jin. But if that’s fine then I’ll do it」
 With that, the discussion of the contract ended and they agreed to write it up later.While looking at Reiko, Marcia said
「By the way, Reiko-chan is really quiet.」
 Marcia began to talk about this.
「No, if Fa… Onii-sama is having fun then I’m fine」
 The setting of being siblings was still in effect in public for the time being.
「Hmm, , you’re a good little sister. However, if the discussion isn’t fun, why not go out somewhere to play?」
「No, there’s no need to mind.」
 To Marcia who still wanted to say something, Jin,
「We’ll listen to the discussion together as Reiko is more or less my assistant」
 He said. Marcia surprised,
「Ohh, so that’s how it is. It’s rare to see Magi Craftsman siblings. Well it’s fine if that’s how it is. Shall I continue?」
 Saying that, she began to explain about the competition.
「The total length must be within 4 metres, the width should also be within 4 metres.Well, normally the wider the ship the slower, but…」
「For the catamaran, it won’t slow down even if it’s wider. It’s also fairly stable.」
「That’s how it is. Also, the crew is limited to a ship operator and golem. The ship operator is limited to women. Well, I’ll be the one operating it and the golem will be propelling the boat.」
 Then Jin interrupted with a question.
「Hold on a moment, how does the golem move the ship?」
「With an oar or paddle of course」
「Are other driving methods prohibited?」
 Marcia didn’t seem to have realised the meaning of his question for a moment, but appeared to have realised it soon after,
「Is there some better method?」
「Yeah. However, it would be bad if it’s against the regulations.」
 But Marcia,
「It isn’t. For example if we make the golem swim and pull the boat, that should be fine.」
 Hearing that Jin,
「That’s good. So, what are the regulations regarding the golem?」
「Oh, the height has to be within 2 metres. There’s no restriction on weight. Naturally it would be a disadvantage if it was heavy.」
「And the materials?」
「There shouldn’t be any restrictions.」
 Hearing that, Jin immediately began to make a plan in his mind.