Wuxiaworld > Magi Craft Meister > Chapter 1 – PORT TOWN PORT ROCK


There was a small group of sub countries at the continent’s southern peninsula. The peninsula was called the Elias peninsula. It is governed by a kingdom of the same name, the Elias Kingdom, and had active shipping routes as well as fisheries and salt production.
 It is only connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. Its interaction with other countries is small and this has caused a unique culture to form.
「I see, it sure is warm here.」
 Jin breathed the sea breeze into his lungs.
 Right now, Reiko was guiding Jin around the Port Town Port Rock, the entryway to the east of the Elias Kingdom.
「I was sent to this coast on my 15th malfunctioned teleportation. Since there was a marine cave, I have installed a Warp Gate there, it is concealed by being camouflaged with the rocks.」
「You sure have had it hard too.」
 Jin said to Reiko with appreciation.
「No, this was a matter of course.」
 Reiko answered happily.
「Is torr the same currency used here?」
「Yes. It is common in most of the sub countries.」
 Jin had a bit of money from selling Magi Tools and Magi Stones.
「Well then, let’s find some cheap accommodation to settle down at.」
 Many tourists come to the south for the winter resorts as it was surrounded by the sea. Because of this, there was of course a large number of accommodations.
「About 200 torr for a night would be a good inn, but is there a kind of place like the information office around here?」
「Shall I go ask?」
 Reiko said,
「I guess so. How about asking the stall selling grilled skewers over there? Buy a grilled skewer for me while you’re at it please.」
「Okay, I understand」
 Reiko nodded and went over to the stall, buying a grilled skewer, talked to the shopkeeper about something, then gave a nod and came back.
「Father, here you go.」
「Oh, it smells good.」
 It was similar to grilled squid and has been seasoned with something like a fish sauce.
「Mmm, tasty.」
 While eating the skewer, Jin listened to Reiko’s report.
「Anyway, there isn’t anything like an information office around. However, the shopkeeper recommended to go to an inn to ask.」
「I see, that sounds good. So, where is it?」
「Yes. Go straight along the main street, turn left at the corner of the tool shop, then it will be at the end of the road.」
 So they headed towards there.
 First they walked along the main street. Both sides were lined up with stone buildings. Probably because of the sea breeze.
「As I thought, the culture should be about the Middle Ages.」
 Reiko responded to Jin’s monologue.
「I do not know the Middle Ages very well, but I get the impression it was like Mother’s era.」
「Yep, it might be due to the 『Great Magic War』. Because the civilisation was destroyed once, the mages of the civilisation rapidly decreased.」
 Talking about that while they walked, they were in front of the tool shop.
「To the left of the corner of the tool shop,,」
「Is it that place?」
 At the end of the road there was an old but firm stone building. A small sign, 『Sea Pavilion』 was hung.
「It seems to be here.」
 The two of them went in.
「Hey there, are you staying the night?」
 They were greeted at the counter by a stout and friendly landlady.
「Umm, we heard about this place from the grilled skewer stall, we would like an accommodation please」
「Referred by Paul? Well it’s 200 torr a person per night, but I’ll take 300 for the two of you because of that little miss there.」
「Then for now, we’ll stay for 3 nights please.」
 Jin took out 900 torr from his wallet and paid.
「Yes, certainly. Then please write your names here… Jin and Reiko… This is the key for the room. It’s at the end of the second floor. Meals are in the dining room and cost an extra fee.」
「Got it.」
 The two of them headed to the room. The stairs were also made of stone, and probably because it’s soft stone, the sound of footsteps doesn’t reverberate.
「It seems like ōya stone.」
 As a Magi Craft Meister, Jin was interested about the stone. On Hourai Island, ōya stone which was a tuff of pumice stone, can be mined. The stone was a building material that was fire resistant and easy to process.
「This seems to be the room.」
 There was no room number on the door, 『Bonito』 was written instead.
「It’s the name of a fish.」
 He said to Reiko. Then looking at the doors of the other rooms, they had the names 『Sardine』, 『Barracuda』 and 『Carp』 written on them.
「What kind of fish is the Bonito?」
「I wonder?」
 It seems like Reiko doesn’t know much about fish too.
 For now they entered the room. There are two beds and a single small table. There’s also two stools.
 It even seems to have a designated baggage shelf on the wall. The toilet was at the opposite end of the corridor.
 Looking outside from a small window, there was the seaside. The『Sea Pavilion』seems to have been built facing the sea.
 Rather than baggage, there was only a single bag containing a change of clothes and things like underwear. If he felt like it, he could return to Hourai Island. However, thinking about the people and exchanging things in this town, they rented a room in the in.
 There was no bath, only something similar to a shower. It didn’t seem like he could enter a bath on Hourai Island, so Jin gave up,
「Now then, let’s go look around the town again.」
「Yes father.」
 So they both went outside, leaving the room key with the landlady.
「Father, where do you want to go first?」
「Let’s see, I want to see the ships so let’s go to the harbour.」
 So the first destination was the sea.
Behind the 『Sea Pavilion』there was a sea cove. The open beach there was scattered with swimmers.
 Looking for the harbour left and right, a large number of ships about 300 metres in size could be seen to the right side.
「The harbour seems to be over there.」
 If you walked along the coast, you would soon reach the harbour. There were ships of various sizes rocking gently with the waves. With the fishy smell, many of the boats are probably used for fishing.
「Uh huh, as I thought, the hull is mostly made out of wood. Metal seems to only be used to reinforce it.」
 Jin immediately started observing.
「Father, this ship is interesting.」
 Hearing Reiko’s voice, certainly, there was an interesting ship floating when he gave a look.
「A catamaran.」
 The shape certainly looked like the catamarans from modern Earth. Its total length was around 4 metres.
「It’s a ship that has both high speed capabilities and stability. But what could it be used for here?」
 While Jin was talking to himself, a voice came from behind.
「Ohh, so you can tell with a look. Are you also a shipwright?」
 Turning around, there was a girl that looked a few years older than Jin.
 She had a good style with the places that should stick out sticking out and the places that should be slim are slim. Her short, blond hair gave an energetic impression. With blue eyes that makes you think of the sea and tanned skin, she looked like a healthy person.
「No, I’m a Magi Craft Meis…Magi Craftsman.」
 Jin almost called himself Meister again. However, the woman’s eyes shined upon hearing Magi Craftsman,
「A Magi Craftsman! Hey, what place are you affiliated with?」
 She asked to which Jin replied,
「No, I’m not really affiliated」
 The girl then had an even more delighted smile,
「Are you a freelancer? That’s just perfect. You, what’s your name? I’m Marcia.」
「I’m Jin. And this child is Reiko.」
「Jin and Reiko, nice to meet you. So, this may be a bit sudden, but I want to talk about something so could you come this way.」
 Marcia said, inviting them to a coffee shop at the harbour. There weren’t many other customers in the store named Cabin, and so the three of them chose to sit in the innermost seats.