Wuxiaworld > Magi Craft Meister > Chapter 22 – CHAT 2: SECRET VISIT TO KAINA VILLAGE


「Hourai Island has grown quite a bit」
 Returning to the base, Jin spent a few days leisurely.
「Father, please give a role to Gon and Gen」
 One day Reiko said that to Jin who,
「I guess I should… I wonder how everyone in Kaina Village are doing」
 There was the king’s decree, but Jin didn’t know about him being declared innocent.
「Come to think of it, there was a 《Warp Gate》 in the basement of the workshop」
 Though it was buried in soil.
「Can I not use it?」
 He wouldn’t want to be buried in soil and unable to move if he went.
「Well, in that case, I think we can remotely operate the 《Warp Gate》 and send the soil around it here」
「Oh, so there was that kind of trick」
 In the laboratory are all of the master side of the 《Warp Gates》, after operating the corresponding 《Warp Gate》 here, various things are possible.
「First, release the selection function」
 Only Jin’s magic power and those who have magic power with the same waveform can use it, that is the function that is being temporarily released.
「Then reverse the transfer… ooo!?」
 A lump of soil that suddenly appeared surprised Jin.
「It seems it’ll go smoothly」
 While ordering her subordinate Soleil to remove the soil, Reiko laughed.
「Then, I’ll go first and secretly see how things are」
 The soil around the 《Warp Gate》 was gone, but the basement was probably still buried in soil so Reiko intended to go remove it.
「Ah, about that Reiko」
「Actually, in the outskirts of the village, there’s a shelter I made. It’s about 80% complete. Since I made a simple barrier at the entrance, you should understand what to do」
「Also, once you’re there you should setup a 《Warp Gate》 in that place」
「That’s true, if that’s the case, I’ll disassemble the 《Warp Gate》 in the basement and reassemble it there」
「You’ll do it for me?」
「Yes, please leave it to me」
 So Reiko was left with that work.
 And in the middle of the night, Reiko began her work.
 First teleporting.
「As I thought, it’s buried in soil」
 There was lots of soil surrounding the 《Warp Gate》.
「There’s no presence of anyone around」
 Confirming with magic detection and life detection, she began to work. Moving the soil and also digging a hole out. This was where Jin had worked together with Reiko so she knew whereabouts the exit was.
 And so after a month, Reiko appeared again at the workshop Jin had used. It was pitch black, but it wasn’t a problem for the current Reiko.
「Father’s workplace」
 After giving a nostalgic look, Reiko began disassembling the 《Warp Gate》. Used to it, she was done in 10 minutes. Carrying out all the materials, she completely filled up the hole in 5 minutes.
「Where’s the shelter?」
 She tried spreading her magic detection to the outskirts of the village.
「I can feel a distortion, it is probably there」
 Guessing where it was, Reiko carried the materials of the 《Warp Gate》 and walked in the darkness.
 She soon found the location of the shelter. Releasing the barrier, she went inside.
「It sure is spacious, the floor and wall are all hardened, as expected of Father」
 She quickly began assembling and setting up the 《Warp Gate》.
「Now then, a test operation」
 Reiko returned to Hourai Island. The golems Gon and Gen stood there with Jin. The appearances of the two have changed, she thought, intending to remain silent about it until Jin explained.
「Welcome home, Reiko. Seems like it went well, huh?」
「I have returned home, Father. Yes, I have setup the 《Warp Gate》 without a problem」
 Then Jin,
「Alright, let’s go right away」
 Saying that, he went along with Gon and Gen into the 《Warp Gate》. Reiko also followed after.
 Jin came out inside the shelter,
「… I can’t see anything」
 He muttered,
 He made a light with magic. The light from his palm illuminated the area.
「Ah, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here」
 When Reiko had not yet joined with Jin, seeing the animals fleeing from the mountain, he thought some kind of demon would come so he made a shelter for the villagers.
「Outside is… still dark. From the position of the moon, the time difference between Hourai and here is about two hours?」
 Though it was a full moon, it was much smaller than Earth’s so it didn’t give off much light. Finally, understanding something, only this place was bright.
「Father, please hold onto me」
 In the dark night, he would be able to walk without stumbling with the calm Reiko. Jin decided to obediently do so.
 Walking for a little, there was Kaina Village.
「Oh, how nostalgic」
 Not even one month had passed, however it felt like it had been a fairly long time.
「From the looks of things… nothing happened. Thank goodness」
 The Jin who didn’t know he was without blame, was relieved seeing the village hadn’t changed.
「Martha’s house… Hanna, I wonder if she’s doing well」
 Involuntarily the corner of his eyes heated up.

「It makes you miss the place」
 Looking back at Gon and Gen he brought along,
「Gon, Gen, you guys will be this village’s 《Guardians》 and secretly watch over it. And if anything happens inform me at once. You can use the shelter as a base」
「Oh? The two of them have become fluent with speaking」
 Reiko noticed.
「Yeah. I remodeled them while you were doing the things with the 《Warp Gate》. I gave them the ability to converse and other things, upgraded their autonomy, and reinforced them with Adamantite so their appearance isn’t misleading」
「I noticed their appearance, but you had remodeled so much, huh?」
 Before, since it was mistaken for the golem that attacked at the time of the tax payment, he changed its fundamental appearance so it definitely wouldn’t be mistaken this time. He had also reinforced the structure. It was almost an entirely different thing.
「Like the golem maids of the island, they’ve become human like」
「Yeah. I didn’t coat them, but they’re basically the same besides their male form」
 By the way, with a coating close to the appearance of a human, it wouldn’t be a golem but rather tied together with the term 《Automata》. The boundary was rather vague.
 And Jin,
「Although it’s regrettable, I’ll cool down a little more before seeing everyone’s faces」
 He muttered, walking towards the shelter. Of course Reiko lead him.
「Everyone, take care」
 It was a small voice, but Reiko who was nearby heard it.
 At the shelter entrance, he carefully spread a barrier,
「Okay, as long as they don’t have great magic power, they won’t be able to get in」
 Furthermore they made a special specification that it was fine if it was Jin or Reiko. Of course the golems Jin made, Gon and Gen are fine too. This distinguished the waveform of magic power, this was a technology his predecessor found.
「Well then, Gon, Gen, I leave things to you」
「Yes, please leave it to us」
 And so, Jin and Reiko returned to Hourai Island.