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Chapter 19 – A BAD FEELING

After Earl Kuzuma ordered 2 large refrigerators and 10 water warmers, he returned home.
「It feels like a dream」
 Beana muttered with a flushed face.
「Until you came Jin, I was troubled that I couldn’t even sell one magic tool I made」
「More importantly, we need to start making the orders we received yesterday」
「O-Oh, that’s right」
 So they decided to make the water warmers first. They received 5 orders to make.
 Because of the reproduction process, it could be completed in a short period of time. But they noticed they were out of materials.
「Ah, we’re out of copper and wood」
「Shall we go shopping after we close the store today?」
「Yeah, we’ll need to go early since it’s far away」
「Oh, so it’s like that」
「For money, the 100,000 torr we got yesterday should be fine」
 It was the price the refrigerator was sold.
 Then he suddenly noticed it. There is no popcorn producing device.
「This is troubling……」
 They were out of materials so they couldn’t make it now.
「Looks like there’s no choice but to apologise for today」
「Looks like it…」
 Since there was enough materials to make a lighter, 30 lighters were made,
「Though it’s a little early, let’s have lunch」
 Saying that Beana took out a bread. Though it wasn’t pure white, it looked like a pretty expensive bread.
「Oh, that’s looks like a pretty good bread」
 When Jin said that, Beana cheerfully smiled,
「Right? Earl Kuzuma brought it for me」
 They decided to leave most of it for Nana and Raldo, Jin and Beana finished lunch. Beana went to bring the two of them their lunch.
 Reiko arrived.
「Oh, Reiko, you’re early」
「Yes, Father. The things on the Island are going well. Have you talked to Beana-san about it yet?」
 Saying that, Jin realised he had completely forgotten about it.
「Ah, I forgot」
 Reiko gave an astonished look.
「Well, I’ll say it if I find the opportunity to」
「Please do so, okay?」
 She asked for confirmation just in case. Beana then came back,
「Ara, Reiko-chan, you came」
 It seems like Reiko won’t open up to Beana.
「Well then, shall we go open up the stall?」
 So the three of them headed to the usual place. They shared carrying the water warmers.

「What? And I was looking forward to it!」
「You didn’t say anything about this yesterday!」
「You’re fucking kidding me, my kids were looking forward to it!」
「I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry…」
 Sure enough, the customers who were looking forward to the popcorn were complaining. Beana and Jin frantically apologised.
 Seeing Jin like that, Reiko glared at the customers who were complaining. Dangerous magic power began to leak. Noticing that, Jin grabbed Reiko’s arm and pulled her away to a slightly remote place.
 And before Jin could calm her, Reiko,
「… even though Father didn’t do anything wrong, what’s with them, those humans. May I enforce discipline?」
 They were extreme words. Jin sighed,
「Reiko, I’m asking you not to do anything, okay?」
「But, Father…」
「Don’t do anything」
 Jin said once again, Reiko,
 Let out a small voice and reluctantly nodded.

 Returning to the stall, the customers who only said their complaints went back home. But,
「The 『Water Warmer』I asked for, have you made it?」
「Yes, of course」
 Saying that, he handed over a water warmer.
「That’s good. Well then, it was 200 torr right? Here you go」
「Thank you for your patronage」
 Like that, the ordered 5 were sold, the lighter goes without saying.
「All of them were sold」
「Yeah. It’s a bit early but it’s convenient that we can return」
 So we decided to head towards the far away store that sold the materials.
 It was at the foot base of a mountain an hour walk away outside of the Blue Land castle. There is a mine and it’s the place for wood resources.
 Along the way, Jin was thinking about the timing to speak to Beana. Not knowing about it,
「Here, this is the place」
 A large storehouse was built here.
 The salesman greeted them.
「Umm, 2kg of bronze ingots and 10kg of copper ingots. Also wood」
 Beana seemed to think of the order, then promptly ordered.
「That is 31000 torr, but I’ll give a discount to 30000 torr」
「Thanks. Will you carry it to my house?」
 Beana said while paying the cost,
「Seems I can’t beat you」
 He said while agreeing. With this, they can return without carrying the heavy ingots. Though Jin had thought about having Reiko carry it.
 They returned to Beana’s home along with a man and his cart pulled by a donkey like small horse, they saw another carriage that had stopped there.
 However, the crest of this carriage was Earl Guarana’s. Also 10 men who seem liked they were a private army stood there.
「I have a bad feeling about this」
 That mutter leaked out of Jin’s mouth.
「I want no part in this trouble!」
 Saying that, he threw out the ingots and wood there, then had the donkey(?) soar off pulling the empty cart back to the material shop.
 Jin stood up to protect Beana, Reiko was right beside Jin.