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Chapter 16 – ANOTHER NOBLE

「Who is it?」
 Reiko opened the door. There stood a middle-aged man wearing a butler clothing.
「I apologize for interrupting your evening, is this the home of the 《Magic Craftsman》 Beana-san」
「Yes, it is」
 The man then bowed,
「My name is Sevanz, I serve the house of Earl Kuzuma. Regarding the magic tool that Beana-san made, the head of my house said he would like to talk」
「Head of the house, do you mean Earl Kuzuma came?」
「Yes, he is waiting in the carriage」
「Please wait a moment」
 So Reiko went back and consulted Jin. Since Jin had heard the conversation,
「I’ll go」
 Saying that he traded places with Reiko and faced Sevanz.
「Beana is currently away on business. I’m Jin and work as her assistant, if you don’t mind I can listen to your story」
 Sevanz then thought for little while,
「Okay, then I’ll let Jin-san be the other party」
 Saying that, he opened the rear window of the carriage and spoke something,
「Is it fine for us to intrude into your house?」
 He asked Jin. Jin immediately approved and says to Reiko,
「Reiko, take out the apple from the refrigerator and peel it please」
 Was his instruction.
 Sevanz had his master, Earl Kuzuma got off from the carriage and followed him inside.
「Welcome, please come in Earl Kuzuma. My name is Jin, the assistant of Beana」
「Un, sorry for visiting so suddenly, but there are various circumstances」
 Looking at the Earl who said that, he was a youth in his mid 20s. Brown hair, brown eyes. Face is normal but holds a refined atmosphere.
「Excuse me for this dirty place, please have a seat」
 Because Jin was a member of society, he more or less knew manners in regards to superiors.
 Reiko then came over with the apples.
「It isn’t much, but please have some」
 She presented the apples. It was Sevanz who reached out his hand. Probably for poison tasting.
「Excuse me」
 Saying that he took a bite and Sevanz face changed into astonishment.
 Seeing that, the Earl,
「What is it? It’s rare of you to make a face like that」
 Upon hearing that,
「Ha, my apologies. This apple though, it’s been cooled down quite a bit」
 On hearing that, Earl Kuzuma took a slice himself and ate it.
「Ooh! This is delicious. Especially when it’s cold」
「How did you like it?」
 Jin promptly asked,
「Umu, I love it. How did you cool it?  Surely you aren’t rich enough to buy enough ice for it are you?」
 Because this country is in the south, ice doesn’t form even in winter. To refrigerate, ice made from ice magic is typically used, but it’s very expensive, so commoners are unable to touch it.
「Yes, we developed a 『Refrigerator』, something used for preservation」
「Yes. A magic tool using a 《Magic Stone》」
 Earl Kuzuma’s face then smiled broadly,
「So that’s it. You guys develop any magic tool you want and selling it cheaply to the commoners don’t you?」
「Yes, there’s also the lighter」
「Umu. In fact, one of our servants bought one, it seemed like quite the useful magic tool. So I was interested in the manufacturer」
「We are honored」
「Also, isn’t there that 『water warmer』 thing too?」
「Yes, there is」
 It seems like one of the servants from the Earl’s house ordered one today.
「After all it is interesting. To begin with, aren’t the magic tools a 《Magic Craftsman》 makes valuable?」
「No, Beana… we thought of making something useful for a wide range of people, that’s how it is」
 The Earl stared at Jin who answered that with interest,
「Fu-Fuhahaha! You’re a peculiar one!」
 And then,
「I like you. Truthfully, I wanted to ask to employ you as a 《Magic Craftsman》 for my house, but I won’t. Like this, continue on making more and more great things」
 Jin was a little surprised. The Earl in front of him, rather than his own benefits, he gave priority to the benefit of the people.
「If there’s a time you’re in trouble, feel free to come ask me for help. I’ll help as much as I can」
 The Earl said that to him,
「If that’s how it is, I’ll kindly accept your offer」
 When Jin said that, the Earl leaned forward,
「Hn? What is it? Is there something troubling you?」
「Yes. In fact, this evening Beana was invited by Earl Guarana, she went to visit the Earl’s place, however even though it’s this time, she hasn’t come back. Her younger siblings are very worried」
 Hearing that Earl Kuzuma,
「I see. It must be for business. Earl Guarana, huh?」
 Crossing his arms, Earl Kuzuma began to think of something. He soon uncrossed his arms,
「I got it. Before returning home, I’ll stop by Earl Guarana’s place」
 Jin was relieved on hearing that.
「Thank you very much. Thank you for your help」
 He said his thanks, then the Earl rose but sat down again,
「Umu. That’s right, before I go home can I see the 『refrigerator』?」
 Having said that, Jin carried over one of the three they made. The powerless Jin could carry it since it weighed about 20kg.
「Hou. So this is it」
 With interest, the Earl looked at the appearance, opened the door, and looked inside,
「The 《Magic Stone》 is placed inside, reciting the 《Keyword》 will activate it」
「It’s pretty simple huh. Is this for sale?」
「Yes. Though it wouldn’t sell at the stall」
「That’s how it would be… How about 10 gold coins?」
 Jin was taken aback. 10 golds coin would be 100,000 toru, approximately 1 million yen.
「Is that not enough?」
「N-No, it’s fine」
 Jin answered while stuttering,
「Ooh, I see. Sevanz, the gold coins. Also load this on the carriage」
 The pouch of gold coins was placed in front of Jin. And the refrigerator was carried out in exchange. Having affirmed that, Earl Kuzuma stood up,
「Whew, tonight was quite worthwhile」
 Saying that he held out his hand to Jin. When Jin took his hand, the Earl,
「Let us talk again」
 Saying that he left the room.