Wuxiaworld > Magi Craft Meister > Chapter 7 – THIS TIME FOR SURE, A REFRIGERATOR


「Now then, what kind of thing can we sell?」
「Let’s see, from what Jin has said, we’ll need to think about what kind of thing the other side will want to use」
 Beana seemed to have understood a little.
「Isn’t there anything?」
 And then Jin remembered the thing he had thought about but couldn’t make.
「Hey Beana, it’s warm around this area right?」
「That’s right, what about it?」
「Also snow doesn’t fall here.」
「Well, I’ve never seen actual snow before. I’ve only seen the white on the distant mountains. What about it?」
 So Jin in order to test Beana,
「Hey, about the Pelshka fruit from before, how long do you think they’ll last?」
「Eh? Let’s see, about a good 2 days since they’re just ripe」
 To Beana’s answer, Jin,
「Isn’t there a way to preserve it for longer?」
 Asked. Beana thought for a little while, then her face suddenly lit up,
「I got it! A magic tool to preserve food!」
 Jin also smiled.
「That’s right… I’ve never heard of a magic tool like that before」
 To Beana who answered,
「To start with, how is food preserved?」
「Well… you can dry it or you can pickle it with salt」
 There Jin,
「In areas where snow falls, things like vegetables get covered with the snow that falls」
 Tried to say. Then Beana,
「I see, there’s also the hand of cooling it. But isn’t that difficult? The magic power consumption of continuously using ice type magic isn’t a small amount」
 Towards Beana, Jin grinned and laughed,
「That’s exactly why. Attempting to make that kind of magic tool is what makes a 《Magi Craft Mei》… a 《Magic Craftsman》」
 Jin had almost said 《Magi Craft Meister》. Though Beana didn’t notice that,
「Right. That’s true. I’ll try it!」
 Although Beana had braced herself,
「Ah… you cant. There’s no more 《Magic Stones》 in stock. There’s not enough money to buy it either」
 Hanging her head, she fell silent and muttered. To that Beana, Jin,
「You can use this」
 Reiko placed 2 《Magic Stones》 she had brought on the workbench. One was a fire type, and the other one was an earth type.
「Eh? No way, there’s no way I can accept so much」
 Beana who could not take it refused, however Jin,
「Well then, once you are able to make the new magic tool you can return the favour with the profits made from selling. Will that be fine?」
「Uuu… my debt has increased again… if it’s already like this there’s no way I can give up. I will gratefully use this」
「Alright, that’s the spirit. Then, think about how to construct it」
 As Jin knew of the thing called the refrigerator, he was already half complete, however it was different for Beana.
「Hmm, the shape would probably be a box. A cover attached that can open and close so things like vegetables can be put in it. So to keep the inside cold」
「That’s about right, the foundations are something like that」
「The box and cooling magic, those two are the essentials」
「I believe so. It’s better if the box can’t transmit heat as much as possible」
 Jin saying that,
「Why… aah, I see. We want to keep the things inside cool」
 Beana showed a fairly sharp side of her.
「That’s how it is. Therefore the walls of the box should be thick, and a barrier against fire if we can build it」
「Against fire?」
「Aa. A barrier against fire would protect the cooling right?」
 In short, heat would be blocked off. To what Jin had pointed out,
「Oh yeah… I didn’t notice that」
 Beana mumbled, staring at Jin,
「You, could you perhaps be amazing?」
 Reiko responded to that.
「Father is the best in the world」
「Yes yes. That’s right. Your Father is the best in the world… Then with that, the problem is the cooling magic」
 For the time being Beana spilled that out. And Reiko frowned. Jin with his my pace,
「Wouldn’t cooling be simple? Isn’t there an ice producing magic?」
「One use of 《Ice》 is brief. That’s the kind of thing it is」
 《Ice》 is a magic to freeze water and other things.
「Isn’t that fine? Ice is made inside the box, then it can make ice again once that ice is used up」
「Aah, I see! By doing that, there’s no need to continuously operate it!」
 Beana gradually got the design to come together.
「Aa. That’s why…」
 When Jin tried to say the 《Magic Sequence》,
「Wait a minute. Let me say it… Ice producing, ice monitoring, ice producing, and repeat. So ice producing once the content, the ice of the ice monitoring is used up」
 Thinking for a little bit, Jin added on.
「Let’s see. Having it a little bit before the ice is used up should be good. The others I think are fine」
「Yep yep, I feel like I’ll be able to do it」
 So they decided to make the box first. The base was made of wood, and the pivotal points were reinforced with bronze. Vertical, it was a modern refrigerator type with the ice room made at the top.
「So the ice is made here」
「Yes. Because cold air sinks down to the bottom. The ice being on top is the basics」
「I’m jealous that Jin has that kind of knowledge」
 And for the essential cooling section. He wrote on a 《Plate》 a 《Magic Formula》 for it to operate.
「Like this, this way, this goes like that, ngh」
 Beana wracked her brains while writing bit by bit. Of course magic was used for this 『writing』.
「Putting this this way will be better I believe」
「Ah, right, it’ll be shorter that way」
Modifications can be made before the last of the work with what is called 『etching』. Jin supervised Beana while she constructed an adequate 《Magic Formula》.
「Alright, with this it’s done. What do you think Jin?」
 Jin scanned over the 《Magic Formula》,
「Yep, I think it’s fine. With this there should be room to have a simple barrier inside the box」
「So it’s like that. Whether it’s a skillful or unskillful 《Magic Formula》, I can tell the magic consumption for this is different from the first time」
 And so it was compete by inserting the 《Plate》 and the source of power, the 《Magic Stone》.
「It’s done!」
「Good work. Let’s immediately test it out. We should put in the Pelshka from before」
 And so, the remaining 12 Pelshka were placed inside,
 It immediately operated. Waiting for a little bit, they opened the door to see the ice was made at the top inside the box. It seemed to have gone well.
「Well then, I’ll be going since it’s nearly night」
「Is that so? Thank you for today Jin. Will you come back tomorrow?」
「Aa. Well see you later」
 Saying that, Jin together with Reiko left Beana’s workshop.
「… ah」
 A little bit after Jin left,
「Come to think of it, I wonder where Jin lives?」
 There was no one to answer Beana’s question.