Wuxiaworld > Magi Craft Meister > Chapter 6 – THERE’S NO RESPONSE. IT’S JUST…


「Do you understand? Then this is called a defective product」

「T-Then what do I do?」
「In this case you should determine how long the barrier lasts beforehand, or at least weaken the strength against air a little bit」
Beana was puzzled by the explanation.
「I understand about designating the time, but what about the strength against air?」
「You know how you release a voice? Your voice is the vibrations of air. Therefore your voice won’t reach if it passes through weak air」
Beana remained puzzled by the explanation.
「Your voice the vibration of air? What is that about?」
Jin heaved a sigh. He didn’t feel like doing a science class.
「Well, it’ll be fine if we leave that be. The last thing, the strength of the created barrier, I believe it will exhaust the magic power of the 《Magic Stone》 within a minute. Is there a reason for the barrier to last for such a short time?」
「Hey, not just the efficiency but the usability, it’s no good if you don’t think about the balance of these things」
「Aa, to do in moderation and not focus on one side, that’s what I mean」
「Un, I see…」
Although only given advice twice, Beana already seemed to be aware of the defects of her works and began to ponder with her arms folded.
There Reiko returned.
「Father, I have returned」
「Aa, good job」
The word 『Father』 which Jin was called shocked Beana.
「A-re, I haven’t told you about it? It’s because Reiko is my… well, an 《Automata》 I made」
Beana’s eyes opened up and she froze . Jin didn’t notice that Beana, turning towards Reiko,
「So, the 《Magic Stone》?」
「Since the disposal location is deep underground, I collected only this much and returned for now」
Saying that, 10 《Magic Stones》 the size of the ones they saw at the stalls before were handed over to Jin.
「Oh, if it’s this much it’ll be fine. You did well. And did you bring back the peaches?」
「Yes, I put them in the basket outside」
When he looked outside Beana’s workshop, there was about 20 peaches put inside the large basket.
「Good, nice work」
And Jin then looked back to Beana who was still frozen.
「Oiii, Beana」
She remained frozen.
「There’s no response. It’s just a corpse」 ⚑
「But Father, she is still alive」
Reiko came in with a merciless tsukkomi.
「I know, I just wanted to try saying it once」
Saying that, Jin tried to lightly hit Beana’s cheeks.
「Ah, wh-what, it hurts!」
It seems she rebooted.
「I didn’t want to do it, that’s why I called out to you before but you didn’t answer」
Jin said to Beana who was flustered,
Upon hearing that, ahh, another bothersome thing was what he sensed and decided to lie.
「Umm, I found it in ruins much further north from here, it was broken down and I repaired it. Then it became attached to me」
Reiko slightly frowned upon that answer but Jin didn’t notice.
「He-Hee. You’ve got good luck. I see, so that’s why it was able to take on my cane before. I can understand if it’s an 《Artifact》」
The first time he said 『made』, this time he said 『repaired』 but Beana was too surprised about the 《Automata》 Reiko to notice and because she seemed convinced with that,
「So, I asked Reiko to pick me some fruits, do you want to eat them?」
Saying that he pointed at the basket outside, seeing that Beana’s eyes opened up again,
「Wh-Wh-Wha, isn’t that 『Pelshka』!」
Jin asked upon hearing the unfamiliar name,
「You who brought it yourself don’t know? It is called a royal fruit, it’s a luxury item imported from islands to the east? Tasty, abundant in nutrients, even most nobles aren’t able to eat it」
Jin thought he had done it again but it was already too late.
「Well, umm, I brought this cause the place that Reiko found has a lot. So go ahead and eat it」
Aa, there was that hand to play too, Jin thought but where he found it and other troublesome things of the like would occur so,
「I have no intentions in selling it. Please give them to your brother and sister to eat too」
He said. And then the overjoyed Beana,
「Is it really okay? Then I’ll take two!」
Saying that she took two Pelshka from the basket and headed to the house. Leaving the rest of the Pelshka outside would be a bad idea, so Jin followed Beana with the basket.
Beana carefully peeled it and carefully cut it, serving it on a plate, shortly bringing it to her siblings.
「Here, eat this delicious fruit we received」
Nana and Raldo delightedly ate the Pelshka.
「This is delicious!」
「Right, go ahead and eat it all」
Beana smiled while watching Nana and Raldo eat.

When Beana returned to the kitchen with the empty plate, Jin was there eating the Pelshka. 6 fruits were scattered about. That’s a lot to eat alone, when Beana thought that,
「That is Beana’s share I peeled」
Looking, there were 3 pieces of peeled Pelshka on a plate. Jin seemed to have eaten 3 pieces.
「I-Is it okay to?」
Beana timidly asked,
「It’s okay if I say it’s okay. You should eat them before they spoil」
Hearing that, Beana finally reached out her hand for the Pelshka. She moved a piece into her mouth.
Previously, when she had studied under the 《Magic Craftsman》, she had the chance to eat one small piece at Gradia Hampton’s place, but the taste this time, it was several times greater.
That was only natural, it would be harvested when it is unripe then circulate in the country and distributed when it ripens. On the other hand, the ones Jin brought ripened on their tree, furthermore they were freshly harvested.
「I didn’t think it would be so delicious!」
The Pelshka on the plate was quickly gone.
「The rest I’m giving to Beana and your siblings, you should eat them before they spoil」
There was still about 10 left in the basket.
「…is that okay?」
「Like I said, it’s okay if I say it’s okay」
Like the first time, Jin told Beana who received the Pelshka,
「Thank you, Jin」
She said her thanks.