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Chapter 2 – NAMING, 『HOURAI』

Now, a map of the island the laboratory is on was spread before Jin. This is the result of the Glider Golem.

「I see, so this island is almost circular. And in the southeast is a large pried area which has become a bay」
「Father, we should give this island a name」
The 《Automata》 Reiko who was looking at the map along with Jin said.
「Yeah, we should…」
Jin pondered.
「Yamato… Akitsushima… Yashima…」 ⚑
He lined up names he heard from elsewhere. Well, it is Jin.
「I know, let’s go with 《Hourai Island》」
Hourai in Ancient China is a legendary island floating on the eastern sea where immortals lived. For Jin, it was a decent name. ⚑
「So, for this bay to the southeast… because tatsumi is southeast, it will be 『Tatsumi Bay』」 ⚑
After all, Jin is Jin.

「So, in the centre of 《Hourai Island》 is 《Mt. Hourai》, about 3000 metres. If we use it well, we can cultivate cold land vegetation」
「The laboratory is part way up the side of 《Mt. Hourai》』, the area about 1000 metres up in altitude, a wide plain is there. It is the remnants of the island 1000 years ago」
「Un, there’s also the wetland and pond. We’ll call it the centre plateau」
Jin’s naming style was in full power.
「For the time being, let’s cultivate an orchard field around here to be self-sufficient」
「Understood. I will go give Peridot and Topaz the instructions」
To Jin’s decision, Reiko agreed. Promptly giving out the instructions.
「So, to the north is a primeval forest. Is it for forestry? There are shrubs and grassland that spread out to the east. A farm would be nice. And to the south is a wetland and grassland, as well as a river. I could make a paddy field」
「Father, what is a paddy field?」
Reiko asks with a puzzled feeling. This was because the knowledge received from Jin was incomplete.
「Aa. A paddy field is for rice, it’s a field dedicated to producing rice plants. In my former world, this rice was a staple food」
Reiko seeing Jin with distance eyes,
「Understood. So you would like to eat the crop called 『rice』」
「That’s how it is. I don’t know if it’s in this world, but I want to look. Well, we’ll probably leave it for later」
Jin says while continuing to examine the map.
「West is wasteland. The earth and stone from when 《Mt. Hourai》 crumbled and traces of the flowing lava. There may be mineral resources」
「That may be right. It will be a necessary investigation though low in priority」

「So, about 『Tatsumi Bay』」
Reiko changed the topic of the conversation.
「When I transported in search of Father, I talked about how I appeared at the sea, landing back here again at that time. The seabed around here is rich in coral」
「Coral… We can only gather a little. Wait, if there’s a coral reef, shouldn’t there be plenty of fish?」
In a nature documentary program that he saw long ago, he recalled that there were many fish in coral reefs.
「Yes, there certainly is」
「If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be too hard to make a fish tank to raise fish in」
「Then we shall entrust it to a dedicated Golem」
There isn’t enough hands to spread out for work. However, Jin had the means to solve it.
「Yeah. At the same time as creating a port at Tatsumi Bay, I want to float out a ship.」
「A ship is it?」
「Aa. I eventually want to make one that is about 200 metres big」
200 metres is completely just Jin’s preference.
「And taking a voyage out to sea would be pleasant… well, we’ll need to develop motive power first though」
It’s still a long way ahead, but it is also something to look forward to.

「Well then, these are the things for now」
Understanding the general topography, Jin took a breather from deciding future objectives, taking a bite of the fruit like an orange and Jin murmured as such.
「Seeing it like this, it was an item of high priority but low value」
After all, the top priority was securing food.
「The 『Peach』, 『Orange』, 『Apple』, 『Lemon』, 『Chestnut』, and 『Walnut』 like fruit trees Father talked about have been transplanted」
「That was fast. As expected of you」
Because they worked using magic along with Peridot and Topaz and their subordinates, it was completed in about 2 days.
「With this done, we’ll first need to secure wheat」
The staple food for this world is wheat. Wheat and barley are cultivated.
「We’ll need to go buy an amount to eat and use as seeds. However, where would be a good place? Also we have no money」
Although the laboratory had plenty of valuable things, the one thing it did not have is currency.
「I have an idea of a town that may be able to buy it. It is the 5th place I transported to」
「That’s good. Well then, let’s go together. So for money, a 《Magic Crystal》 or something I make should be good to sell」
To this, Reiko tilts her head to the side. It’s not unreasonable as Jin and Reiko did not know much about this world.
「Un, then let’s bring several 《Magic Crystal》, I have no other choice but to go with the decision you made」
「Well, I think it is fine」
「Alright, then let’s go」
「Yes. The corresponding 《Warp Gate》 is here」
The destination was neatly written on the 《Warp Gate》 Reiko set up. The 《Warp Gate》 was connected to 『Blue Land』.
「Is this 『Blue Land』 a town?」
「No, it is a city rather than a town. The 《Warp Gate》 is hidden in the forest about 3 kilometres away」
「Got it. Let’s go」
And so the 2 were transported to 『Blue Land』