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Chapter 1 – GLIDER GOLEM

Before you know it, a new year begins in this world, and Jin was unaware of it.

「… I’ve had enough」
 Day after day, all Jin ate were fruits and nuts.
「Aah… I want to eat cooked rice. Bread would be fine too」
 Of course he would have enough of eating, he missed his former diet.
「Is there somewhere I can buy wheat?」
「If that’s the case, we can cultivate a field on this island, Father」
 For Jin’s mutter, Reiko proposed.
「Well there’s that. We can buy the seeds, but the fields need to be prepared」
「Yes. For that, what if we left it to the Golem Maids Topaz and Aqua?」
「Topaz has an earth attribute and Aqua has a water attribute. That sounds like a good idea」
 Jin nodded in agreement. Reiko,
「Well then, they will need Golems to work for them」
「Aa, right. I guess I’ll make them」
 So it was decided that he would make 5 subordinate Golems for the Golem Maids, Aqua and Topaz. Jin decided the specs together with Reiko.
「Without 《Magic Skin》, they won’t need clothes」
「Un, that’s right. Instead, we’ll plate the surface with 《Light Silver》 to change their colours」
 Jin then explained to Reiko. 《Light Silver》 is an isotope of titanium, and by adjusting the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of titanium, the colour can vary.[1]
 This is knowledge Jin obtained from working in a factory (metal related) on modern Earth.
「Okay, I understand now. As expected of Father」
 He immediately started making the Golems. The basic form is the same as the Golem Maids. Though the structure was fairly simplified. The control system was particular. For now they had an autonomous intelligence and were adjusted to listen to not just each maid who were their superior, but Jin and Reiko on top of that.
「I’ll make the body, so Father, please take care of the 《Ether Converter》, 《Mana Drive》, and core」
「Alright, I’m on it」
 They proceeded with sharing their work, Reiko doing the simple work while Jin did the key complex work. 2 days later, 5 Golems for each, with 10 of them in total were completed.
「I think we should assign each Golem Maid with a role」
 Agreeing with Reiko’s suggestion, Jin,
「Alright then. Topaz for land development. Aqua for water control. Peridot for housework. Ruby and Amezu for the island’s defense, how is that?」
「I think that is fine」
「Okay then, Topaz, Aqua, Peridot, Ruby, Amezu. I’ve made subordinates for you. Please continue to work hard in the future. As for the subordinate Golems, I leave them to you」
「Very well, Goshujin-sama」
「We look forward to working with you」
 The 5 Golem Maids bowed to Jin, and the subordinate Golems first bowed to Jin, then bowed to the maid bosses. Topaz and Aqua went outside of the Laboratory, and Peridot looked around each room. Ruby and Amezu also went outside, together with the subordinates.
 Then Reiko,
「Father, there are still two left, what are they?」
 asked, seeing the body of two Golems that had yet to activate.
「Aa, these are subordinates for Reiko. From now on, Reiko will be busy with various things, so I made you subordinates」
「My subordinates…?」
「Aa. They should have the same performance as the Golem Maids. But their appearance is different」
 Right, the bodies of the two Golems still lying down were petite, being about the same size as Reiko.
「I want to link them to Reiko before we activate them. How about it?」
「They are something Father kindly made while thinking about me, therefore I have no objections」
 She says that with a somewhat happy look. Seeing that, Jin felt relieved. He had wondered 『Did I do something unnecessary?』 and how to persuade her if something was said about it.
「I see, then come over here… 《Mana Linkage》… okay it’s done, 『Activate』!」
 The bodies of the two Golems got up. 1 body was gold, the other was silver.
「Nice to meet you, Father, Onee-sama」
 The Golems made their greetings. Of course the Onee-sama thing is about Reiko.
「Yes, nice to meet you… Father, what are their names?」
「Unn… let’s see… since they are Reiko’s subordinates, how about Reiko names them?」
 Reiko thought for a while when told that,
「I guess so… the gold one, you are Soleil, the silver one, you are Luna」
 It was much more decent than Jin.
「Yes, I am Soleil」
「Yes, I am Luna」
 With this, the labour shortage is considerably resolved, and Jin decided to continue working on solving the problems.
「Reiko, even if its effective to use this island, I can’t do much without knowing the topography. Do we not have a map?」
 Reiko had a slightly troubled face when asked that,
「That is… things have changed considerably from the time Mother was here, therefore you’ll need to remake a new one」
 Reiko said that it seems to have risen during the past 1000 years.
「I see… then understanding the whole birds eye view of the island is urgent」
 Folding his arms, Jin pondered.
「The survey can be done much later, but I want to know the topography and size」
 Taking an aerial photo would solve it in one go, however there is still no means to fly in this world. Jin continued to ponder,
「I know! Reiko, please help me for a little bit」
 Coming up with some kind of idea, Jin headed to the workshop.
「What are you doing Father?」
 To the puzzled Reiko, Jin,
「I want to roughly understand the topography of the island by surveying it from the sky. For that purpose, I’m creating a Golem to fly in the sky」
「T-The sky?」
 Even Reiko was surprised about it. The predecessor didn’t think about such a thing.
「Un, well, although I say fly in the sky, it’s just gliding after launching with magic」
 Simply put, a glider. He made a model glider, a Golem which would survey the ground while gliding and would produce a map after it returns, that was the process. For now, he decided to reduce it to a roughly decent scale.
「I understand what you said, but will it really fly in the sky?」
 Since only a partial amount of Jin’s knowledge was transferred, Reiko was dubious about it.
「Un, well, seeing it for yourself is better than hearing about it, let’s try it out」
 With that said, he created one Glider with 《Light Silver》, equipped with a core of a Golem, and a 《Magic Crystal》was equipped to ensure vision. Though the core is small, the movements are operated using the 《Elevator》, 《Rudder》, and 《Aileron》[2]. It was shortly completed.
「So this will fly?」
「Aa, just look」
 Jin also left the laboratory to perform a flight test of the Glider Golem on the open front yard that Topaz and Aqua had already prepared.
「Okay, I’m throwing it」
 It lightly pushed forward first. The glider glided straight ahead, landing after flying about 50 metres.
「It really flew」
 Reiko seemed to be deeply moved. Though it didn’t really show on her face.
 By repeating this several times, he memorised how to control the Glider Golem. And finally, it was time for the real thing.
「Yes, Father」
「Throw this up with all the power you’ve got」
 With all of Reiko’s power, it would easily reach 3 kilometres in the sky.
 Reiko got into a throwing stance.
「Glider Golem, go survey the appearance of the island and memorise it. Then come back here」
 At the same time Jin gave his instructions,
「Here I go!」
 Reiko threw the Glider Golem with full power. In the blink of an eye, it soared to a high altitude and was no longer visible to the naked eye.
「How is it?」
 Jin asked Reiko who could still see it.
「Yes, it is still rising. Still… ah, it’s begun gliding. It is slowly descending…」
 The Glider Golem landed in front of the Laboratory two hours after that.
 The map of the image of the island stored in the core of the Golem was completed the next day.