Wuxiaworld > Magi Craft Meister > Chapter 22 – FATHER AND DAUGHTER?


「… you must have been through a lot」
Jin was now hugging the 《Automata》 and patting her head.
「Aah, it seems you’re in the middle of something, but could you explain it to us so that we can understand?」
Finally irritated, Rock called out. To that voice, the 《Automata》 separated a little bit from Jin.
「My apologies. I have been searching for my missing Father for a long time」
Furthermore for those words, Jin momentarily interrupted,
「No, not here, hmm, how about we talk about it at the village chief’s house. Would that be fine, Rock-san?」
「A-Aa, that’s fine… so, were there any dangers in the mountain?」
「If you mean the mountain from which I came from, there were no dangers. Although 《Hekatonkheires》 was being a hindrance, so I exterminated it」
「Aa, I see. Then that’s goo… 《Hekatonkheires》!!??」
To Rock’s knowledge, 《Hekatonkheires》 is a 《Monster》 that usually takes a squadron of people to subjugate. Besides Rock, the village residents did not know that so he was simply glad that the danger was gone.
「Not Jin but that girl(?) is unbelievable…」
Rock muttered and followed after everyone after falling behind a little. Jin glanced at the 《Automata》,
「You… right, I didn’t give you a name」
「Yes, Father」
「Hey, that Father thing…」
「Because it was a male who created me, it is appropriate I call them Father」
「Aa, so that’s it」
Jin could somehow understand that, that is to say he was completely convinced.
「Then my predecessor would be Mother」
「Yes, Adrianna Balbora Ceci is my Mother」
Jin felt that the 《Automata》 was considerably like a human. It was because of the transfer of Jin’s knowledge. Jin could vaguely feel it.
「If that’s how it is, it will have to be a name…」
After Jin thought for a little,
「Okay, from now on your name is Reiko」
For Jin it was quite a decent name.
This is because he heard from the director of the orphanage that his name, Jin was a character take from 『Jingireichishin>』, and like that he chose a character for a girl among the 5 characters, it was nothing else but that. ⚑
「Yes. Thank you very much. From now on I am 『Reiko』」
While having that talk, they arrived at the village chief’s house. Jin told Reiko to keep in mind one thing.
「Listen Reiko, leave the things about the 《Warp Gate》 a secret」
he turned around and whispered that instruction to her so other people could not hear.
At that time, the village chief Gibekku came out from doing something at the table.
「What are you all here for?」
Rock who was behind walked out to the front, and so the story about 『Reiko』 was summarised, finishing that he wanted the full story to be heard.
「I see, if you say there’s no more danger than that’s good. Come on, step inside」
「Thank you very much」
So there was Jin, Reiko, the village chief, Rock, Tom, and the other men. And furthermore, the people in the village that had their hands free came in succession. Thanks to the wide living room of the village chief’s house, it was now filled with people.
「Well then, lets hear your story」
The village chief started.
「Then I’ll speak first」
The first to begin talking was Jin.
「This child is Reiko that my predecessor made, and an 《Automata》 I repaired. It seems she has continued searching for me after the 《Warp Gate》 malfunctioned and sent me here」
「Yes. Because the destination of Father was gone, I…」
After that in response to Jin, the 《Automata》 briefly explained what had happened till now. Of course leaving out the details of the 《Warp Gate》. Though it still caught the interest of those who listened.
「… is what has happened」
After the end of Reiko’s long story, no one spoke for a while. Everyone admired the loyalty of Reiko, sympathising with her hardship, and were amazed of her strength.
「I see, so it’s that 《Hekatonkheires》 fault that the mountain deer came here fleeing from their habitat」
When Jin said that, the people around came to,
「T-Then there won’t be anymore dangers?」
「Yes, all the Wood Bear were eaten by the 《Hekatonkheires》」
「Aa, that’s good. In the end, we profited from the large quantity of meat from the mountain deer we caught」
「Still, Reiko was it? You don’t seem different to a human. But defeating the 《Hekatonkeires》 with your form is amazing」
「To come all this way to look for Jin who made you, makes me want to cry」
With those unanimous exchanges, now with things put in order,
「Okay everyone, now that you know, disperse. It will be good if you all return home and give peace of mind to your family」
the village chief concluded, and everyone scattered. Jin and of course along with Reiko, returned to Martha’s house.
「I’m back」
「Welcome back Jin… what, who is this child?」
「Welcome back Onii-chan…!?」
Martha and Hanna were both suprised when they saw Reiko. To those two Jin,
「Let me introduce you. This is my 《Automata》 named Reiko. She came searching for me when I went missing」
So he introduced.
「Nice to meet you, I am the 《Automata》 Reiko. Father has been indebted to you, I give you my gratitude」
As expected the two were surprised at first, but after hearing about Reiko’s hardship with searching for Jin, Martha admired her. On the other hand, Hanna’s eyes looked towards Reiko with unease.
At that time, Jin’s stomach rumbled,
「Well, it’s already afternoon so let’s hurry and have lunch. That Reiko-chan over there, is there any food you dislike?」
Martha asked while heading towards the kitchen,
「No, I am an 《Automata》 so I do not eat」
Reiko answered. Martha once again made a surprised face,
「I-I see. Then I guess 3 servings will be fine」
She said heading towards the kitchen. Jin, Reiko, and Hanna remained. That Hanna timidly asked Jin.
「Onii-chan… are you leaving here…?」
「Because, Reiko-san came to take you home right?」
Hanna said with her eyes welling with tears. To that Jin,
「Nope, at the very least, I’ll be here until Spring」
「Besides, even if I leave it’s not like I won’t come here again. I’ll come by now and then to visit」
「Really? Honest?」
When Hanna heard that she looked visibly energetic.
「Honest, I promise」
「I’m so glad…」
Hanna was really delighted and smiled. Right then, Martha came back with bread and soup for lunch.
「Now now, it’s time for lunch. Reiko-chan, are you really fine with not eating?」
「I’m fine. Thank you for your concern」
So the three people Jin, Hanna, and Martha had their lunch with a little delay. While eating, Jin talked about how there would no longer be danger from the mountain.
「I see. I can feel at peace with the danger gone」
Martha seemed relieved.

After lunch, Jin took Reiko to the workshop while Hanna took a nap after the meal.
「Well then Reiko, could you immediately go and get the materials for the 《Warp Gate》. I want to confirm the matter of the danger finally being gone for everyone」
「Yes, I understand. I’ll immediately do so」
Reiko says with her black hair fluttering, and she begins to run like the wind.
「Well then, I’ll make preparations to set the 《Warp Gate》 here」
He called for Gon and Gen who where on standby at the back and had them dig a hole in the corner of the workshop. This time he was not making a shelter but a small room. Jin felt it was about an 8 tatami room. It was soon completed.
He made a wall, floor, passage, stairs, hardening all of them with magic, reinforcing them, and the entrance was a door he didn’t really know of. Eventually he would put up a magic barrier, but first he would go back to the laboratory once. If he can go back and forth from the laboratory it would be easier to make things compared to now.
「I have just returned」
Reiko came back with the materials in about an hour. Hanna was still taking a nap, it was indeed quite fast.
「Alright, let’s immediately set it up」
He planned to set up the 《Warp Gate》 before Hanna woke up and came to the workshop. Jin hurried focusing on completing the basement.
「Connect this to that, assemble this, and combine these」
Reiko who had already done it many times had the main 《Warp Gate》 set up.
「Because this is a self-sufficient magic power type, it will be ready to use. With this simple barrier, if the wavelength of magic power is not the same as Father it cannot be used」
「Will you be able to use it Reiko?」
「Yes. Because Father poured his magic power to activate me, my wavelength is the same as your’s Father」
「Is it able to take along other people?」
He may have heard things like that. For this kind of thing, Jin should have the knowledge for it, but having to look it up in his mind would take some time.
「It is fine if they are in physical contact with Father or me」
「So it’ll be fine by holding hands」
「Alright. Let’s go back once tonight. There are materials I want」
Jin says and Reiko,
「With that I have a request for Father. Could you please improve my magic power detection function?」
「Hn? Aa, because it was hard for you to search for me. Okay, I’ll do it immediately when we return」
With this, Reiko became even more of an absurd 《Automata》.