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Chapter 15 – THE GOLEM GEN

On the way back from Toka Village, the golem Gon could pull the bicycle trailers so it was made to pull them, and everyone else could just walk,
「Jeez, Gon sure is a great thing. You sure did surprise me Jin」
 Everyone, including Rock had such thoughts.
 Digressing a little, on the way back, Jin had placed the other broken (by Jin) golem on the bicycle trailer to bring back, needless to say.

 Today, Jin had brought Gon to the Mountain of Death to look around the mountain pass. He was here to look for a 《Magi Crystal》 even if it’s small. Of course, it was the material he needed to repair the other golem.
「There should be some around here」
「Jin-oniichan, there should be some pretty gems behind the mountain over there」
 Hanna said while on Gon’s shoulder. At first, Hanna was afraid of the golem, but she grew accustomed to it after seeing that Gon properly listened to Jin, and now she rode on its shoulder while it moved.
「Is that so? Okay, let’s go and see it」
 According to Hanna’s remark, he descended down to the valley behind the Mountain of Death. Of course the volcanic gas did not emerge in this place.
 After descending down towards the valley, the amount of coloured stones had definitely increased. The quality of the stones was like granite. This kind of place yielded various minerals. But because it was dangerous, he didn’t descend too far.
「Okay, let’s try looking around here. 《Grand Search》!」
 Using search magic to look around, he luckily found a small amount of 《Magic Crystals》.
「Gon, try digging over here a little」
 Lowering Hanna off its shoulder, the golem Gon began digging up the ground. Speaking of its force, zugagaga, would be the onomatopoeia that suited it to a great extent, and a 5 metre in diameter hole was made in a few minutes.
「Wa, amazing」
 Hanna stared at it in amazement. And then noticed something glittering,
「Onii-chan, something glittered!」
「Okay, Gon, stop for a moment… hmm? … Aa, isn’t this muscovite?」
 There laid a huge crystal of muscovite. Its size was larger than 1 meter.
「Well this sure is something… aa, I know! …Gon, dig out that thing other there」
 Gon promptly dug out the muscovite. It was a considerably transparent and beautiful crystal.
「This is good, once it turns Winter with this…」
 Jin mumbled when he saw the muscovite. Hanna,
「Onii-chan, will this be useful?」
「Aa, it will definitely be useful… alright, this is all of it. Gon, try digging for more 」
 After digging out all the muscovite there, Gon resumed digging the hole. Then, with less than 50 centimetres dug, there was a yellow crystal mixed with stone.
「Oh? Alright! An earth type 《Magic Crystals》!」
「It’s pretty isn’t it, Onii-chan」
 Hanna said when she saw the magic crystal. The transparency of the magic crystal was high, enough to be like a gem. This was a good indication of its quality.
 After digging out 5 of the magic crystals, Jin had Gon stop and prepared to go back.
「Hanna, we’ll be walking back, will you be okay?」
「Un! I’m really fit!」
 Though he could return with the magic crystals in his pocket, the muscovite was too large to carry, so Gon did not have room for Hanna to ride on.
「Onii-chan, faster~!」
 But after all, Jin lacked the physical strength Hanna had.

*   *   *

「What is that? You’ve brought another unusual thing again」
 Returning home with the muscovite, Martha let out her thoughts on it.
「This is 《Muscovite》」
 The name muscovite seems to have been derived from 『Muscovy-Glass』. He recalled it was written in a book about minerals he read that it could be used instead of glass, and that it was difficult to crack. Instead, the amount of transparency for it was lower than glass.
「Put it in the window frame this way, to!」
 Fitting the muscovite into the window frame made of wood, he then fitted the window.
「How is it?」
 For now, he decided to only fit the kitchen window to hear Martha’s impression of it.
「Hee, I can see outside, and the wind doesn’t enter. This looks pretty nice! It will be really helpful when Winter comes around!」
 with that said, Jin fitted muscovite into all the windows in the house the next day. Of course they could open and close.
「It’s bright and doesn’t let the warmth escape. It really helps with saving up firewood. Thank you, Jin」
「You’re welcome」
「It’s waaarm~」
 When the sunlight enters, the room warms up. With that comfortable feeling, Hanna took a nap in her own bed.

「Now then… next is this」
 The muscovite was nearly all gone, fitting all the windows in the village with muscovite wouldn’t be for a while longer. So Jin decided to restore the other golem first.
「So I have three yellow 《Magic Crystals》 I can use」
 One 《Ether Converter》, one 《Mana Drive》, and one 《Control Core》. He wrote a so-called program using 《Magic Language》 dedicated for each of them.
 At this point it was far from ordinary, the specifications had already exceeded the highest grade of golems, however it was similar to the 《Automata》 he had repaired before, and Jin was not conscious and did not show prudence to this.
「Alright, it’s done. I can’t forget the condition to give intelligence to the 《Control Core》. Now then, Gon, come here」
 Because Gon did not have an 《Ether Converter》, he used one of the remaining two 《Magic Crystals》 for it. The last one was used for the 《Control Core》. He took out the original 《Control Core》 of poor quality and thought to use it for something else. With the tune-up, he gave the two dolls the same abilities. The two golems had an outrageous body.
「Now then, shall I start on it at once? 《Transfer Info》! …this time I won’t do a partial transfer」
「Onii-chaaan, whaat are you doing?」
 There, Hanna who had woken up from her nap came over.
「Hmm? There are two Gons?」
 Seeing the golems lying side by side, Hanna said that.
「Hanna, this here is Gon, however this one over here is not Gon」
 So Jin decided to change the colour of the golem’s exterior. The two dolls wore light armour for combat, so Gon was made bluish. Made in the image of a bronze knight (though the armour is iron). The other one was coloured silver.
「Waa, pretty」
「Hanna, this blue one here is Gon. Gon, activate」
 Gon rose up and spoke words of obedience towards Jin.
「Yes, Master」
「Wah, Gon spoke!」
 Hannah was surprised. But,
「Gon, this child is Hanna. This child’s instructions take priority after me」
「Alright… Hanna, Gon will now listen to what you tell it」
「Really? That’s amazing!」
 Hanna was honestly delighted. Jin then continued to activate another one.
「I name you, Gen… you are Gen」
「Yes, Master」
 Gon and Gen, so Gongen. It seems he intended for it to be Gongen. There was no one to insert a tsukkomi for Jin’s naming sense.
「Hanna, this is Gen. Gen, this child is Hanna. This child’s instructions take priority after me」
 With that, in Kaina Village on this day, the two 《Guardians》 were born.

 And with the help of the two, Jin installed windows made of muscovite for the houses in the village over three days.