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Chapter 29 – Severing the thread of vexation!

Chapter 29 – Severing the thread of vexation!

“This You Yue… Why did she not tell me when her brother came? It seems that we’ll have to buy more food for dinner tonight. ” Xue Ying suddenly frowned, under the state of being ‘One with the World’, he could clearly hear everything within the vicinity – even a buzzing housefly. Thus, he distinctly heard whatever You Yue and her brother discussed, ,


Within You Yue’s house.

“Father let you come visit me because of this matter?” You Yue lightly said.

“Yes.” Kong Hao spoke, “Father told me to tell you that… this Si Clan has the highest status within the entire Azure River County! Regardless of whether it is those from the overt positions – the Military Officers, the County’s prefecture magistrates, the mayors of various towns, or those from the obscure sides – the aggressive bandits, wealthy merchant guilds and several factions hiding within the County, they all know how powerful the Si Clan is!”

“The Si Clan is the heavens of the Azure River County! The Si Clan is Azure River County, and Azure River County is the Si Clan! Whoever is charged guilty by them, would be judged as guilty even if he is innocent!” Kong Hao continued, “As for Si Chen, he is basically the favored heir of the Si Clan. Becoming a Meteor mage two years ago at 18, the elders look upon him highly… In the future, should he rank up to becoming a Silver Moon mage, his status would be even more frightening.”

“Father also said that it is fine if you are not interested in marrying Dong Bo Xue Ying, but it would be better if you could become the wife of Si Chen. He said should this happen, then our Kong Clan could ride on the power of the Si Clan to become one of the most powerful Clans in the entire County.”

Kong Hao curled his lips, “But of course, sister, I’m always supportive of you regardless of your decision. This father of ours really is too pragmatic, however he added on something along the lines of how hard it is to actually get married with that young master Si Chen at the end!”


Kong You Yue softly chided, “Father is precisely this kind of person!”

With that single sentence, she affirmed her brother’s observations.


“Under father’s strict orders, I need to get closer to Dong Bo Xue Ying.” You Yue sighed, “Even though I’ve been trying my best, and the fact is we are actually much closer than before, he still does not acclaim that I’m his girlfriend!”

“He does not like you?” Kong Han asked.

“Not exactly. He’s been too focused on the arts of spear. Other than me and several other female servants within the castle, Xue Ying does not even interact with any of the other young girls outside.” You Yue said, “Though Xue Ying looks cold on the outside, he is actually quite friendly once you get to know him. I believe that over time, if our relationship continues on developing, with his character, we should get wed in the future.”

“Yet being with him is really boring.” You Yue shook her head, “I’m afraid that he still does not know the fact that someone who does not coax a girl is entirely unromantic! Compared to some of my fellow disciples in the Great Mage’s Building, he is totally lacking in this area.”

“Sis, do you not like Dong Bo Xue Ying?” Kong Hao was startled.

“When I first came here years ago, I actually quite admired him. However, over the years as I followed under teacher’s teaching on magic, after understanding how big the world is, I kind of feel that he is quite ordinary. He is just merely a fanatic towards training on his spear techniques.”


On the roof of the castle.

After entering the state of ‘One with the World’, Xue Ying could see even the expressions on You Yue’s eyes, face and everything clearly. The moment she said that he is a martial arts fanatic, he saw… no, he FELT how her mouth actually cocked with disdain.

Xue Ying face turned paler and paler.

Indeed, he did not actually love Kong You Yue that much – he did not have that fiery passion to want to spend the rest of his life with her! After all, undertaking any Bronze Order mission was an extremely risky venture that could make him lose his life anytime. Yet being human, they were not cold blooded animals. Spending 6 years together, there ought to be some form of relationship.

Though the moment he heard Kong You Yue’s words, Xue Ying did not dare believe this…

“She is actually such a person!”

It was as if his heart was being suppressed by a gigantic rock…

It was overbearing.

He… He was actually the one being deceived all this time! To think that his impression of You Yue was someone who admired him so much that should he want to wed her, it would be a carefree and easy task! But reality was…. Kong You Yue did not even love him genuinely at all.

Right! He himself did not show any interest towards her, and had been focusing on his spear techniques all along. He did not know how to coax her…

“But why would she deceive me all this while…?”

“Damn, damn damn.”

Xue Ying’s heart was burning with fury. Six years of what seemed to be a simple love, or to a lesser extent, friendship…

Yet he was kept in the dark all along! It had been a guise since the beginning!

“She is such a person.” Initially, Xue Ying’s impression of You Yue was of someone who was lovely and understanding, yet now he felt that she was extremely… disgusting!


He did not have a lot of friends, and You Yue could be considered to be one of his better friends! But he was being deceived by her, with her actually thinking he was a martial arts fanatic.

“Why am I so angry? What is there to be angry about? I was never passionate about her or tempted by her.” Xue Ying had a self-deprecating laugh. Though no matter how much he tried in consoling himself, six years of facade was still something that made him extremely uncomfortable.


You Yue laughed, “Compared to him, young master Si Chen is much more intelligent and knowledgeable. Even though he acted a bit silly at times, he still had the heart to coax others.”

“Si Chen is chasing after you?” Kong Hao was dumbstruck.

“Mn.” You Yue nodded.

Indeed, Kong You Yue had several attractive qualities – her was quite pretty as well as loveable! From youth , she was trained to understand the hearts of other people. With such confidence, under her relentless subtle guidance, young master Si Chen was gradually paying more attention to her and even started chasing after her. Though she had been keeping her distance from him for this period, keeping Si Chen around under her leash.

“You like Si Chen?” Kong Hao was startled once again.

Kong You Yue paused for a bit, before saying, “A bit.”

How was this possible?

How could she fall in love with someone so easily? Though it was a fact that she felt that this ‘Si Chen’ was a much better prey than Dong Bo Xue Ying! He was younger, more handsome, and most importantly, someone with a huge background! On the other side, Xue Ying could be compared to a woodblock, not romantic at all.

“Sis, what are you going to do then?” Kong Hao was curious.

“I haven’t fully decided yet. Let’s see how it goes for now.” You Yue had actually decided long beforehand what she was going to do.

Even if he was her little brother, some things should still be kept a secret! Otherwise, letting her brother know of her decision would affect his impression of his sister being someone too ruthless and cruel. That wouldn’t be good at all.


Xue Ying gave off a cold aura as he walked on the stone roads inside the castle. None of the servants dared to approach him. They could feel their Lord’s mood was not good at this juncture.

In a few moments, Xue Ying reached the door to Kong You Yue’s courtyard.


Pressing on the door, the door to the courtyard immediately broke apart. Xue Ying pushed the broken door aside and entered.

“Who is it?” You Yue’s voice was still full of warmth and mild curiosity. The moment she and her brother came out from the house, they saw Xue Ying standing right in the middle of the courtyard.

“Brother Xue Ying!” Kong You Yue shouted with joy.

Yet they only saw Dong Bo Xue Ying standing there silently. The atmosphere felt as if it solidified into a form of pressure, causing both brother and sister to tremble.

“I would have never thought that you are actually such a person.” Xue Ying spoke in a somewhat hoarse voice, “I know that I’m not a romantic person, and am a fanatic who only knows how to train in spear techniques.”

Kong Hao’s eyes became wide open.

Kong You Yue was startled as well.

How did he know?

But ‘not romantic’ and ‘martial arts fanatic’ precisely implied that Xue Ying somehow knew of what they had been talking a moment ago. Thus, it was pointless covering up the matter.

“Brother Xue Ying, I’m sorry. This was all done under my father’s order.” You Yue tried explaining, “I really did not want to do it.”

Xue Ying only gazed coldly at her.

After understanding ‘One with the World’, he could clearly observe the expression on Kong You Yue’s face before she spoke. The disdain when she proclaimed how he was a martial arts fanatic… that expression was something that he did not see before in the past 6 years. Yet after entering the state of ‘One with the World’, after seeing that expression once, she could no longer lie to him.

Being gazed upon by Xue Ying, You Yue felt an invisible oppression upon her, making her nervous, and causing turmoil in her previously calm heart. She was someone who understood a person’s heart, and thus would know how to react in any scenario. Yet right now, being gazed upon by Xue Ying actually made her totally flustered.

She did not know, this was precisely the pressure caused by one’s spirit strength!

After entering ‘One with the World’, Xue Ying’s spirit strength became so strong that under his gaze, the pressure created was no less than more than ten thousands of people staring at a single person!

“I’ll leave. I’ll leave right at this moment.”

Kong You Yue did not explain anymore. She immediately turned back into her home and began packing up her things.

He stood in the courtyard silently. After a short while he saw Kong You Yue and Kong Hao both carrying a trunk each, hurrying out of the place.


“Miss You Yue.”

The soldiers outside the city gate all still greeted her courteously.

You Yue could only force herself to smile, before bringing her brother out of the castle towards the Great Mage’s building.

‘How did he discover that I was talking to my little brother?’ You Yue looked backwards at the Snowrock Castle. She knew it was going to be very tough the next time she wanted to enter the castle, ‘Without making Si Chen fall hard for me, breaking up with Dong Bo Xue Ying is really not worth it. It would be for the best that I finish the business with Si Chen…’

‘Forget it. Since he found out, it would be pointless to regret any longer.’

‘Humph. What is there to be proud of as a martial arts fanatic.’

‘He is only a big fish in this small Water Rites Town, compared to the Si Clan, what is he? But still, getting a staff and a robe from him is considered not bad after all.’ You Yue thought to herself silently.


“I can’t believe she’s such a person. I, Dong Bo Xue Ying am surely blind.” With a leap, Xue Ying immediately reached the roof of the castle. He sat there overlooking the entire Snowrock Castle. “Being deceived so easily, it seems that I’ve interacted with too few people.”

“Forget it. Let this be a learning experience for me.”

Xue Ying was after all, still a Great Spear Master. After comprehending the state of ‘One with the World’, his control over the realm of spear techniques became even greater, reaching that of deities.

His mind was as sharp as a spear,

As fast as the cutting blade!

Since this woman actually had the heart to deceive him, chasing her out of the castle would be for the best as he did not want to be entangled up with such matters.

“She is she. I am I. Maybe just like father and mother… finding love in the midst of a life and death situation is more suited for me?” Xue Ying laughed spontaneously, raising his head up as he gulped down bowls of wine. After training his spirit until this particular realm, there was obviously no deep longing feelings towards cutting off the relationship of such ordinary friendship.

“Mn. I’ve already entered the realm of One with the World. What method would be the best for me to become a Transcendent?” Xue Ying started pondering over the many routes he could take, and the eventual one that would allow him to enter the ranks of Trascendents. It was, after all, the ranks of a Transcendent he had been aiming for all along!