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Chapter 79 – Storm Mermaid

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Chapter 79 – Storm Mermaid
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
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The Flame Lord created a ball of fire in its hands and viciously shot it towards Yue Yang.

Although it hadn’t reached him yet, it was moving towards him with a lot of force.

The fireball that was shot out was just like a Flame Dragon’s breath of fire. However, Yue Yang did not retreat. Contrary to expectations, he advanced and aimed at the Flame Lord’s ‘Molten Core’, which was hidden secretly under its thick, giant chest. Yue Yang used Innate Qi to split its rock-hard chest open then stabbed his Crescent Blades inside the opening… An audible buzzing sound could be heard as the blades sunk even deeper through the soft surface, exposed to a temperature so high it was capable of melting it down. Seeing this made Yue Yang’s heart sank slightly. The Flame Lord’s body flickered suddenly as it waved its fist that had been holding a fireball, sending it crashing down onto Yue Yang. The strength and momentum was overwhelming. Yue Yang immediately abandoned the Crescent Blade in his hands that had been embedded into the Flame Lord, turned around and retreated backwards.

However, the Flame Lord did not chase after him. Instead, he slowly pulled out the Crescent Blade, whose body had already melted into bright red mass of molten iron, from its body.

The extremely hard Crescent Blade had now turned bright red all over, and became soft like dough.

The injury in the Flame Lord’s chest spouted a wave of lava before suddenly returning to its original appearance. He opened his giant mouth filled with lava wide and unexpectedly gulped down the Crescent Blade like he was eating a snack.

Yue Yang never thought that he could injure the Flame Lord by using the Crescent Blade, but it seemed like there wasn’t even an effect from this attack at all; As he considered this fact, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. This silver-ranked level 7 Demon was simply too frightening. He had a whole body burning with raging fire; molten magma as his body, flowing lava as his blood, intense flame as his armor and purple flame as his heart. What on earth did he have to do in order to defeat such a monstrosity?

He only had one shot of his Innate Invisible Sword Qi left.

If it didn’t have an effect, what would he be able to do next?

Furthermore, there was also the Bone Dragon who was flying in the air glaring intently, like a predator watching its prey, prepared to attack at any point of time…

Seeing that the Flame Lord had started chasing after him, Yue Yang immediately retreated back into his Halo Shield. The Flame Lord also seemed to have sentience, as it didn’t advance foolishly forward, spending a useless effort in trying to attack the Halo Shield that was protecting Yue Yang. Instead, it releases fire throughout the whole Battlefield of Death, filling the whole battlefield with raging flames, an environment that was best suited for optimizing the formidable power of his flames.

The two Demon Generals hid far away in a corner. They didn’t have to do anything now; they only need to wait for the Flame Lord and Bone Dragon to take care of Yue Yang.

Yue Yang decided to adopt the strategy of “Bully the weak and fear the powerful.”

Because the Flame Lord was too powerful and the Bone Dragon’s bones were too hard, Yue Yang had actually decided to take down the two Demon Generals first.

The situation was just what the two Demon Generals had hoped for. As long as they hindered this brat, he would definitely die when the Flame Lord and the Bone Dragon caught up.

Indeed, when the two Demon Generals assumed a defensive stature, the Bone Dragon flying in the sky immediately came down, its mouth filled with sharp teeth wide open, charging straight towards Yue Yang. There was a whole bunch of demon worms up front, and there were even black arrows that would automatically aim towards a target on the right and left side. The most frightening thing was that the Flame Lord would catch up really soon. Yue Yang’s attack plan had failed. The plan that he envisioned where the Demon Generals would split to the east and west when they retreated did not happen, but instead, they faced the enemy unyieldingly. This made the Yue Yang who had a limited winning chance unable to unleash an attack that had the biggest advantage to kill off one of the Demon Generals.

Yue Yang’s two feet stopped in their tracks as he leapt upwards agilely.

Like a white horse escaping through a crack of a narrow space, avoiding countless attacks, a mystery amongst mysteries, Yue Yang wonderfully avoided one attack after another, dodging all of the attacks targeted towards him.

Before the Flame Lord unleashed its fists, Yue Yang somersaulted in the air three times, like a piece of blown leaf on the ground.

The sheath of the Crescent Blade blocked all of the incoming black arrows.

The Bone Dragon tried to smash him with its long tail, but Yue Yang’s moved his upper body backwards and dodged it successfully. He also used the Crescent Blade to draw support from the Bone Dragon’s flying momentum and flew backwards even more, returning to his Halo Shield once again.

If it was another human Ranker who didn’t have the ability to enter and exit his Halo Shield as they pleased, they would have been dead even if they had 10 lives.

The two Demon Generals watched with stupefied expressions…

This young human Ranker was even more unfathomable than any other human they had ever met before. He was obviously very young, but he turned out to be an Innate Ranker. That was not all; he could even enter and exit his Grimoire’s Halo Shield as he pleased. They had never heard of this kind of ability before. Every single Grimoire Summoner would lose their Halo Shield once they exited it, so how could he freely go out of his Halo Shield?

However, no matter how mysterious, how unfathomable the situation was, it was useless to worry about it.

After 10 minutes, the Halo Shield would automatically disappear. In the end, he would definitely not have a second hiding place.

Under the combined attack of the Bone Dragon and the Flame Lord, he would definitely perish. The two Demon Generals could also see another point, that was, this young Innate Ranker was not as strong as the other human Innate Rankers. His abilities were a little bit weaker. Most importantly, his beasts weren’t strong at all.

Other human Innate Rankers would have Mythical Beasts or Holy Beasts at least. Their abilities were already strong on their own, and their beasts’ formidable powers added to their strength.

Even the worst Innate Ranker would have a diamond or platinum-ranked beast.

Other than this brat, which other Ranker would have brought a Gold-ranked Thorny Flower?

They really couldn’t understand what was wrong with this brat. Maybe he wasn’t a true Innate Ranker, maybe they had seen it wrongly just now…

The two Demon General looked at each other and nodded. After they killed Yue Yang, they would search through his body to see if they could find any sort of treasures. The two generals, the worm-like Demon and the winged Demon General, were skeptical that this young human had in fact not depended on his own abilities, but depended on some kind of treasure to get rid of their colleagues. And it might also be because of that treasure that others misunderstood him for an Innate Ranker.

Within this whole world, how could there be such a weak Innate Ranker?

“Looks like I can only use the Supreme Sword now.” Yue Yang could release Barbaric Cow Shadow, but its level and abilities were far too weak. Barbaric Cow Shadow wouldn’t be a good opponent no matter if it was against the Flame Lord or the Bone Dragon who could fly.

Yue Yang still needed Barbaric Cow Shadow as a surprise attack, so he decided not to reveal her in the meantime.

Just when Yue Yang was having a headache, Xiao Wen Li suddenly floated out in a red glow. She first looked at the Flame Lord with her doe eyes, then at Yue Yang. Her cute actions seemed like she was asking, “Why couldn’t you defeat such an easy monster?” Although Xiao Wen Li didn’t say it, Yue Yang could see it through those big, round eyes, which seemed to be able to speak to him.

Seeing Yue Yang give her a thumbs up, showing his praise to her, a smile blossomed on Xiao Wen Li’s small face, beautiful like a flower. It looked especially pure and sweet.

She waved her dainty, flower-like hand and summoned her small and exquisite Diamond Grimoire out.


Seeing the Diamond Grimoire that Xiao Wen Li had summoned out, the two Demon General were so shocked that they almost peed in their pants. Who the heck was this small thing?

Diamond Grimoire, what kind of powerful entity was this, that she could own such a grimoire?

In the Abyss, let alone Demon Generals, even Demon Commanders, or the Demon Masters who were two levels higher, couldn’t possibly have a Diamond Grimoire. If a Ranker didn’t have enough talent to step into the Innate Ranker realm, then Platinum Grimoires would be considered the limit for these non-Innate Rankers. Diamond Grimoires were an existence that all rankers could only hope for but never get in their lives.

Now, turned out this small thing actually had a Diamond Grimoire.

The more unbelievable thing was that she seemed to be that brat’s summoned beast…?

How, how, how could this be…?

How could a summoned beast own a summoning Grimoire? The two Demon Generals felt that they must have gone mad to see such a hallucination.

The Flame Lord seemed to be able to feel Xiao Wen Li’s threat. It roared loudly and viciously advanced forward. However, Xiao Wen Li was standing inside the Bronze Grimoire’s and the Diamond Grimoire’s Halo Shield. With the protection of both shields, she could completely ignore the existence of the Flame Lord.

In reality, Xiao Wen Li didn’t even care about the Silver-ranked level 7 Flame Lord. Seeing that, Yue Yang was flabbergasted. Was every Diamond-ranked level 1 beast this strong? Could they overcome such a big difference in levels? Although Xiao Wen Li was a diamond-ranked level 1 beast, the Flame Lord was a Silver-ranked level 7 beast. Furthermore, Xiao Wen Li was just a toddler that had just been born. Could she really defeat the Flame Lord?

A golden light first started to shine in the little loli’s hands, then on the pages of the Diamond Grimoire. It continued to shine brightly.

Following that, a rainbow and flower like existence suddenly appeared.

It was different from summoning the Stone Element Medusa. This time, the summoning time was a little longer, furthermore, the beast that appeared wasn’t that Medusa whose head was filled with snakes.

This time the beast that appeared from the summon was a girl that was covered with water. Her hair was like a waterfall of gold, her jade arms like a lotus’ stem, She had an untarnished, snow white body. Other than a pair of pink scallop shells covering her chest, she was covered with nothing else. Under her beautiful waist was a graceful golden coloured fish tail.

When Yue Yang saw this beast, he almost drooled.

A Mermaid!

The beast that the little loli had summoned this time was a mermaid with a golden tail and a snow white body!

Could it be that she wanted to use this mermaid, who appeared to have no battle power at all, to defeat those two powerful monsters, the Flame Lord and Bone Dragon?

How, how could such a thing be possible?

Not only Yue Yang, even the two Demon Generals couldn’t believe it too. Most mermaids are special-type summons to support battles, they almost have no battle power at all. If it was a mermaid warrior that wielded a Neptune’s Halberd, it could still probably pass the qualification as an opponent, but this mermaid was obviously not the battle-type…

“Hahaha!” The two Demon General started to laugh out loud in order to cover up their blunder just now, shocking Xiao Wen Li.


But when the Silver-ranked level 7 Flame Lord saw the mermaid appears, he immediately turned around and started to run away.

Even the Bone Dragon in the sky looked a little bit panicked. It didn’t dare to fly high up in the sky, but fell down to the ground and used its wings to cover its body that was full of battered bones.

Ah? That’s not right. What had actually happened?

Xiao Wen Li pointed with her snow white fingers, and the graceful, golden mermaid immediately nodded. A snow white conch shell with red stripes appeared out of nowhere, and the mermaid put it close to her mouth, blowing into it. In that moment, countless grey clouds appeared on the Battlefield of Death. The clouds then turned darker, and a violent wind that appeared out of nowhere started to wreck the whole of Battlefield of Death to shreds, like a Demon Claw.


The sound of thunder suddenly exploded in the clouds and numerous hurricanes that looked like giant dragons appeared, absorbing the water in the clouds.

The whole of Battlefield of Death turned into storms and whirlpools. Gales, rainstorm, thunder, lightning… Yue Yang stared dumbstruck. Isn’t this overkill?

It was really unbelievable. A mermaid without a single piece of armour on her body could summon a storm just like that. With a single conch shell, she had turned the whole Battlefield of Death into the eye of a storm.

A strand of thought flashed through Yue Yang’s mind. Right, Xiao Wen Li had four different Guardian Spirit Beast. One was the Stone Element Medusa, and the other was this Storm Mermaid. He didn’t quite pay attention to it before, but he never thought that the Storm Mermaid could summon such a terrifying storm. No wonder Xiao Wen Li had looked down upon the Silver-ranked level 7 Flame Lord. No matter how powerful the Flame Lord was, when he met the Storm Mermaid, it was fated to be an instant defeat.

Countless drops of water rained down on the Flame Lord’s body. At first, the Flame Lord could still resist it tenaciously, evaporating the water falling on him. It turned into a large amount of steam and slowly rose up.

But after suffering a few lightning strikes on its body, the Flame Lord couldn’t take it anymore. It finally turned into lava and flowed away.

Stuck in the middle of the gale that pounded rainwater on its body from above and the rainwater that had turned into violent waves on the ground, the Flame Lord struggled painfully, but its struggles were almost useless.

Water extinguishes fire.

The Flame Lord who was originally aggressive and extremely arrogant, in the middle of the violent waves of rainwater, had turned into an extremely miserable existence…The whole of its big body started to solidify into stone slowly. However, after it’s hot molten and lava body hardened, another lightning struck down on it, shattering half of its head. Black rocks flew in all directions, exposing the large amount of magma inside its body.

Following another conch whistle, another huge wave of rain suddenly appeared.

At the moment before its death, the Flame Lord made a weird action. It tried to reach inside his body from the opening on its head with its already hardened, giant hand, and took out a brightly flaming, red-coloured ball. It then threw it on the ground.

In the next moment, its giant body shattered in the storm, collapsing down to the ground with a loud rumble. Its disintegrated body quickly become pieces of black rocks and ashes.

In a blink of an eye, it was blown away, dispersed by the violent storm.

“There’s a treasure!” Seeing how the Flame Lord threw out that red-coloured thing right before its death, Yue Yang’s shrewd eyes immediately thought that it was its most precious treasure. He couldn’t help but be extremely elated as he prepared to rush out into the storm, pick up the treasure and rush back into his shield. However, turned out somebody else was much faster than him. It was the Gold Beast that had turned into a bracelet on his wrist. It had turned back to its original appearance, slipped away and flew towards the red-coloured thing. Seems like it was prepared to steal the treasure away from Yue Yang.

Yue Yang was furious. With a kick from his foot, he sent the Gold Beast flying to nine clouds and above.

As a summoned beast, he already forgave it for not helping its master at all, but it actually dared to vie for its master’s treasure? Such a bad habit, did it learn it from Hui Tai Lang?

The Demon Generals standing on the sides immediately fainted after receiving a lightning strike. Their bodies were blown by the storm all over the place. On the other hand, the Bone Dragon wasn’t that weak. Even after enduring through countless lightning strikes, other than a little black spot on its head and a few shattered bones, its body was still fully intact.

The Bone Dragon wasn’t a beast with a fire attribute. It also had a body made of bones. A storm and a gale wouldn’t do that much damage to its body.

It was only enduring through those lightning strikes that made it painful for the Bone Dragon to bear.

Luckily, what the Storm Mermaid had summoned was a storm, not lightning…Yue Yang reckoned that if Xiao Wen Li didn’t summon the Storm Mermaid but summoned the Thunderbolt Naga instead, this Bone Dragon would probably not be able to take its attacks.

Yue Yang’s agile hands quickly picked up the red-coloured ball that the Flame Lord threw out right before its death. However, before he could inspect it using his Divine Vision, he suddenly saw the Gold Beast, who had a fetish towards treasures and Demon Crystals, threw itself on top of the Bone Dragon’s forehead. Ignoring the Bone Dragon’s struggle to resist, it started to take big chomps on the Bone Dragon’s impregnable bones. Seemed like it still wanted to eat the Bone Dragon’s Demonic Dragon Crystal.

“My Dragon Crystal~” Yue Yang became extremely anxious. This prodigal brat, it was even worse than Hui Tai Lang a thousand times, no, ten thousand times.

It refused to eat other things and insisted on eating a Dragon Crystal instead.

This Dragon Crystal, something that other people could only dream but not hope for, was now going to be nibbled raw like a crispy cucumber salad by this prodigal Gold Beast…