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Chapter 73 – The Mysterious Little Gold Beast

Chapter 73 – The Mysterious Little Gold Beast
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Brian and Rango
TLCed by: Sephilia

In order to not attract the manager’s attention, Yue Yang bought another ten chaos eggs, with almost all of them taken while his eyes were closed.

It was as Yue Yang had thought. In an attempt to show off, Fatty Hai wanted to put his hand into that chaos egg, saying, “I have a kind of premonition that this chaos egg must be a good egg, let’s buy it. What? No? Manager! We’ve bought so many beasts eggs and chaos eggs, if you don’t give this to me, then I’ll never come again next time. If you give this to me, I’ll give you a few beautiful words of praise and perhaps that guy’s heart will be so moved that he’ll sell Hui Tai Lang to you. That’s right, that’s the way to do business, this egg is free, then you can give me a 10% discount card. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely advise that guy to sell Hui Tai Lang to you. Don’t you know, I’m his boss, he’ll listen to me for sur-Hold on, let me put this chaos egg in my pocket… “

If Fatty Hai was not so petty, Yue Yang would put to use his skills to swipe this mysterious chaos egg.

Of course, no matter how good this egg was, he could absolutely not let the manager know.

If not, he would never sell it.

If the manager found out about the mysterious power within this egg, Yue Yang would have kept a low profile for nothing.

“What are you buying so many chaos eggs for?” Yi Nan could not understand. But, since Yue Yang wanted to do this, she did not oppose it either. She faintly felt that this guy had some motive that could not be spoken aloud. Just earlier, inside the Hundred Roaring Beasts beast store, Yi Nan resisted the urge to ask him, but when they came out, she could not hold her curiosity in.

“Third Older Brother must have some reason to do this.” Yue Bing still thought that Yue Yang really had the innate skill of concealing, and was able to know the concealed element of the beast.

“Could it be, that extremely compatible chaos egg wasn’t pure luck just now?” Yi Nan was shocked, this guy was this skilled?

“……” Ye Kong and the Li brothers did not speak, and only looked at Yue Yang deeply.

They did not speak it aloud, but their emotions were welled up inside them.

In the eyes of other people, perhaps Yue Yang was a selfish person who never cared about others; Not only did he like to tell lies, he was also extremely shameless. But, the people who had really become acquainted with Yue Yang were feeling completely different at this moment. Even if this Yue family’s Third Young Master did not say it, it did not mean he did not care about them. A prime example was going through the hassle of travelling such a long distance to search for his sister Yue Bing. How many people in the world would be able to do this? When Yue Bing had awoken, he did not say anything about caring for his sister. However, he was a brother who insisted on carrying her on his back even as he went into the abyss, never abandoning her.

Facing a hundred thousand demons, he did not use his companions as a meat shield as an exchange for his own glory.

He had never abandoned his kin, nor his companions. Even if the companions at his side were just some trash or poor people who were about to starve to death.

Seeing that his companions were sucked into a space of certain death by the powerful Demon General, he did not utter a single sentence, and went forward, regardless of the danger he faced, to rescue them. How many men were present in this world that could be like him?

“I can sense it, really. I feel that this chaos egg is exceptional. It might be a giant dragon’s chaos egg! Don’t you know that I was born to this world to appraise chaos eggs? Ah, I messed up. Which chaos egg was the one I chose?” As Fatty Hai said this, everyone secretly ridiculed him. This guy was absolutely inept, and only talked rubbish. If they really believed him, they would really have run out of luck.

Only Yue Yang knew that Fatty Hai’s actions spurned by greed had, this time, really hit the jackpot.

What Fatty Hai had chosen was indeed an exceptional chaos egg.

Of course, he would not say this out loud and only leisurely took a different, completely useless chaos egg for Fatty Hai, saying, “If you cook this exceptional egg and eat it, you might undergo a variant evolution into a Bronze-ranked wild boar!”

Yi Nan and Yue Bing covered their lips and giggled.

However, Fatty Hai was especially shameless and did not mind at all. Following that, he joyfully bragged, “If I were to evolve, I’d evolve into a giant dragon!”

Ye Kong and the Li brothers really wanted to faint. After people say that you’re fat, you still want to brag like this?

After finding a warrior’s inn to stay, Yue Yang took out the beast egg with a five star evaluation and put it together with the chaos egg which held a mysterious power. This action almost caused the people seeing it to be scared out of their wits. That was a five star beast egg, if anything went wrong, it would be destroyed… Even if it did not fuse together, it was still a five star egg, why risk the gamble? Not just Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others, even Yue Bing and Yi Nan who supported Yue Yang the most were also opposed to what Yue Yang was trying to do. They felt that even with a 1% failure rate, they would not dare to take a risk with a five star beast egg.

The chances of great success when fusing a beast egg and a chaos egg were extremely miniscule.

If Ye Kong was originally trash, and took the risk, it was still worth it. However, with the current state that Yue Yang was in, was there really a need to gamble?

“Seventh Sister, come and make the contract.” But, Yue Yang’s attitude made Yue Bing and Yi Nan freak out.

Everyone understood that if Yue Yang was not certain of the outcome, he would definitely not let his sister Yue Bing contract with the egg. Now that he had called Yue Bing to contract with it, was that not akin to saying that this fusion contract would definitely succeed?

Yue Bing anxiously looked at Yue Yang, and only after a long time did she ask with a trembling voice, “Brother, what is this beast? Is it a plant type?”

Yue Yang was astounded. Could Yue Bing really only be able to use plant-type beasts?

“I tested it in school. I have a compatibility rate of over 120% with plant-type beasts, but as for other types, the compatibility is at most at 50%. I’m the student with the most distinctive niche, and I’m only good with plant-types. If it’s not a plant-type beast, but Brother is so certain, then let Si… Brother Yi Nan contract with it.” Yue Bing felt that it was a waste if she could not use the contracted beast properly. Since this was the case, it would be better to give this to Yi Nan, her future ‘sister-in-law’. Since Brother had already been rejected for marriage by others, she could use this beast to pull these two closer together. Would that not be a better outcome?

“No, I can’t accept such a precious beast egg!” Yi Nan hurriedly shook her head. If there was really a chance for the fusion to succeed, causing a variant evolution, would the five star beast soar up another grade to become a six star beast?

Yi Nan felt that she was completely unrelated to this guy. Moreover, everyone had only met by chance, so how could she accept such a precious gift from him?

Yue Yang actually felt a little apologetic towards Yi Nan.

When he had fought with Wu Yi and Xie Huo in Merry Forest, Yi Nan never found out that he was an expert. Choosing to stay behind instead of escaping, she had fought a decisive battle with them, which had caused her Psychedelic Butterfly and Shadow Panther to die in battle. All of this was because he had concealed his true strength. At the last moments of the battle, when Yi Nan protected him and received a counterattack to her mind, she had fallen to the ground and fainted.

If he gave this beast egg to her, it could be considered a small compensation for the loss of her beasts.

Seeing that her brother did not oppose the notion, Yue Bing’s heart moved and pulled Yi Nan’s hand, “Yi Nan… Brother Yi Nan, why not give something to my brother too? Let everyone do an exchange, and that’ll settle it.”

As she said this, Yi Nan remembered something.

Perhaps, that thing in legends might be useful for him…

Yi Nan took an oddly-shaped necklace with a lilac gemstone from her neck that was like snow jade, and handed it over to Yue Yang, “If that’s the case, then let’s exchange.”

Yue Yang took the oddly-shaped necklace with Yi Nan’s fragrance on it. Suddenly, his felt his mind being shaken. A silent roar echoed out from his heart, as if it were angry, but happy too. It felt more like a kind of summoning, a kind of call. What was this? Could it be that within this gemstone, there was still a powerful living soul residing in it? What level was this lifeform at? When Yue Yang curiously used his innate qi to search for it, he suddenly realised that the lilac gemstone was absorbing his innate qi at a frantic rate. His fingertip felt a huge wave of pain, and there actually was blood flowing out into the lilac gemstone.

Dumbstruck, Ye Kong and the others stared on. A pillar of gold light emerged from the gemstone in Yue Yang’s hands.

In that instant, the entire house was dyed gold.

Hui Tai Lang, who had the strength of Bronze-ranked Level 5, also felt a sense of unease within this splendid golden light. Its little legs were trembling… Reflected in the golden light on the wall, the shape of a lifeform that nobody had ever seen before appeared. It had golden eyes and teeth, with scales, horns, and four huge clawed wings. With just a mere second of appearance, the Level 3 Wind Wolves, which were just bought and standing by the side of the Li brothers fainted on the spot.

“Is this a giant dragon?” Fatty Hai’s mouth was gaping so wide it could easily fit a mammoth inside.

“Heavens!” Ye Kong also had the feeling that he wanted to faint.

The mercenaries outside did not know what was going on at all, but the beasts who were more sensitive had an immediate reaction.

At the surroundings of the inn, countless beasts were scared until they started peeing. Those who were further away were scared until they panicked and fled, to the point where even the master could not command them to stop.

A few bird-type beasts that were flying in the air were scared until they dived towards the ground, each one being unable to fly normally. This was especially so for the flying beasts that just happened to fly over the warrior inn. They were so scared that they lost consciousness, both eyes turning white, and fell towards the ground.

The lilac gemstone in Yue Yang’s hands shattered into pieces, while a beam of golden light shone towards his chest.

This scared Yue Yang, and he hurriedly used his hands to block it.

He did not expect that golden light to have some intelligence. It avoided his fingers and penetrated through the gaps between his fingers, going into the breast of his clothes. Yue Yang cried out, and hurriedly took his shirt off. However, he found that the mysterious metal fragment was fusing in the golden light. Finally, under the gaze of everyone in the room, it turned into a ball of liquid gold.

In fact, the black mysterious metal fragment, after turning into a liquid ball, was actually beingcontinuously purified.

The black residue dripped onto the ground, and finally, the entire body of the ball became a pure silvery-white colour.

In around three seconds, the the liquid golden ball that floated in midair turned into a beast of gold that nobody could recognise.

With a silver body and golden lines around it, purple eyes and red claws, a round body and a long tail, and, finally, wings on its back, its appearance was extremely cute. This thing’s appearance was completely different from what Yue Yang and the others thought it would be. Everyone had thought that it would become a small golden dragon. They did not expect that this kind of odd appearance form it. This Gold Beast with its silvery-white body and mysterious golden lines dexterously jumped onto the tabletop, and instantly pounced towards the Dark Green Snake Crystal that Yue Yang had obtained after cutting open the snake head of the Three-headed Chimera… Yue Yang’s eyes were swift and his hands fast. Before it could bite on the crystal, he hurriedly kept the Dark Green Snake Crystal.

The Gold Beast was like a starving cat. It bumped into Yue Yang lightly, wanting to snatch the Dark Green Snake Crystal from Yue Yang’s hands, insisting on eating it.

The people in the room fainted. What in the world was this thing?

Was it living being? Or was it a gold-type puppet?

They could see that it was intelligent and yet behaved like a child; It was a Gold Beast, yet it wanted to eat something, and that something was actually a magic crystal… What in the world was going on?

Yue Bing, Yi Nan, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li brothers were puzzled as they looked towards Yue Yang, hoping that he could explain what was going on.

This mysterious gold beast, what was it?