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Chapter 69 – The question is actually very simple

Chapter 69 – The question is actually very simple
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffy
Edited by: Brian, editAS and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Medicinal Stone -> Healing Stone. Change Dual Ice Blades > Dual Icicle Blades

Xiao Wen Li blinked her big eyes adorably but didn’t say anything else.

Yue Yang thought that it was because she was still too young, so she hadn’t learn how to speak yet.

The current situation that Yue Yang was facing right now was just like he was standing right in front of a locked treasure room without the key to enter. He had a rather difficult to accept feeling within his heart. Even in his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that such a situation would have turned out this way for him. He was so excited; he couldn’t believe that such a magical thing had happened. That was why until now, he was still swimming in a sea of happiness, unable to wake up from his happy dream…

“There are good stuff in the Divine Grimoire, right?” Yue Yang asked, testing the waters. Xiao Wen Li nodded enthusiastically.

“Is there a fairy oneechan there?” Yue Yang asked again, and the little loli shook her head adorably.

“Do you know what is actually inside? Draw a picture for me, and let me see if you are good at drawing. If you draw it nicely, I’ll treat you to a sweet Tang Yuan!” Yue Yang was scheming again, but the small loli couldn’t even understand words. It would truly be strange if she knew how to draw. But Xiao Wen Li took out her Dual Icicle Blades and started to scribble on the floor. Yue Yang laid down on the floor and scrutinised the scribbles for a long time, but he couldn’t discern anything. The only thing he could be sure of was that there was definitely a new Guardian Spirit Beast inside the Divine Grimoire. But it shouldn’t be the Sword Goddess.

Forget it, although he still couldn’t open the Divine Grimoire now, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to open it in the future.

As long as he trained diligently, he should be able to open the Grimoire when he reached the right conditions.

Yue Yang still couldn’t understand why this Silver Grimoire had levelled down to a Bronze Grimoire and then suddenly levelled up to a Divine Grimoire without any reason. Of course, he was too lazy to spend any real effort thinking about it. There were so many weird things in this world that couldn’t even be counted, and this Divine Grimoire was just one among them.

Something flashed in his mind suddenly and he asked, “Above bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond, is there a higher-tiered Divine Grimoire? Is Empress Wen Li’s Grimoire a Divine Grimoire?”

In answer to Yue Yang’s question, Xiao Wen Li nodded her head again, cutely and adorably; but it was unclear if she was replying to his first or second question.

Yue Yang had wanted to ask more questions, but suddenly, Yue Bing, who was carried at his back, stirred from her sleep, as if she was about to wake up.

Yue Yang quickly put his Divine Grimoire away. Xiao Wen Li didn’t enter into the Divine Grimoire, but turned into a red glow, like always, and entered into Yue Yang’s body to rest. Although she had moved house, it looked like she still liked to stay within Yue Yang’s body. As he put Yue Bing down, she whined a little, as if she couldn’t bear to let him go even in her dreams.

She didn’t wake up. Her body had only moved a little, but she quickly quieted back down as she breathed slowly and continuing her slumber.

Yue Yang tried to call her name a few times, but seeing that she still hadn’t woken up, he stopped calling. He only tried to brush away the few strands of hair on her forehead.

As for Ye Kong, he was just like a cockroach that wouldn’t die even when beaten; He woke up when Yue Yang was collecting his spoils of war… He crawled painstakingly towards Fatty Hai and reached out into his robes greedily to take out a HEALING STONE. He then broke it with all his strength and let the white glow that had the power to heal envelope his, Fatty Hai’s, and the Li Brothers’ bodies. Although the four of them had suffered heavy injuries, their lives had the vitality of a cockroach. Once they were given a cure, their injuries would get better immediately. They started to wake up one by one.

Fatty Hai and the others woke up in succession and looked around blankly at the weird space he was in, the Battlefield of Certain Death.

Seeing that they looked extremely puzzled to be in this place, Yue Yang could only sigh. To him it seemed as though these few fellows would definitely be confused, even if they died and came back as ghosts.

Because of their muddle-headed confusion, they wouldn’t feel the slightest bit wronged if they were told that they had died in the Abyss. Fatty Hai was rubbing the back of his head, mumbling to himself, “Where are we? Didn’t we already return to the Warrior’s Guild? I was definitely drinking beers with you guys just now… I remember Ye Kong, that skinny monkey, had even snatched my chicken drumstick away… Was that a dream? With regards to that, I had a recollection just now that someone had attacked me hard on the back of the head…What is actually happening now?”

“Congratulations. Due to your exceptional performance, you have been awarded the first prize for the Scatterbrain of the Year Award,” Yue Yang congratulated him.

“This, isn’t this the Demon General? Eh? How did Hui Tai Lang turn like into that?” Ye Kong was filled with shock and astonishment when he saw Hui Tai Lang, who had turned into a Two-headed Demon Wolf and the Demon General, who had turned into shattered pieces of stones. Seeing the scene before him, his head became even more jumbled up. When he still couldn’t figure out what happened, he finally asked Yue Yang, “What happened actually?”

“Uhh, that…”

Right now, was a time for Yue Yang to lie once again.

Looking at the four people who had curious faces waiting for answers, Yue Yang explained in an honourable, serious tone, “We came to this Battlefield of Certain Death when the Demon General threw a Teleportation Scroll onto us. You guys were defeated by a sneak attack, and fell to the ground without any sense of brotherhood to me, leaving me all alone to face against the evil, scary Demon General. You guys knew that I am a devout believer of Pacifism Ideology, so fighting and killing was really not the way to live for me. Hence, I decided to fight a match of Literature with the Demon General. He would set a question to test me, and I to him. In the end as we continued with the match, he suddenly went crazy and spread open his palm, only to hit himself square in the forehead. He committed suicide and died. With regards to how he became shattered stones, I am still trying to find the answer.”

His words made Ye Kong and the Li Brothers to fall on the ground, as they almost fainted.

They had seen liars before, but, in all of their lives, they had never seen such a bad liar.

Only kids six-years-old and below would have believed his words.

Unlike the rest of them, Fatty Hai believed his words completely. Patting his jiggling fat chests, he shouted enthusiastically, “What kind of questions did you come up with? Was it really that difficult? Come and quickly say it! With me, the Question Resolving Prince here, there wouldn’t be any hard questions in this world.”

Hearing this, Ye Kong had a sudden urge to drive his sharp dagger into Fatty Hai’s chest, making him bleed.

They had seen many gullible people, but they had never seen such a gullible person before.

Every single ability that this Fatty Hai had was close to zero. If he had a match with a monkey, they believed the monkey would feel very empowered and superior. He was definitely an idiot, otherwise how could he believe in such bullshit? He was even so earnest about it…Heavens, how had this fellow managed to live until today? Shouldn’t he have been killed by his idiocy long ago?

“The question is actually very simple.” Yue Yang revealed a slow smile. “I told the Demon General, A is a number, B, C and D are also numbers with different values. If ABC+CDC=ABCD, then what is ABCD?”

“Uhh…” Hearing this, Fatty Hai’s mouth gaped wide apart, wide enough to stuff a whole cow in.

Ye Kong and the three Li Brothers were also petrified.

No wonder the Demon General couldn’t take such a question and committed suicide in his madness.

Fatty Hai was stunned for a long while, before his face flushed and he said, “That’s not difficult, but the computation is a bit complicated, and requires some time. Give me a slightly simpler problem.”

Yue Yang nodded, and said with a brilliant smile, “Alright, I’ll give you a problem related to spirit beasts. It’s very simple. There are 18 insect-type spirit beasts in total, comprising of spiders, dragonflies and cicadas. In total, they have 108 legs and 20 pair of wings. How many spiders, dragonflies and cicadas are there each?

“Ah..” Fatty Hai immediately fainted away.

Meanwhile, Ye Kong and the Li brothers found themselves seeing countless dragonflies and cicadas flying around, and spiders crawling up their bodies, weaving webs…

Only after a long time had passed did they finally realize that it was merely hallucination. When they looked back at Yue Yang, his smile was even scarier than the evil demon. It was so unbearable that they were sweating bullets. Fortunately the Demon General had quickly committed suicide, otherwise, if he had continued to count, he would probably died even more pitifully. Using such a hard problem to fight, it was simply bullying the Demon Clan’s intelligence!

Exactly what kind of abnormal genius was this so-called good-for-nothing third master of the Yue clan?

What kind of brain did he have to be able to think of such frightening problems?

Of course, this had nothing to do with being a genius. The reality was that Yue Yang had been pretty close to Baidu (brian: chinese google) before he had transcended dimensions, and so he somewhat knew a few hard math problems. In addition, these kinds of problems were child’s play when compared to actually difficult math problems. Even if one had only a normal relationship with Baidu, as long as one had read a slice of life novel before, how would they not have encountered these types of problems in passing?

“We, we should hurry up and return,” Ye Kong wiped off his sweat.

Arriving at the Warrior Guild, the group found Luo Hua City’s Mistress waiting for them with her three-tailed snow fox. When she saw Yue Yang and his team return without a hitch, she smiled.

Yue Yang was surprised, that girl had also returned?

Why was she waiting for him here?