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Chapter 64 – Secondary Grimoire

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Chapter 64 – Secondary Grimoire
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The alarm was sounded by the Warrior Guild. The sound of a bell reverberated for a long time, travelling far across the land.

Many small portals, numbering close to a hundred, appeared in front of the Warrior Guild. Elite guards who wore gold or silver armour rushed there.

Yue Yang saw a guy who was clad in flames, riding a blazing lion. It jumped over the crowd, held up a huge sphere of flame and exploded in the middle of a large group of small hell monsters, causing the ground nearby to become completely scorched… Then, the guy majestically jumped down from the blazing lion , kneeling in front of the Master of Luo Hua City, raised his voice and shouted, “Yan Clan of the Da Xia Empire, Yan Po Jun, is at your command.”

When the evil spirits besieged him, with a whisk of his hands, Yan Po Jun ignited them all in an eye-catching manner, causing all the evil spirits attacking him to be burnt to ashes.

“With Yan Po Jun exterminating demons here, how could I, Feng Qi Sha not be here too?“ A strange person who had donned a set of armour with magical engravings, holding an odd blade with a dense amount of magical qi, appeared on the battlefield. With a wave of that terrifying magical blade, all the monsters that got cut corroded and died. It then proceeded to devour their souls.

“Hmph, The Feng and Yan Clans are impressive.”

An extremely cold voice resonated in the skies.

Following that, a tornado swept the battlefield, causing innumerable evil spirits to be tossed up into the sky, frozen into ice sculptures, then flung down and broken into pieces of ice.

In the tornado, a handsome man, whose appearance matched the colour of snow, with eyes that were equally cold, was staring at Yue Yang. He did not look at the display put up by the Yan Po Jun, nor did he look at Feng Qi Sha with his dense magical qi, but instead gazed at Yue Yang who was maintaining a low profile by hiding behind the Master of Luo Hua City’s little butt and watching the beautiful scenery. This really made Yue Yang facepalm inside. You all showed off your impressiveness, and I’ll was just looking at the scenery.Nobody’s hindering each other, yet why do you stare at me as if I killed your father?

Normally, the tragic guy was even more of a shut-in than he was. He would almost never go out of his house, and was an obedient little kid who woke up early and slept early; very much unlike himself who would go pick up girls in the middle of the night by climbing the wall…That being said, how could the tragic guy have caused any hostilities with this ‘ice cube guy’?

Could it be that the ice cube guy was gay, but was rejected by the tragic guy, and turned from love to hate?

Yue Yang’s heart shivered as he considered this.

“T-T-Three Great Killing Stars…“ Ye Kong was so excited that his mouth was trembling. It was as if a small fan had seen a super idol appear and, his eyes so zealous they were almost burning, wanting to stick his butt out for the idol to sign his name on it, .

“Wow!” Actually, it wasn’t only Ye Kong. Even the mercenaries, who were locked in a bitter fight, and elite guards, who had just rushed here, were extremely excited, and their combat power increased greatly.

“What Three Great Killing Stars?” The only one who did not know of the Three Great Killing Star Gods, was the dimension travelling Yue Yang.

“You don’t know of them?” Ye Kong’s lower jaw fell onto the ground with a ‘Pa’.

He did not even know of humanity’s Three Great Killing Stars. Did this Third Young Master of the Yue Clan grow up deep in the mountains or woods,never seeing other people before? The Three Great Killing Stars was a title conferred to the three most talented, up-and-coming humans by the Warrior Guild. The names conferred were ‘Qi Sha (Seven Kills), Po Jun (Army Breaker), Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf)’. These three titles had been conferred upon the Feng Clan, Yan Clan and Xue Clan of the four great families’ youngest generation with the greatest talents. Thus, their names were changed to become Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang. As for the Yue Clan, even though it was also one of the Four Great Clans with exceptional talents, the most exceptional one in the youngest generation, Yue Tian and Yue Yan, when compared to Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang, were still some distance away.

If it was said that Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang were the exceptionally strong in the young generation, then Yue Tian and Yue Yan were the first-class elites that followed closely behind them.

Although Yue Tian and Yue Yang were gifted with exceptional beasts, they were still unable to be on par with these three elites and their abnormal strength.

Then, looking at the school elites like Shen Tu Hao, they could not even be considered first-class elites in the young generation, and were second-class at most.

Feng Qi Sha was a proud disciple of one of the Four Great Sects, the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect. His beast was the strengthening-type beast ‘Sky Demonic Battle Armour’, who had incomparable strength in close combat within the young generation.

Yan Po Jun was a proud disciple of the Thunderbolt Lion Pagoda of the Four Great Sects. His beast was the battle-type beast ‘Blazing Lion King’. He possessed high intelligence, constantly evolving tactics, and was capable of fighting the enemy at any range. Even Xue Tan Lang, who was publicly regarded as the strongest and the coldest, felt that he was a formidable opponent. His evaluation of Yan Po Jun was slightly higher than Feng Qi Sha, whose name had been conferred on him the earliest.

Xue Tan Lang was a proud disciple of the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace of the Four Great Sects. His beast was the elemental-type beast ‘Violent Tornado’. He was an abnormality who was publicly recognised. He had assaulted his clan’s elders when he was 9, shocking the entire Soaring Dragon Continent. The Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace’s Sect Master was taken by his innate skill and personally took him in as his last disciple.

Even Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun, who had had their names conferred on to them for a long time, viewed the youngest, Xue Tan Lang in a favourable light and were usually full of admiration towards him.

Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha did not know about Yue Yang, and thought that he was an ordinary little thief. They did not really care. Who would have thought that Xue Tan Lang, this ice cube guy who usually did not care about anyone else, would directly walk in front of Yue Yang, and coldly snorted, “I recognise you, Third Young Master of the Yue Clan. Even though I don’t know why you would avoid my elder sister, I don’t want to know either. But, towards you heartlessly abandoning my elder sister, my anger is at its limits… State a time and place, I want to have a fight to the death with you.”

“Eh?” Yue Yang was confused.

Since when did he abandon this ice cube guy’s older sister?

Wait, was this ice cube guy that Xue Clan young mistress’ little brother? That would make sense, but, something was still not quite right.

He did not… To be accurate, before he had crossed dimensions to swap with him, the tragic guy had never abandoned the elder sister of the ice cube guy and had even jumped into the river as suicide… Wasn’t this marriage rejected by the Xue Clan’s young mistress? It was her who rejected the marriage, so why was he being wrongly accused like this? Could it be the legendary scenario of the thief crying thief?

The Master of Luo Hua City was still causing trouble for him, pointing at Yue Bing on Yue Yang’s back, winking her large eyes asking, “Was it because this little girl butted in?”

“No, Yue Bing is Third Young Master’s younger sister, this is his younger sister!” Seeing Yue Yang was still confused, Ye Kong hastily explained in his stead.

“So you had a sister complex?” The Master of Luo Hua City’s words nearly made Yue Yang spit blood and die.

“……” Everyone eye’s displayed a despicable look towards Yue Yang as if looking at a pervert. This really made Yue Yang feel extremely wronged.

“What nonsense is this! I only came to fetch Yue Bing, when I heard that she was in danger. What do you mean rejecting the wedding, I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about!” Yue Yang felt that compared to him, Elder Sister Dou Er was not wronged at all, at least she knew who caused her death. But he did not even know why he wrongly died. Now that Yue Yang had finally understood that this was a conspiracy, this rejection of marriage was not only a tragedy, but a terrifying conspiracy.

“The whole Soaring Dragon Continent knows that you personally wrote it! You even disclosed it to the entire country, completely ruining my older sister’s clean record, do you still want to argue against me?” Xue Tan Lang’s coldness exploded, almost turning the surroundings into a freezing hell. If not for the Evil Spirit Subjugation Army, he would have almost moved to tear Yue Yang apart.

“Eh?” Yue Yang was confused again.

This conspiracy seemed like it wasn’t simple. No wonder the tragic guy couldn’t handle and jumped into the river to suicide.

It seemed like the whole world knew that the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan who was like trash, rejected the Xue Clan’s young mistress, aside from the beautiful woman’s family. It was highly possible that the tragic guy knew of the truth, and could not stand this kind of shameless conspiracy. He felt that this world had no justice, and eventually jumped into the river to suicide in the midst of his despair…

As Ye Kong looked at Yue Yang’s startled face, he felt something was not quite right, and quickly helped Yue Yang, saying, “Could there be some kind of misunderstanding between the two of you?”

The Master of Luo Hua City smiled, saying, “Perhaps a little squabble between lovers. Just find another time to meet up and resolve this situation between the both of you.” She fixed her face, and scolded them, “Now, it’s time to massacre the demons and counterattack, use all your strength and barge into hell!”

“Wait… “

After summoning the Fog Monster, the disguised expert who had not moved until now, suddenly started talking.

He was now completely covered in blood, with his blood vessels all burst open. Under the anti-demon laws of Tong Tian Tower, once any heretic summoned the Demon Gate, regardless of whether they contracted a grimoire or not, or what grade of elite they were, there was no doubt they would die: and die in an excruciatingly painful manner with their bodies exploding.

The guy whose body would explode at any moment rushed towards Yue Yang and smiled, “I’ve seen your father, he was the only elite who did not discriminate against me in the entire Soaring Dragon Continent. He was also the only warrior who respected me. After I die, I am willing to give you everything I have. Take it as paying back my debt to Mister Yue Qiu for saving my life when I was being chased and killed at that time.”

“Don’t go over, he’s going to explode any time soon, he wants to blow you to death too, and kill the both of you…“ Ye Kong hurriedly stopped Yue Yang.

“Don’t worry, I’m trash anyway, it doesn’t matter even if I die.” Yue Yang had a carefree smile on him, as if he had seen death and lived to tell the tale. But, in his heart, he was cursing. After bringing up the tragic guy’s father, how could he not go over? The crowd stared at him. He must acknowledge that Yue Qiu was his own father, and could not back off. Then again, since he could use his Mysterious Three Styles, was it not possible for him to escape from this kind of self-controlled explosion?

“This is what I found that time when I entered the ‘Land of Ruin’, Although I knew it was something good, nobody could make heads or tails of what it was. I’ll give this to you. You and your father are similar, but your characters are different. He was a headstrong man. In comparison, I like your despicable and shameless character more… In the future, when you pay respects to your father, just say that Shi Ming was unworthy of his saving my life and painstaking advice… Goodbye, Soaring Dragon Continent who raised me but could not allow me to stay. Goodbye, Tong Tian Tower, the weaklings’ hell…“ The male who called himself Shi Ming used his bloodied hands to pierce into his heart, forcefully digging out his beating heart, smashing it. Immediately after, the ground shook, and a pillar of blood that sprayed out to ten metres spewed from his chest. His entire body blew up towards the sky, and the floor was littered with the remnants of his blood, flesh and bones.

“Eh?” Yue Yang’s left hand held a mysterious black metal fragment, and his right hand held the Silver Grimoire that was gradually dulling. He was extremely shocked inside, as inside his mind, a message that he would have never dreamed of appeared: In accordance with the summoning grimoire, would you like to set it as a Secondary Grimoire? Would you like to contract with it?

Secondary Grimoire? He could still contract another Summoning Grimoire?

Yue Yang nearly fainted. In the Soaring Dragon Continent, no matter how strong the person was, only one Grimoire could be contracted. What kind of problem happened in the system? How could he be able to contract two Grimoires? Could it be that his character was worth twice as much as the others were?