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Updates:Chapter 242: More despicable than Lord Thief

The eagle soars through the sky; the fish leaps over the dragon’s gate; the bear roars and the tiger growls; all things in the world have a spirit. At the ends of the earth, the poles and magnetic fields realign; the world changes. The world we were so used to, is no longer. When myths turn to reality; when legends are no longer enigmatic; the world is now limitless. 无疆
《Limitless》 Text
Chapter 1: The Pinnacle of Mount Tai
Chapter 2: The Purple Mist from the East
Chapter 3: The Five Good Characteristics of Youths in the New Era
Chapter 4: Lin Siblings
Chapter 5: Yan Jing
Chapter 6: Lin Shimeng
Chapter 7: The Tiny Metal Ball
Chapter 8: Whose Grave?
Chapter 9: Lord Thief
Chapter 10: Beat him!
Chapter 11: You're Sick, I Can Cure It!
Chapter 12: Calm Down
Chapter 13: Xie Clan
Chapter 14: Wolf Fangs
Chapter 15: The Dragon Crosses The River
Chapter 16: Shock and Awe
Chapter 17: Brothers!
Chapter 18: Facebook
Chapter 19: Dragon City
Chapter 20: Banquet
Chapter 21: Humiliation
Chapter 22: The Guests Become The Hosts
Chapter 23: The Descendants of Qing Qiu
Chapter 24: I've Been Made!
Chapter 25: The Cover of Darkness
Chapter 26: Revenge Must Be Taken
Chapter 27: Foul Water
Chapter 28: Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars
Chapter 29: Do You Believe?
Chapter 30: Defeating Qi Heng
Chapter 31: Big Brother Song Is Amazing!
Chapter 32: The Nursing River
Chapter 33: Crossing The River
Chapter 34: There’s Too Much Information
Chapter 35: Another Boat
Chapter 36: Eye of the Sea
Chapter 37: Saint’s Book
Chapter 38: The Saint Teacher
Chapter 39: Lin Shimeng’s Luck
Chapter 40: Golden Necklace
Chapter 41: Who’s Scamming Who?
Chapter 42: Bathing In The Spirit Pond
Chapter 43: Qi Heng’s Sad Reminder
Chapter 44: Faint Misery
Chapter 45: Let’s Be Together
Chapter 46: Awe
Chapter 47: Mr Song
Chapter 48: The Celestial Fox Immortal Cave
Chapter 49: Tricked
Chapter 50: The Route To Cultivation Is Difficult
Chapter 51: Bloody Fatty
Chapter 52: Buying Life
Chapter 53: God Race? Devil Race?
Chapter 54: You Can Go And Die!
Chapter 55: The Bird Reflects Its Owner
Chapter 56: Don’t fight, I’ll take the rap!
Chapter 57: It’s So Good To Have A Big Brother!
Chapter 58: Thief Sect
Chapter 59: The Teachings of the Crane Saint
Chapter 60: Fan Jian Cries
Chapter 61: The Disciple of a Saint
Chapter 62: It’s not wise to antagonize Big Brother Huang!
Chapter 63: Spiritual attack
Chapter 64: What Wonderful Work!
Chapter 65: Lightning Fox Blood
Chapter 66: Charging To The Great Circle!
Chapter 67: Can’t I Steal A Man?
Chapter 68: Great Circle Of Acupoint Charging
Chapter 69: Must you hit the face?
Chapter 70: Wishes
Chapter 71: White-Wash
Chapter 72: Elder Yue
Chapter 73: You Will Enter Another Country If You’re Not Careful!
Chapter 74: Xiantian Cultivators
Chapter 75: Fooling the Xiantians
Chapter 76: Qing Qiu
Chapter 77: Thrown into the Abyss
Chapter 78: An Intense Battle
Chapter 79: Lord Of Theater
Chapter 80: The Song Army
Chapter 81: Crippling Zuo Datong
Chapter 82: Volcanic Fire
Chapter 83: Divine Blade
Chapter 84: Qing Qiu Sect Leader
Chapter 85: Perfection
Chapter 86: Let's become sworn brothers!
Chapter 87: Zhao Mantian
Chapter 88: Uneven
Chapter 89: Domineering
Chapter 90: Invigorated Meridian Stage One
Chapter 91: Burning the Silver Serpent
Chapter 92: Another level!
Chapter 93: Huge Idiot
Chapter 94: Heat it up in the microwave
Chapter 95: Mom is a talent
Chapter 96: Pill Refinement
Chapter 97: The Ugliest Pill Ever
Chapter 98: Fighting the Xiantian
Chapter 99: Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple
Chapter 100: Refining a Poison Pill
Chapter 101: Baby's Heart is bitter
Chapter 102: Legends reflect the truth
Chapter 103: Ancient Life Form
Chapter 104: You Don't Know how to Refine Pills
Chapter 105: Trouble finds them
Chapter 106: Scum!
Chapter 107: Oscar Winning Acting Skills!
Chapter 108: The child is mature!
Chapter 109: Sacred Technique and Sacred Art
Chapter 110: Ye attacks Chu (Long Chapter)
Chapter 111: Battle between the superior cultivators
Chapter 112: The Miserable Three Leaves Sect
Chapter 113: Pill Analysing Technique
Chapter 114: Mirror World
Chapter 115: The Truth
Chapter 116: The Banks of the Heaven Lake
Chapter 117: Vigorous!
Chapter 118: Silent Goodbye
Chapter 119: Feathered Small Lord and Furry Small Lord
Chapter 120: The Green Lion Lord
Chapter 121: Flying Dragon Lake Villa
Chapter 122: Villa Owner Dong
Chapter 123: Beheading the dog
Chapter 124: Uncle
Chapter 125: I am Xu Xiaoxian
Chapter 126: Immense Courage
Chapter 127: Kneel Down and Acknowledge Your Dad
Chapter 128: Beheading the Green Lion Lord.
Chapter 129: A new guy to take the rap
Chapter 130: The Three Leaves Sect surrenders
Chapter 131: Wrong Method
Chapter 132: Perish Together
Chapter 133: They will pay for this
Chapter 134: Tai Qing Speaks
Chapter 135: Racing
Chapter 136: Class Gathering
Chapter 137: Conflict
Chapter 138: Alien?
Chapter 139: Servant of God
Chapter 140: Problems everywhere
Chapter 141: Chu Xi
Chapter 142: Long Legged Foreign Chick
Chapter 143: Meeting Xu Xiaoxian again
Chapter 144: I will accept your girl
Chapter 145: So it is you, Demonic Girl
Chapter 146: Immortal Yin Immortal Yang Grave
Chapter 147: Golden Armor Youth
Chapter 148: Three Stage Test
Chapter 149: I came to slaughter you!
Chapter 150: A man of his word
Chapter 151: Hallucination Wolves
Chapter 152: Strong Woman, I still have a long life ahead of me
Chapter 153: Incredible Battle Power
Chapter 154: Golden Life Form
Chapter 155: The Purple Cloud Constabulary
Chapter 156: If you have the ability, step up
Chapter 157: Doubt
Chapter 158: Deathly Poisonous Worm
Chapter 159: Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 160: Sincere Thanks
Chapter 161: The Purple Cloud School
Chapter 162: Real Medical Practitioner?
Chapter 163: The Pill Refining Section
Chapter 164: Sent Flying with a Single Punch
Chapter 165: Reprimand
Chapter 166: I am not interested in you
Chapter 167: A Bunch of Beansprouts
Chapter 168: Easy-peasy
Chapter 169: Moon Shadow Lagoon
Chapter 170: You will refine the pills
Chapter 171: Wager
Chapter 172: King’s Realm
Chapter 173: Killing the Supreme Realm Cultivator
Chapter 174: Finding Trouble
Chapter 175: How Arrogant!
Chapter 176: A Challenge from the Wafting Fragrance School
Chapter 177: Coming
Chapter 178: Lion Roar?
Chapter 179: The Grandeur of Old Song
Chapter 180: A Mess?
Chapter 181: Bi Yueyue's Outburst!
Chapter 182: Will of Heaven Pill
Chapter 183: Another Round of Unorthodox Refinement
Chapter 184: Spiritual Pill
Chapter 185: Chaos
Chapter 186: True Soul Pill
Chapter 187: Messy Refining - Round 3
Chapter 188: Is this even a Pill?
Chapter 189: 100,000 Top Quality Spiritual Stones
Chapter 190: So what if you're a Supreme Realm cultivator?
Chapter 191: Green
Chapter 192: Sun Zhangshan's fall
Chapter 193: True Lord Mu Hai
Chapter 194: Divine Lord
Chapter 195: Attacked
Chapter 196: Someone, come and kill him
Chapter 197: Righteous Old Man
Chapter 198: Too Calm
Chapter 199: Yet another Divine Lord
Chapter 200: Died for nothing
Chapter 201: Qiao Zu
Chapter 202: Get it from their Ancestors
Chapter 203: Sky Dazed City
Chapter 204: Interlude
Chapter 205: I will let you off this time!
Chapter 206: Xu Xiaoxian comes knocking
Chapter 207: Human Form Changing Technique
Chapter 208: Head Start
Chapter 209: Two Victories
Chapter 210: How did you guess?
Chapter 211: Rejection
Chapter 212: Devil
Chapter 213: Severed
Chapter 214: Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor
Chapter 215: Saints Never Die
Chapter 216: Explosive News
Chapter 217: Disciple of a Legendary Emperor
Chapter 218: Start of the Main Competition
Chapter 219: Nascent Soul with an Attribute
Chapter 220: So you are Sensei Song
Chapter 221: Astronomical Price
Chapter 222: Stringless Instrument
Chapter 223: Heavenly Demon Tune
Chapter 224: Killing a Divine Lord
Chapter 225: Beat him up for me
Chapter 226: A Country in Celebration
Chapter 227: Finding Trouble
Chapter 228: Secrets of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture
Chapter 229: Arriving in the Devastated World
Chapter 230: Yan Xudong
Chapter 231: 2 VS 4
Chapter 232: Ancient Divine Stone Statue
Chapter 233: The Four Strange Occurrences
Chapter 234: Angering the God
Chapter 235: A hut at the end of the Star Road
Chapter 236: Manifestation of an Ancient God
Chapter 237: Three Techniques
Chapter 238: Shattered
Chapter 239: Fighting Talents
Chapter 240: Immortal Refining Land
Chapter 241: Heavenly Tree
Chapter 242: More despicable than Lord Thief