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Chapter 61. Event Raid (4)

Chapter 61. Event Raid (4)

Spirit Aura subsided for an instant, and black lightning flashed from my body. Dark Thunder Explosion’s initial lightning struck the boar’s body just as I had planned. It was then that I noticed that its body seemed to have a metallic property, just like the name ‘Iron Boar’ suggested. Its whole body flinched as it was hit by the first hint of lightning energy.

This was a big deal. A giant monster that was over 70 meters in length and 50 meters in height flinched from just a weak lightning energy coming from a 2-meter-tall human? It should have felt like a mosquito bite for most monsters of this size. Dark Thunder Explosion’s initial lightning had little meaning. Even humans didn’t take much damage from it.

‘Wait, what about the magician from before that used lightning magic? … If it absorbed that magic with its mana-eater property, then was there something special about Dark Thunder Explosion? Then again, Floor Masters wouldn’t use ordinary magic.’ After reasoning up to that point, I closed my eyes as the black lightning started exploding out from my body. I loved this skill, but because the lightning exploded out from my body, it hurt to look at it.

“Go wild!”


Dark Thunder Explosion seemed to be much more potent than usual. Was it because I was against ‘Iron’ Boar? The Giant Iron Boar stopped charging for an instant. However, the Dark Thunder Explosion was only now starting!


The boar couldn’t withstand the pain and rolled on the ground. Rolled! This crazy bastard! Thankfully, I was safe as its head was still hanging in the air. Still, I was almost crushed to death by its weight of several thousand tons. I wouldn’t even have had time to escape using Talaria.

No matter how great Dragon Skin was as a defensive skill, it would not have mattered. I would not have just been hit by the force of several thousand tons, but I also would have been crushed between it and the ground. I would have ended up exactly like the Lizard Knight who faced my jujitsu skills. Swallowing my spit, I felt relieved knowing that I had just escaped certain death.


Opening my eyes as I still tightly held onto its hair, I gasped. Its hair, which was once shining with a black luster, was now dyed grey and losing strength. When I pulled on it with a bit of strength, it came out. It wasn’t only the hair in Dark Thunder Explosion’s range. The hair on its entire body was the same. His body really had a metallic property, and had conducted Dark Thunder Explosions shock throughout its body. With that, it was understandable that even the 500-man raid scaled massive boss monster could not withstand the shock and rolled on the ground.

The boar looked like a pig struck by lightning as its three legs trembled uncontrollably. The melee ranged Awakened, who had only been watching, finally started to approach the boar. From what I could see, there were a quite a few A-ranked ones as well.

The A-ranked ones could have helped out previously, but it seemed they just let the boar be so that they could avoid danger. They really were selfish!

“You people won’t get a chance! Thunder Beast!”
[Master, you can do it!]

With Peika cheering me on, my body became enveloped in golden lightning. Surprisingly, my mana was almost entirely full. Because Dark Thunder Explosion didn’t use up my mana, it had filled up in the meantime. Even so, Thunder Beast would only last 100 seconds max. I lifted my hands up and struck down at the boar’s head.

“Die! Die! Die! Die!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every time I struck down at its head, the lightning in my fists flowed freely down from its head to toes. I didn’t know why, but each of my lightning attacks damaged its entire body!

“Son, I’m being electrocuted too!”
“Just run! Die! Die!”

Of course, father was joking. My lightning would not damage my party members. However, the Awakened, who were picking on the boar with their swords or spears, weren’t so fortunate. Shocked by the lightning, they trembled and fainted while standing. It served them right!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Giant Iron Boar roared and made a final struggle for survival. However, Talaria’s 10-minute time limit was not over yet! No matter how much the boar struggled, how much the roads sunk beneath it, or how many Chinese Awakened joined in or were forced to give up attacking, I didn’t pay them any mind and continued to pummel one area. Then, the lightning energy exploding out from my hands became stronger.

[Thunder Beast becomes level 2! Using the skill will further strengthen your body’s physical ability and lightning power. This skill uses 0.9 percent of your mana and health per second, and uses 0.9 percent of HP and MP per second when used inside the dungeon.]

Great, the time went up! Excited, I punched with more spirit. I loved watching the Giant Boar twitch every time my fist struck its body. The monster that threatened a large city like Guangzhou was screaming in pain at my fists! This fact acted as a huge catharsis and boost for my spirit.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Crack!

A cracking sound rang out for a moment. I would be finished soon! I accelerated my attacks and struck down incessantly. I could feel the boar’s resistance growing fainter. Eventually, it’s whole body convulsed one last time.


After what clearly was its death throes, the boar went limp, the weight crushing the ground even further. It seemed the repair work would take some effort. I quickly deactivated Thunder Beast. Immediately afterwards, a fanfare rang out.

[Event Raid Complete! With just two members, you succeeded in the Event Raid! This Grand Achievement increases the rewards by an enormous amount! Your vastly superior rank to the raid boss decreases the rewards by an enormous amount!]

So there’s no difference! Just don’t say it then!

[You succeeded in the Event Raid, granting 1 bonus stat. You are the first to succeed in an Event Raid on Earth! You obtained 1 skill point. Current skill points: 10]

[The raid rewards will be distributed in order of contribution.]

[Kang Shin-nim’s contribution is the highest. Choose your reward.]

[1. Rage Rush Boots
2. Shockwave Belt]

[You can return to your previous location at any time. Would you like to return?]

Haa, I knew even without seeing. The Rage Rush Boots were likely related to the boar’s charging, and the Shockwave Belt was likely related to the shockwaves it shot out from its mouth. Although I liked the shockwave more than the charge… there was the Black Earthen Spear and the ring I got from the Giant Zombie’s Attack. Not to mention, father would be better at utilizing the effects of the belt. As such, I decided to yield the belt to father.

After I chose the Rage Rush Boots and put them into my inventory, father made an extremely satisfied expression as he looked at the reward. No, I couldn’t see his expression with the visor he had on, but I assumed that’s the expression he had. After seeing that father was unhurt, I checked the surroundings. A large army of Chinese Awakened were encircling us from a distance.

“Don’t move!”
“You are under arrest for violation of the international law!”

I didn’t know what they were saying, but their expressions seemed to say they wanted to kill us. I smirked. The real world was different the dungeon. That is, the corpse of the raid boss had not disappeared into tiny particles. Their goal was likely this. The product of humans’ dirty, ugly greed. Look at the result! The boar you all wanted was here, but countless human lives and the cityscape had been ruined!

They would want the boar even more as a tangible result. If a Bluestone appeared from this boar, there would be money left over after covering the loss from Guangzhou’s destroyed city!

“Father, go back first.”
“Alright, I’ll see you at home.”

Father shouted that he’d return to his previous location, and disappeared instantly. When the Chinese Awakened saw this, they became shocked and rushed towards me, who was standing on the boar’s head.

“Those bastards!”
“Capture him! Right now!”

I smirked once again and placed my hand on the boar’s head. Then, I imagined.

I imagined the boar going into my inventory.

“The boar disappeared!”
“It’s that fucker’s doing! Capture him right now!”
“Magic, use magic!”

“Sorry, it’s too late!”

Even though it took 240 slots out of my 260 total inventory slots, I successfully managed to store the massive boar into my inventory. I was thankful I didn’t have random things stored in there like father. Although they wouldn’t be able to see my smirk through my visor, I made an even bigger one just to show my dominance.

The magic attacks, which were used to strengthen the boar, attack us who came to help them, and attempt to steal the boar’s corpse, could not reach me. I declared my intention of going back.

Immediately afterwards, I found myself at home.

“Wait, oppa is dirty right now!”

Yua seemed to have been waiting for my return, as she jumped at me straight away. I wanted to stop her as the boar’s blood, flesh, and other filthy parts were all over me, but I failed to stop Yua. Plus, because I was wearing my armor, I couldn’t even feel Yua’s embrace!

“Oppa, hic, I was so worried! I almost died from worrying too much!”

Yua didn’t mind that I was wearing armor or how dirty I was, as she buried her face near my helmet and cried. I wanted to console her in some way, but I felt like I would be scolded no matter what I said, so I stayed silent. Behind Yua, I could see father shaking his head. He was looking at Yua disappointedly with his helmet in one hand.

“Yua didn’t hug daddy…”
“Oppa, oppaaa…”

‘It’s because I ran a more dangerous circus on top of the boar’s head.’ Although I wanted to tell him that, I just swallowed the words. Without father’s help, it would have been much more difficult to kill the boar. Father played a big role in today’s success, as he absorbed the boar’s shockwaves and even destroyed one of its legs.

“Yua, oppa is okay, so calm down. Oppa wants to wash up, okay?”

“Uung, okay… hic.”

Even after saying that, Yua stayed glued to my body for another 5 minutes. It was only after father childishly complained about not getting attention that she let me go. As Yua became dirty from hugging me, father made a shocking offer for all three of us to go into the bath together. I stopped his dangerous suggestion and made Yua enter the bath by the living room, as father and I made our way to the upstairs bathroom.

“You did well today, son.”
“Same for you, father.”

After cleaning the filth off of our bodies, we sat in the large bathtub and exchanged praise. Then, we silently relieved our exhaustion in the bath.

We experienced many things today in less than an hour. However, we decided not to say much about it.

Our strange silence was interrupted by a message that rang out in my ear.

[Yeon Hwawoo, thank you so much! Thanks to you, only Guangzhou’s central region has been partially destroyed!]