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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Author:Moon Like Fire

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Updates:Chapter 166: Perfection like Water

Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend! 仙武同修
《Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation》 Text
Chapter 1: Tianwu Continent, Good-for-nothing Xiao Chen
Chapter 2: Anger, Life-and-death Duel
Chapter 3: Purple Thunder Divine Incantation
Chapter 4: Adventure, Seven Horn Mountain
Chapter 5: Panic, Mysterious girl
Chapter 6: Awakening of the Azure Dragon
Chapter 7: Accidental Discovery, Shadowing
Chapter 8: Cave of the predecessor
Chapter 9: Thunder Emperor Sang Mu, Treasure trove
Chapter 10: Great treasure, Moonstone
Chapter 11: Bitter Encounter, Enemies Meeting Face to Face
Chapter 12: Dangerous Battle
Chapter 13: Narrowly Escaping Death
Chapter 14: An Awkward Healing
Chapter 15: Decisive Battle With Xiao Jian
Chapter 16: Counterattack Of The Good-for-nothing
Chapter 17: Mysterious Woman, Top Quality Medicine Cauldron
Chapter 18: Owing A Big Favor
Chapter 19: Dangerous Battle On The Street
Chapter 20: The Valiant Zhang He, Battle In Anger
Chapter 21: Impasse
Chapter 22: Spirit Weapon Lunar Shadow
Chapter 23: Meteor Burst
Chapter 24: Refining Medicines
Chapter 25: Distracted in the Eleventh Hour
Chapter 26: Successful Refining
Chapter 27: Linlang Pavilion
Chapter 28: Nangong Yan
Chapter 29: Re-entering Seven Horn Mountain
Chapter 30: Bloodmoon Demonic Bear
Chapter 31: Spiritual Sense Appears
Chapter 32: Universe Ring
Chapter 33: How Could It Be?
Chapter 34: Heaven Ranked Martial Technique—Return of the Azure Dragon
Chapter 35: Men in black
Chapter 36: Gushing Undercurrent
Chapter 37: A Bitter Battle
Chapter 38: Martial Saint—Liu Fengyin
Chapter 39: Spirit Beast Uproar
Chapter 40: Six-Tailed Spirit Fox
Chapter 41: Where Two Are Fighting, The Third Wins
Chapter 42: Sword Spirit—Ao Jiao
Chapter 43: Advancing To Medial Grade Martial Disciple
Chapter 44: Demonic Beast Forest
Chapter 45: Vixen?
Chapter 46: Entering Linlang Pavilion Again
Chapter 47: Transaction
Chapter 48: Inner Core Of Rainbow Flame Python
Chapter 49: The Terrifying Ao Jiao
Chapter 50: Tang Feng Vomiting Blood
Chapter 51: Human Flame, Ghost Flame, Dragon Flame, Heavenly Flame
Chapter 52: Who Killed Who?
Chapter 53: Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It
Chapter 54: Water of Underworld’s Yellow Springs
Chapter 55: A Refreshing Wind Moving the Youth’s Heart
Chapter 56: Initial Appearance of the Sub-Divine Weapon
Chapter 57: In the Gap Between Success and Failure
Chapter 58: Wager
Chapter 59: Demonic Weapon Lunar Shadow
Chapter: Flights On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire
Chapter 61: One Move Destroying a Thousand Techniques
Chapter 62: The Secrets of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit
Chapter 63: Gloomy Forest
Chapter 64: Terrifying Tree Spirit
Chapter 65: Essence of the Trial
Chapter 66: Bonfire
Chapter 67: Controlling Demonic Beasts?
Chapter 68: One Saber Three Arrows
Chapter 69: Patterned Demonic Panther
Chapter 70: The Radiance of Spring Is The Best
Chapter 71: Suspicions
Chapter 72: Who Is Number One
Chapter 73: Talismans
Chapter 74: Heavenly Qin School
Chapter 75: Rushing Thunder Saber Technique
Chapter 76: Advancing to Martial Master
Chapter 77: The Surging Undercurrents
Chapter 78: Night of the Massacre
Chapter 79: Xiao Xiong
Chapter 80: Face Stomping
Chapter 81: Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation
Chapter 82: Promise of Ten Years
Chapter 83: Holy Sword — Clear Sky Sword
Chapter 84: Defeating Zhang He Again
Chapter 85: Essence Light Arrow
Chapter 86: Descending Divine Dragon Chop
Chapter 87: The Winner is King?
Chapter 88: Goodbye, Mohe City!
Chapter 89: A New Beginning
Chapter 90: Treasure of the Jin Clan, Jin Dabao
Chapter 91: Su Xiaoxiao
Chapter 92: Drawing The Saber
Chapter 93: Talent of the Fatty
Chapter 94: Inherited Martial Spirit
Chapter 95: Life Is Lonely as Snow
Chapter 96: Chasing to Kill
Chapter 97: Bitter Training
Chapter 98: Seven Leaf Fruit
Chapter 99: Black Legged Snake
Chapter 100: When Would The Tiger Descend to The Plains?
Chapter 101: So-called High Intelligence
Chapter 102: I Want The Heavenly Thunder To Roar For Me
Chapter 103: Retempering of the Body
Chapter 104: Awe-inspiring
Chapter 105: Chaotic Gathering
Chapter 106: A Truly Fake Map
Chapter 107: Lightning Will Strike The Pretentious Pricks
Chapter 108: The Mysterious Fatty
Chapter 109: Prepare For Action
Chapter 110: Golden Holy Beast
Chapter 111: Arrival of Chu Chaoyun
Chapter 112: The Strong Gathers
Chapter 113: The Fat Lord Going Against Ji Changkong
Chapter 114: Golden Holy Beast
Chapter 115: Might of a Holy Weapon
Chapter 116: Sage Dao Comprehension Picture
Chapter 117: Entering the Depths
Chapter 118: Fighting the Guiyi Marquis
Chapter 119: Soloing Four Big Clans
Chapter 120: I’ll Kill You Three Years Later
Chapter 121: Demonic River, Demonic Qi Overflowing
Chapter 122: Mysterious Stone
Chapter 123: The Valiant Fatty
Chapter 124: Coffin, Sage Body
Chapter 125: Fighting for Treasure: Fierce Battle Between Giants
Chapter 126: You are too Swift and Fierce
Chapter 127: Ancient Treasure, Warship
Chapter 128: Profound State
Chapter 129: One with Heaven
Chapter 130: Doubts Caused by Chu Chaoyun
Chapter 131: Do not Reveal Your Wealth, Reverse Robbery
Chapter 132: I’m Rich, I’m Really Rich
Chapter 133: Meeting Feng Feixue Again
Chapter 134: Berserking Qi Deviation
Chapter 135: Xihe Province, Yueluo Prefecture
Chapter 136: Accidentally Heard Secret
Chapter 137: Saving a Beauty
Chapter 138: Stolen Kiss
Chapter 139: A Valiant Scabbard
Chapter 140: Shaking Saber City
Chapter 141: Power of Talismans
Chapter 142: Who Exactly is the Robber
Chapter 143: Killing Without Mercy
Chapter 144: Vicious Spirit
Chapter 145: Ice Ape, Ice Crystal Flower
Chapter 146: The Man in the Moon
Chapter 147: The Deal Under the Table
Chapter 148: Soul Stealing Pill
Chapter 149: Cheated?
Chapter 150: Senior Sister or Master?
Chapter 151: Loneliness of Qingyun Peak
Chapter 152: Exceptional Saber Technique
Chapter 153: Style of the Saber
Chapter 154: The Strong Eating the Weak
Chapter 155: Fragrant young Lady
Chapter 156: Damn Lascivious Bastard
Chapter 157: Public Enemy of Men
Chapter 158: Entering Evil Wind Valley Again
Chapter 159: Biting Cold Killing Intent
Chapter 160: Gap
Chapter 161: Leaving The Roots When Weeding
Chapter 162: The Shy Chu Xinyun
Chapter 163: The Heart Must be Ruthless, The Move Must be Heavy-handed
Chapter 164: Fighting to the Gate
Chapter 165: Humiliation, Anger
Chapter 166: Perfection like Water