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Immortal Mortal

Author:Goose Is Old Five

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Updates:Chapter 201: Extreme Mortal Stage

Here, only those with spiritual roots can cultivate while those with mortal roots are destined to stay mortal. Mo Wuji only has mortal roots, but will he only remain as a mortal? Bất Hủ Phàm Nhân 不朽凡人
《Immortal Mortal》 Text
Chapter 1: The Fallen Prince
Chapter 2: Living is Difficult
Chapter 3: Mortal Roots
Chapter 4: A Rice Bowl Filled With Gratitude
Chapter 5: Things That Are Taboo To Me
Chapter 6: Dan Han Drug Refinery
Chapter 7: The Chief Drug Refiner
Chapter 8: Supreme Spiritual Roots
Chapter 9: No Power, No Respect
Chapter 10: A Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 11: You’re The One
Chapter 12: Causing An Uproar In The Drug Industry
Chapter 13: Mo Wuji’s Worries
Chapter 14: Sensational Nine Lives Healing Solution
Chapter 15: The Return of The Fiery
Chapter 16: Opening Spirit Channels
Chapter 17: Falling Short
Chapter 18: Now I Understand
Chapter 19: Push Him Out And Kill Him
Chapter 20: Life and Death
Chapter 21: Looking For An Escape Route
Chapter 22: Joining the Han Residence
Chapter 23: So… You are Mo Wuji?
Chapter 24: Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 25: Forced into the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 26: Lightning Lake of the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 27: Heavy Losses
Chapter 28: At Your Doorstep
Chapter 29: Cautiousness
Chapter 30: Leaving Rao Zhou
Chapter 31: The Change In Mo Wuji
Chapter 32: Different Principles
Chapter 33: Drinking among Friends
Chapter 34: Makeshift Market by the Sea
Chapter 35: The Female Slave
Chapter 36: The Mo Clan’s Girl
Chapter 37: Extinction
Chapter 38: The Rescue
Chapter 39: The Pursuit
Chapter 40: Separation
Chapter 41: Lost Opportunity
Chapter 42: Repaying The Saving Grace
Chapter 43: Mo Wuji’s Power
Chapter 44: Surrounded By Sea Beasts
Chapter 45: Ballsy
Chapter 46: Killing With Borrowed Lightning
Chapter 47: Luo Hai Merchant House Contribution Points
Chapter 48: The Royal Capital Chang Luo
Chapter 49: Living In Tian Luo Hotel
Chapter 50: <Immortal Mortal Technique>
Chapter 51: Basics of Cultivation
Chapter 52: The Higher You Go, The Harder You Fall
Chapter 53: The Start of Cultivation
Chapter 54: Ten Breaths
Chapter 55: Channel Opening Stage Level 1
Chapter 56: Expensive Drug Refining Equipment
Chapter 57: Always Friends
Chapter 58: Setting out to sea
Chapter 59: Single-handed
Chapter 60: Only With Power Comes Respect
Chapter 61: Generosity
Chapter 62: The Spring Immortal's Gate Conference
Chapter 63: Worrying Encounter
Chapter 64: Nine Tiers Of Pill Refining
Chapter 65: The Wordless Pill Manual
Chapter 66: Murderer
Chapter 67: Entering a Sect
Chapter 68: Blood Lotus Lake
Chapter 69: The Mysterious Book
Chapter 70: In the Dark
Chapter 71: Pill Master Shi’s Doggie Paddle
Chapter 72: Rejection
Chapter 73: Last Minute Arrangements
Chapter 74: Five Elements Desolate Domain
Chapter 75: Pill Master Shi's Panic
Chapter 76: Character Defines
Chapter 77: Blade Mountain Elimination Competition
Chapter 78: The Story Changes
Chapter 79: Advancement: Tier 1 Mortal Pill Refiner
Chapter 80: The Devastated Yan Qianyin
Chapter 81: Let’s Try Our Luck
Chapter 82: Deciding to Cooperate
Chapter 83: Yan Qianyin’s Surprise
Chapter 84: The Life Sucking Beast
Chapter 85: Ephemeral Life Pill
Chapter 86: The Broken Blade
Chapter 87: Mo Luoqu's Inheritance
Chapter 88: Guest Pill Refiner
Chapter 89: The Brutes That Came Knocking On Our Door
Chapter 90: A Steel Pole
Chapter 91: Revolving Star Passage Technique
Chapter 92: Lotus Sword Summit
Chapter 93: Channel Opening Stage Level 4
Chapter 94: The Unusual Hanging Sword Cliff
Chapter 95: Trouble Comes Knocking On Your Door
Chapter 96: Yan Qianyin's Motive
Chapter 97: She Saved Your Life
Chapter 98: The Immortal Training Tower
Chapter 99: The Expensive Lightning Tempering Room
Chapter 100: Lucky To Be Alive
Chapter 101: Upgrading the Drug Formula
Chapter 102: Implicated
Chapter 103: Kindness Is Rewarded
Chapter 104: The Surprising Formula
Chapter 105: Bullied At Your Own Home
Chapter 106: Fearless
Chapter 107: Treasured Blood Lotus
Chapter 108: Concocting the Channeling Opening Solution Again
Chapter 109: 2nd Visit to the Lightning Tempering Room
Chapter 110: Cultivation Soaring Madly
Chapter 111: The Power of Spiritual Will
Chapter 112: Exposed
Chapter 113: Nine Moons Pill House
Chapter 114: A Ray of Light in the Dark
Chapter 115: What Granny Linglong Wants
Chapter 116: Second House Master
Chapter 117: Pill Refiners’ Interaction Session
Chapter 118: The Alchemist With The Greatest Contributions
Chapter 119: Immediate Reversal
Chapter 120: Five Elements Pill Competition Begins
Chapter 121: The Difficult First Round
Chapter 122: Things Aren’t Permanent
Chapter 123: The Dumbfounding Second Round
Chapter 124: Life in Cultivation
Chapter 125: 632
Chapter 126: The Third Round
Chapter 127: The End of the Five Elements Pill Competition
Chapter 128: Red Hot Bracelets
Chapter 129: How People See Mo Wuji
Chapter 130: Five Elements Desolate Domain’s Bracelets Sale
Chapter 131: One Dao House Auction
Chapter 132: Threatened
Chapter 133: The Deadly Seven Style Lightning Sky Skill
Chapter 134: Entering The Five Elements Desolate Domain
Chapter 135: A Great Shock
Chapter 136: Enemies Meet
Chapter 137: I’ve Wanted To Destroy You For A Long Time
Chapter 138: Heaven Demon Sect's Hou Yucheng
Chapter 139: Humongous Icy Mountain
Chapter 140: I’ve Always Loved Helping Others
Chapter 141: I'm A Good Person
Chapter 142: The Storage Ring And The Copper Key
Chapter 143: The Horrifying Cold
Chapter 144: Little Chicken and Chu Xingzi
Chapter 145: Monitor Rune
Chapter 146: Body Constructing Pill and Body Constructing Grass
Chapter 147: The Fight for Lingzhi
Chapter 148: Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal
Chapter 149: Without a Bracelet
Chapter 150: Granny Linglong
Chapter 151: What Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal?
Chapter 152: Live For Herself
Chapter 153: Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner
Chapter 154: Heaven Seeking Palace
Chapter 155: A Bunch Of Trash
Chapter 156: Heaven Seeking City
Chapter 157: Difficulties At Every Corner
Chapter 158: Difficult Success
Chapter 159: You Will Definitely Die
Chapter 160: Cen Shuyin’s Request
Chapter 161: Ushering In An Era
Chapter 162: Where’s This Outer Disciple From
Chapter 163: Elemental Storage Channel
Chapter 164: Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda
Chapter 165: Lost Sky Ruins and Sky Channel Flower
Chapter 166: Kill
Chapter 167: I Told You Not To Disturb Me
Chapter 168: Lost Sky Ruins’ Underground Transaction
Chapter 169: Hidden Expert or a Scammer
Chapter 170: Honest Qi’s Schemes
Chapter 171: Honest Qi’s Blunder
Chapter 172: Disgusting Worms
Chapter 173: Sky Channel Flower
Chapter 174: Spirit Building
Chapter 175: Celestial Sunflower
Chapter 176: Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 177: Joining Forces to Kill a Yuan Dan Stage Expert
Chapter 178: Unable to be Proud
Chapter 179: Alien Flying Ship
Chapter 180: I Will Always Be Your Big Brother
Chapter 181: The Deal with Cen Shuyin
Chapter 182: Cultivating With All Meridians Open
Chapter 183: Mo Wuji’s Pride
Chapter 184: Alliance’s Contribution Points
Chapter 185: A Familiar Face from Xing Han Empire
Chapter 186: Rogue Cultivator Contribution Point Jade Token
Chapter 187: Entering the Enemy’s Lair
Chapter 188: The Great War Of Cultivators
Chapter 189: The Great Battle in the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 190: Surviving A Deadly Situation
Chapter 191: The Safest Place
Chapter 192: Rogue Cultivator 2705
Chapter 193: Surrounding Mo Wuji
Chapter 194: Risking One’s Self To Save Others
Chapter 195: Work Hard To Live
Chapter 196: You’re Right
Chapter 197: Da Shixiong! (Big Senior Apprentice Brother)
Chapter 198: We’re Teammates
Chapter 199: Tian Ji Sect's Cultivation Technique
Chapter 200: The Technique’s Prerequisite
Chapter 201: Extreme Mortal Stage