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Immortal Mortal

Author:Goose Is Old Five

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Updates:Chapter 717: Entering The Fight For The Red Lotus

Here, only those with spiritual roots can cultivate while those with mortal roots are destined to stay mortal. Mo Wuji only has mortal roots, but will he only remain as a mortal? Bất Hủ Phàm Nhân 不朽凡人
《Immortal Mortal》 Text
Chapter 1: The Fallen Prince
Chapter 2: Living is Difficult
Chapter 3: Mortal Roots
Chapter 4: A Rice Bowl Filled With Gratitude
Chapter 5: Things That Are Taboo To Me
Chapter 6: Dan Han Drug Refinery
Chapter 7: The Chief Drug Refiner
Chapter 8: Supreme Spiritual Roots
Chapter 9: No Power, No Respect
Chapter 10: A Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 11: You’re The One
Chapter 12: Causing An Uproar In The Drug Industry
Chapter 13: Mo Wuji’s Worries
Chapter 14: Sensational Nine Lives Healing Solution
Chapter 15: The Return of The Fiery
Chapter 16: Opening Spirit Channels
Chapter 17: Falling Short
Chapter 18: Now I Understand
Chapter 19: Push Him Out And Kill Him
Chapter 20: Life and Death
Chapter 21: Looking For An Escape Route
Chapter 22: Joining the Han Residence
Chapter 23: So… You are Mo Wuji?
Chapter 24: Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 25: Forced into the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 26: Lightning Lake of the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 27: Heavy Losses
Chapter 28: At Your Doorstep
Chapter 29: Cautiousness
Chapter 30: Leaving Rao Zhou
Chapter 31: The Change In Mo Wuji
Chapter 32: Different Principles
Chapter 33: Drinking among Friends
Chapter 34: Makeshift Market by the Sea
Chapter 35: The Female Slave
Chapter 36: The Mo Clan’s Girl
Chapter 37: Extinction
Chapter 38: The Rescue
Chapter 39: The Pursuit
Chapter 40: Separation
Chapter 41: Lost Opportunity
Chapter 42: Repaying The Saving Grace
Chapter 43: Mo Wuji’s Power
Chapter 44: Surrounded By Sea Beasts
Chapter 45: Ballsy
Chapter 46: Killing With Borrowed Lightning
Chapter 47: Luo Hai Merchant House Contribution Points
Chapter 48: The Royal Capital Chang Luo
Chapter 49: Living In Tian Luo Hotel
Chapter 50: <Immortal Mortal Technique>
Chapter 51: Basics of Cultivation
Chapter 52: The Higher You Go, The Harder You Fall
Chapter 53: The Start of Cultivation
Chapter 54: Ten Breaths
Chapter 55: Channel Opening Stage Level 1
Chapter 56: Expensive Drug Refining Equipment
Chapter 57: Always Friends
Chapter 58: Setting out to sea
Chapter 59: Single-handed
Chapter 60: Only With Power Comes Respect
Chapter 61: Generosity
Chapter 62: The Spring Immortal's Gate Conference
Chapter 63: Worrying Encounter
Chapter 64: Nine Tiers Of Pill Refining
Chapter 65: The Wordless Pill Manual
Chapter 66: Murderer
Chapter 67: Entering a Sect
Chapter 68: Blood Lotus Lake
Chapter 69: The Mysterious Book
Chapter 70: In the Dark
Chapter 71: Pill Master Shi’s Doggie Paddle
Chapter 72: Rejection
Chapter 73: Last Minute Arrangements
Chapter 74: Five Elements Desolate Domain
Chapter 75: Pill Master Shi's Panic
Chapter 76: Character Defines
Chapter 77: Blade Mountain Elimination Competition
Chapter 78: The Story Changes
Chapter 79: Advancement: Tier 1 Mortal Pill Refiner
Chapter 80: The Devastated Yan Qianyin
Chapter 81: Let’s Try Our Luck
Chapter 82: Deciding to Cooperate
Chapter 83: Yan Qianyin’s Surprise
Chapter 84: The Life Sucking Beast
Chapter 85: Ephemeral Life Pill
Chapter 86: The Broken Blade
Chapter 87: Mo Luoqu's Inheritance
Chapter 88: Guest Pill Refiner
Chapter 89: The Brutes That Came Knocking On Our Door
Chapter 90: A Steel Pole
Chapter 91: Revolving Star Passage Technique
Chapter 92: Lotus Sword Summit
Chapter 93: Channel Opening Stage Level 4
Chapter 94: The Unusual Hanging Sword Cliff
Chapter 95: Trouble Comes Knocking On Your Door
Chapter 96: Yan Qianyin's Motive
Chapter 97: She Saved Your Life
Chapter 98: The Immortal Training Tower
Chapter 99: The Expensive Lightning Tempering Room
Chapter 100: Lucky To Be Alive
Chapter 101: Upgrading the Drug Formula
Chapter 102: Implicated
Chapter 103: Kindness Is Rewarded
Chapter 104: The Surprising Formula
Chapter 105: Bullied At Your Own Home
Chapter 106: Fearless
Chapter 107: Treasured Blood Lotus
Chapter 108: Concocting the Channeling Opening Solution Again
Chapter 109: 2nd Visit to the Lightning Tempering Room
Chapter 110: Cultivation Soaring Madly
Chapter 111: The Power of Spiritual Will
Chapter 112: Exposed
Chapter 113: Nine Moons Pill House
Chapter 114: A Ray of Light in the Dark
Chapter 115: What Granny Linglong Wants
Chapter 116: Second House Master
Chapter 117: Pill Refiners’ Interaction Session
Chapter 118: The Alchemist With The Greatest Contributions
Chapter 119: Immediate Reversal
Chapter 120: Five Elements Pill Competition Begins
Chapter 121: The Difficult First Round
Chapter 122: Things Aren’t Permanent
Chapter 123: The Dumbfounding Second Round
Chapter 124: Life in Cultivation
Chapter 125: 632
Chapter 126: The Third Round
Chapter 127: The End of the Five Elements Pill Competition
Chapter 128: Red Hot Bracelets
Chapter 129: How People See Mo Wuji
Chapter 130: Five Elements Desolate Domain’s Bracelets Sale
Chapter 131: One Dao House Auction
Chapter 132: Threatened
Chapter 133: The Deadly Seven Style Lightning Sky Skill
Chapter 134: Entering The Five Elements Desolate Domain
Chapter 135: A Great Shock
Chapter 136: Enemies Meet
Chapter 137: I’ve Wanted To Destroy You For A Long Time
Chapter 138: Heaven Demon Sect's Hou Yucheng
Chapter 139: Humongous Icy Mountain
Chapter 140: I’ve Always Loved Helping Others
Chapter 141: I'm A Good Person
Chapter 142: The Storage Ring And The Copper Key
Chapter 143: The Horrifying Cold
Chapter 144: Little Chicken and Chu Xingzi
Chapter 145: Monitor Rune
Chapter 146: Body Constructing Pill and Body Constructing Grass
Chapter 147: The Fight for Lingzhi
Chapter 148: Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal
Chapter 149: Without a Bracelet
Chapter 150: Granny Linglong
Chapter 151: What Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal?
Chapter 152: Live For Herself
Chapter 153: Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner
Chapter 154: Heaven Seeking Palace
Chapter 155: A Bunch Of Trash
Chapter 156: Heaven Seeking City
Chapter 157: Difficulties At Every Corner
Chapter 158: Difficult Success
Chapter 159: You Will Definitely Die
Chapter 160: Cen Shuyin’s Request
Chapter 161: Ushering In An Era
Chapter 162: Where’s This Outer Disciple From
Chapter 163: Elemental Storage Channel
Chapter 164: Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda
Chapter 165: Lost Sky Ruins and Sky Channel Flower
Chapter 166: Kill
Chapter 167: I Told You Not To Disturb Me
Chapter 168: Lost Sky Ruins’ Underground Transaction
Chapter 169: Hidden Expert or a Scammer
Chapter 170: Honest Qi’s Schemes
Chapter 171: Honest Qi’s Blunder
Chapter 172: Disgusting Worms
Chapter 173: Sky Channel Flower
Chapter 174: Spirit Building
Chapter 175: Celestial Sunflower
Chapter 176: Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 177: Joining Forces to Kill a Yuan Dan Stage Expert
Chapter 178: Unable to be Proud
Chapter 179: Alien Flying Ship
Chapter 180: I Will Always Be Your Big Brother
Chapter 181: The Deal with Cen Shuyin
Chapter 182: Cultivating With All Meridians Open
Chapter 183: Mo Wuji’s Pride
Chapter 184: Alliance’s Contribution Points
Chapter 185: A Familiar Face from Xing Han Empire
Chapter 186: Rogue Cultivator Contribution Point Jade Token
Chapter 187: Entering the Enemy’s Lair
Chapter 188: The Great War Of Cultivators
Chapter 189: The Great Battle in the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 190: Surviving A Deadly Situation
Chapter 191: The Safest Place
Chapter 192: Rogue Cultivator 2705
Chapter 193: Surrounding Mo Wuji
Chapter 194: Risking One’s Self To Save Others
Chapter 195: Work Hard To Live
Chapter 196: You’re Right
Chapter 197: Da Shixiong! (Big Senior Apprentice Brother)
Chapter 198: We’re Teammates
Chapter 199: Tian Ji Sect's Cultivation Technique
Chapter 200: The Technique’s Prerequisite
Chapter 201: Extreme Mortal Stage
Chapter 202: Tian Ji Sect’s Teaching
Chapter 203: I Am Back For Revenge
Chapter 204: Situ Qian’s Banquet
Chapter 205: I’m Already Here
Chapter 206: Extreme Mortal Versus The Yuan Dan
Chapter 207: Granny Linglong On The Run
Chapter 208: Three Tender Hunters
Chapter 209: The Space Within the Sick Woods
Chapter 210: Wuchangwushuang
Chapter 211: Massacre
Chapter 212: Lightning Sky’s Second Style
Chapter 213: The Wild Sky Sea
Chapter 214: The Mysterious Ship
Chapter 215: The Immortal Residence Map
Chapter 216: How Many People Repay Kindness With Vengeance
Chapter 217: Not Enough
Chapter 218: The Most Rundown Immortal Estate
Chapter 219: Da Shixiong’s Reputation
Chapter 220: Borrowing One’s Sword
Chapter 221: Tian Ji Sect’s Sect Head
Chapter 222: The Sunken Island
Chapter 223: Underwater Immortal Estate
Chapter 224: Deceiving Yourself
Chapter 225: Killing A True God
Chapter 226: Rank 1
Chapter 227: The Ship In The Ring
Chapter 228: We’re Warring, Stop The Nonsense!
Chapter 229: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 230: Way To Go, Battleship!
Chapter 231: Completely Helpless
Chapter 232: Worldly Immortal King
Chapter 233: Leaving the Sect
Chapter 234: Re-challenging The Heaven Seeking Staircase
Chapter 235: Arduous Heaven Seeking Staircase
Chapter 236: Step 108
Chapter 237: I Have A Dao Companion
Chapter 238: Cen Shuyin's Dilemma
Chapter 239: Mo Wuji's Rage
Chapter 240: His Hardship
Chapter 241: Mortal Board Number One
Chapter 242: Heaven Seeking Palace's Expert
Chapter 243: The Strong Lei Clan
Chapter 244: Rank 1 on Heaven Seeking Board
Chapter 245: Still Gotta Pay Your Debts
Chapter 246: I'm Here to Deliver Pills
Chapter 247: I Have Another Name
Chapter 248: Tian Ji Sect Sect Head Mo Wuji
Chapter 249: A Different Sect Head
Chapter 250: Earth Realm, Absent Yuan Dan
Chapter 251: Rebuilding Tian Ji Sect
Chapter 252: Tian Ji Sect's Secret
Chapter 253: The Ballsy Xuan Sect Head
Chapter 254: Hundred Sect Conference
Chapter 255: Opening Tian Ji’s Spirit Locking Array
Chapter 256: The Start of the Conference
Chapter 257: Move If You Dare
Chapter 258: Exterminate The Dong Clan Of Supreme Sword City
Chapter 259: Mo Wuji’s Methods
Chapter 260: Madness Incited By A Rogue Cultivator
Chapter 261: Mo Wuji’s Speech
Chapter 262: Hundred Sect Alliance’s Alliance Head
Chapter 263: Star King Mountain Xia Clan Experts
Chapter 264: Someone's Back For The Wordless Pill Manual
Chapter 265: Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 266: They Really Came
Chapter 267: True Extreme Mortal Stage
Chapter 268: Liters Of Rice Breeds Grace, Buckets Of Rice Breeds Hatred
Chapter 269: The Green Flame In The Depths Of Lost Sky Ruins
Chapter 270: Scholar’s Heart
Chapter 271: Bottom Of The Volcano
Chapter 272: The Little Chicken’s Successor
Chapter 273: Greed
Chapter 274: Various Methods
Chapter 275: Reverse Refining The Scholar's Heart
Chapter 276: New Cultivation Method
Chapter 277: Howling Wind Beast
Chapter 278: Danger In Lost Sky Ruins
Chapter 279: Lost Swamp Of Certain Death
Chapter 280: The Ordinary Youth
Chapter 281: Not A Simple Woman
Chapter 282: Left And Right Is Death
Chapter 283: Half Moon Key
Chapter 284: Contending Against The True Lake Alone
Chapter 285: Difficult to Guard Against A House Thief
Chapter 286: I Loved You Way Too Much
Chapter 287: He Is The One
Chapter 288: Rogue Cultivator 2705’s Dao Companion
Chapter 289: Piercing Wind’s Cold Water
Chapter 290: Porcelain Bumper
Chapter 291: Universal Board
Chapter 292: Earth Board’s Expert
Chapter 293: Killing Intent in Space
Chapter 294: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Reemerges
Chapter 295: Thorny Wind Gate
Chapter 296: Cen Shuyin’s Disappearance
Chapter 297: Dire Straits
Chapter 298: You Are Not Him
Chapter 299: The Grand Concealment Array That Never Formed
Chapter 300: Escaping Wind
Chapter 301: Honing The Wind Escape Technique
Chapter 302: Go All Out
Chapter 303: Broken Sect
Chapter 304: Ranked On The Universal Board
Chapter 305: Have You Asked Me?
Chapter 306: You Are Ranked on the Universal Board?
Chapter 307: Scram After Apologizing
Chapter 308: Yan Yangdong’s Strength
Chapter 309: The Young Must Be Hot-blooded
Chapter 310: You’ll Only Understand After Experiencing It
Chapter 311: Skills VS Sacred Art
Chapter 312: The Yan Clan of Star King Mountain
Chapter 313: Yan Yangdong’s Possessions
Chapter 314: The Underground Battlestages
Chapter 315: The Solitary Red Knot
Chapter 316: Auctioning For The Nirvana Pole Shadow
Chapter 317: Leaving The Scene
Chapter 318: I Want To Say Something Too
Chapter 319: Next Pole
Chapter 320: The Undefendable Blood Sword
Chapter 321: Pursuing Mo Wuji
Chapter 322: Obstruct and You Die
Chapter 323: Exchange it With Your Lives
Chapter 324: That Is Love
Chapter 325: Raging Fire in His Chest
Chapter 326: Worldly Immortal Lightning Calamity
Chapter 327: Take Revenge For My Wife
Chapter 328: You Are My Life
Chapter 329: Troubles Lie Ahead
Chapter 330: Lei Hongji’s Secret
Chapter 331: Shuai Guo
Chapter 332: Shuai Guo’s Idea
Chapter 333: Heaven Calamity Stone
Chapter 334: Earth Board Rank 1
Chapter 335: I Don’t Care Who You Are
Chapter 336: Mo Wuji’s Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 337: Consecutive Changes To Earth Board’s Rank 1
Chapter 338: Before The War
Chapter 339: Grandmaster Wu Xiang
Chapter 340: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Is Mo Wuji
Chapter 341: The Appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace
Chapter 342: The Tangled War in Space
Chapter 343: Killing a Worldly Immortal Stage Expert
Chapter 344: Coming Out Alive
Chapter 345: Enemies On All Sides
Chapter 346: The Staggering Discovery
Chapter 347: Half Moon Prison
Chapter 348: Where Geniuses Are Imprisoned
Chapter 349: Star Lord Dies
Chapter 350: Brief Theory of Space
Chapter 351: The Mess in Star King Mountain
Chapter 352: The Fall of Universal Pier
Chapter 353: Space Transformation
Chapter 354: Returning to Universal Pier
Chapter 355: Extreme Ice Cannon
Chapter 356: House Slave Chanse
Chapter 357: One Man’s Attack
Chapter 358: Invading Zhen Xing
Chapter 359: Star Lord Dies Again
Chapter 360: The Massive War Outside the Piercing Wind City
Chapter 361: Ambushing An Earthly Immortal
Chapter 362: Universal Board’s Ranking
Chapter 363: A Complete Wipeout
Chapter 364: The Battle Against Bao Lie
Chapter 365: The Fight To Be The Star Lord
Chapter 366: I Must Kill Xia Dandao
Chapter 367: A Woman Like The Poison Fairy
Chapter 368: Don’t Ever Look For The Broken Sect
Chapter 369: Blasting The Yan Clan
Chapter 370: The Devastated Poison Fairy
Chapter 371: Broken Sect's Sect Head
Chapter 372: Star King Mountain's Anger
Chapter 373: The Two Strongest Sects In Zhen Xing
Chapter 374: Mo Wuji's Methods
Chapter 375: The Arrogant Broken Sect
Chapter 376: Let Me Blast Them
Chapter 377: Combined Attacks Against Zhu Qu
Chapter 378: Losses On Both Sides
Chapter 379: Star Lord Palace
Chapter 380: The Things In The Star Lord Palace
Chapter 381: Cultivation Improvements
Chapter 382: Massacred City
Chapter 383: You Are Hoover
Chapter 384: Mo Wuji, Star Lord of The Star King Mountain
Chapter 385: 384 + 385
Chapter 386: Flattening Wolf King Mountain
Chapter 387: Tian Chi Manor
Chapter 388: Mo Tiancheng’s Whereabouts
Chapter 389: Experience Of Life
Chapter 390: The Star Lord Is Here
Chapter 391: Number 1
Chapter 392: Star Lord Mo’s New Rule
Chapter 393: As Long As I'm Happy
Chapter 394: Climbing The Universal Board
Chapter 395: Came Too Late
Chapter 396: Wolf King Mountain
Chapter 397: The Violent White-Haired Girl
Chapter 398: Challenging The Wolf King
Chapter 399: The Wolf King Relents
Chapter 400: The Search For The Way Out
Chapter 401: Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 402: Settling Down at the Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 403: Allocation Of Mining Areas
Chapter 404: Searching For Blackstone
Chapter 405: Deep Waters
Chapter 406: This Fella Really Knows How To Act Like A Pig
Chapter 407: Startling News
Chapter 408: You Don’t Dare; I’m Not Afraid
Chapter 409: Abandoned Mining Area
Chapter 410: Huge Whirlpool
Chapter 411: Underground Deal
Chapter 412: Mo Wuji’s Friend
Chapter 413: The Kind of Person He Was
Chapter 414: Master Pu Zi’s Shock
Chapter 415: Goodbye Lord Axe
Chapter 416: Spitting Out Blood
Chapter 417: Mining Area of Death
Chapter 418: Immortal Chasm
Chapter 419: Entering the Mining Area of Death
Chapter 420: Piles of Blackstone
Chapter 421: Reforging the Battleship
Chapter 422: The Disappointing New Meridian
Chapter 423: Immortal-Traversing Ship
Chapter 424: Returning to The Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 425: The Strong Newbie
Chapter 426: I Don’t Even Know How To Read Books
Chapter 427: Battling Meng Tianyu
Chapter 428: Collecting Another IOU
Chapter 429: You Better Believe Me!
Chapter 430: I Want Money More Than My Life
Chapter 431: Bargaining
Chapter 432: Abacus and Ku Ya
Chapter 433: The Fuming Dao Lord Guang
Chapter 434: Heavenly Immortal’s Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 435: The Exchange for Immortal Crystals
Chapter 436: The Only Heavenly Immortal In Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 437: Traversing The Immortal Chasm
Chapter 438: Falling Out
Chapter 439: Cannot Be Saved
Chapter 440: The Unforeseen Situation In Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 441: Danger In The Immortal Chasm
Chapter 442: Obtaining Fortune From Disaster
Chapter 443: The Grand Barrier
Chapter 444: Killing A Way Out
Chapter 445: First Interaction in the Immortal Domain
Chapter 446: Tier 3 Pill Monarch
Chapter 447: Liar
Chapter 448: Hundred Flowers Manors
Chapter 449: Drug Concoction
Chapter 450: Beautiful Manor Lord
Chapter 451: Inflation Of Immortal Lattice Stones
Chapter 452: The Incident In The Manor
Chapter 453: Heavenly Immortal Domain
Chapter 454: Pursued
Chapter 455: Grass, Wood, Stone
Chapter 456: The Long Road Of Immortality
Chapter 457: Charging To The Heavenly Immortal Stage
Chapter 458: 108th Meridian
Chapter 459: The Created World
Chapter 460: Undying World
Chapter 461: Han Qingru's Whereabouts
Chapter 462: All Because of Immortal Lattice Crystals
Chapter 463: Just A Heavenly Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 464: Mo Wuji’s Tomb
Chapter 465: Without A Domain
Chapter 466: Fist Domain
Chapter 467: Mo Wuji’s Suspicion
Chapter 468: The Cultivator Who Uses Immortal Lattice Stones To Bid
Chapter 469: The Bidder With Guts
Chapter 470: Half Moon Halberd Blade
Chapter 471: The Explosive Flame
Chapter 472: Encircling The City Square
Chapter 473: Disadvantaged
Chapter 474: An Unkillable Person
Chapter 475: Heading Towards Ying Bian City
Chapter 476: Someone Really Dared To Attack Ying Bian City
Chapter 477: You’re Still Too Late
Chapter 478: Domain Crushing Fist
Chapter 479: The Immortal Estate at the Bottom of Lifeless River
Chapter 480: Too Impressive
Chapter 481: The Mentally Confused Immortal Pill King
Chapter 482: I Had One Chance
Chapter 483: The Immortal Seeking Staircase At The Bottom Of The Lifeless River
Chapter 484: The Person Who Ku Ya Suspects
Chapter 485: Mo Wuji’s Stubbornness
Chapter 486: Mo Wuji’s Domain
Chapter 487: Wheel Of Life And Death
Chapter 488: You Actually Dare To List Me As Wanted
Chapter 489: Three Conditions
Chapter 490: The Unforeseen Situation In The Lifeless River
Chapter 491: The Gourd On The Lifeless Riverbed
Chapter 492: Deathly Tribulation
Chapter 493: Advancing Even Without Immortal Lattice
Chapter 494: A Tough Battle
Chapter 495: Not Enough
Chapter 496: Help Me Marry A Woman
Chapter 497: I’m Not Carrying This Burden
Chapter 498: There’s Still Another Wife
Chapter 499: Supreme Dao Sect
Chapter 500: Heavenly Emperor's Investigation
Chapter 501: A Rather Different Yan Ye
Chapter 502: Sharphorn Immortal Ruins
Chapter 503: Seven Immortal Domains And The Underworld
Chapter 504: The Top Genius
Chapter 505: Pill Dao Immortal Alliance
Chapter 506: Pill Dao Pagoda Assessment
Chapter 507: Assessment At The Fourth Level
Chapter 508: Honored Grade Immortal Pill King
Chapter 509: Explosion In Status
Chapter 510: The Massive Battle Incited By A Gourd
Chapter 511: You Are Not Suitable For The Supreme Dao Sect
Chapter 512: Great Rewards
Chapter 513: Who Was The One Who Hit You?
Chapter 514: Was He Crazy?
Chapter 515: Arrogant To The End
Chapter 516: Three Flower Fire Heartstone
Chapter 517: With My Own Shop
Chapter 518: The Difficulty To Be An Immortal Emperor
Chapter 519: Nine Star Genius’s Seat
Chapter 520: Come At Me
Chapter 521: I Disagree
Chapter 522: Metal-Type Energy
Chapter 523: Star Geniuses, So What?
Chapter 524: The Dangerous Bai Chitian
Chapter 525: Xuan Immortal Stage
Chapter 526: The Despairing Statue
Chapter 527: The Most Shameless Sect
Chapter 528: You Can Scr*w Off
Chapter 529: Don’t Involve Me In Your Games
Chapter 530: The Incident In Broken World
Chapter 531: I Didn’t Move
Chapter 532: The Origins of Yong Ying Prison
Chapter 533: The Golden House
Chapter 534: Wind Beckoning
Chapter 535: Touching The Heart
Chapter 536: Soul Condensing Immortal Pond
Chapter 537: Tian Ji Sect’s Survivor
Chapter 538: Threat
Chapter 539: Mo Wuji's Disappointment
Chapter 540: The Origin Of The Tian Ji Pole
Chapter 541: Hello Wen Lianxi
Chapter 542: Grand Alchemy Competition’s Slot
Chapter 543: Offending The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance
Chapter 544: A Messier Situation
Chapter 545: First Round Of Competition
Chapter 546: Mother-in-law Looks At The Son-in-law
Chapter 547: Who Is He
Chapter 548: What Pill To Choose?
Chapter 549: The End Of The Second Round
Chapter 550: The Water Ying Immortal City That Rose To The Top In A Single Step
Chapter 551: Deficiencies in the Pill Dao
Chapter 552: Daring To Take The First Slash
Chapter 553: Cannot Be Offended
Chapter 554: Pill Dao Discussion
Chapter 555: The Illogical Mo Wuji
Chapter 556: The Secret of The Yunxian Immortal Valley
Chapter 557: The Unexpected Rewards
Chapter 558: Escaping the Yong Ying Immortal Domain
Chapter 559: The Imposing Devil Moon
Chapter 560: Lin Gu's Mother's Illness
Chapter 561: Treating The Illness
Chapter 562: I’ve Never Been Afraid Of You
Chapter 563: Whirlpool At The Six Paths Ruins
Chapter 564: Bring Mo Wuji Here Quickly
Chapter 565: Searching For Cen Shuyin’s Soul
Chapter 566: Cen Shuyin’s Soul
Chapter 567: Xuan Immortals Also Have A World Of Their Own
Chapter 568: Where Am I
Chapter 569: A Foreign Place
Chapter 570: An Jing Academy
Chapter 571: Mo Wuji's Pointers
Chapter 572: Descendants Of The Pan Clan
Chapter 573: Assessment For The Advanced Class
Chapter 574: Fighting for Lou Yueshuang
Chapter 575: The Mighty Archbishop
Chapter 576: Going To Pan Sibling's Home
Chapter 577: Pan Clan’s Legacy
Chapter 578: Archbishop of the East Mo Church
Chapter 579: Lifting Of The Hand
Chapter 580: Army Arrived
Chapter 581: Another Cultivator
Chapter 582: Origins
Chapter 583: The Person Protecting The Planet
Chapter 584: Dao Friend Please Stop
Chapter 585: The Ship With English On It
Chapter 586: 11 Fire-Red Crystals
Chapter 587: Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun
Chapter 588: The Grand Emperor’s Rage
Chapter 589: Shameful Bird
Chapter 590: The Mighty Mirage Mountain
Chapter 591: The Guest Seated On The Head Seat
Chapter 592: Blood Sucking Sect
Chapter 593: Gold Horn Violet Dragon
Chapter 594: A Mosquito
Chapter 595: Searching For An Ascending Cultivator
Chapter 596: Razing Mirage Mountain To The Ground
Chapter 597: Physique Tempering
Chapter 598: Mo Wuji Must Be Killed
Chapter 599: Hidden Dragon Valley
Chapter 600: Dragon Clan Orphans
Chapter 601: Grand Yi Immortal
Chapter 602: Mo Wuji’s Saber Dao
Chapter 603: Cape Of Peace
Chapter 604: Peace Is Relative
Chapter 605: Enemies Everywhere
Chapter 606: Zhuo Pingan's Secret
Chapter 607: Zhuo Pingan
Chapter 608: Wu Ben Husband and Wife
Chapter 609: The Spatial Channel To Leave The Immortal World
Chapter 610: Scram, Lun Cai
Chapter 611: Han Clan Ruins
Chapter 612: The Tragic Tian Ji Sect Disciples
Chapter 613: Tier 7 Pill Emperor
Chapter 614: Da Huang
Chapter 615: Come To My Peace Resthouse
Chapter 616: The Pill Zhuo Pingan Needs
Chapter 617: Mo Wuji’s Condition
Chapter 618: The Unordinary Pill Emperor
Chapter 619: Ping Fan
Chapter 620: Luring Lun Cai Out
Chapter 621: Gods Heavenly Chasm
Chapter 622: Scr*w Off
Chapter 623: Scr*w Off Again
Chapter 624: Scr*w Off No.3
Chapter 625: Xu Suren
Chapter 626: Something Everyone Wants
Chapter 627: The Exchange That Everyone Was Jealous Of
Chapter 628: The Insidious Elder Of The Lightning Sect
Chapter 629: Half Moon Weighted Halberd
Chapter 630: The Peculiar Master Xu
Chapter 631: Asking For Help
Chapter 632: The Conflict With The Men From Lightning Sect
Chapter 633: The Ordinariness That Could Not Be Transcended
Chapter 634: What’s Meant To Come, Will Come
Chapter 635: An Enemy Is Here
Chapter 636: Venerable Envoy From The Very High Heavens
Chapter 637: Dao Emperor
Chapter 638: Rejecting The Good Intentions
Chapter 639: The Crisis of The Heavenly Chasm City
Chapter 640: Setting Sun
Chapter 641: Pinning Sa Jian And His Disciple
Chapter 642: Void Nirvana Root
Chapter 643: The Crafty Tai Shixiao
Chapter 644: Opening of Gods Tower
Chapter 645: Death Everywhere
Chapter 646: Grand Zhi In A Flash
Chapter 647: The Secret Of The Universal Peak Token
Chapter 648: I Am Here To Kill Him
Chapter 649: The Oppressive Immortal Sealing Array
Chapter 650: The Origins Of The White Whiskered Fisherman
Chapter 651: The Directing Senior
Chapter 652: The Immortal Lattice Stones
Chapter 653: Cunning Old Man
Chapter 654: Ji Li
Chapter 655: The Use of An Immortal Lattice Stone
Chapter 656: Possession
Chapter 657: The Number One Villain In The Immortal World
Chapter 658: Immortal Physique Level 3 and Remnant Chasm
Chapter 659: Location Revealed
Chapter 660: Why?
Chapter 661: The Old Monk Had Been Waiting For You For A Long Time
Chapter 662: Surrounded In The Void
Chapter 663: Immortal Domain’s Mortal Village
Chapter 664: God Physique
Chapter 665: The Grand Luo Immortal That Lived In A Mortal Village
Chapter 666: Yu Jingfeng’s Revelation
Chapter 667: Choosing A Location For His Sect
Chapter 668: A Situation Arises
Chapter 669: Seaside Trade Union
Chapter 670: Primal Water Crystal
Chapter 671: Lake of Poison
Chapter 672: Lian Yingxian's Secret
Chapter 673: Complicated Relationships
Chapter 674: Sect’s First Disciples
Chapter 675: I’m Really Worried That I Would Regret This
Chapter 676: The Woman Seeking To Cooperate
Chapter 677: Deciding To Enter The Lake
Chapter 678: The House Beneath The Lake Of Poison
Chapter 679: Sister
Chapter 680: Emergency Immortal Sect Meeting
Chapter 681: Meeting A Past Acquaintance
Chapter 682: The Scheming Woman
Chapter 683: Startling And Grievous News
Chapter 684: Great Sword Path’s Sword Prison
Chapter 685: The Great Dao Is Not Absolute; A Thread Of Life
Chapter 686: Entering Sword Prison
Chapter 687: Vine Mountain Of Safety And Sword Qi River
Chapter 688: Kiss me
Chapter 689: The Number One School in the Immortal World
Chapter 690: Scaring Wei Zidao
Chapter 691: Unrest In The Vine Mountain of Safety
Chapter 692: Leaving So Easily?
Chapter 693: Vine Mountain Of Safety
Chapter 694: I Want To Speak Up For Mo Wuji Too
Chapter 695: Establishing a Footing
Chapter 696: Something’s Up with The Vine Mountain of Safety
Chapter 697: Collecting Water From The Sword Qi River
Chapter 698: I Will Not Give You Any Face
Chapter 699: We Want To Leave The Vine Mountain Of Safety
Chapter 700: Integration Of The Water Elemental Bead
Chapter 701: Change
Chapter 702: Finally Here
Chapter 703: The Unsafe Vine Mountain of Safety
Chapter 704: Someone Snatching The Turf
Chapter 705: I Know The Way Out
Chapter 706: Sword Prison’s Exit
Chapter 707: Opening Of The Broken World’s Fourth Level
Chapter 708: The Red Lotus Appears
Chapter 709: My Tolerance Is Low
Chapter 710: There’s A Shadow In Bai Ye’s Heart
Chapter 711: Leaving Sword Prison
Chapter 712: Finally Know Where The Red Lotus Is
Chapter 713: Establishing Ping Fan
Chapter 714: The Fight Over The Red Lotus
Chapter 715: The Mighty Elementary Immortal Reverent
Chapter 716: All Men Are Equal
Chapter 717: Entering The Fight For The Red Lotus