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Chapter 5 : First battle (3)


Roan did yell feeling in a hurry, but he closed his mouth in this troublesome mood.
Dosen’s face wasn’t good.

‘Because the newcomer soldier opposed to the idea the adjutant gave.’

Maybe, if the adjutant’s temperament was harsh, a fist would have flown already.
However he couldn’t back off like this.

‘If we just leave the goblin army like this, the villages nearby will get massacred.’

In his past life, after the goblins annihilated the rose troop army, they got out of the gorge and attacked and annihilated the villages people.

‘It will not be an easy fight, but we have to destroy the goblin army.’

Roan bit his lower lip.
At that time, Dosen coughed with a displeased face.

“Ahem. What could a newcomer soldier know…… Tch.”

Clicking his tongue.
However Roan wasn’t planning on backing off at this point.
He looked fixedly at Gale and slightly bent his head.

“Sir commander. Do you know the similarities of the fight in Kali in May, year 176; Mendorf defense in August in 183, Roman’s suppression tactic in October in 185, and the fight in Fiore in March in 191?”

30 years at much, and 10 years not too long ago fights.
Gale frowned.


At that time, Mason laughed awkwardly.

“Hahaha. This, this bastard. What are you talking about? What’s the Mendorf defense, and what’s the Roman suppression tactic? You picked that up somewhere and are talking nonsense.”

At his words, Dosen added.

“It’s also the first time I hear about those fights. Ahem.”

Really unpleasant faces.
He opened his eyes telling him to stop his nonsense.
In the other side, Roan’s face was still imposing.

‘It’s normal for them to not remember fights that are not related to our kingdom.’

It was also the same for him.
However, as 7 years from now appears an unparalleled genius strategist called Ian Phillips, the study of strategy and tactics boomed.
The generals and soldiers studied in the big and small battles in history, and Roan too concentrated in studying for a while.
And because of that, he could remember all of the battles he had named.
But fortunately, Gale could understand all of the fights Roan said unlike Mason and Dosen.

‘The fight in Kali was a fight between our Rinse kingdom and Estia empire, the defense of Mendorf was the battle between Estia empire and Byron kingdom, the Roman suppression tactic was the fight that happened in Russia that the farmers rebelled, Fiore’s fight was the fight between our Rinse kingdom and the monsters.’

Four battles that were different in time, nature and the adversaries.

‘There’s a common point between these battles?’

Roan said in a low voice as he saw that Gale wasn’t getting it.


At that moment, Gale’s eyes became big and round.


A low exclamation.
He nodded as if he was a little excited.

“Right. Massacre. It was massacre.”

The four battles were all different in the adversaries, time, and nature but the winning side had massacred the losers.

“In the battle of Kali, the people from Estia massacred our Kali’s castle residents. In the defense of Mendorf the as Byron royalty left the Mendorf castle and fled, the people from Estia massacred the residents of Mendorf’s castle residents.”
“Right. In the case of the Roman suppression tactic, the farmer side that revealed all got massacred. And in the fight of Fiore, as our kingdom retreated, the monster army roamed through the zone of Fiore and attacked 7 big and small villages and massacred its residents.”

A conversation that dropped well.
Gale looked at Ale’s gorge with a frozen face.

“Then what you are thinking about…… Perhaps?”

Roan slowly nodded.

“Yes. If we leave the goblin army like this, the nearby towns people will get massacred.”

Just looking at the four battles he mentioned, the probabilities of it happening was high.
Gale looked at Roan with a surprised expression.

‘It’s also it that he investigated the gorge alone, but even memorized the battles that not even Dosen knew of. A really amazing kid.’

In the other side, Dosen’s face that was looking at the side, was clearly contorted.

‘Damn. For someone like me that ate blades as meals for 10 years to not know of it. What’s the identity of this bastard?’

A soldier that ate 20 years worth of blade meals.
That was Roan.
But of course, there was no way that Dosen would know of that.
Gale wanted to keep testing the newcomer soldier he had in front of his eyes.

“Then, we move after defeating the goblin army?”
“Yes. Only then will the people around Ale’s zone be safe.”
“But those bastards built a camp in the mountains. We are not in a situation that it’s easy to confront them.”

He talked with the meaning that if there was a method, to spill it fast.
Roan looked at Gale and smiled dimly.

“Do you remember the battle that happened in Pelan mountain in February in year 200?”

The battle in Pelan mountain was the one that happened just the previous year.
Gale obviously nodded, and Mason also did.
However, the only one that read what Roan was thinking of was Gale.
Gale smiled brightly and clapped.

“Ah! Attacking with fire!”

Roan slowly nodded.

“Yes. Attacking with fire.”

The Pelan mountain battle occurred in Pelan’s mountain boundaries that was between Rinse kingdom and Byron kingdom.
The Byron empire from back then moved faster than the Rinse kingdom and occupied the higher grounds, but the Rinse kingdom blocked the entrance and put the mountain on fire.

“Right. Back then, the guys from Byron left the burning military camp and fled.”
“Yes. As those guys fled to the road we opened in purpose, they got annihilated after we ambushed them.

At Roan’s words, Gale clapped.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

“Good, really good! What’s your name?”
“It’s Roan.”
“Good. Roan. Your merits today are really big. And your knowledge is also outstanding. I will definitely remember your name.”
“Yes. Thank you.”

Roan bowed.
He didn’t ask for a big prize from the start.
Although he discovered the hiding goblins and proposed a good tactic, he was still a newcomer soldier.

‘If I accumulate more merits, my rank will go up and I will be able to have my own soldiers.’

He wasn’t planning on acting hurriedly.
But because of that, he also wasn’t willing to relax.

‘I will render great merits in this battle.’

He put more strength in the hand gripping the spear.
Although he didn’t have the same strength and stamina as before, he still had the 20 years of experience.
He was confident on facing 4 or 5 goblins at the same time with this condition.
Then, he heard Gale’s voice.

“Prepare the fire. Make a trap and bait them over there.”
After Dosen replied loudly, he grabbed the reins.
He looked at Mason and Roan and swinged his hand.

“The soldiers that are in charge of guiding also return to your respective squad.”

Mason and Roan that replied at the same time.
Dosen glared at Roan for a moment and turned back.

‘Did I get marked by Dosen?’

A bitter smile appeared on his face.
Originally, he needed to have cold eyes and a crooked attitude to be considered normal.
However, Roan that had the experience of 20 years of eating blades as a meal just saw him as someone cute.

“We will be leaving then.”

Mason bumped Roan and bent down to Gale.
Roan too saluted Gale and went back to the 13th squad.
Along with the sound of steel, a hot excitement could be felt in the places.

‘Is it the first battle?’

A smile appeared in Roan’s mouth.
That was the smile of a man mixed with expectation and excitement.

< First battle (3) > End

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