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Chapter 1157: The studio officially opens!

Chapter 1157: The studio officially opens!

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Several days passed.

Zhang Ye's Studio was officially registered and opened for business.

Although the place was not big and there were not a lot of employees yet, with Zhang Ye's reputation staked on it, the company immediately became one of the biggest celebrity studios the moment it started operating.

Zhang Ye's parents came to visit.

Little Wang served them tea and hot water. "Auntie, Uncle, have a seat.

His mother looked around. "Good, very good."

His father commented, "Yup, it's a pretty nice place."

"Where's my son?" His mother asked.

Ha Qiqi smiled and said, "Director Zhang went out to pick someone up. I'll show you around."

His mother nodded. "Alright, let's go have a look around!"

Zhang Zuo asked, "By the way, Auntie, shall we light some firecrackers? So that there'll be a more festive air for the opening?"

His mother waved him off. "There's no need. Little Ye doesn't like it so boisterous, so it's fine as is."

"Grandpa, Grandma." Chenchen skipped over.

"Ai, my little Chenchen. Did you miss Grandma?" Zhang Ye's mother took Chenchen by her hand with a wide smile. "Come, come upstairs with Grandpa and Grandma and have a look."

The first floor was the reception area. There was a sofa, a television, a kitchen where meals could be made, and even a rather large bar. Behind it, the wine cabinet was stocked to the brim with liquor bottles. This cabinet was newly installed by them, and the entire place was dazzling. There was also a small conference room that had been modified from an existing guest room and was separated from the rest of the area. On the second floor, there were a few standalone office spaces. Everyone would be working from here in the future. The phone and internet connection networks had also all been wired in.

Most worth mentioning was the balcony on the second floor. In the entire apartment complex, only the duplex on the top floor had this feature. The balcony was over ten square meters, so it wasn't small at all. It was resurfaced with a fresh lawn, and they had ordered some customized swings that were installed just this morning. Long rattan benches were placed out on the balcony as well. Looking out from the balcony, one could see the city down below and the endless sky hanging overhead. It wouldn't be a problem if they were to hold an occasional gathering out here. The view from here was gorgeous.

Soon after, Zhang Ye returned with Yao Jiancai beside him.

Little Wang quickly said, "Teacher Yao, hello!"

"Teacher Yao!"

"Teacher Yao is here?"

Yao Jiancai laughed and said, "Hello, everyone!"

Little Wang said, "Director Zhang, Auntie and Uncle are both here. They're out on the balcony upstairs."

"OK, I got it." Zhang Ye was all smiles. "Old Yao, how's my place?"

"It's pretty awesome!" Yao Jiancai said, "It's quite cozy here and much better than my agency, that's for sure." He then turned to the bar. "Whoa, you've got this much alcohol here? Shall we open a bottle?"

Zhang Ye pointed at the drinks. "Just have whatever you like, don't stand on ceremony with me."

Little Wang was still employed as the office assistant in the studio. "Which bottle should I open?"

"The cheapest one!" Zhang Ye said.

Yao Jiancai was speechless.

At this moment, another group arrived outside!

Dong Shanshan and Yu Yingyi came in with a laugh.

Zhang Ye was taken aback. "Yo, we have distinguished guests."

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, "You didn't even invite us to your studio's opening?"

"Hai, I hadn't planned on inviting anyone at all. I only sent a message to all my friends to inform them about it." Zhang Ye laughed and said, "I didn't expect that you'd come!"

Yu Yingyi said in amusement, "Since we know about it, of course we'd have to come over to congratulate you."

Dong Shanshan said to the delivery person outside, "Just place the flower basket outside the door. Yes, that's it, thank you."

There were two flower baskets, one each from Dong Shanshan and Yu Yingyi.

Yao Jiancai stretched out his hand and said, "Teacher Shanshan."

"Teacher Yao, it's been a while." Dong Shanshan smiled and shook hands with him.

"This is?" Yao Jiancai had seen the sports commentator before but couldn't remember her name.

Zhang Ye introduced, "This is a classmate of mine and Shanshan's. Gorgeous Beauty Yu, Yu Yingyi."

Yu Yingyi smiled and said, "I dare not call myself 'gorgeous.'"

Dong Shanshan said amused, "But you are fine with 'beauty'?"

"Of course." Only then did Yu Yingyi finally shake hands with Yao Jiancai. "It's our first time meeting, Teacher Yao. Nice to meet you. I've watched all of yours and Zhang'er's crosstalks no less than five times. I still laugh every time I watch them. The two of you are definitely the best crosstalk partners in the industry!"

Yao Jiancai chuckled, "You're too nice. Little Zhang and I only went to take part in the crosstalk competition after we were forced into a dead end."

Suddenly, even more people arrived.

"Is it here?" The trio of Xiaodong, Li Xiaoxian, and Amy came in wondering if they got the right place.

Zhang Ye immediately went up to greet them. "Whoa, you're all here?"

Xiaodong smiled and said, "Teacher Zhang, congratulations."

Zhang Ye gave them a fist and palm salute. "You too, you too."

Amy said, "Our flower basket has been placed outside the door."

"Alright." Zhang Ye said, "Just leave it there."

Xiaodong pointed behind herself and got someone to carry in a box of items. "I brought you a box of red wine."

Amy giggled and said, "Sister Xiaodong has collected all that for many years. She's not even willing to open a bottle for herself."

Xiaodong waved it off. "It's a gift for Director Zhang, I must be willing to give it out!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "You're this generous? Thank you."

Li Xiaoxian covered her mouth and laughed. "Sister Xiaodong means to say that since you have your own studio now, we'll be coming over often to have a drink. So she might as well store the wine here."

Zhang Ye said, "So you're taking this place to be a storage place for your wine now? Ha, I get it. Feel free to come over anytime; I'll certainly welcome you. Treat this place as your own from now on."

Yao Jiancai said, "Alright, I'll come over to have a drink every day then."

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. "I wasn't talking to you."

Everyone laughed.

Chen Guang and Fan Wenli were both overseas, so they specially called to offer their congratulations. Even though they were not here, they sent over some gifts that were pretty heavy. Then, there was also Grandma Zhang Xia. She couldn't find time to come over today, so she purposely got her son to send over a flower basket. There was even calligraphy that was written by Grandma Zhang herself. And Ning Lan, the skit actress Ci Xiufang, Central TV Documentary Channel's Yan Tianfei, Beijing Television's Hu Fei, China Qiyuan, and so on and so forth. In the end, there was even a flower basket sent by the Heavenly Queen, Zhang Yuanqi. The official Weibo of Zhang Yuanqi's Studio also posted a message: "Congratulations on the establishment of Zhang Ye's Studio."

Zhang Ye's Studio also set up its own Weibo and got a verification tag for the account.

For some other industry insiders who were not that close or well acquainted with Zhang Ye, they also offered their congratulations online.


"Congratulations, Teacher Zhang!"

"Wishing your company's business success in scaling new heights!"

"Hoping you flourish and expand throughout the world."

"Rich blessings for a smooth sailing business."

There were a few of these messages, while the rest were all replies and likes by the netizens!

All of Zhang Ye's good friends in the industry that could be seen had been seen. It might seem like there were a lot of them, but it was really only those few people. He didn't really have any friends in the entertainment industry. Any C- or D-list celebrity probably had a much better social network than he did. Whenever someone's company was established, or whenever someone got married, they could easily invite over half of the entertainment industry to attend. But this sort of turnout could never happen to a fellow like Zhang Ye!

Oh, actually, it shouldn't be put that way.

Zhang Ye felt that if he were to die someday, he could almost definitely attract the entire entertainment industry to turn out for his funeral, and the number of wreaths that he would receive would probably line all the way from his house to Tiananmen Square!