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Chapter 1126: Zhang Ye“s Divine Move!

Chapter 1126: Zhang Ye's Divine Move!

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Both sides were out to kill!

It was a game that became a heated confrontation!

The game had entered into the middlegame and almost half of the board was filled with stones!

Hu Liang 7-dan shouted, "Come on, Professor Zhang!"

A 5th dan pro cheered, "Destroy Peter!"

"Go, go! Bring it down!" Xu Han 8-dan roared.

Even Wu Changhe could not help but yell, "Go on! Attack!"

Although they knew that Zhang Ye could not hear them, the spectator room was still filled with loud cheers of support. They all knew that at this point in time, the battle had entered into the most critical stage!

Zhang Ye made a "diagonal move"!

Peter played a "stand"!

Zhang Ye followed with a "bump"!

Peter made a " bamboo joint 1 " with his stones!

Zhang Ye played an "approach"!

Chen Ying 7-dan remarked, "This is so intense! Both sides are locked in an intense struggle! Professor Zhang was the second to play and is at a slight disadvantage. But in terms of momentum, he's no worse than the AI. The flames of war have shifted back to the corner. I wonder who can grab the initiative this time. Who can surround the other and take the territory? Oh, Peter has made its move. It went in for a strong attack! If it grabs hold of the corner territory, there wouldn't be much hope left for Professor Zhang in this game. Will Professor Zhang allow it to succeed? Look at that, Professor Zhang is fighting back! What a good horizontal stretch! Professor Zhang's horizontal stretch has forced Peter into the most awkward of positions! Is he going to be able to seize the initiative?"

The television viewers could feel their blood boiling!

Zhang Ye's father stood up. "Come on, son!"

His mother shouted, "Little Ye! Attack! Attack! Attack!"

His third sister was also shouting Zhang Ye's name!

Countless people were feeling extremely pumped up!

Every one of them was shouting Zhang Ye's name!

"There's a chance of winning!"

"We really have a chance of winning!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Kill it! Don't be afraid!"

"Get that PeterGo!"

"Victory shall belong to humanity!"

"Face-smacking Zhang, bring out your true abilities!"

"Show them what you can do like how you've always done to your peers in the past!"

On the Go board.

Peter responded with its move.

Zhang Ye's expression did not change as he calmly placed his next stone down.

Peter attacked again!

The white stones were at a disadvantage, but Zhang Ye still remained indifferent. He gracefully picked up a white stone and tapped it down onto the board with a very nice and crisp clink.

Yu Yingyi said worriedly, "Has White's initiative been taken away?"

Chen Ying 7-dan explained, "Professor Zhang just lost a little bit of the advantage, but that's OK. There are still chances to regain it later on. In fact, Professor Zhang might have made this move on purpose!"

"On purpose?" Yu Yingyi said in surprise.

Chen Ying 7-dan nodded and said, "Yes, Professor Zhang might've laid a trap for Peter by deliberately opening up a weak point over there. We see this very often in matches between top pro Go players. It's a very advanced type of opening that only masters would dare attempt. I wonder if our viewers have noticed Professor Zhang's expression? He looks very relaxed and calm."

Yu Yingyi glanced at him and found that it was true!

The television viewers became more confident when they saw how he acted!

Indeed, Zhang Ye was serene. He did not look like someone who had just lost the advantage. On the contrary, he seemed to be exuding a feeling like he had everything under control!

Yu Yingyi said very excitedly, "So that's how it is!"

Chen Ying 7-dan said, Now, the situation on the board has entered into the final stage. I have a feeling that Professor Zhang is setting up for a very big move in this game. Look, the white stones have been forced into a corner again by Black. They've been surrounded all around. But similarly, the black stones' hold on the board is now very weak, so it has to relinquish its control. This could be the situation that Professor Zhang had been waiting for. That opening he set up earlier might just have been waiting for this moment to arrive!"

In the spectator room.

Li Yi 9-dan's fists were clenched. "Little Zhang is on the counterattack!"

Hu Liang said, "He's been waiting so long for this!"

Xu Han said in anticipation, "What kind of big move will Professor Zhang be coming up with next?"

"Is he going to turn defeat into victory?" someone said in disbelief.

A female Go player said, "Can that happen? Is there a chance for that?"

A male Go player pointed at the screen and said, "Look at Professor Zhang's expression. He looks like he still has a big move planned that he hasn't brought out yet. I know about the things that he has done in the past, and everyone should probably know about it too. He's the type of person who would never bring out his trump card until the very last moment. There have been so many of his peers that had their faces smacked swollen in this way in the past!"

"That's right!"

"Can he win?"

"Aiyo, my heart can't take this!"

Xiang Rong 9-dan, Wu Changhe, Dan Donghe and the others were all staring with wide eyes at the screen. The outcome of the game was almost decided. They were at the final showdown of the battle. None of them dared to blink as they were afraid they would miss the epic moment!

Do it!

Hurry up and do it!

What was the meaning of that opening strategy and the show of weakness just now for?

Let us witness it, let the machine witness it, and let the entire population of Asia witness it!

The viewers watching on TV were also staring wide-eyed!

Some of them stood up!

Some of them got excited!

Some of them were waiting in anticipation!

At this moment on their screens, Zhang Ye's hand reached into the Go bowl 2 !

The American representative looked at the terribly calm Zhang Ye across from him and suddenly felt a sense of panic as well. You're holding something back? What are you planning on doing? Where will you place this next stone? For a moment, he could feel himself sweating nervously. He kept looking all over the Go board for a position where Zhang Ye might still have a chance of survival!

Where was it?

Just where could it be?

Which position had Peter neglected to take into account?

Chen Ying 7-dan also stood up excitedly. She ignored the reminder from the earpiece that the director gave and said loudly, "It's coming! Professor Zhang has picked up his white stone! He's going to make a move now! Today, Professor Zhang has shown his standard and played to a very high level that showcased the grandeur of humanity! If he wins, he'll immediately become the hero of the Go world! He'll be the hero of all humanity! Watch this, Professor Zhang has raised his white stone and is ready to place it down. I believe that he has been waiting for this chance for a very long time. He wants to decide the outcome now and let the AI know who the true overlord of the world is. Where will Professor Zhang place this decisive stone? This stone is a matter regarding the honor of humanity. Which lethal point will it strike the AI?"

The people watching the live broadcast from Japan were buzzing with excitement!

The viewers from Korea were stirring as well!

At this moment, countless sets of eyes from all over Asia were staring fixedly at Zhang Ye's hand. It was as though it was the hand of God!

Chen Ying 7-dan said loudly, "We're going to witness a miracle at the next moment! Let us watch together as the moment arrives! He's making the move! Teacher Zhang is making his move! Where will this white stone land? Where will this white stone that deals a fatal blow to Peter land? Ah…he still not placing it down on anywhere yet. He's pulling his hand back!"

Instantly, it felt as though the entire world had gone quiet!

Everyone in the room fell silent!

Zhang Ye looked at the international referee and beckoned to him. He said in an embarrassed manner, "Um, I resign."

The American representative fainted!

Yu Yingyi fainted!

Chen Ying fainted!

Wu Changhe fainted!

Li Qinqin fainted!

The Japanese and Korean viewers fainted!

Everyone throughout Asia very nearly breathed their last breaths at that moment!

Goddammit, you motherfucking bastard!

Where was the motherfucking big move that you promised us?

Where was the agreed on Divine Move that you were talking about?

But as it turned out, he actually had nothing up his sleeves?!

Divine Move - https://senseis.xmp.net/?KamiNoItte | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FNOouojjOQ
1. 双/Shuāng/takefu - The name, like the 'knuckle' on a stick of bamboo, comes from the strength of the connection. It is normally impossible to cut through it. | https://senseis.xmp.net/?BambooJoint
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