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I am Really a Superstar

Author:Chang Yu

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Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world! It’s like the same world, but wait a minute…many brands, celebrities and even famous works from his world changed and are gone in this new world! Armed with the profound literary knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming famous! Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!
《I am Really a Superstar》 Text
Chapter 0: I Want to Be a Star!
Chapter 1: The World After Being Altered!
Chapter 2: I Can Save?
Chapter 3: Dumbfounded Interviewers!
Chapter 4: A “The Song of the Stormy Petrel” to Shock the Masses!
Chapter 5: Being Hired!
Chapter 6: Laundry Day!
Chapter 7: First Day of Work
Chapter 8: Trying the “Unlucky Sticker”!
Chapter 9: The extremely unlucky Tian Bin!
Chapter 10: ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ is Born!
Chapter 11: Having His Own Program!
Chapter 12: Tidal-like Good Comments from Listeners!
Chapter 13: The Listenership Rating for the Program Explodes!
Chapter 14: A late-night Segment has Actually Turned Popular!
Chapter 15: Opening a Treasure Chest Again!
Chapter 16: The Door Opened!
Chapter 17: Little Zhang, Quickly Run!
Chapter 18: The Channel’s Number One Girl Doesn’t Acknowledge Him!
Chapter 19: Someone Wants to Commit Suicide During a Live Broadcast!
Chapter 20: That “The Furthest Distance in the World” Poem
Chapter 21: The Person Who can Cure a Cultured Youth is Another Cultured Youth
Chapter 22: Appearing on the Newspapers!
Chapter 23: Becoming Slightly Famous!
Chapter 24: Giving You Another Poem!
Chapter 25: There are Advertising Sponsors!
Chapter 26: Encountering a tough problem!
Chapter 27: Getting a Big Prize in the Lottery!
Chapter 28: An Amazing Unscripted Performance!
Chapter 29: What is Your Most Expensive Dish Here?
Chapter 30: The War of Words on Weibo!
Chapter 31: Every Cursing Sentence is Classic!
Chapter 32: The Popularity Gained from Cursing!
Chapter 33: I Guess I Should Write a Self-reflective Essay!
Chapter 34: Rejecting the Leader!
Chapter 35: Hosting a New Segment!
Chapter 36: The Legendary Jinx!
Chapter 37: My Segment Will Not Go Off-air!
Chapter 38: Zhang Ye narrates “Snow White”!
Chapter 39: Today it’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!
Chapter 40: Fairytale Essay Competition!
Chapter 41: Zhang Ye’s Troll Fan Army!
Chapter 42: Deserving of First Place!
Chapter 43: An Insane Listenership Count!
Chapter 44: Will it really not be axed?
Chapter 45: The Serialization of “The Wizard of Oz”!
Chapter 46: Another Crazy Surge in the Listenership Rating!
Chapter 47: The Parents Are Revolting!
Chapter 48: The Program Won’t Be Axed!
Chapter 49
Chapter 50: The Heavenly Queen’s Personality Can’t Be That Bad!
Chapter 51: Comrade Little Zhang has been Cursed At Again!
Chapter 52: Who Dares Say ‘Teacher Zhang Can’t Write Poems’?
Chapter 53: Obtaining the Heavenly Queen’s Cellphone Number!
Chapter 54: Mid-Autumn Festival’s Poetry Meet!
Chapter 55: You Don’t Meet Unless You Are Enemies!
Chapter 56: One Poem After Another!
Chapter 57: Zhang Ye’s Anger, “Shuidiao Getou“!
Chapter 58: The Masterpiece that Shocked the Entire Hall!
Chapter 59: A Shocking Vote Count!
Chapter 60: Using Mo Yan’s Prize Acceptance Speech!
Chapter 61: The Weibo Messages of the People from the Writers’ Association have been Deleted!
Chapter 62: Family Dinner
Chapter 63: Can You Get Zhang Yuanqi’s Signature?
Chapter 64: New Feature of the Lottery – Additional Stakes!
Chapter 65: The Amazing Effects of the Fruit of Charm!
Chapter 66: The Olive Branch Held Out by the Television Station!
Chapter 67: The Rookie that was about to Make History!
Chapter 68: Refreshing a New Historical Record!
Chapter 69: Little Zhang Reached the Top of the Literature Channel!
Chapter 70: The Silver Microphone Awards Nomination
Chapter 71: You Really Think I’m a Pushover!?
Chapter 72: The Silver Microphone Awards’ Nomination List has been Released!
Chapter 73: This Time it’s Smacking the Leader’s Face!
Chapter 74: The Awardee’s Name has been Messed Up!
Chapter 75: Zhang Ye’s Miraculous Win!
Chapter 76: Does this Award Count?
Chapter 77: A Poem to “Thank” the Unit and the Leaders!
Chapter 78: One of the Station Leaders Fainted!
Chapter 79: Zhang Ye — Synonymous with Notoriety!
Chapter 80: This World’s Celebrity Rankings!
Chapter 81: The Absolute Unsparing Duo!
Chapter 82: Zhang Ye brings the Child to School!
Chapter 83: Zhang Ye Writes an Elementary School Composition!
Chapter 84: You are That Zhang Ye?
Chapter 85: Could I Have an Autograph?
Chapter 86: Little Zhang Seeks Employment!
Chapter 87: Selling the Copyright to the Novel and Fairy tales!
Chapter 88: The Competition for the Rights to Ghost Blows Out the Light
Chapter 89: Helping an Old Colleague!
Chapter 90: The Chance for an Interview at the Television Station Has Come!
Chapter 91: Television Station Interview – Literature Contest!
Chapter 92: “This is also Everything”!
Chapter 93: The Outcome of the Interview?
Chapter 94: A Huge Discovery About the Lottery!
Chapter 95: You are Changing Persons!
Chapter 96: Face Smacking Specialist!
Chapter 97: Night!
Chapter 98: The Landlady’s Loss
Chapter 99: The Five Million Copyright Fee has been Banked In!
Chapter 100: Buying a Car!
Chapter 101: One Day at the Television Station
Chapter 102: Car Was Smashed by a Flower Pot!
Chapter 103: Colleagues Realize Zhang Ye’s Glorious Deeds!
Chapter 104: The Crisis for the Television Station’s Public Service Advertisement!
Chapter 105: An Excellent Advertisement Exalted by the Masses!
Chapter 106: The Heavenly Queen Comes Again!
Chapter 107: The Commotion Caused by the Advertisement!
Chapter 108: Where did this Zhang Ye appear from?
Chapter 109: Calligraphy Skills Experience Book!
Chapter 110: Beijing Couplet Competition Begins!
Chapter 111: The Preliminaries Begin!
Chapter 112: The Last Question that No One could Match!
Chapter 113: Zhang Ye’s Second Half!
Chapter 114: Miraculous Couplet Matching Miraculous Couplet!
Chapter 115: The Buzz from the Live Webcast!
Chapter 116: A Situation During the Finals!
Chapter 117: Zhang Ye’s Reputation Crisis?
Chapter 118: The Three Couplets of the Finals!
Chapter 119: A God-Like Zhang Ye, Shocking Couplets!
Chapter 120: Zhang Ye’s Millennial Impossibility!
Chapter 121: This World has another Millennial Impossibility!
Chapter 122: Face Smacking Specialist is Back!
Chapter 123: This Time, His Reputation has Really Gone Bad!
Chapter 124: “Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms”!
Chapter 125: Countless Lottery Draws!
Chapter 126: The New Segment is Going on Air!
Chapter 127: The Recording of the Segment’s First Episode!
Chapter 128: Let Them Get Lost. I’ll Lecture!
Chapter 129: Little Zhang Creates “Lecture Room”!
Chapter 130: “Lecture Room – Zhang Ye’s Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”
Chapter 131: A Professor was Dumbfounded by Zhang Ye’s Questions!
Chapter 132: Unending Applause from the Audience!
Chapter 133: Waiting for the Rating!
Chapter 134: An Alarming Rating!
Chapter 135: Extreme Validation from Peking University’s Professor!
Chapter 136: The Difficulty of Getting One Live Ticket!
Chapter 137: Meeting Thieves in Crime!
Chapter 138: Zhang Ye’s Shows His Prowess!
Chapter 139: Teacher Zhang Shamelessly Refuses to Leave!
Chapter 140: Taking Advantage again!
Chapter 141: Introduce a girl to Zhang Ye?
Chapter 142: Growing Success of “Lecture Room”!
Chapter 143: Establishing Zhang Ye’s Official Fanclub!
Chapter 144: A Fan is Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness!
Chapter 145: ZhangYeNumber1Fan is Jumping off a Building!
Chapter 146: Zhang Ye Takes Care of the Surgery Fees!
Chapter 147: Gathering the Surgery Fees!
Chapter 148: A Celebrity Goes Broke to Save a Fan!
Chapter 149: If You Do Not Leave Me, I Will Always Be at Your Side Until the End of Life
Chapter 150: The Amazing Fruit of Charm!
Chapter 151: Not Giving the Leader Face!
Chapter 152: Beating the sh*t out of Wang Shuixin’s Son
Chapter 153: Zhang Ye has been Arrested!
Chapter 154: Causing an Uproar!
Chapter 155: Zhang Ye’s “My Confession”!
Chapter 156: Fans Seek Justice for Zhang Ye!
Chapter 157: Another “Prisoner’s Song”!
Chapter 158: That Zhang Ye is Writing a Poem Again?
Chapter 159: The Heavenly Queen gives Zhang Ye a “Like” on Weibo!
Chapter 160: We Aren’t Issued with Bayonets!
Chapter 161: The Heavenly Queen asks Zhang Ye for Help!
Chapter 162: Does your House need to install Broadband?
Chapter 163: The Fleeing Duo!
Chapter 164: The Music Copyright to “When Will the Moon Be Clear and Bright”?
Chapter 165: Zhang Ye sings “Wishing We Last Forever”!
Chapter 166: The Heavenly Queen Behaves like a Scoundrel!
Chapter 167: “Wishing We Last Forever” Turns Viral!
Chapter 168: Everyone Asks for a Song from Zhang Ye!
Chapter 169: Finishing the Recording of Every Episode of ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’!
Chapter 170: Zhang Ye’s Rage!
Chapter 171: Receiving the Attention of Society!
Chapter 172: Editor Wei’s Funeral Wake Begins!
Chapter 173: Editor Wei’s Daughter’s Poem!
Chapter 174: The Shocking Poem at the Funeral Wake!
Chapter 175: Wang Shuixin gets Beaten Up!
Chapter 176: The Police Station Does Not Dare Arrest Zhang Ye!
Chapter 177: The News’ Evaluation of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 178: Helping Zhang Ye Find a Job!
Chapter 179: Why care at all – be it winter, summer, spring or fall!
Chapter 180: Another Item Added to The Game’s Merchant Shop!
Chapter 181: Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist!
Chapter 182: Zhang Ye is Publishing Another Book!
Chapter 183: The Heavenly Queen is going to be Zhang Ye’s Wife?
Chapter 184: The Misunderstanding of the Publishing House’s Employees!
Chapter 185
Chapter 186: Heavenly Queen Zhang Meets Mystery Man Late Into The Night!
Chapter 187: Curtains!
Chapter 188: In the Same Bed!
Chapter 189: Caught by a bunch of reporters?
Chapter 190: Prophetic Escape!
Chapter 191: Teacher Little Zhang joins the Film Crew!
Chapter 192: Zhang Ye’s Real and Fake Kung Fu!
Chapter 193: Fighting with Monks!
Chapter 194: Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist 1 vs 4!
Chapter 195: Zhang Ye Discusses Buddhist Verses with Monks!
Chapter 196: Zhang Ye’s one gatha after Another!
Chapter 197: Conferring Words!
Chapter 198: You dare to believe Zhang Ye’s words?
Chapter 199: “Zhang Ye’s Compilation” Signing Event!
Chapter 200: WebTV’s Invitation for Zhang Ye!
Chapter 201: About to Leave Beijing!
Chapter 202: Extreme Boldness!
Chapter 203
Chapter 204
Chapter 205: School Belle!
Chapter 206: Game Difficulty Adjustment!
Chapter 207
Chapter 208: Zhang Ye Appears
Chapter 209: Teacher Zhang Ye, I love you to death!
Chapter 210: You can’t open the lock? Let me do it!
Chapter 211: Who Knows How to Fly a Plane?
Chapter 212: Teacher Zhang, you really know how to fly a plane!
Chapter 213: Bro, how do I get to Hong Qiao airport?
Chapter 214: You China Airlines are too much a bully
Chapter 215: Everyone’s attention on the plane that lost communications!
Chapter 216: The Hair-raising Landing!
Chapter 217: The Applause for Teacher Zhang!
Chapter 218: The Kissing Bet with the School Belle!
Chapter 219: On Central TV News!
Chapter 220: Most Raffish Host in History!
Chapter 221: The Airport Holds an Appreciation Ceremony!
Chapter 222: New House has been decided on
Chapter 223: This is the Legendary Zhang Ye?
Chapter 224: The School Belle is also in the Same Company?
Chapter 225: Using the Red String of Fate!
Chapter 226: Stuck in the Ladies’!
Chapter 227: The Pioneer of Talk Shows in this World!
Chapter 228: Living with the School belle!
Chapter 229: What is a Talk Show?
Chapter 230: No One is Optimistic!
Chapter 231: I am Zhang Ye, I speak for myself!
Chapter 232: “I’ll Speak for Myself” Released on the Web!
Chapter 233: Promotional Advertisement Published!
Chapter 234: National Buzz!
Chapter 235: Zhang Ye’s Fashionable Body!
Chapter 236: Program Title Introduction, “I’ll Feed a Bag of Salt to Myself”!
Chapter 237: Fusing all Talk Show programs!
Chapter 238: Talk Show’s Recording Begins!
Chapter 239: Talk Show’s Recording…Really Begins!
Chapter 240: The Live Scene Filled with a Volley of Laughter!
Chapter 241: The First Episode of a Talk Show Comes to a Successful Ending!
Chapter 242: The Program that Shocks the World!
Chapter 243: The Airing of Talk Show!
Chapter 244: So a Program Can be Done this Way!
Chapter 245: Zhang Ye—Please remember this name!
Chapter 246: Zhang Ye’s Ratings Legend Continues!
Chapter 247: A Program Staff Credit List that Shocks Everyone!
Chapter 248: Live broadcast? Nothing I’m afraid of!
Chapter 249: A war of words begins again!
Chapter 250: WebTV’s First Historical Live Broadcast!
Chapter 251: Zhang Ye’s Continuous Saving off the Situation!
Chapter 252: Teacher Zhang begins Cursing!
Chapter 253: Zhang Ye’s Cursing Time!
Chapter 254: Scolding till the Skies Go Dark!
Chapter 255: Great Victory!
Chapter 256: A change in schedules for the Talk Show!
Chapter 257: Numerous Television Stations Head-hunt Zhang Ye!
Chapter 258: Which is the best in excavating technology?
Chapter 259
Chapter 260: Sneak attack on the school belle!
Chapter 261
Chapter 262: Talk Show Gets Taken Off Air?
Chapter 263: If the tiger doesn’t roar, do you think I’m an ill cat?
Chapter 264: The SARFT’s Press Conference!
Chapter 265: During the Live Broadcast!
Chapter 266: Zhang Ye’s “The Answer”!
Chapter 267: That familiar Teacher Zhang is back again!
Chapter 268: “The Last Speech” of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 269: Solidarity from Everywhere!
Chapter 270: A Carefree Soul!
Chapter 271: A man answers for what he does!
Chapter 272: That “Sunflower in the Sun”!
Chapter 273: One Scolding a Day!
Chapter 274: The Target of Scrutiny by the SARFT!
Chapter 275: Another War of Words with ‘Working Together’!
Chapter 276
Chapter 277: Li Tao’s Reputation Destroyed!
Chapter 278: Hacker Zhang Ye!
Chapter 279: Support Genuine Products!
Chapter 280: Finally found Li Tao’s skeletons!
Chapter 281: Revealed at roughly 8:20!
Chapter 282: Offering a Limerick!
Chapter 283: “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” Restored!
Chapter 284: Top of the SARFT’s Blacklist—Zhang Ye!
Chapter 285: Peking University’s Invitation!
Chapter 286: Going to Peking University’s Chinese Department as a Lecturer!
Chapter 287: Joining 3rd Cousin’s New Year’s Party!
Chapter 288: Zhang Ye can’t write Love Poems?
Chapter 289: Third Cousin’s Poem Stolen!
Chapter 290: “To The Oak” saves the day!
Chapter 291: It’s Zhang Ye!
Chapter 292: Focus of the Party!
Chapter 293: Chinese department’s Leaders are Stumped!
Chapter 294: Officially Joining Peking University!
Chapter 295: The Excited Peking University Students!
Chapter 296: Peking University’s Students’ Questions!
Chapter 297: A Different Peking University Teacher!
Chapter 298: The ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ that No One Dares to Teach!
Chapter 299: This World’s Misconception of Dream of the Red Chamber!
Chapter 300: Breaking! Zhang Ye is to become a Peking University lecturer?
Chapter 301: There’s no need to thank me, Just call me Red-scarf Scout!
Chapter 302: Blasted!
Chapter 303: An extremely packed public class!
Chapter 304: Zhang Ye’s Dropping of Atomic Bombshells!
Chapter 305: The Later Parts of ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ were not written by Cao Xueqin?
Chapter 306: A Lecture that Subverts All Understanding!
Chapter 307: Speechlessness!
Chapter 308: One bombshell after another!
Chapter 309: This is the precursor of re-writing History!
Chapter 310: The First lesson is over!
Chapter 311: Poked a Hornet’s Nest!
Chapter 312: Zhang Ye’s Response—Let the world laugh about me
Chapter 313: Losing all decorum with the Literary world!
Chapter 314: Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him!
Chapter 315: The Landlady Auntie on a Blind date?
Chapter 316: Compete with Zhang Ye in couplets?
Chapter 317: Senior Sis, You’re Hoodwinking Us Buddies!
Chapter 318: The Anticipation-Filled Day!
Chapter 319: The Second Public Lecture!
Chapter 320: ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ only has 108 Chapters!
Chapter 321: Unprecedented!
Chapter 322: I can explain it all!
Chapter 323: Answering Every Logical Error!
Chapter 324: The Students Refuse to End Class!
Chapter 325: The Redologists Strike Back?
Chapter 326: A Plot No One Dares to Touch in ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’!
Chapter 327: Applause. Everyone Stands Up!
Chapter 328: The hope of Peking University’s Chinese department!
Chapter 329: How People Looked at Zhang Ye
Chapter 330: The path of Peking University was the right one!
Chapter 331
Chapter 332
Chapter 333: What to talk about for the third lecture?
Chapter 334: Breaking New Ground Again!
Chapter 335: This Semester’s Last Class!
Chapter 336: The university rankings are out!
Chapter 337: Lu Xun and Bingxin’s quotes were used!
Chapter 338: Water Lotus Moon’s appearance once again!
Chapter 339: What are you commanding me for!
Chapter 340: National Primary and Secondary School New Year Gala!
Chapter 341: Professor Yan's Opening Address!
Chapter 342: Zhang Ye's Closing Speech!
Chapter 343: A Different Closing Speech!
Chapter 344: "Ode to Young China" stuns the Four Seas!
Chapter 345: Face-smacking Zhang shows his powers yet again!
Chapter 346: I didn't scold the Old!
Chapter 347: "How the Steel Was Tempered" excerpt!
Chapter 348: Going on People's Daily!
Chapter 349: Popularity Rises Again!
Chapter 350: Almost a C-list Celebrity!
Chapter 351: Nearby Person—Water Lotus Moon!
Chapter 352: The difficult questions from Water Lotus Moon!
Chapter 353: Meeting Water Lotus Moon!
Chapter 354: It's you?
Chapter 355: Too Awkward!
Chapter 356: Looking for Zhang Ye to be a spokesperson?
Chapter 357: Spokesperson for Brain Gold!
Chapter 358: Signing the Endorsement Contract!
Chapter 359: The Brain Platinum's commercial copy has landed!
Chapter 360: A series of shocking promotional bursts!
Chapter 361: Wu Zeqing's Birthday!
Chapter 362: The Calligraphy Association Anniversary Gathering!
Chapter 363: Calligraphy contest?
Chapter 364: One person is Enough!
Chapter 365: First question, a poem beginning with the word Ceng/Zeng*!
Chapter 366: "Missing You" — Part four of five!
Chapter 367: Two rounds down!
Chapter 368: Consecutively Winning Three Rounds!
Chapter 369: Zhang Ye’s Great Capacity for Drinking and Poetry!
Chapter 370: The last match! Couplets duel!
Chapter 371: Old Wu's Birthday Gift
Chapter 372: Master Wei's Disciple's Provocation!
Chapter 373: "Ode of Mulan" is Born!
Chapter 374: Fighting to get Zhang Ye's works!
Chapter 375: Wu Zeqing Sending Him Home!
Chapter 376: A Perfect Wife and Mother!
Chapter 377: The continued rise of Zhang Ye's Talk Show!
Chapter 378: Staying over at Sis Wu's house!
Chapter 379: Taking photos for Old Wu!
Chapter 380: Changing Costumes!
Chapter 381
Chapter 382: All Sorts of Things to See!
Chapter 383: Viewing ALL of the pictures!
Chapter 384: The Brain Gold Advertisement that Gets Cursed Badly!
Chapter 385: Completely Sold Out in the Supermarkets!
Chapter 386: Brain Gold is Selling Like Hotcakes!
Chapter 387: Receiving an A-list Celebrity's Endorsement Fee!
Chapter 388: An Advertising Proposal that Created History!
Chapter 389: A situation at the Spring Festival Gala!
Chapter 390: New Song? I'll Write it For You!
Chapter 391: The Song has been Written!
Chapter 392: Going Onstage!
Chapter 393: The never waning "Woman Flower"!
Chapter 394: Who could have written this song?
Chapter 395: Friend of Women!
Chapter 396: A Stunning Scene in the Dressing Room!!
Chapter 397: The Heavenly Queen Rescues the Situation!
Chapter 398: The Heavenly Queen's Clothes!
Chapter 399: New Year's Goal!
Chapter 400: Something Has Happened Again!
Chapter 401: Zhang Ye's One Kick!
Chapter 402: Another Person Is Sent Flying!
Chapter 403: Beating up Three People Consecutively!
Chapter 404: Today, it will be useless no matter who comes!
Chapter 405: Because "I love this land"!
Chapter 406: Shouldering all Responsibility!
Chapter 407: We can do it too!
Chapter 408: An extremely packed police station!
Chapter 409: How did I, Zhang Ye, deserve this?
Chapter 410: Out!
Chapter 411: A C-list Celebrity Ranking Obtained From Fighting!
Chapter 412: Zhang Ye is Injured!
Chapter 413: Zhang Ye's "Personally Inscribed on a Small Picture"
Chapter 414: I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name!
Chapter 415: Recuperating!
Chapter 416
Chapter 417: This world's missing Taiji Fist!
Chapter 418: The privileges of being sick!
Chapter 419: Lucky draw, X-ray vision eye drops!
Chapter 420: A great harvest of Items!
Chapter 421: Release of the single!
Chapter 422: The power of the Lucky Halo!
Chapter 423: Zhang Ye gains even more popularity!
Chapter 424: How People Thought of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 425: An eccentric short haired beauty!
Chapter 426: Officer Fan!
Chapter 427: You are Big Saber Bro?
Chapter 428: Sino-Korean cyber warfare!
Chapter 429: Display of Officer Fan's Awesome Prowess!
Chapter 430: Legendary hacker!
Chapter 431: Another round of battles!
Chapter 432: Zhang Ye Makes his move!
Chapter 433: Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!
Chapter 434: Famous virus — Panda Burning Incense!
Chapter 435: Creation of the Virus Completed!
Chapter 436: Attack of the Virus!
Chapter 437: Red Alert at the Global Malware Protection Center!
Chapter 438: I don't care!
Chapter 439: The virus rages on!
Chapter 440: The world's top 10 viruses!
Chapter 441: The inexorable panda!
Chapter 442: Panda Burning Incense's multiple variants!
Chapter 443: Extermination!
Chapter 444: We do not accept your surrender!
Chapter 445: The aftermath of the virus, a suffering of heavy losses!
Chapter 446: The world's most dangerous computer viruses rankings!
Chapter 447: World Hacker Rankings!
Chapter 448: Wanted Globally!
Chapter 449: Aunt's Family has a Problem
Chapter 450: The despised comrade Little Zhang!
Chapter 451: Septwolves' Advertisement Tagline!
Chapter 452: What does your brother do!?
Chapter 453: A Stunning tiny Blogshop!
Chapter 454: My goal is the Sea of Stars!
Chapter 455: Babysitter Zhang Ye!
Chapter 456: A terrifying amount of Reputation Points!
Chapter 457: Leveling up in Taiji Fist again!
Chapter 458: A big prize!
Chapter 459: The most stringent ban in history!
Chapter 460: Going to be dropped!
Chapter 461: Notions of the People!
Chapter 462: Only so much!
Chapter 463: Where is the way out?
Chapter 464: Zhang Ye does not dare show his face?
Chapter 465: About to Drop out of the C-list Celebrity Rankings?
Chapter 466: No matter where the winds blow!
Chapter 467: Reputation actually grew!
Chapter 468: Another masterpiece of Li Bai!
Chapter 469: "If by life you were deceived"
Chapter 470: Fellow sufferers!
Chapter 471: Let's go, off to sign up!
Chapter 472: Time for a counteroffensive!
Chapter 473: Zhang Ye's Big Move!
Chapter 474: Lowering Difficulty by Five Times!
Chapter 475: Huge Blunder!
Chapter 476: Got onto a live broadcast?
Chapter 477: The madness of Central TV!
Chapter 478: A crosstalk performance 7-8 years ahead of its time!
Chapter 479: I am a Scholar!
Chapter 480: Embodiment of Guo Degang!
Chapter 481: The first preliminary round has ended!
Chapter 482: First!
Chapter 483: This is what a man of God is!
Chapter 484: Second Work is Decided!
Chapter 485: I will reject the Three Vulgarities!
Chapter 486: Arrival of the Jinx!
Chapter 487: Disparaging Begins!
Chapter 488: This is what Crosstalk is about!
Chapter 489: Judges chased off by scoldings!
Chapter 490: The Kings without a crown!
Chapter 491: Whatever goes!
Chapter 492: Voices of everyone!
Chapter 493: Arrival of the 3rd Crosstalk performance!
Chapter 494: A compilation of Guo Degang's crosstalks!
Chapter 495: Scolding and scolding. Scolding all the way!
Chapter 496: Wave after wave of destruction!
Chapter 497: I don't know speed recital?
Chapter 498: Champions!
Chapter 499: The crosstalk and skit competition gets called off!
Chapter 500: Wooing Sis Wu!
Chapter 501: A traveler's necessity novel "Legend of Wukong"!
Chapter 503: "I want for the sky to not cover my eyes!"
Chapter 504: Well received reactions!
Chapter 505: Zhang Ye's wondrous way of cooking up publicity!
Chapter 506: The year's greatest scolding war!
Chapter 507
Chapter 508: Confessing to Old Wu!
Chapter 509: "I'm willing to become the stone bridge for 500 years"!
Chapter 510: Holding hands!
Chapter 511: Love Token
Chapter 512: The International Math Olympiad!
Chapter 513: You must have calculated that with a calculator?
Chapter 514: Zhang Ye's nationalistic youth spirit!
Chapter 515: One of the world's Top 10 Mathematical Conjectures!
Chapter 516: Fermat's Last Theorem!
Chapter 517: Declaring war on the Mathematics world with "On Horses"!
Chapter 518: Never afraid of a big mess!
Chapter 519: Zhang Ye Solving a Mathematical Conjecture!
Chapter 520: A shocking hypothesis!
Chapter 521: Zhang Ye the Mathematician!
Chapter 522: All the mathematicians were constantly feeling stunned!
Chapter 523: An Omni-directional shockwave!
Chapter 524: The proof, completed!
Chapter 525: A global mathematical conjecture has been proven!
Chapter 526: I find that thumb ring to be quite attractive!
Chapter 527: Chinese is what I'm good at!
Chapter 528: A token of love!
Chapter 529
Chapter 530: People across the country were stunned!
Chapter 531: People across the country were stunned again!
Chapter 532: People across the country continued to be stunned!
Chapter 533: People across the country…are alright now!
Chapter 534
Chapter 535: Unbanned?
Chapter 536: Never, ever compromise!
Chapter 537: Zhang Ye's The Road Not Taken!
Chapter 538: Zhang Ye's retort!
Chapter 539: The Difficulty Adjustment Die's ultimate power!
Chapter 540: Return of the.....Jinx!
Chapter 541: Settling scores!
Chapter 542: New novel's contract!
Chapter 543: B-list!
Chapter 544: The Most Popular Celebrity Awards!
Chapter 545: Voting begins!
Chapter 546: The laurel of the Most Unpopular Celebrity Award!
Chapter 547: Upgrade unlocked for the game ring's system!
Chapter 548: New Lottery Draw!
Chapter 549: The most sought after elective class!
Chapter 550: The Youngest Associate Professor in the Country!
Chapter 551: The country's sixth world-class mathematician!
Chapter 552: A small conflict!
Chapter 553: A big conflict!.
Chapter 554: Troublemaker Zhang Ye!
Chapter 555: Shielding the helpless!
Chapter 556: Teacher Zhang Ye is quite the interesting person!
Chapter 557: Changing the script?
Chapter 558: Public outcry!
Chapter 559: Wait a moment!
Chapter 560: “Why Should I Forgive You”!
Chapter 561: The speech that got to see the light of day once more!
Chapter 562: The whole audience cheers!
Chapter 563: The Peking University’s Students’ Epic Act!
Chapter 564: Didn’t I say to not let me give the speech!
Chapter 565: Leaving Peking University!
Chapter 566: Incident Details Exposed!
Chapter 567: The students go on strike!
Chapter 568: Saying Goodbye to Peking University Again!
Chapter 569: Charismatic as ever!
Chapter 570: The three greatest virtues of Old Wu!
Chapter 571: A new job arrives!
Chapter 572: To help or not to help?
Chapter 573: The most frightening ‘Quit Smoking’ advertisement in history?
Chapter 574: Unable to finish?
Chapter 575: Tempting Fate!
Chapter 576: Ad finished!
Chapter 577: This old lady is the Station Head?
Chapter 578: Petrified!
Chapter 579: I’ll have a smoke to calm my nerves!
Chapter 580: Scaring the whole country!
Chapter 581: Why is it Zhang Ye again!
Chapter 582: The Darling of the Advertising World!
Chapter 583: The Heavenly Queen Comes to Visit!
Chapter 584: The scenery is better over here!
Chapter 585: You guys are touring my house!
Chapter 586: Pandemonium!
Chapter 587: Soaking wet bush lily!
Chapter 588: Return to the television station?
Chapter 589: Beijing Television Station’s three visits to the thatched cottage!
Chapter 590: Dong Shanshan has resigned!
Chapter 591: A Singing Program?
Chapter 592: Do You Remember
Chapter 593: Launch of a new program!
Chapter 594: Dong Shanshan and her family are shocked!
Chapter 595: The host who never needed a script
Chapter 596: The Appointed Host!
Chapter 597: An old classmate’s appreciation!
Chapter 598: The Upgraded Effects of the Lucky Halo!
Chapter 599: Invitation from the crew of Grandmasters!
Chapter 600: Acting audition?