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Chapter 43 - Liar

Chapter 43 - Liar

“If you don’t want to buy that thing, then I’ll sell it to someone else. It’s none of your business!” Xu Yi said with a face full of contempt.

Although Xu Yi didn’t know that the refined iron was a stolen item, he did know that it was too precious to display it in public, especially when his cultivating ability wasn’t compatible with the functions of this weapon.

As Xu Yi had already participated in the eye-opening auction at the Exquisite Pavilion, he understood that the price he offered was rather favorable.

“500 gold coins, no more!” Shaochuan bargained impatiently.

“900 gold coins! No less!” Xu Yi replied, as there was a touch of amusement in his voice. He was rather excited about the fact, that Shaochuan had taken the bait.

“You idiot, do you know anything about bargaining? You should offer me a lower price, rather than raising the price. Stop provoking me!” Shaochuan raised his eyebrows as high as possible.

Xu Yi tilted his chin, “Not another word, or I will raise the price even higher. If you really piss me off, I’ll probably sell it to the Exquisite Pavilion at the price as low as one tael of silver! You really don’t know how to appreciate favors, 900 gold coins, this is final!”

In his previous life, Xu Yi had been through various online chatting and quarrelling, so he wasn’t a rookie when it came to debating.

Shaochuan felt like there were numerous flickers of furious fire licking inside his brain; He felt like he was about to explode if he stayed here any longer. Therefore, he turned around and flew after his soldiers.

He rummaged through their pockets and added the findings to his own gold cheque, which, all together, barely added up to 900 gold coins. Soon, he staggered back into Xu Yi’s room.

Compared to the imposing manner with which he had initially passed the threshold, now he was more like a sorehead, trying to find a way to finish this mental battle as soon as possible.

“Here it is!” Shaochuan slammed the money on the bench that stood next to Xu Yi.

As the saying goes, money is the panacea - even those who are blind will open their eyes, while those who are crippled will stand up by the simple temptation that is money. Xu Yi had acted like a lassitude invertebrate ever since Shaochuan had invaded on his property. However, right now, he was surprisingly lively, as he bounced up from the chair, while his eyes lit up. He immediately snatched the gold coins from the bench and, with a serious face, started counting it.

Xu Yi then tucked all the money into his waist pocket, before he lifted his feet forward.

Shaochuan rushed to Xu Yi in a furry, trying to get in his way.

“What are you doing? Do you think I’m running away with the money? Ridiculous! Only idiots will bring such treasures with them, I locked it in the safe.” Xu Yi explained.

Shaochuan reluctantly stepped back.

After a short while, Xu Yi took out an elegantly-decorated folding fan and he unfolded the fan when he stood in front of Shaochuan again.

“I don’t need a fan! Give me the refined iron!” Shaochuan frowned.

“This is what you’ve just bought from me for 900 gold coins... Take it!” Xu Yi replied as he threw the folding fan towards Shaochuan.

“What? Can you say that again?” The infuriated Shaochuan stood there like a timebomb, ready to explode.

“This folding fan was once your son’s personal belonging. I picked it up because of its special design and delicate material. Now, since you agreed to buy it at a high price, why should I reject the deal? Don’t tell me you’re going to go back on your words?” Xu Yi justified himself coldly, prevaricating with a forged story.

“Shameless liar! Bastard! ....” Shaochun pinned his glaring eyes onto Xu Yi and bombarded him with a load of dirty words.

Returning to his chair, Xu Yi crossed his legs, as he started to rhythmically drum his fingers on the arm of the chair.

Shaochuan managed to calm himself down a little bit, before he continued his debate with Xu Yi, “To some extent, you’ve become famous since you’ve killed my son. Don’t you even care about your public image? What would others say, if they were to know that you’re such a shameless liar?”

“Wake up, old man. I haven’t mentioned the refined iron in our conversation, all I said was “that thing”. I suppose that you need this folding fan as a memento of your son. Anyway, you’ve submitted the money, which is a sign of confirming this deal. Don’t blame me, blame yourself!” Xu Yi quibbled without a pause.

Shaochuan was completely shocked, as his tongue got twisted.

It was really a battle of intelligence and eloquence and, obviously, Xu Yi had outwitted Shaochuan in the first round. Like playing cards, Xu Yi had already seen the cards in Shaochuan’s hands, whereas Shaochuan didn’t have any clue about Xu Yi’s cards. Thus, the result was self-telling.

“Fuck! I should’ve revealed my true intention directly, rather than beating around the bush. My strategy has failed! Now, listen, if you hand over the refined iron, I will still keep my promise and never force you to a fight. If not, hmmm, I bet you’ll go to hell before you’re able to use those 900 gold coins. I can hire the most excellent cultivators, as long as I give them a hefty amount of rewards. I don’t know how many rounds you’ll survive.” Finally, Shaochuan erupted like a volcano.

“Hey, Mr. Jiang, I’m afraid you’re too obsessed with your orchestrated “drama”. Well, to tell you the truth, I’m fed up with your phony attitude, because I know for a fact, that you won’t be lenient to me, even if I give you the refined iron. If you’re a beauty, I would probably give you some more “showtime”, but look at you, you’re so ugly. Oh, by the way, what about the man hidden behind the door? Why don’t you invite him in?!” Xu Yi rolled his eyes scornfully.

“What? How does he know?” Shaochuan murmured, almost to himself.

“That man, who’s squatting under the gate, why don’t you just stand up and come in to have a cup of tea?” Xu Yi continued.

The hypersensitivity that was bestowed upon him by his powerful soul, greatly helped Xu Yi, which would certainly be an advantage in his future fights.

Since Shaochuan and the group of armored warriors had stepped in, Xu Yi had sensed that there had always been one person, who was hiding behind the door.

As Xu Yi predicted, a man in green clothing entered the house, while he coughed a little bit to conceal his embarrassment, “I’m the deputy director of the Finance and Taxation Department in Guanan, my name is Chen Bing. Now, Xu Yi, listen carefully. On behalf of the government, I’m here to notify you that you’re invited by the Black Dragon Palace to fight with Gao Pan, the second in command of the White Horse Palace. This fight will take place as early as tomorrow. Xu Yi, either accept the invitation or leave Guanan immediately.”

“I accept this invitation!” Xu Yi replied without any hesitation, he then glanced at Shaochuan, “I remember you’ve promised me, that if I hand over the refined iron, you’ll cancel the fight?”

Shaochuan’s face blushed as nothing was more embarrassing than when the bubble of lies got poked open. Just now, he had vowed to Xu Yi, that he wouldn’t invite him to a fight, as long as the refined iron was returned. However, he had already arranged for Chen Bing to wait outside the house, so the latter could announce the official invitation of the challenge.

What made Shaochuan lose even more face, was the fact that he had not only failed to get back the refined iron, but also lost 900 gold coins in the process!

“Son of a bitch! Wash your head today, because tomorrow, it’ll be taken of your neck!” Shaochuan cursed at Xu Yi, before he turned around and left. He figured that Xu Yi could be the best scapegoat for the stolen refined iron.