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Chapter 39 - Priceless

Chapter 39 - Priceless

“Once the refined iron takes the form of a sword, it’ll be able to greatly assist you in battle. This is, of course, just one of the many magical functions of this item. Dear guests, have you ever heard of the Deity Sword, owned by the one and only Feng Xifeng, better known as the Master of Swordsmanship, who is also one of the three Wu Kings of Empire Yue. His famous Deity Sword is actually made from refined iron!” Elder Li said glibly after his performance.

“What? Do you mean the legendary Deity Sword? The sword which bright scarlet red light can be seen piercing through the sky from fourteen prefectures away?! Is it really made of refined iron? I heard that its previous master, Master Zeng Yijian, had even cut the peak of a mountain with the Deity Sword, which was obviously quite incredible!”

“The Deity Sword is undeniably stunning with regards to its sharpness. Mr. Li, I still have a question lingering in my mind. As far as I know, the color of the Deity Sword is scarlet red, almost resembling the color of the setting sun. Now, look, the refined iron displayed here is white. How do you explain that?”

Everyone was left bewildered, after this question was asked.

Elder Li beat the silver hammer to regain everyone’s attention, before he solemnly replied: “The Exquisite Pavilion boasts a history of 200 years in this line of business. In these 200 years we’ve never deceived our customers with fake items and we never will. I’m afraid, my dear guest, that you can’t quite see the whole picture of this item. I’ve been informed that fifty years ago, before Feng Xifeng was honored as the Master of Swordsmanship, his Deity Sword used to actually be white. The sword didn’t change its color until twenty years later, when it demonstrated a pale red color. And only at the time when his skill in swordsmanship gradually gained fame, oh, that was probably about ten years ago, did the sword turn into its well known scarlet red color. Some of you may wonder if Master Feng changed between three different-colored swords over these years. Is this true?”

“Is the sword capable of upgrading itself at certain stages? The sword made of refined iron has the exceptional function to change its color as a sign of an upgrade!” Xu Yi suddenly blurted out.

Elder Li slightly nodded his head, full of complacency.

Upon hearing this mind-boggling function, the guests couldn’t restrain their excitement any more, as some of the seats were even cracked because of the impact of qi exerted from their overjoyed emotion.

A weapon with self-upgrading function was by no means a normal item, especially for those cultivators who almost took weapons in as their lovers.

Most of the time, when a cultivator stepped into a higher realm, he had to reluctantly change his original weapon for a new one, one that could match his master’s new abilities. After all, original weapons aren’t able to upgrade their strength alongside their master, so to have a weapon that is able to evolve alongside its master… This was like a dream come true for most cultivators.

On one side, they attached great personal emotions to their weapons, which accompanied them through both the good and the bad times. On the other side, it took quite some time to get familiar with a new weapon. As far as efficiency was taken into consideration, the constant change of your weapon was obviously not a favored choice.

Now, that weapons made of refined iron could overcome the weakness of ordinary weapons, it was, of course, greatly tempting all of the present cultivators.

Moreover, the well-known Deity Sword cemented their confidence in the quality of the refined iron. The guests definitely deeply longed for a weapon of this kind.

As for Xu Yi, he considered it a double blessing to possess both the Long’er Scalp and the refined iron. However, he was still unclear about one thing.

“My apology, I still have one more question. As we all know, weapons are of extreme importance to cultivators, why would anyone sell such a peerless weapon material at an auction?”

For the majority of the guests in this auction room, they were hysterically thrilled when the item, that once only existed in legends, suddenly emerged at this auction.

Xu Yi didn’t wish to dampen anyone’s passion by raising such a question; however, he simply couldn’t stand the annoying puzzlement, that was brooding in his head, anymore. Where other auctioned items, such as the Long’er Scalp (which could be found anew as long as the Long’er didn’t go extinct), could be obtained again relatively easily, this refined iron was an irreplaceable material, one that could only be found by sheer luck.

Even though it was almost common knowledge for cultivators that the Deity Sword was made of refined iron, almost no one had had the luck of actually seeing this material with their own two eyes. Anyone who held such a legendary item wouldn’t be willing to sell this priceless material to others, unless there were some nasty secrets involved.

“My distinguished guest, thank you for your excellent question. The answer is quite simple actually, because the original owner wasn’t able to forge the refined iron into a proper weapon for himself. However, I’m not sure of the detailed reason for this, it could be the lack of forging techniques, or perhaps because the owner isn’t accomplished enough as a cultivator. Anyway, the owner eventually made his decision to exchange this item for money, rather than locking it up in some safe. Therefore, please allow me to remind you guys, this item isn’t suitable for just anyone; you’d better give it a second thought before bidding. Don’t blindly follow others.” Elder Li replied in an even tone, without showing any trace of surprise or anger.

The astute response of Elder Li took advantage of this hard question and also provoked more people into bidding, as no one would be willing to admit that they weren’t an excellent cultivator, especially for those who had already surpassed the realm of a forged body.

The shock tactic immediately took effect, as everyone was lit up. They stopped thinking of how arduous it could be to forge this material; instead, they began to evaluate their own abilities as a cultivator and compare themselves with the original owner. Undoubtedly, almost everyone concluded that they were better owners for the refined iron.

Elder Li observed the reactions of the guests, and only cut in when he felt that the time was just right. He announced the starting price of 2,000 gold coins and, as soon as he did, the room quickly filled with raucous screams, like noisy buoyant bubbles in a pot filled with boiling water.

judging from the furious and greedy expression on the guests face’s, Xu Yi speculated that the starting price could probably double.

“5,000 GOLD COINS!” Elder Shui immediately tried his best to shout down his opponents.

The moment Elder Shui was about to speak some intimidating words, he was interrupted by another bidder, shouting with an even higher price. Within several minutes, the bidding price had already reached 6,000 gold coins.

“I will exchange it with a Shen Yuan Pill, who else will compete with me?” Elder Shui said as he suddenly raised his hand, showing a glittering gold pill.

The crowd suddenly turned silent, as everyone’s attention was directed at the pill, showing adoration in their eyes. Suddenly, with a crisp sound of the hammer, the bloody bidding competition finally came to an end, as Elder Shui became the new owner of the refined iron.

A few minutes later, Xu Yi walked through the long tunnel and went back to the VIP room, while he was still intoxicated by the excitement that was brought to him by the auction.

A Shen Yuan Pill! It was the magical pill for cultivators in the peak state of a forged body.

In the transitional phase between a forged body and an ocean of qi, it required all of your strength to be turned into genuine qi, which would be invincible. But the premise was, that the dantian in your body had to be activated, so as to give the qi a place to settle down in.

The Shen Yuan Pill’s main function was exactly this, to activate your dantian!

Previously, Elder Qi had bought the Ginseng Baby to refine a Shen Yuan Pill, which had already stirred up an uproar in the auction room.

When Elder Shui raised an actual Shen Yuan Pill, Xu Yi had to fully restrain himself from blurting out: “I’ll change it with you.”

Anyway, his trip to the Exquisite Pavilion was quite fruitful, even though there was still a trace of unhappiness reflected in Xu Yi’s expression.

Suddenly a familiar voice could be heard, “Boss, I’ve been waiting here for you ever since you left. How was the auction, did you get anything?” Qinghua said, as he popped out.

Xu Yi stood there absent-minded, as if he didn’t even notice Qinghua.