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Chapter 32 - The Exquisite Pavilion

Chapter 32 – The Exquisite Pavilion

Qinghua stared at Xu Yi, “No offense, but you’re probably the most inquisitive one among all of my customers. Yeah, you’re right that they take specific precautions to avoid any form of misbehaviour. Look, on the left side of the flag, there are several seniors sitting behind a long desk. They’re the judges of this arena. Actually, prior to the fight, each candidate is asked to offer a drop of blood for the panel to test. Because the blood carries a lot of information about the cultivator. The density and color of the blood, for example, varies in different states of cultivation. The test ensures a fair and equal fight. ”

Upon hearing these words, Xu Yi sighed with relief. Although Teacher Zhou had already told him that the initiator couldn’t challenge someone of a lower realm, Xu Yi still feared that the Black Dragon Palace might play a dirty trick, by hiring someone in a higher realm than he was. However, after Qinghua’s words, he was reassured.

Qinghua tried to persuade Xu Yi to make a bet on the ongoing fight, but he soon realised that Xu Yi had absolutely no intention or interest in gambling, so he gave up on these intentions. However, he rattled on about some other topics and even inquired what realm of cultivation Xu Yi had reached. This guide was really something; he could talk your head off if you didn’t stop him.

“Oh, My Goodness, you’re in the peak state of a forged body! How old are you?” Qinghua was stunned by Xu Yi’s impressive achievements in Wu Dao.

“I’m thirty years old.” Xu Yi lied.

Actually, Xu Yi was just eighteen years old. However, if he revealed his true age, he’d be famous in the cultivation world and he didn’t want to put himself in the spotlight, especially when he was sought for by both the Black Dragon Palace, as well as the Zhou Family. Luckily, to some extent, the uncombed hair and disheveled appearance successfully concealed Xu Yi’s young age.

“A still tongue makes a wise head. Most cultivators couldn’t reach the peak state before the age of thirty. Throughout Guanan, only five cultivators, who were all from resourceful and prominent families, obtained the peak state before the age of thirty. Trust me, in the near future, you’ll become famous in Wu Dao!” Qinghua exclaimed in excitement.

“Time is limited, we need to go faster and get things done.” Xu Yi coldly urged Qinghua.

As he realised that Xu Yi wasn’t fond of this topic, he submissively nodded his head and led Xu Yi to the main street.

An hour later, they arrived in front of a glamorous store.

“After walking through this door, you’ll be able to obtain any and every medicine your heart desires! This place boasts all kinds of medicines, some of which we’ve probably never even heard of. Shall we go in?” Qinghua passionately suggested.

A gigantic gate stood erect in front of the store, which was almost 17 meters width and 10 meters high. To match the size of this gate, the threshold was also designed in an exaggerated size and fashion. Both were made of pure bronze, gleaming in the sunlight.

In the middle of the lintel was a line of elegant calligraphy, which gave the name of this store – The Exquisite Pavilion.

If you stared at the name for several seconds, it would become miraculously vivid and would transform itself into a dragon, which flew within the framework of the nameplate. Soon, the dragon settled down and changed itself back into calligraphy.

“This name plate was the brainchild of a famous architect. The material used for this plate, the uncut jade, was extracted from the faraway Easter Sea. The most amazing part, is that three snake goblins are casted inside the calligraphy. Did you see them moving? No other store in Guanan can replicate this exquisite design.” Qinghua reckoned that it was the right timing to introduce this store, as Xu Yi was ecstatically staring at the nameplate.

“Snake goblins? Do goblins exist in this mortal world?” Xu Yi whispered so quietly, that only he himself could clearly hear his question.

Since ghosts were no strangers to Xu Yi, which had made him feel rather used to anything supernatural, he didn’t linger on this mysterious name plate. Instead, he directly entered the store.

The grandiose decoration inside the store was breathtaking. Xu Yi stood still, dumbfounded like a blockhead, forgetting to take another step.

The columns were made of white jade and the bricks on the ground were made of black iron. It seemed as if all of the materials that were used in this architecture were exquisite and rare, distinguishing itself from other stores. Dragons and phoenixes were vividly sculptured on the walls, rendering a touch of imperial elegance. What a magnificent place to visit this was!

People clustered everywhere in the hall. Each customer was accompanied by a salesman. Business in The Exquisite Pavilion was booming.

“What can I do for you, my distinguished guests?” A saleswoman walked towards Xu Yi and Qinghua, speaking with an alluring voice. Her long brown hair and her shapely figure grabbed the attention of bypassers. But, her smile was really weird, which was more like an inanimate poker face.

“We need a VIP room!” Qinghua conceitedly instructed the saleswoman.

“Alright, please follow me, my dear guests!”

The saleswoman straightened her back, showing off her plump breasts. She kept leering at Qinghua along the way.

Any customers who spent more than a hundred gold coins, would be invited to a VIP room. Since Xu Yi had already confided to Qinghua his target budget, two hundred gold coins, Qinghua had requested a VIP room in advance.

Soon, they arrived in the VIP room. As they sat down, two pretty and dazzling young ladies served them tea, fruit, snacks and other exquisite food.

Never in his lifetime, had Xu Yi enjoyed this level of service. Meanwhile, he started to curiously look around. Actually, it was a little bit boring waiting in this room. Soon, the cup of tea in front of Xu Yi was finished. He also pigged himself on the delicious snacks. Soon after, he lazily lay down in the armchair, observing his surroundings.

Xu Yi didn’t realise, that everyone in the room was staring at him with an unbelievable expression. Qinghua was embarrassingly blushing. The ladies stopped smiling, wondering if they should call the bodyguards to send them out. As the crude manner of Xu Yi shocked the ladies, as they had never seen any guest eating and drinking so rudely. They even thought that Xu Yi and Qinghua pretended themselves as guests only for the delicious food.

“Excuse me, what are you going to buy from us?” The brown-haired saleswoman sharpened her voice, no longer showing her smile.

“Top-level chilian herb, eyes of aged snail, gallbladder of bear…” Qinghua replied.

These medicines were exactly what Xu Yi needed to start his cultivation of the Dominating Strength technique.

Hardly had Qinghua’s voice faded away, or the saleswoman forced her exaggerated smile back onto her face and called in another two servants. She politely said goodbye to them, before she went to the warehouse to check the stock availability of these medicines.

“We apologize for keeping you waiting. We’re sorry to inform you that two of the medicines are currently unavailable, the eyes of aged snail and the gallbladder of a bear. Maybe you can buy the available medicines first. And we’ll keep you updated on the availability of these two items, that are currently out of stock.”