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Chapter 26 - Kowtow

Chapter 26 - Kowtow

The man in black clothing led his group of bodyguards and ran towards Xu Yi.

Xu Yi wielded the pair of hammers to defend himself from the incoming swords, arrows and spears. Each and every weapon, that was hit by the hammers, were bent and deformed. While the bodyguards who were hit by the hammers, instantly fell down and died.

Seeing that almost all of his bodyguards were killed in rapid succession by Xu Yi’s bronze hammers, the man in black clothing rushed behind Xu Yi and aimed his dagger at Xu Yi’s head.

Xu Yi sensed the incoming danger coming from behind him and successfully dodged the dagger. He then turned around and swung the hammers up towards the man in black clothing. Instantly, the colliding sound between the bronze hammers and the dagger exploded forth, as the man in black clothing had launched a second attack.

A peculiar situation occurred, both of the bronze hammers were cut into halves! It was like the dagger was cutting through a piece of tofu. Everyone was amazed and terrified by the sharpness of this dagger.

After destroying the hammers, the dagger’s attack wasn’t yet finished, as it continued on its track towards Xu Yi’s head. The man in black clothing started to feel nervous, as he had even stopped breathing, while he was waiting for his dagger to pierce into Xu Yi’s head

Fortunately however, after Xu Yi had seen his hammers being sliced through, he managed to just barely dodge this dagger. The man in black clothing was totally stupefied. Even in his wildest of dreams would he never have thought that Xu Yi’s response would be this fast.

Admittedly, he had thrown the dagger with the best of his efforts, which was rather fast for the normal eye. But for Xu Yi, a man in the peak state of a forged body, the speed was as slow as a snail. Thus, he had ample of time to respond to the incoming dagger.

A small difference in cultivation would make a huge difference in speed and strength. The man in black clothing intended to play his trump card – the sharp dagger, to win this battle. However, to his disappointment, he failed miserably.

In the middle of his bewilderment, the man in black clothing felt horrified, as he realised that Xu Yi had already appeared in front of him. Xu Yi immediately lifted him up in the air by snipping his dazhui acupoint [1].

“How many evils have you committed…” Hardly had Xu Yi finished these word, or the iron ball in the man in black clothing’s hand suddenly reshaped itself into countless pointed needles, which were quickly rushing towards Xu Yi’s chest.

Once the dazhui acupoint was controlled, the man in black clothing should be absolutely defenseless. Xu Yi was quite confident about this, so he had lowered his vigilance. How could he have ever imagined, that the iron ball was such an amazing weapon. Even for someone in the ‘an ocean of qi’ state, would it be difficult to escape from this sneak attack.

Due to the hypersensitivity of his soul, the moment when the needles cut into his clothing, Xu Yi quickly moved his left shoulder several centimeters to the side. Even though it was impossible to evade these needles, at least he tried his best to protect his heart, or he would die.

Eventually, the needles pierced through Xu Yi’s flesh, several centimeters away from his heart. It truly was a narrow escape!

Since Xu Yi was in the peak state, his skin was as resilient as that of an ox. As long as his heart wasn’t hurt, it meant nothing to him. At his current state, his organs weren’t cultivated into a higher realm yet, which is why they still needed to be protected in a fight.

The man in black clothing immediately threw his fists towards Xu Yi, in an attempt to push the needles deeper into his flesh. The sense of danger drove Xu Yi to fight back and he even successfully grabbed the right wrist of the man in black clothing. After he held the wrist in his hands, he made a small movement with his hand and broke the wrist.

Soon, the needles inside Xu Yi’s body came back out and changed back to the iron ball, which fell into the hand of the man in black clothing.

The needles left quite remarkable scars on Xu Yi’s body, but there was no bleeding, as Xu Yi successfully controlled his muscles in a specific way to compress the blood.

Suddenly, Xu Yi took the iron ball and the sharp dagger from the man in black clothing and tucked them into his waist pocket, which was made of tiger skin.

“You dare to attack government employees. As per the laws, you should be severely punished!” Xu Yi put one of his feet upon the chest of the man in black clothing.

“You bastard! Give me back the iron ball, you’re in real trouble, you idiot!” The man in black clothing didn’t show any signs of submission, he actually even retorted.

The man in black clothing was only one step from death, however, until now, he still cared deeply about his iron ball. This must be some rare treasure. Of course, Xu Yi wouldn’t return the iron ball to him.

Barely had the man in black clothing’s voice faded away, or Xu Yi bent down and cut the left thumb of the main in black clothing off.

“You’ve asked Elder Mu to kowtow three times to you, now, go and kowtow to Elder Mu for thirty times. I’ll start counting. If you don’t do it after I count to three, I’ll continue to cut one finger or toe off at a time. Oh right, if we get to the point where you’ve got no fingers or toes left, then we’ll continue with your nose and ears…Let’s see how far I’ll have to count and how many body parts you’ll lose.”

Frankly, Xu Yi was truly cruel to such an immoral and arrogant man. As he finished his little speech, he began to count.

“One, two…”

The man in black clothing excreted all of his energy and stood up, before he yelled at Xu Yi: “You really don’t have a clue about the Black Dragon Palace, huh?! If you kill me today, my fellow brothers, with that I mean, three thousands members, will come to seek revenge for me…”

“three, four…” Xu Yi counted to four. As he had just said, after three, if the man in black clothing didn’t kowtow to Elder Mu, he would cut one of his fingers off. Without any hesitation, he cut off a finger from the man in black clothing who was in the middle of his speech.


“I swear! My father will tear you into pieces!” The man in black clothing cursed at Xu Yi. The distorted expression really made him look like a monster.

“Five... six... seven!”

Xu Yi continuously cut the fingers of the man in black clothing, until it left none on his left palm. The man in black clothing almost fainted due to the loss of blood. He struggled to make a sound.

“S… stop!”

When Xu Yi was about to call out “fifteen”, the man in black clothing stopped him.

The man in black clothing was brought up in a prominent family, how could he bear this kind of suffering and horror. Although he swallowed all the pain in order to preserve some dignity, this was not for him, but for the Black Dragon Palace. But now, Xu Yi had completely broken his will and he had no choice left but to surrender.

He kneeled down.

- Bang! Bang! Bang! -

The man in black clothing made a rapid succession of kowtows against the slate. He knocked his head so hard that it created a series of loud thuds. He might’ve worried that if he didn’t knock hard enough, that Xu Yi wouldn’t let him go. Or maybe, by doing so, he simply wanted to give vent to his disguised shame and rage.


[1]: Dazhui acupoint picture: http://www.internalartsinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/acu-points-du-14.jpg