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Chapter 25 - Enforcing the Law

Chapter 25 – Enforcing the Law

The bald man was thrown so far away, that he even splashed into the billowy Dragon Beard River.

Xu Yi rushed into the petrified crowd, while holding Autumn in his arms.

For the bald man, the pair of bronze hammers was merely a decorative accessory to threaten others. In a real fight, he didn’t quite know how to properly handle them. However, in Xu Yi’s hands, the hammers turned out to be lethal weapons.

Xu Yi had specially trained himself to bear remarkably heavy weight; the previous armor was a good example of this. He ravingly waved the hammers up and down, left and right. Those hit by these hammers felt their tendons snap and their bones break, with most of them only barely able to hang onto their lives. As Xu Yi continued spiraling the hammer, all of Yuya’s hatchetmen fell down, while some of them were even blasted away into the river.

Within a couple of minutes, the battle was over and Xu Yi triumphantly walked out.

All the bystanders still gazed open-mouthed, as they had never watched such an intense and fast fight. Truly, it was for many the first time, that they got to observe peak state cultivators fight.

“Elder Mu never expected you to offer him a high price for the carp. He trusted you and believed that you would bring justice to this situation. But instead, you helped a villain do evil. The carp is worth at least one hundred taels of silver, why are you giving Elder Mu only two taels? According to the Laws and Decrees of Empire Yue, anyone who steals more than one hundred taels of silver should be given rod punishment – being beaten by a rod for three hundred times!” Xu Yi solemnly said, as he walked towards Yuya.

“Are you trying to browbeat me? The Minister of the White Horse County is my brother-in-law! Don’t try and scare me with the laws, I have a reliable backer patron in the government. You really are naïve!” Thinking of his brother-in-law, Yuya seemed to become confident again, even though the previous fight had scared him half to death.

Xu Yi didn’t care about any nepotism, he only believed in the righteousness of the laws and decrees. He held Autumn firmly in his arms and covered her eyes, trying to protect her from seeing the brutal scene in front of them.

“Uncle Xu, I want to watch while you slaughter these bad people [1].” Autumn spoke with boldness.

“Alright, but be careful.” Xu Yi whispered to Autumn in a soft and gentle voice.

He then turned back to Yuya: “You dare to despise and disregard the Laws and Decrees of Empire Yue, now your punishment has been upgraded to death.”

- Bang! -

Xu Yi waved the pair of bronze hammers, the momentum of which made the dust blow up in the air. When the cloud of dust finally disappeared, Yuya was found lying in a deep man-made hole, with blood smeared all over his body. Obviously, He was violently hit by the hammers.

It was a double-blow for the onlookers, both visually and spiritually. They never expected that the once supercilious Yuya had already died and that he had even left behind such a horrifying image.

As for Xu Yi, he walked towards the man in black clothing, dragging the pair of hammers behind him. In the sunset’s afterglow, the shadow of the skinny Xu Yi was lengthened to an exaggerated size, which made him look like a celestial being descending down into this mortal world.

Everyone present felt awestruck, as they sensed the mental aura emanating from Xu Yi.

“It blows my mind that you’re such an excellent fighter. You must’ve reached the peak state, haven’t you? Quit the guard job, it’s a waste of your talent. If you’d like to, I’d be more than happy to introduce you to a better place.” The man in black clothing calmly said, as if he wasn’t frightened at all.

“It is you who bullied Elder Mu, right?” Xu Yi shouted at the man in black clothing, without batting an eyelash. Although he heard the coaxing words from this man, he didn’t believe for a second that this man was being honest. Xu Yi was a man with unwavering loyalty, plus, the amoral personality of the man in black clothing really disgusted him. He would never mess with such a beast.

“Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ You’re a wise man. Let me remind you that anyone who acts against the Black Dragon Palace, will find an early demise. Since you’ve already killed Yuya, you’ve made me lose face in front of so many people. We should just put an end to this little game. I’m afraid you’re still too young to realise, that a win-win situation is always the best choice. One more friend, one more road!” The man in black clothing restrained his anger and continued persuading Xu Yi. If he had any confidence in killing Xu Yi, he would definitely not be acting like this.

“How brazen you are!” Xu Yi disdainfully replied.

“You’ve bullied elders and children, as per the Laws and Decrees of Empire Yue, you should receive one hundred beats on your back with a rod. However, since there is no rod available here, I will use my hammers instead. One punch of my hammers will be sufficient.” Xu Yi scolded the man in black clothing as well as his bodyguards, after which he once again raised the pair of bronze hammers.

Both the bald man and Yuya had died by a single punch of these hammers, everyone knew what this meant. This thin and young man had decided to kill all of the evildoers.

In fact, the fishermen had a deep hatred for the man in black clothing; this wasn’t the first time he had shown up. They had long been bullied by this man, who would always act in a disgustingly cocky manner. However, today, somebody from the Plain Clothing Unit, a newly employed guard, helped them to pay off their old scores. They were extremely excited to see what would happen next.

The man in black clothing could no longer control his pretended kindness towards Xu Yi. “Fxxk you! I’m sure you’ll regret not joining the Black Horse Palace!” He barked like a crazy dog.

Suddenly, the man in black clothing took out a sharp dagger as well as an iron ball, which was about the size of a goose’s egg. He then ran towards Xu Yi, as a sinister and ferocious look covered his face.

Previously, he was afraid to directly fight with Xu Yi, in case of being killed. The speed and strength of Xu Yi implied that he was probably in the late state of a forged body. While he himself had only just entered the late state of a forged body not long ago. He wasn’t sure if Xu Yi had already reached the peak state, however, for someone under the age of thirty, the chance of entering the peak state was extremely small. Plus, Xu Yi’s appearance indicated that he was definitely not yet thirty, even though the unshaven beard gave him a vicissitude touch. Also, If he truly was in the peak state, then why would he ever take such a lowly job as a simple guard?

As the man in black clothing considered all of this, he decided to fight Xu Yi head on, instead of dragging him back to the Black Dragon Palace. Even if Xu Yi had actually already reached the peak state, it wouldn’t change much. It’d be equal to eggs being thrown at a rock, as his attacks would amount to nothing and besides, he didn’t even have the chance to escape. Because, he represented the Black Dragon Palace and if he chose to be a coward and flee, it would definitely hurt the reputation of the Black Dragon Palace.

Eventually, he slowly stepped towards Xu Yi, and he reckoned his odds to survive were rather big, as he actually still had a couple of trump cards left.


[1]: I had to make a note for this…. This is one cruel little ‘cute’ girl..