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Chapter 23 - An Abrupt Change Of The Situation

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Chapter 23 – An Abrupt Change Of The Situation

“There’s no need to hurry, Yuya… Actually, don’t bother to buy it for me. I’ll handle this one myself.” The man in black clothing said, before he asked his bodyguards to wrap the carp into a bag.

“I’m honored to give you this carp as a gift.” Yuya flattered.

The man in black clothing tapped on Yuya’s shoulder and then threw some silver on the ground, a few bits and pieces.

“Hey, old man, this is the payment for that carp, go and pick it up!” He arrogantly barked at Elder Mu.

All the fishermen, including Elder Mu himself, were shocked as well as irritated by this brazen behavior. Counting the silver bits on the ground, it was no more than two taels of silver in total. Normally, even Yuya would pay him a hundred taels of silver. It was a transparent and accepted price here.

“This is not fair. How can you buy this carp for only two taels of silver?” One of the fishermen with a long face replied angrily.

After the angry voice of this man sounded out, all the other fishermen burst into an uproar. They were all in the same boat, since they had all long been exploited by those tyrannical and cold-blooded evildoers. At the beginning, they were really happy for Elder Mu’s catch of the day. They even congratulated Elder Mu for capturing such a precious carp. However, they never thought that all the joyfulness would turn out to be a tragedy.

“Ah ha! Listen, if you dare to rebel, I won’t take any of your fish today!” Yuya yelled at the upset fishermen, as he saw that the man in black clothing’s expression was quickly turning gloomy. After all, this port was within the scope of his jurisdiction.

Immediately, the crowd turned silent, as they didn’t want to lose their chance to earn some meager money from Yuya. They were the bread-earners of their poor families. They had to financially support their wife and children!

- Boom! –

Without any warning, the long-faced fisherman was hit by the man in black clothing. He was thrown away and landed heavily against a large flagstone, leaving a large pool of blood.

“I ask you one more time. Is two taels of silver enough for the carp?!” The man in black clothing asked, as his evil eyes observed the crowd. He punished the long-faced man in an attempt to frighten the others. As he expected, the other fishermen quickly retreated several steps, except for Elder Mu.

Elder Mu straightened his back and raised his head, in a pose that didn’t dilute his self-esteem. He squarely stared back at the man in black clothing.

“If you’re really interested in my carp, then I’ll give it to you for free. However, what right do you have to beat my fellow fishermen up?!” Elder Mu shouted at the man in black clothing.

“How dare you speak to our Excellency this way? For fishermen like you, do you think you deserve an explanation after being beaten? How funny!” Yuya stepped forward and slapped Elder Mu in the face.

Elder Mu stood there calmly, his swarthy face was as tough as a rock and the wrinkles on his face seemed to be sculptured on there. Suddenly, he threw out a short fork from his waist, directly throwing it at Yuya.

The flying fork went through Yuya’s lose robe, completely missing Yuya, it was, however, a close call. Eventually, the fork had flown all the way towards the carp and unexpectedly even pierced into its head.

Everyone was stunned by the abrupt change of the situation.

It was true that the meat of the carp was tasty, but only when it was cooked immediately after it was killed. Now, the carp was already stabbed to death by Elder Mu, it was now almost impossible to create a delicious cuisine out of it.

“F**k you, old bastard!” Yuya was so infuriated that some of the hairs on his head even erected in a funny way.

“That’s my fish! I have the right to kill it or cook it. It is none of your business!” With an awe-inspiring expression, Elder Mu retorted in an unintimidated voice.

“Oh look, a street hero! Hey, guys, come look! Let’s see how strong our little ‘hero’ is.” The man in black clothing said, as he laughed at Elder Mu’s confidence.

Immediately, several of his bodyguards encircled Elder Mu. However, they didn’t attack straight away; instead, they observed Elder Mu’s response. Indeed, they were a little bit shocked by the fork-throwing skill of this old man, so they were currently rather apprehensive.

Actually, Elder Mu was simply an old fisherman with a stout build. If measured by the standards of Wu Dao, he wouldn’t even qualify for the state of a forged body.

After a short while, the bodyguards were convinced that Elder Mu posed no threat. They dove on Elder Mu and started throwing punches. Elder Mu immediately passively curled up and hid his head behind his crossed arms, trying to evade any real damage.

“That’s enough, don’t beat him to death. Give him a chance to beg me for mercy.” The man in black clothing waved his hand as a stop sign.

Elder Mu lied on the ground, unable to stand up. His clothing was smeared with blood and on the ground a small pool of blood could even be seen. At the same time, he was gasping for air, with his chest swelling and quivering in a rhythmic fluctuation.

The obstinacy of Elder Mu drew the attention of the man in black clothing. He said with an evil smile: “Old man, if you can kowtow three times to me, I’ll probably let you go. Otherwise, I’ll definitely throw your body into the Dragon Beard River!”

Without any verbal response, Elder Mu straightened his neck, showing no signs of submissiveness.

“Old bastard, you sure are tough. Alright, guards tie this old man to a rock and then throw him into the river!” The man in black clothing became tired of Elder Mu’s thick skin.

“Your Excellency, please think twice. Doing this in front of so many people, will surely hurt your reputation!” Yuya reminded the man in black clothing in a low voice.

Although Hibiscus Town was a small place that was not worth mentioning, it was still within the territory of Empire Yue. The laws and decrees of Empire Yue were not a joke, it was formally stipulated in the laws that murder and bullying wasn’t allowed.

The civilians here had long been suppressed by local powers. But even so, none of the prominent figures would dare to kill people in public, in other words, they would do it secretly rather than in broad daylight, making sure their reputation would remain intact.

“What’s the big deal about killing in public? Anyone who stands in my way, I’ll kill him. So what if it’s in broad daylight?!” The man in black clothing sneered.

“Come on! Throw him into the river! Don’t make me say it twice.” He barked like a mad dog.

“Hurry up! Have you ever heard of White Horse Palace, a subdivision of the renowned Black Dragon Palace? He is the young lord of this palace. Whoever dares to disobey our young lord is truly foolish.” Yuya exposed the true identity of the man in black clothing, in an attempt to threaten any reckless fishermen from fighting for Elder Mu.

It was obvious that Yuya was a shrewd businessman and that all he cared about were his own profits. If the fishermen rebelled, the young lord in black clothing might break their arms and legs, which would affect Yuya’s business. He had to rely on these fishermen to maximize his profits.

As Yuya anticipated, the mere mentioning of the Black Dragon Palace was enough to mute the crowd. The fishermen had no choice but to swallow all the anger and complain in their head.

“The Black Dragon Palace is sacred, so don’t speak it out in front of these mediocre people.” The man in black clothing glanced arrogantly at the crowd, concealing his satisfaction of seeing the petrified crowd.

At this very moment, a young girl with a backpack was rushing towards Elder Mu.

“Granpa, Granpa, What..What happened to you…hum..hum…”

The girl shook the body of Elder Mu over and over again, while tears were rolling down her cute little cheeks.