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I Am Supreme

Author:Fengling Tianxia

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I am Supreme Spread or announce my might in the world, I am the Supreme Medicinal material is poison if it cannot cure; a man who does not become a god will perish as ashes ……… Heavenly order has flaws, humanly world has injustice Cast aside romance, for evils prevail Misery brings forth kindness, rage won’t lead to disputes Beyond principles and rules, let me carry out the execution Spread my might in the world, slaughter injustice of the world Blade in hand, passion in heart; Passing judgement for life or death, sentenced by heroes with the blade, Staring at the world with cold eyes, I have no regrets in my life ………. Yun Yang is the central figure of the Nine Supremes of Yutang, heroes of the world. When the Nine supremes were ambushed and killed at Tianxuan Cliff, Yun Yang was the only one to escape the massacre albeit with heavy internal injuries. Watch as he takes revenge for his brothers against all those involved. 我是至尊
《I Am Supreme》 Text
Chapter 1: Men Who Wield Swords, Command Brotherhood
Chapter 2: Blood Over Four Seasons
Chapter 3: Birth of the Lotus of Fate, Endless Divine Art Descends
Chapter 4: The Change Within a Night
Chapter 5: When Would the World’s Atrocities End?
Chapter 6: No Mercy Under My Sword
Chapter 7: “Even Though the Law of Majestas Allows You to Live, I Won’t.”
Chapter 8: Thousand Illusion Monkey
Chapter 9: A Destiny of Sabers
Chapter 10: A Good Family Name, and a Great First Name
Chapter 11: A Whole Lot of Trouble
Chapter 12: Threats!
Chapter 13: External Forces, Warnings and Popinjays
Chapter 14: The Lightning Cat That Wasn’t
Chapter 15: Care to Place a Wager?
Chapter 16: Ximen Wandai! Time to Reel in the Net...
Chapter 17: Your Trap, My Scheme
Chapter 18: I’ll Pick a Better One for You!
Chapter 19: Thief, Emmie1!
Chapter 20: The Game Plan. Shared Profits
Chapter 21: The Four Noble Young Masters
Chapter 22: A Myth is but a Myth
Chapter 23: To Parry and Subdue the Fealty Jade Sword
Chapter 24: I Have Never Seen One Either
Chapter 25: It Has Already Begun
Chapter 26: Heartbroken Departures. Keeping Watch
Chapter 27: The Guardian and the Popinjay in Green
Chapter 28: Let Us Reason This Out
Chapter 29: You’re My Idol!
Chapter 30: Reverent Awe. Beyond Comprehension
Chapter 31: Concourse of the Underworld
Chapter 32: Staying Square1 and a Cloud’s2 Headache
Chapter 33: A Fate-Sealing Dossier!
Chapter 34: Of Terrifying Nights, a Kindness Repaid and an Assassination Attempt
Chapter 35: Assassins, Dictums and a Terrible Present
Chapter 36: What is This?
Chapter 37: Disappointment, Verification, and a Dispatch of Undercover Guards
Chapter 38: As Busy as a Marketplace!
Chapter 39: I’m Really F*cking Cheap…
Chapter 40: Information, Training a Lion and Prepping for a Fight
Chapter 41: Outcome of a Wager, Traces of an Assassin
Chapter 42: The Fire in the Heart Has Long Scorched the Prairie
Chapter 43: A Devoted Woman, Poison and Smoke
Chapter 44: A Formidable Foe Easily Captured!
Chapter 45: There Must Be a Pattern!
Chapter 46: The Ultimate Charlatan
Chapter 47: A Saber. Chu Tianlang1!
Chapter 48: Dividing the Loot. Enraged, Tianlang
Chapter 49: A Breakthrough and an Assassination
Chapter 50: Investigation. Someone is in the Room!
Chapter 51: Girlish Notions. A Sense of Familiarity
Chapter 52: A Miracle has Happened!
Chapter 53: It’s Him! Operation: Kill Chu!
Chapter 54: The Downfall of the Manor of Sirius
Chapter 55: Underhanded Substitution
Chapter 56: The Might of the Nine Supremes. I’ll Help You!
Chapter 57: Tortured in Interrogation!
Chapter 58: In Retrospect, the World is My Foe!
Chapter 59: Marquis Yun. Alehouse!
Chapter 60: Old Dugu. The Medallion of Gratitude
Chapter 61: A Conversation Between ‘Father and Son’
Chapter 62: Preparing to Strike!
Chapter 63: The Past. The Plan
Chapter 64: I’ve Found You!
Chapter 65: Extreme Tactics. Slaughter at the Doorstep!
Chapter 66: Say Not that the Martial Arts World is Distant, Say that the Worldly Realm is Far Away!
Chapter 67: Supreme Lord Spring Frost
Chapter 68: Disheartened and Shaken!
Chapter 69: Piercing Agony
Chapter 70: Mockery. Keeping an Eye Out. Coercion!
Chapter 71: Domineering!
Chapter 72: Jade. A Second Assassination Attempt
Chapter 73: At Noon Tomorrow, I Shall Enter the Supremes’ Residence!
Chapter 74: Farewell, Yun Yang
Chapter 75: Pearl of the Flood Dragon. The Residence of the Nine Supremes
Chapter 76: A Dream of a Hero, a Lifetime of a Woman!
Chapter 77: Yutang’s Warriors Remain. Building the Fortress with Integrity and Loyalty!
Chapter 78: With War Raging in Our Dreams, Even Handicaps Could Still Serve the Country!
Chapter 79: Wind in Tiantang
Chapter 80: Imminent Defeat
Chapter 81: Wind Hails at an Impasse
Chapter 82: The Wind Hails, a Flame Rises
Chapter 83: After the War. Aftermath
Chapter 84: Worth It!
Chapter 85: Soundless Threats
Chapter 86: A Farce
Chapter 87: An Inescapable Dragnet
Chapter 88: My Lucky Star. God of Contemptible Shamefulness
Chapter 89: Ins and Outs
Chapter 90: Becoming Siblings
Chapter 91: A Goblet of Bad Blood
Chapter 92: Things Get Terribly Out of Hand
Chapter 93: Happy Ending?
Chapter 94: Where did the Fatal Stab Come From?
Chapter 95: To Follow the Procedure
Chapter 96: A Nighttime Ruckus at the Board of Justice
Chapter 97: Prison Break
Chapter 98: So It Was Him!
Chapter 99: Brothers’ Last Wishes
Chapter 100: The Extermination of Evil Must Be Thorough!
Chapter 101: The Awakening of the Third-eye Chakra. Whitey’s Level-Up
Chapter 102: The Return of Tie Zheng!
Chapter 103: The Challenge of the Wine Money
Chapter 104: Letter of Credence. Four Great Popinjays
Chapter 105: Instigation of the Boss
Chapter 106: To Be Called Sister-In-Law. No Regrets in This Life
Chapter 107: Borrowing a Saber but Getting a Bomb Instead
Chapter 108: An Overwhelming Sense of Power
Chapter 109: Allow Me to Make Peace
Chapter 110: Blackmail. Luminary Paste
Chapter 111: An Assassination Attempt on the Way Home
Chapter 112: Besieged
Chapter 113: Slain!
Chapter 114: Young Master Supreme Cloud. The Transcendental Cliff
Chapter 115: A Heart That Is Not Yet Weary, a Tea That Is Not Yet Cold
Chapter 116: Missing Veterans
Chapter 117: The Spectral Path of the Soul, Abyss Trail of Blood
Chapter 118: Dispatch of the Nine Heavens Dictum!
Chapter 119: A Late Night Meeting at the Crown Prince’s Residence
Chapter 120: Old He. Critical Wounds
Chapter 121: Never Come Again!
Chapter 122: Someone Formidable
Chapter 123: Young Master Yun Goes Fishing
Chapter 124: The Prime of Wine
Chapter 125: This Would Either Make or Break!
Chapter 126: Seven-Scaled Fairy
Chapter 127: Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 128: You're Not the Only One Who Knows How to Cheat!
Chapter 129: I Admit My Defeat
Chapter 130: Requiting Fish. Ling Xiaozui
Chapter 131: Is Someone Blocking the Way?
Chapter 132: The Effort of Lifting a Hand
Chapter 133: Long-Drawn Grudges. Mercy for Four
Chapter 134: This is Supreme Lord Spring Frost!
Chapter 135: Seize the Fugitive!
Chapter 136: The Suicide Quartet
Chapter 137: Serve the Cloud of Wine. Drunk to High Heaven
Chapter 138: The Shangguan Family of Generals
Chapter 139: Born for the Battlefield, Bred for the Battle
Chapter 140: Grueling Training
Chapter 141: Heroes Should Not Be Without Posterity!
Chapter 142: In the Unmarked Cemetery
Chapter 143: I Have An Urgent Matter
Chapter 144: The Painting in the Royal Study
Chapter 145: Poison!
Chapter 146: A Good Child
Chapter 147: Fan the Flames and Let the Residence of He Burn!
Chapter 148: Night Encounter
Chapter 149: Spiritual Treasured Saber!
Chapter 150: Stopped by the Crown Prince!
Chapter 151: Willfully Offensive
Chapter 152: A Poison Without an Antidote
Chapter 153: Young Master Yun, Pills!
Chapter 154: A Massacre
Chapter 155: The Emperor’s Trick
Chapter 156: An Impartial Arbiter
Chapter 157: Blood of the Hero
Chapter 158: First Court King Qinguang
Chapter 159: Brothers, There’s Wine Now!
Chapter 160: Yutang, Foe of the World!
Chapter 161: Majestic Yutang
Chapter 162: Maligned Influence
Chapter 163: His Motive Alone Warrants Execution!
Chapter 164: The Saber Is In My Hands. Today, I Shall Exterminate all Evil!
Chapter 165: If Heroes are Bitterly Disappointed
Chapter 166: It Is Enough!
Chapter 167: Shura!
Chapter 168: Tell the Grand Tutor, Don't Hurry to Your Death!
Chapter 169: Antecedent. Fifth Brother?
Chapter 170: Ours!
Chapter 171: Generals of the World Revere Shangguan!
Chapter 172: A Mountain of a Man and a Woman of Water
Chapter 173: Cheers, My Brothers
Chapter 174: A Lifetime through Nine Goblets of Wine
Chapter 175: To Find a Tour Guide
Chapter 176: Miser!
Chapter 177: Racketeer
Chapter 178: Windfall
Chapter 179: I Promise!
Chapter 180: Scapegoat Material
Chapter 181: Tarnished Reputations
Chapter 182: Making an Issue of Pretext
Chapter 183: The Real Motive
Chapter 184: Dead!
Chapter 185: None of You Can Compare to Us
Chapter 186: This Is a Crook!
Chapter 187: Soul-Sealing Spike
Chapter 188: The Storm Through the Night
Chapter 189: The Legend of Shangguan
Chapter 190: The Grudge of the Family of Generals
Chapter 191: Another Windfall!
Chapter 192: A Game of Chance
Chapter 193: The Man in White Takes Part
Chapter 194: What Do You Have to Pawn?
Chapter 195: Do Me a Favor and We Shall Call It Even
Chapter 196: Caught!
Chapter 197: Personal Plots
Chapter 198: A Newfound Guard
Chapter 199: Tricked Again?
Chapter 200: The Man Behind Bai Yixue
Chapter 201: The Perfect Scapegoat
Chapter 202: To Be Led Somewhere
Chapter 203: An Enchanted Encounter!
Chapter 204: Bai Yixue Has Come
Chapter 205: Ambushed On The Way Home
Chapter 206: Han Sanhe, What Is This?
Chapter 207: Who Is the Mastermind?
Chapter 208: He Must Be the One Who Framed Me!
Chapter 209: External Woes Solved, Now Time for Internal Affairs!
Chapter 210: Yun Yang’s Weakness
Chapter 211: A Conversation Before War
Chapter 212: Night at the Palace
Chapter 213: A Heart to Heart Conversation
Chapter 214: Granting Your Wish
Chapter 215: You May Regret It, But I Don’t!
Chapter 216: If There Is to Be a Next Life, Let Us Not Part!
Chapter 217: This is Absurd!
Chapter 218: Come, Let’s Strike a Deal!
Chapter 219: Why is the Smoke Black?
Chapter 220: Brothers, I’m in Hot Water!
Chapter 221: I've Been Tricked Again!
Chapter 222: A Foul Man!
Chapter 223: Death at the Doorstep
Chapter 224: Impasse
Chapter 225: Incinerated
Chapter 226: A Mysterious Treasure Map
Chapter 227: Another Level Up
Chapter 228: Two Targets
Chapter 229: Why Are We Being Hunted?
Chapter 230: To Escape an Assassination
Chapter 231: Strike, Kill, Leave!
Chapter 232: Stepping into an Ambush!
Chapter 233: A Tornado Rises
Chapter 234: Stirring up a Commotion
Chapter 235: A Brawl at the Golden Court!
Chapter 236: Sweet Words
Chapter 237: Military Action on All Sides