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Chapter 429: Lighting Up Another Fire for You

Chapter 429: Lighting Up Another Fire for You

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Following the shift in time, the power of the Kun Peng grew stronger and stronger. He started to regain his past momentum.

It was obvious that he did not intend to let anyone off. His claws were still grabbing onto Prince Xian as he flew towards the rest.

The Kun Peng converted to a roc form, which was the elite among the flying demons. Its flying speed was also rarely contested. If it wanted to kill, nothing in the field could escape.

"Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance… …" After combining the news provided by the Blue Pavilion Holy Man and the rest, Lin Feng checked with the system. He started to understand why the ancient Kun Peng’s soul had returned.

After pondering for a while, he made his move. But he did not aim it at the Kun Peng within the formation.

Lin Feng’s target was the pathway created by the Kun Peng Grand Sage in the space-time turbulence, outside the formation.

As the Two Elements of Creation Formation’s power was unleashed, the tip of the pathway was trapped.

"Fences of the Heavens." Lin Feng’s left hand extended like a spear and cut down. The mantras of the Fences of the Heavens and the Two Elements of Creation Formation combined.

The formation seemed to convert into a ferocious beast and swallowed the pathway. After that, it used its teeth to bite the pathway hardly.

The pathway was destroyed and remained within the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

The Kun Peng Grand sage was shocked. The main purpose of the pathway was to receive and not for battling. But as it was stolen away so easily, he was stunned, "Who is on the other side?"

After losing the connection with the Kun Peng Grand Sage, the pathway collapsed and converted into jade-blue blood essence.

This blood essence came from the Kun Peng Grand Sage who had formed the indestructible soul. As compared to the blood that Lin Feng obtained from the Brilliant Lunar Grandmaster, they could not be placed in the same sentence.

As it was trapped in the Two Elements of Creation Formation, not only did the blood essence not dissipate, it became more consolidated. Slowly, it converted into a shape of a Kun Peng. It was slowly becoming the avatar of the Kun Peng Grand Sage.

Lin Feng would not give it the chance to. He activated the Fences of the Heavens again and completely cut off the connection between the Kun Peng Grand Sage and his blood essence.

The Two Elements of Creation Formation trapped the blood essence completely and quickly cultivated it, while removing any traces of supernatural marks that the Kun Peng Grand Sage left within it.

After just a moment of distraction, there was a sensation that revealed the growing powers of the ancient Kun Peng. Without the Vivant Joy Holy Master and the rest battling him, the Two Elements of Creation Formation would have been crushed by him.

Lin Feng looked at him and thought, "Xiao Budian and the rest are still in his stomach. If this is the case, I shall command Mount Yujing to attack him. I can only use a slightly messier method now. I hope my guess is correct.

His Steel Tree Avatar appeared beside him. Lin Feng wriggled his finger and the cultivated Kun Peng blood essence entered the brows of the Steel Tree Avatar.

A streak of thin, golden line connected the Steel Tree Avatar and the ancient Kun Peng.

The Steel Tree Avatar flew up and converted into a radiance, shooting towards the ancient Kun Peng.

The Kun Peng did not dodge. He opened his mouth and swallow the radiance.

Blue Pavilion Holy Man, Cheng Yun Holy Man and the rest were shocked, "What is he doing?"

They could recognize that it was Lin Feng’s Avatar that had powers in the Nascent Soul Stage. Its foundation was strong and battling powers were strong, but it was just in the Nascent Soul Stage after all.

If it thought that it could cause chaos as it entered the stomach of the Kun Peng, it must be dreaming. If the other party was weaker, this was still plausible. But for a demon who had an Undying Demon Soul Third Level, this was nothing to him.

Even the Polar Sea Holy Man could do nothing to resist, what more Lin Feng’s Steel Tree Avatar.

Not only that, the blood essence that was contained within the Steel Tree Avatar became a tonic to the ancient Kun Peng, aiding his recovery.

As he flapped his wings, it became like a huge spear that directly slashed apart the white clouds of the Cheng Yun Holy Man’s Immortal Soul Avatar. The Cheng Yun Holy Man’s vital energy was hurt. Unless he had many tricks up his sleeves, he was about to follow in the footsteps of Prince Xian and get himself killed.

All the Immortal Soul Stage Elders were depressed. Lin Feng’s actions did nothing but helped the enemy.

Lin Feng’s expression did not change. He knew what he was doing.

Whatever that happened was according to his wishes.

As the Steel Tree Avatar was swallowed, it was almost crushed by the immense demonic power as it first entered.

But the defensive abilities of the actual form of the Saros Steel Tree was exhibited at this moment. At the same time, the blood essence of the Kun Peng took effect at the same time. This prevented Lin Feng’s Steel Tree Avatar from being destroyed.

Although a huge amount of the blood essence was lost to nourish the Kun Peng, Lin Feng managed to establish a few connections because of this.

Lin Feng followed Black Feathers and Black Jade’s path of entrance and along with the guidance of the Kun Peng blood essence, he flew all the way to the golden lake in the pavilion hall.

During this process, Lin Feng did not overthink and did not dare to react recklessly. He focused all his power to do one thing.

He protected his soul to prevent his Steel Tree Avatar from being cultivated and stolen by the Kun Peng.

He could not use the Fences of the Heaven. Although it could prevent the Kun Peng from cultivating his avatar, he would lose the connection in the process and could no longer move forward.

Lin Feng used his palms to conjure a spell to form a weird mana print. After that, he kept it in his stomach.

"Four Appearances Heaven Cleaving Script. Earth. Heaven-Bearing Print!"

A wave of power was displayed over Lin Feng’s Saros Steel Tree Avatar. It was not sharp or ferocious, but was extremely dense, vigorous, rigid, indestructible!

It was as if it bore the weight of all matter and nurtured the Earth. Any power that landed on Earth could be withstood!

Vast, Immense, Immoveable, Indestructible. The avatar could brave all disasters and survive the world. As long as it was around, the Heavens and Earth would not be destroyed!

The Kun Peng did not hold Lin Feng’s Steel Tree Avatar in high regard. He did not pick on it specially, but his inner demonic power reacted and removed all impurities from his body.

But Lin Feng’s abhijna involved a power concept that was extremely stable and peaceful.

Facing the demonic powers of the Kun Peng, it did not retaliate nor resist. It absorbed the pressure without reacting to it. It allowed the Kun Peng demonic powers to slowly feel its lack of presence.

The Heaven-Bearing Print was not purely used to absorb attacks. But Lin Feng only needed the defensive abilities of this abhijna now and summoned it to its maximum.

As he exhibited such an abhijna, Lin Feng could not shift as he wanted. He was moving forward through the guidance of the power of the blood essence.

He looked at the image in front of him quietly. There were many doors and stone caves. All of them were experiencing changes now, becoming ferocious and active.

The flesh and bones were gradually recuperating.

As everything regained its look, the ancient Kun Peng would be fully revived.

Whereas Black Feathers would cease to exist in this world.

He sacrificed himself to guide and motivate the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance, waking up his ancestor.

"For such a strong opponent, he must be very aware of everything going on in his body. Nothing can escape his attention. Under normal circumstances, even if I am in the Immortal Soul Stage, unleashing the Heaven-Bearing Print will still cause me to be discovered."

Lin Feng thought, "I have to exploit the time before this Kun Peng fully revives. Although his powers can be exploded out, his control of the minor details in his body is still lacking. Through this, I can still make it."

Only when Lin Feng reached the golden lake in the pavilion hall did the Kun Peng realized, but it was too late!

As he entered the pavilion hall, Lin Feng scanned the area and saw the golden lake.

Over there, the bright Kun Peng figure was becoming dimmer and dimmer. When the figure disappears, the ancient Kun Peng would be fully revived.

Lin Feng entered the center of the pavilion hall and the Kun Peng realized immediately. The golden light in the pavilion hall seemed to condense and the brutal force wanted to kill Lin Feng.

But as he arrived safely at the destination, Lin Feng unleashed everything. He laughed and a huge black umbrella was lifted up.

No matter how hard the golden light tried to attack him, it could not break through the defense of the Sky-Shielding Umbrella.

As the umbrella covered the sky, everything underneath remained pure and untouched. No mantra could break through it and there was no disaster that it could not brave.

Lin Feng held up the Sky-Shielding Umbrella and walked forward. The golden light landed on the umbrella like sunlight and lost its previous ferocity.

"This is the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance?" Lin Feng looked at the floating spiritual rock in mid-space.

The Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance was submerged in the lake during the ritual, but it was now floating in mid-air.

The mana vibration of the spiritual rock as not strong, but contained a miraculous feel to it. It also contained a special abhijna power.

Lin Feng took in a deep breath, "It is difficult to decipher what level of power it contains, but I hope to succeed."

He retrieved a golden pearl the size of a fist. It was the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl.

Lin Feng threw the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl at the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance.

"Open!" Lin Feng mind wavered and the golden fog within the pearl twisted and turned, before diffusing out of it.

The pearl was soon engulfed by the golden fog. The Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance was also covered.

The Kun Peng realized that something was amiss. Lin Feng could not help it, thus he decided to destroy the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl.

Under the pressure of the demonic powers, the pearl inside the golden fog was crumbling. It could crush anytime.

Lin Feng was ready to make a move before he saw a light figure flashing within the golden fog.

A frightening aura was released from it, one that was even more frightening than the ancient Kun Peng.

Although it was just a streak of aura, the ancient Kun Peng was provoked and he lowered his powers.

As he lowered his powers, the frightening aura gradually faded. Whereas the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl remained the same. As the fog dissipated, it revealed a spiritual rock that was the same as the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance.

Lin Feng put everything aside and threw the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance created by the pearl into the golden lake. At the same time, he commanded the remaining blood of Kun Peng inside his avatar.

After keeping the Sky-Shielding Umbrella, Lin Feng’s Steel Tree Avatar jumped into the golden lake.

The soul-returning ritual was still in the process and Lin Feng did not disturb. To him, it was a rare opportunity.

Black Feathers had already begun the ritual. Lin Feng did not have to continue with it. As long as he used the blood essence of Kun Peng as a guide, he could join it.

Very soon, the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance also released a white fog and connected Lin Feng’s Steel Tree Avatar and the Kun Peng light figure. He sucked the blood essence of Kun Peng to infuse into the light figure.

But besides the blood essence, there were other things that mixed with it.

The Kun Peng light figure started to shake tremendously.

The pavilion hall resonated with furious screams of Kun Peng. As Lin Feng heard it, he revealed a smile on his face, "Let me light up another fire for you!"