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History is Number 1 Founder

Author:August Eagle

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He time-traveled and got a system but Lin Feng’s pressure is as big as a mountain. System main quest: Ling Feng creates a school, establishing history’s number 1 sect, Ling Feng himself becoming the number 1 founder. And so to become history’s number 1 founder Lin Feng started to work hard. “Your name is Shi Tianhao? Natural born supreme king but it was stolen by your cousin. Now being raised in a little village your father placed you in? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let those people know that justice that is owed must be returned!” “Your name is Xiao Yan? A genius in the past, now a loser. Your fiance even came over and humiliated you by breaking off the engagement? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let that brat know the meaning of don’t bully a youngster because he’s poor!” “Your name is Zhu Yi? The bastard son of a marquis, suppressed by your father. Your mother was the previous saint but she was killed? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let your dad know the meaning of the world is big, fists are… no, reason is the biggest!” HN1F Shishang di yi zu shiye Sử Thượng Đệ Nhất Tổ Sư Gia 史上第一祖师爷
《History is Number 1 Founder》 Text
Chapter 1: The Cheating System
Chapter 2: Being the Old Grandpa for People
Chapter 3: Enemy Attack!
Chapter 4: There’s Something Wrong With That Old Tree!
Chapter 5: The First Lottery Chance
Chapter 6: You’re Going to Get Screwed
Chapter 7: Celeritas vs Peach Blossom
Chapter 8: I’ve Remembered You
Chapter 9: Hurry Up and Come Into Master’s Bowl
Chapter 10: The Second Lottery Chance
Chapter 11: Master Must Strive to Strengthen Himself
Chapter 12: Encountering a Disciple Stealer
Chapter 13: The Fallen Prodigy
Chapter 14: 2 Rings
Chapter 15: It’s Not Easy Being A Milk Dad
Chapter 16: Fighting for the Post of Old Grandpa
Chapter 17: Old Grandma…
Chapter 18: So What if it’s the Number 1 Holy Land
Chapter 19: Helping and Testing
Chapter 20: Lots of Surprises
Chapter 21: Enemy, Aurous Core Stage Cultivator
Chapter 22: Start Up: New System Tool!
Chapter 23: Kid, Have You Messed Around Enough Yet?
Chapter 24: You’re Overthinking
Chapter 25: Second! Third?
Chapter 26: The Tragic Holy Maiden
Chapter 27: Hidden Benefit
Chapter 28: Senior and Junior
Chapter 29: Farewell
Chapter 30: Marquis Bastard, Awe-Inspiring Righteousness
Chapter 31: The Power of Max Luck
Chapter 32: The Master that Cheats the Disciple
Chapter 33: The Child Pays the Debt of the Parents
Chapter 34: Buddhist Disciple
Chapter 35: The Pursuers Arrive
Chapter 36: Fierce Monk, 24 Heaven Arhat Formation
Chapter 37: 2 Kids Kill a Snake
Chapter 38: The Correct Way to Capture the Opponent Alive
Chapter 39: Buddhist Dharma Weapon, Thundershock Staff
Chapter 40: Nameless Underground Palace
Chapter 41: Random Side Quest
Chapter 42: Out of the Lion’s Den and then Into the Wolf’s Lair
Chapter 43: Mt. Shu Sword Cultivator
Chapter 44: Relentlessly Beating the Dog in the Water
Chapter 45: I was Waiting for You, Baldy!
Chapter 46: The Source of the Blood River
Chapter 47: Watching How You Die!
Chapter 48: You’re a Good Person
Chapter 49: We Are From the Yu Clan
Chapter 50: Keep Silent
Chapter 51: Bullying With Numbers
Chapter 52: 3 in 1 Big Gift
Chapter 53: None of Them are Fools
Chapter 54: All Sides Take Action
Chapter 55: One Step Late!
Chapter 56: Sudden Surprise
Chapter 57: Qi Disciple Great Circle of Perfection
Chapter 58: Little girl, Uncle Will Take You to See Goldfishes
Chapter 59: The Exchange Competition that was Brought Forward
Chapter 60: Not Just One Person has Their Mind on Him
Chapter 61: Business Snatcher
Chapter 62: The Script isn’t Right!
Chapter 63: Get Away From My Disciple!
Chapter 64: I Said I’ll Crush You So I’ll Crush You!
Chapter 65: Master Isn’t Home: The First Bullet
Chapter 66: Master Isn’t Home: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 67: True Netherworld Water
Chapter 68: Within the Netherworld Bead
Chapter 69: Master Isn’t Home: Secret Teachings of the School
Chapter 70: Master Isn’t Home: No Place to Run
Chapter 71: Head Supporting the Heavens, Feet Trampling the Netherworld
Chapter 72: First Main Quest, Complete!
Chapter 73: Master Isn’t Home: Surrounded by Enemies
Chapter 74: Master Isn’t Home: Won’t Submit!
Chapter 75: Beat Everyone Down!
Chapter 76: Nobody’s Leaving!
Chapter 77: New Main Quest Issued!
Chapter 78: Flowing Wind Sigil, Wind & Thunder Genesis Sigil Formation
Chapter 79: Tricking the Hell out of People
Chapter 80: Amazing Luck
Chapter 81: Test You Guys
Chapter 82: When the Master has Something to do, the Disciple does the Work
Chapter 83: Ancient World Marsh
Chapter 84: If the Snake does not Die
Chapter 85 Don’t Want to Bully Kids
Chapter 86: If I Use Aurous Core Stage Strength, Consider it Me Bullying You Guys
Chapter 87: Fiery Beauty
Chapter 88: General Wicked
Chapter 89: Snowgale Survivors
Chapter 90: Strange Person Underground
Chapter 91: A Promise Made is a Promise Kept for Life!
Chapter 92: Stone Flute Secret Area
Chapter 93: Enemy at the Gate
Chapter 94: Ancient Legacy, Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality
Chapter 95: The Terrifying Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation
Chapter 96: The Showdown Between Advanced Large-Scale Formations
Chapter 97: All who believe in me, I never disappoint them
Chapter 98: Reversing Life and Death, Turning the World Upside Down
Chapter 99: High Risk High Reward
Chapter 100: The Path of Prodigies is to Cut Down All Obstacles
Chapter 101: Achieving Foundation Establishment, System Upgrade!
Chapter 102: First Encounter with the Straw-Drawing System
Chapter 103: Thundersnake Evolution
Chapter 104: Wind & Thunder Genesis, Endless and Without Bounds
Chapter 105: Two Realms Void Art.
Chapter 106: Both Peerless Incomparable Talent, with their own evil schemes
Chapter 107: Full of abnormal people
Chapter 108: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 109: Battle of the Disciples
Chapter 110: To Each His Own
Chapter 111: To Build and Destroy
Chapter 112: Zhu Yi’s Heart of Tao
Chapter 113: A Complete Closure
Chapter 114: A Mountain on Top of a Mountain
Chapter 115: A Fire Crow Extermination Task Force
Chapter 116: The Ideal Guy?
Chapter 117: Diametrical Opposition between Fire and Water
Chapter 118: The Great Furnace of the Commons Technique
Chapter 119: I Really Didn’t Mean It…
Chapter 120: Where did the Primordial Water go?
Chapter 121: How Important is Justice to You?
Chapter 122: That’s what I call Justice!
Chapter 123: This Must be a Dream!
Chapter 124: The Fire Crow Demonic Commander
Chapter 125: The Interrogation
Chapter 126: The Kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame
Chapter 127: What a Great Humilation
Chapter 128: High Above the Clouds
Chapter 129: The Heaven Revolving Purple Clouds
Chapter 130: The Genesis of All Beings
Chapter 131: Central Wutu Divine Light
Chapter 132: Blank
Chapter 133: The Kill-Stealer
Chapter 134: Gaia Jade
Chapter 135: Are You Looking for This?
Chapter 136: The Fences of Heavens
Chapter 137: Avīci Infernal Gale
Chapter 138: Return to Mount Yujing and the Summit Treasure Tree
Chapter 139: Chubby Child, Swordbearing Maiden, Chess Player
Chapter 140: The System Showing Its Dodgy Nature
Chapter 141: Its Owner Is Indeed Powerful
Chapter 142: The Formation Bursting Drum
Chapter 143: Swallow an Aurous Core and One Transcends Life and Death
Chapter 144: Let's Fight Them Together!
Chapter 145: Breakout!
Chapter 146: With the touch of a finger
Chapter 147: To Swallow and Stomp
Chapter 148: Showdown rematch
Chapter 149: Because I will not allow
Chapter 150: Where there are people there will be fights
Chapter 151: Blessed Spiritual Land
Chapter 152: The Name of the Sect
Chapter 153: A Grand Entrance for Somebody!
Chapter 154: A Harem!!!
Chapter 155: A Trap?!
Chapter 156: The Hundred Herbs Sect
Chapter 157: On top of Changchun Peak
Chapter 158: The Secret Elixir Chamber
Chapter 159: The Mortal Spiritual Elixir
Chapter 160: Coincidentally, I lack a charioteer!
Chapter 161: Here Comes the Cavalry!
Chapter 162: A Thousand Tigers Descend Upon the Mountain
Chapter 163: Who Fell for the Ploy?
Chapter 164: Who Is the Better Actor?
Chapter 165: The Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web
Chapter 166: Who Is More Attention-Grabbing?
Chapter 167: You Are Too Inexperienced…
Chapter 168: And Changchun Peak Crumbled!
Chapter 169: Wait Up, My Fellow Cultivators!
Chapter 170: Lend Me Your Body, My Friend
Chapter 171: A Great Loot
Chapter 172: What a Bountiful Reward!
Chapter 173: The World of a Chess Board
Chapter 174: What Do You Think of Me? What Do I Think of You?
Chapter 175: The Path Less Taken
Chapter 176: The Spiritual Conference of Hanhai
Chapter 177: What a Nice Cabbage! Thankfully the Pig is Stupid Enough
Chapter 178: Those Who Wished to Understand the Will of Heaven Must Begin from the Middle Phase of the Aurous Core Stage
Chapter 179: The First Treasure Distribution
Chapter 180: Ferocious Yue Hongyan!
Chapter 181: What Zhu Yi Buys Must Be Something Extraordinary
Chapter 182: My Sassy Brother Shihao
Chapter 183: We Need Actors
Chapter 184: But We Are the Good Guys!
Chapter 185: How Unreasonable!
Chapter 186: Master of the Celestial Sect
Chapter 187: The Mirror, Flower, Water and the Moon
Chapter 188: Let Us Be Fair
Chapter 189: Perfecting the Plan
Chapter 190: Take Up Positions!
Chapter 191: The Official Opening
Chapter 192: Forever-Bright
Chapter 193: An Ambush
Chapter 194: Friendly Fire
Chapter 195: With the Flow of Feng Shui
Chapter 196: Counting Money is Hard Work
Chapter 197: A Welcome Back Party
Chapter 198: The Right Spin
Chapter 199: Conspiracies Abound!
Chapter 200: Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun
Chapter 201: My First Solo Piece
Chapter 202: Cursed Lone Star
Chapter 203: If the Disciple Is Like This, What Can the Master Do?
Chapter 204: Everything Except One Has Been Prepared
Chapter 205: The Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues Chapter 2
Chapter 206: In Half A Year’s time, Open the Doors and Accept Disciples
Chapter 207: Nothing Comes Free in this World
Chapter 208: Four Appearances to Unlock the Book of Heaven
Chapter 209: Arriving in Shazhou
Chapter 210: Blocking Our Path!
Chapter 211: Those Who Think Otherwise, Step Out Now!
Chapter 212: The Ferocious Xiao Yan
Chapter 213: Truly Invincible
Chapter 214: More and More Opponents
Chapter 215: A Bunch of Freaks
Chapter 216: The Inevitable
Chapter 217: Holy Mountain! Holy Mountain!
Chapter 218: Unparalleled! Unparalleled!
Chapter 219: Destruction. In the blink of an eye
Chapter 220: Gifts
Chapter 221: The Opening Ceremony
Chapter 222: The Sect Master's Ceremony
Chapter 223: A Successful Conclusion
Chapter 224: The Newest Main Quest
Chapter 225: The Dilemma of the Sword of Radiance Sect
Chapter 226: The Mysterious Elixir Chamber
Chapter 227: The Three-storey Tripitaka Block
Chapter 228: The Spiritual Replenishment Elixir
Chapter 229: That Image Is Too Beautiful, I Can’t Bear to Look at It
Chapter 230: The Runaway Bride
Chapter 231: An eating monster causing trouble at Mount Yujing
Chapter 232: Surrounding and catching the small Taotie
Chapter 233: There Is Always an Elite Amongst the Elite and A King Amongst the Eating Monsters.
Chapter 234: Don’t Be Scared, It Won’t Hurt
Chapter 235: Lin Feng Forming a Magic Treasure.
Chapter 236: Are You Ready?
Chapter 237: Showing Up to Fulfill the Promise.
Chapter 238: The Azure Clouds Grandmaster who was on the Verge of Crying.
Chapter 239: You Have Recognized the Wrong Person!
Chapter 240: Xiao Bu Dian Has an Evil Tongue
Chapter 241: Something Interesting
Chapter 242: Returning Home
Chapter 243: The Confusion
Chapter 244: The Supreme Radiance Swordmaster
Chapter 245: Tit for Tat
Chapter 246: The Multiverse
Chapter 247: The Troublemaker is here
Chapter 248: Inner Monologue
Chapter 249: Probing Forward
Chapter 250: The Tyrannical Hongyan
Chapter 251: Facing the Immortal Soul’s Powers
Chapter 252: Invincible
Chapter 253: The battle has come
Chapter 254: Three-step Plan
Chapter 255: Each With His Own Plan
Chapter 256: Leading the Wolves into One’s Own House
Chapter 257: The Most Pressing Matter
Chapter 258: Your Master Looked Favorably Upon You
Chapter 259: A Familiar Stranger
Chapter 260: Trying an Old Trick
Chapter 261: Lone Survivor
Chapter 262: Plentiful Bounty
Chapter 263: Lead The Way
Chapter 264: External Force Is Required
Chapter 265: Forward Always
Chapter 266: Death In Doubt
Chapter 267: The Flowers of the Steel Tree Blossom
Chapter 268: Good News and Bad News
Chapter 269: The Bracelet and the Grasshopper
Chapter 270: The Strange Invitation List
Chapter 271: To the Convention!
Chapter 272: The Asura Holy Man, Huo Xiu
Chapter 273: An Unhappy Gathering
Chapter 274: It’s Hard to Repay Gratitude
Chapter 275: Alternative Intentions
Chapter 276: Planting Evidence to Stir Troubles
Chapter 277: The Spiritual Conference of Huanghai
Chapter 278: Three and a Half opponents.
Chapter 279: The Spiritual Conference Officially Begins.
Chapter 280: Enemies Cross Paths Easily.
Chapter 281: You’ll Lose Your Knickers
Chapter 282: Who Can Fight In A Two-On-One Battle?
Chapter 283: To Shirk One Needs Techniques Too
Chapter 284: Attracting Everyone’s Attention
Chapter 285: Truly Unrivalled
Chapter 286: The Luckiest Draw Ever
Chapter 287: Internal Strife
Chapter 288: They Say You Come From Hell?
Chapter 289: A Cultured Meeting
Chapter 290: The Semi-Finals Draw
Chapter 291: He Was Acting Silly!
Chapter 292: Plotting a Scheme and Countering the Scheme
Chapter 293: The Intentions are Unclear.
Chapter 294: Increasing the Stake
Chapter 295: Wang Lin’s Third Finger
Chapter 296: Intense Start but Disappointing Ending
Chapter 297: Take a Gamble and Cut the Rock!
Chapter 298: Mind Games
Chapter 299: Xiao Budian the Teenager
Chapter 300: One Versus One
Chapter 301: The Silent Killer
Chapter 302: I Need An Explanation
Chapter 303: Who Will Take the Blame?
Chapter 304: A Chip Off the Old Block
Chapter 305: Reopening of the Spiritual Conference
Chapter 306: The Ring Is a Performance Stage
Chapter 307: Identity Reversals
Chapter 308: A Ferocious Battle
Chapter 309: What A Waste
Chapter 310: The Higher the Level, the Wider the Gap
Chapter 311: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Chapter 312: The Message From Xiao Yan
Chapter 313: Rivals
Chapter 314: Xiao Budian Takes the Stage
Chapter 315: Danger
Chapter 316: Other Families' Children
Chapter 317: In the Shortest Amount of Time
Chapter 318: The Top 8 Draw Lots
Chapter 319: No Child Left Behind
Chapter 320: I'll Leave This Match to You
Chapter 321: Rascal
Chapter 322: Dual Sword Combination, Broken
Chapter 323: Exciting and Dull
Chapter 324: Early Finals
Chapter 325: Stones From Other Hills Can Polish Your Jade
Chapter 326: Metamorphosis of the Soul
Chapter 327: Zhu Yi’s Philosophy
Chapter 328: No one would want to face him!
Chapter 329: To outshine one’s master
Chapter 330: The Real Intention of Cao Wei
Chapter 331: A Crazy Bet!
Chapter 332: Ultimate Move
Chapter 333: Xuanhuang Four-Word Mantra
Chapter 334: I'll Cross the Tribulation When I Want To
Chapter 335: The Final Battle Between Disciples
Chapter 336: Clash of the Titans
Chapter 337: Invincible, Truly Invincible!
Chapter 338: I Too Want to Go!
Chapter 339: Life is as Lonely as a Snowflake
Chapter 340: Causing Trouble for Oneself
Chapter 341: Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation
Chapter 342: What Everyone Wants
Chapter 343: Turning the Tide
Chapter 344: Three-Pronged Strategy
Chapter 345: Fame and Victory
Chapter 346: Xiao Yan Insulting and Ridiculing
Chapter 347: The Three Conditions
Chapter 348: Pulling All Cards to Turn the Tide
Chapter 349: A Shocking Progress
Chapter 350: Picking up Trouble
Chapter 351: The Most Ferocious Blade
Chapter 352: Do You Think that I Can’t Settle You?
Chapter 353: The Heavenly Apocalyptic Blaze
Chapter 354: A Hundred Flowers Bloom
Chapter 355: Good Things are Hard to Come By
Chapter 356: All sufferings have their rewards
Chapter 357: Flourishing
Chapter 358: Finally Masters
Chapter 359: Our Own Little Abodes
Chapter 360: Almost there. Just a bit more
Chapter 361: Someone Planted Moles
Chapter 362: Lin Feng's Exam
Chapter 363: Maze of Purple Clouds
Chapter 364: There's Still Someone Lurking
Chapter 365: The Right Way To Get Out of the Maze
Chapter 366: The Second-Generation Disciples Choose Their Masters
Chapter 367: Two Sides to Every Coin
Chapter 368: A Strange Young Man
Chapter 369: Is it a Dream or the Reality of the Future?
Chapter 370: Instinctive Urge to Resist
Chapter 371: A Visitor in the Ancient World
Chapter 372: Tearing it Apart
Chapter 373: Who’s Teaching Who?
Chapter 374: I Have Seen the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders!
Chapter 375: Self-Invitation
Chapter 376: An Irresponsible Pedophile
Chapter 377: Solution
Chapter 378: The Samsara Sect Visits
Chapter 379: An Imitator
Chapter 380: Familiar Foe
Chapter 381: Trap
Chapter 382: Time to Settle the Score
Chapter 383: The Time is Ripe
Chapter 384: Consistent Changes in the Battle
Chapter 385: Intense Battle with the Immortal Soul Stage Holy Man
Chapter 386: Where is Mount Yujing?
Chapter 387: Using the Aurous Core to Kill the Nascent Soul
Chapter 388: Mount Yujing Versus Holy Wind Mountain!
Chapter 389: From Today Onwards, There is Only One Voice on Mount Kunlun!
Chapter 390: Repressing the Grand Sage
Chapter 391: The Heavenly Oyster Golden Pearl
Chapter 392: The New Hegemon
Chapter 393: Far-Reaching Consequences
Chapter 394: Digesting the Results of the Battle
Chapter 395: To Create a False Immortal
Chapter 396: Winter to Spring, Zhu Yi Rushes for His Examination
Chapter 397: Towards the Great Zhou Empire
Chapter 398: The Ruins of the Great Thunderclap Temple
Chapter 399: The Great Qin Empire’s Diplomatic Party
Chapter 400: Come And Have a Seat At My Place
Chapter 401: Actually, I Hope You're a Spy
Chapter 402: Secret Manual of Kun Peng
Chapter 403: Don't Complicate Easy Matters
Chapter 404: Graveside Meeting
Chapter 405: The Great Void Sect's Grand Design
Chapter 406: A Single Sentence That Would Destroy Your Bluster
Chapter 407: Xiao Yan’s Experience of Ice and Fire
Chapter 408: The Tribulations of Tun Tun
Chapter 409: One Person’s Success to the Benefit of His Whole Family
Chapter 410: Sadistic
Chapter 411: The Unwelcome Troublemaker
Chapter 412: Red Herring
Chapter 413: Capture Everyone
Chapter 414: Who’s Teaching Who Manners?
Chapter 415: Shameless
Chapter 416: Gathering of Immortal Soul Stage Elders
Chapter 417: From Guest to Host
Chapter 418: The Secret Manual is Opened
Chapter 419: Qiong Qi Demonic Tribe, Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation
Chapter 420: Live Broadcast
Chapter 421: Someone’s in Trouble
Chapter 422: Storm of the Black Sea, Core of the Secret Manual
Chapter 423: Fighting to Obtain the Treasures
Chapter 424: If Preparations Were Done Well, There Would be No Problems.
Chapter 425: Kun Peng Sacrificial Offering
Chapter 426: Trespasser from the Demonic Clan
Chapter 427: Great Demon’s Soul Returns
Chapter 428: Danger
Chapter 429: Lighting Up Another Fire for You
Chapter 430: Intense Battle with the Kun Peng
Chapter 431: Right of the Victor
Chapter 432: In Luck
Chapter 433: The Female Dragon Visits
Chapter 434: The Wife Does Not Listen to the Husband
Chapter 435: Those Who Heard Felt Sad, Those Who Listened Teared
Chapter 436: What do you think, Yuanfang1?
Chapter 437: The Heart of the Divine Parasol Tree
Chapter 438: With Regards To The Assessment Of Lin Feng
Chapter 439: Every Family Has Its Own Problems
Chapter 440: The Sea Could Not Wash His Name Clean
Chapter 441: Carrying People With Great Destinies
Chapter 442: The Overbearing Mount Shu
Chapter 443: Fight Till You Submit!
Chapter 444: You Are Not Worthy
Chapter 445: Not The Weak One
Chapter 446: Something Appears Amiss
Chapter 447: Losing Control Over the Situation
Chapter 448: Let the Hunt Begin
Chapter 449: My Luck Today Is Not Bad
Chapter 450: Hand Over Your Sarira
Chapter 451: A Bad Feeling
Chapter 452: Unrivalled Beauties
Chapter 453: The Ultimate Move of the Holy Demonic Emperor - Hades' Dark Mantra
Chapter 454: The Parasol Fairy and the Holy Spirit Snow Dew
Chapter 455: Pulling a Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth
Chapter 456: The Hunt Continues
Chapter 457: Let the Sacrifice Begin
Chapter 458: Time for Action
Chapter 459: The Arrival of the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage
Chapter 460: First Mover's Advantage
Chapter 461: The Changes In A Single Moment
Chapter 462: Saintly Celestial Sword Qi
Chapter 463: Shattering of the Nine Luminaries
Chapter 464: I Lie Unmoving In Wait For Your Arrival!
Chapter 465: Influence of the Celestial Sect of Wonders
Chapter 466: Benefits Abound
Chapter 467: All Good Stuff
Chapter 468: Show of Sincerity
Chapter 469: Secret of the Immortal Soul
Chapter 470: Money Can’t Buy Me Happiness
Chapter 471: Not Afraid of a Powerful Opponent but a Lousy Teammate!
Chapter 472: Risking It Big
Chapter 473: The Draw Starts!
Chapter 474: Magic Treasure of Cultivation
Chapter 475: Breakthrough! A Continuous Breakthrough!
Chapter 476: It’s Today!
Chapter 477: Learning the Art of Swordplay
Chapter 478: Nine Heavenly Sword Alliance
Chapter 479: Magic Treasure that Stabilizes a Country’s Fortune
Chapter 480: A Generous Gift of Gratitude
Chapter 481: Unhappy Guests
Chapter 482: Mount Shu – The Land of Swords
Chapter 483: Resourceful!
Chapter 484: Invincible!
Chapter 485: Original Heaven and Earth Splitting Mantra
Chapter 486: My Sword Comes from Beyond the Heavens!
Chapter 487: I Will Go to Mount Shu One Day
Chapter 488: Permanent Luminary, or a Transient Shooting Star?
Chapter 489: Director and Scriptwriter of My Self-Cultivation
Chapter 490: Repressing the Two Swords
Chapter 491: Missing Wang Lin
Chapter 492: The Road of Destiny Gone Awry
Chapter 493: Exciting
Chapter 494: Planned Since Ages Ago
Chapter 495: The Goal is About to be Fulfilled
Chapter 496: Taking Care of the Yellow Dragon’s Remains
Chapter 497: Luo Qingwu’s Plans
Chapter 498: No Smoke Without Fire
Chapter 499: A Great Improvement for All
Chapter 500: Sword of Radiance Sect Visits
Chapter 501: It’s Time
Chapter 502: Can’t Put Face Aside
Chapter 503: Convinced Wholeheartedly
Chapter 504: Submit through Violence