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Chapter 59: Lin Family Are All Grandchildren

“Second brother!”

“Second uncle!”

Two sorrowful voices sounded amidst the chaos, Lin Kuang dashed forward to lift up Lin Yan. His face was ashen as he looked up at Ye Wuchen saying: “Young child of Ye, you have gone too far!”

“Too far?” Ye Wuchen said in a puzzled face, he said: “Master Lin, I cannot understand what you mean, a while ago who was the one who volunteered to compete against me. Who planned to kill me without considering the safety of His Majesty and all the people here… From beginning until the end I didn’t fight back nor flip any of my fingers, then you’re saying I’m the one who had gone too far? Master Lin, I would like to ask you boldly -- are you blind?”

To be able to scold Lin Family like this in public.. Besides Ye Wuchen, no other person could do the same or even dare. Even those experienced and knowledgeable aristocrats were dumbstruck.

There was indeed nothing wrong with calling him blind.

Seeing the situation turn rigid, Long Yin finally opened his mouth to say: “General Lin, Clan Head Lin used up all his strength. If it’s not too hard, please bring him down to rest.”

Any person with a discerning eye would be able to see, depletion of power was just a secondary reason. When he fainted, the primary reason was that the anger had lead to a heart attack, and he also used it to walk away from the humiliation of his failure.

The first to suffer such humiliation, and in the hands of a younger generation of the Ye family, Lin Zhan couldn’t easily give up. If they just walked away with this, the Lin family would not just lose their respect, but for the rest of eternity they will never be able to lift their faces in front of the Ye family again. He pointed to Ye Wuchen and said in a hateful voice: “But Your Majesty, this young son from the Ye family indeed forced my second uncle to call him… He was the first one to hurt my son (Xiao-er), and then to humiliate my second uncle like this. Insulting us Lin family, how can I agree to this!”

“Hoho, Master Lin, this event was not only provoked by you Lin family, but when me and Head Lin made the bet and Lin didn’t even oppose, you Lin family didn’t even advise against it. His Majesty and the people here and the people here can prove it. This time, I, Ye Wuchen wins honorably then you’re saying that I humiliated your Lin family… that’s extremely ridiculous. As it turns out, the majestic Lin family is an untrustworthy and shameless group of people. I once respected you as the Master of Lin, but now… your second uncle still needs to call me grandpa. They can prove it. I will then regard you as my great grandson. How about that?”


“Great father, please don’t be angry.”

A clear and sonorous voice sounded, and all of a sudden, the owner of that voice soared gracefully through the air and landed in front of Lin Zhan who went to heal Lin Xiao of his wounds. The long scar was still present in the latter’s face, but it was already being taken cared of. Because the cut was only at the surface and because it was a fresh wound, one could simply heal it using light enchantment. After a week or more, the wound will be completely without any scars. This was the reason why the Lin family did not fully react with violent rage when Lin Xiao was injured by Ye Wuchen. If Lin Xiao’s perfect face was really destroyed by Ye Wuchen because of the competition, Lin Xiao would not have easily dropped the issue.

Together with Lin Zhan, they lifted up Lin Yan. Lin Xiao calmly said: “Father superior, for this matter our second grandpa is wrong in the first place. I, your child, being injured is due to my lack of skills and we could not blame Young Master Ye. I would Great Father to leave with second grandpa.”

Lin Xiao said those words as though he were putting his own prestige in the line, but this caused people to nod their heads in agreeance. Being broad-minded at his young age, Lin Xiao was sure enough he was respected by the Tian Long Nation as the number one rising talent, his achieve in the future might probably exceed his father’s.

Lin Zhan strongly suppressed his anger, nodding his head at Lin Xiao and then left with Lin Yan without saying any word. Intensely proud of his elder son at the same time trusting and understanding him, he knew Lin Xiao already had his own way of thinking.

When he was leaving, Lin Xiao clearly saw his meaningful glance… that look made him want to redeem the Lin Family’s reputation by all means within the same day.

Silently standing at a distance, this Young Master of Ye who had caused him disdain within contempt at this moment brought mountainous pressure on him. In the past, everywhere he went, he was the more dazzling person and was the target of everyone’s flattery. But today, while standing side by side Ye Wuchen…. He could feel it in people’s eyes that the latter’s brilliant rays had overshadowed his own.

“Young Master Ye, my father and second grandpa’s words might have sounded irritable, if they had offended you, please be lenient. Be understanding on their part as elders and do not take them seriously. In addition, I’m giving this shameless request hoping you can take back your bet. After all, my second grandpa is from the older generation, all his life he valued reputation more than his own life. It’s really difficult for him to accept that his reputation is ruined. Even if he has so many discomforts, if you treat him this way it may be too much for him. So I’m earnestly requesting Young Master Ye to take back his words, we Lin Family will surely compensation you in other ways.

Lin Xiao’s words were reasonable and fair, and the tone was also sincere. Outsiders might think that if Ye Wuchen didn’t agree and take the honor because of his past incident with Lin Yan, this kind of bet would be going too far.

Ye Wuchen somehow felt helpless when he said: “Master Lin what you said is right, I really don’t want to disrespect Clan Head Lin and very much wanted to take back the bet. However, me and Head Lin’s bet has been witness by His Majesty, the emperor, and all the people present here. If we really dropped the bet at this point, wouldn’t it mean that we’re playing tricks on the emperor and all the superiors here. This kind of thing I will never do. Hay… in the future, I will do my best to keep away from Head Lin, not only to save Head Lin from embarrassment but also to avoid the awkward moments. People will probably forget this incident after a while.

He went through this explanation with a face of mercy, but any person would easily figure out that he only meant two words -- no way! Moreover, he even included the emperor and all the superiors from the imperial families as well as the officials, sealing off Lin Yan’s way to reason out further he explained in a confident and generous posture, as though letting the opposing side take the better bargain. Lin Xiao was unable to retort and he more likely needed to thank him with gritted teeth...

“If that’s the case… then I’ll thank you Young Master Ye.” Lin Xiao Said, forcing a smile. Second grandpa lost the bet to him, which meant it was compulsory to call Ye Wuchen grandpa. Then it was evident that generations of Lin Family will be his grandchildren, even great grandchildren, or great great grandchildren...

“Don’t mention it. This is what I must do.” Ye Wuchen said generously.

Lin Xiao: “...”

After the exchange of words, Lin Xiao still couldn’t get the upperhand, but instead dropped downwards. Seated in the side of the audience, Lin Kuang was so greatly angered that his mustache was shaking continuously. Ye Nu’s heart was feeling rejuvenated, even asking Ye Wei and Wang Wenshu not to say anything further, and not to interfere. It was all under control of Ye Wuchen, and the Ye family would take full responsibility if disaster were to happen... After all, Ye and Lin family had never been friends.