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Chapter 58: Monster! Devil!

“Daddy… I’m scared. Is he already…”

“Clever daughter, don’t say anything. Please don’t say anything.” Hua Zhentian opened his eyes widely and fixated his eyes to look into the stage that was submerged in a sea of flames. That very short moment of focused and concentrated expression was as though he were looking at a naked woman with only bubbles covering her body.

Li and Lao - the two elders were sweating as though they were rainclouds, but once the sweat evaporated through the scorching heat, their clothes didn’t have the slightest evidence of moisture. Even though there was a barrier, the heat still hit their face, and they still needed to exert effort to protect their clothing else their clothes would have burned to pieces - revealing their bodies in front of all the people and ruining the reputation they took a lifetime to build.

This kind of fire even a Heaven Level master would not dare directly touch. That young master of Ye might already have been burnt to ashes, or…

The blue flame burned for a total of more than ten seconds, but finally there was indication that it was subsiding. The pressure had decreased and the two protectors heaved a sigh of relief simultaneously. Then what happened next caused the two earnest elders to almost let their eyes jump out of their sockets from surprise.

As the blue flames slowly dropped, two shadows appeared at the same time. The first one was Lin Yan’s whose body was still burning in blue flames, the other was… Ye Wuchen who happened to be yawning. He stayed within the blue flame, yet his body didn’t incur any wounds and his expression did not betray any fear, and it seemed he even had an expression of wishing to continue on. It seemed as though he resented the duration of the fires for being so short that he didn’t even have a chance to express any pain.

“Why was it extinguished so fast? Hey! What a huge letdown.” Ye Wuchen muttered in a low voice. The voice reached the ears of the two protectors and almost made them fall apart.

At that moment, the expressions on the people’s faces were of extreme wonder. Some opened their mouth, but forgot to scream, some rubbed their eyes with all their might as they couldn’t believe what they had witness. Some even secretly clutched their necks, testing whether they were just dreaming.

The word ‘genius’ did not seem sufficient enough to describe this person; this time he was practically a monster… devil!

When the fire was completely extinguished, they witnessed another surprising scene. The stage which was originally one meter tall had completely disappeared… not only did it disappear, but the area had obviously descended. That jade fan which had fallen to the ground and the sword had both disappeared without a trace. They didn’t even leave any marks… all were incinerated into ashes.

After such terrible flame, he was still safe and sound and his clothes did not get burned by even a bit.

Ye Wei almost jumped in excitement. He patted the back of his wife, and with a blameful face he said: “See, I said we must believe in Chen-er, this time we are relieved. Our Chen-er (son) is not the Chen-er from before. He worships the God of Sword as his master, maybe he will become a minor God himself.”

Wang Wenshu only nodded her head, speechless after being pleasantly surprised.

Ye Nu abruptly turned around and firmly slapped Lin Kuang’s shoulder, followed by a few more slaps, he said laughing: “Hahahaha! Elder Lin, you people from Lin family are indeed not that simple. Burning that kind of flame but still not even burning a single strand of my grandson’s hair, bravo, bravo ah! Hahahaha!”

Lin Kuang’s complexion was ashen, he couldn’t even conceal the surprised look of his face.

“Daddy, he’s actually…”

“Good fellow! Good fellow! Somebody I admire this much has never shown up before… Today I have really fallen head first for this fellow. Since he will not be able to become my son-in-law, then at least we might be sworn brothers!” Hua Zhentian once again interrupted his daughter, clicking his tongue non-stop.

Hua Shuirou jumped with fright, saying urgently: “How is this possible. He is very young, how can he become sworn brother with daddy.”

“Who said young people cannot be sworn brothers with your dad. Even if those old men kneel before me to become my sworn brothers, I wouldn’t do it.”

Hua Shuirou behaved and didn’t say anything further. She knew when her father’s tough temperament came up, even a hundred bulls wouldn’t be able to drag him out.

The two protectors pulled back, almost suffering from heat exhaustion. The blue flame in Lin Yan’s body was finally extinguished. But both of his eyes were spiritless, his body slightly trembled. This was the aftermath of not only using up all his magic power but also experiencing inconsolable shock.

“Impossible… this is impossible…” he mumbled in a low voice as if it were a dream while looking at Ye Wuchen who was without even the slightest of injuries.

Long Yin stood up and said with an angry face: “Head Lin, because of your personal spite you even used this trick called the Flame of the Eight Desolation, and you didn’t even consider the life of the people and my own!”

Thousands of angry gazes shot at Lin Yan. Thinking of the terrible heat wave, there was still lingering fear inside their hearts.

“Please don’t be angry Your Majesty. He had already compressed the power of Flame of Eight Desolation to a minimum range, or else the whole surrounding would be in sea of flames, even we two wouldn’t be able to bring Your Majesty out. President Lin already relaxed a bit when exhibiting his Flame of Eight Desolation because he knew we were here to protect. He didn’t have any intention to harm Your Majesty.” Protector Li said half rising out of his chair. He clearly wasn’t planning to exonerate on behalf of Lin Yan, but because if the emperor had taken one step further, Lin Yan might only have gotten further enraged.

Long Yin let out a cold snort, sat back, then said in a low voice said: “Then this matter is settled!”

Long Yin was definitely not a very lenient person, wishing he could just tear the retarded Lin Yan into pieces. Lin Yan was usually boastful and hot tempered, looking down upon people, but this time his anger was provoked repeatedly, and under this rage he would seem to do crazy things. But Heaven Level masters can be forgiven, better to go with the flow as they should not be provoked. Once provoked, the power of a Heaven Level master could easily bring out disasters. Lin Yan could continue to be enraged because of his impulsive personality, moreover the Lin family was present to back him up.

Lin Yan pretended not to hear Long Yin’s voice and still foolishly stared at Ye Wuchen. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. Ye Wuchen quite enjoyed his facial expression right now, smiling while extending out three fingers: “President Lin, according to the bet, you need to call me grandpa three times. His Majesty and all the people here are witnesses. Alright, obedient grandson, you can now call me out.”

The pupil of Lin Yan’s eye momentarily enlarged, he opened his eyes wide, shaking while slowly lifting his arm, a finger pointed towards Ye Wuchen, but in his heart the humiliation and fury made him feel as though he wanted to burn all his internal organs to pieces.

Ye Wuchen sneered at him. Depleted of magic powers, rapid fury striking at his heart, losing his dignity to the greatest of extent, even getting berated by the emperor like that...

Ye Wuchen extended out three finger then took them back one by one, unhurriedly saying them gently: “three… two… one… “

“One” being said, Lin Yan’s eyes both turned white. The world seemed to be spinning in front of his eyes, and then directly he collapsed onto the ground unconscious.

The Lin family head master’s brother, one who held a position in the Lin Family not lower than that of Lin Kuang, one who was Head of Tian Long’s imperial education institute and one that held the title of Tian Long Nation’s number one fire wizard - yet just like that he collapsed in front of Ye’s young master.

Lin Xiao had been fully defeated by Ye family’s Wuchen. Then Lin Yan was also defeated in an even more miserable manner. After this day, news of this event would spread across the city, and the Lin family will never be able to lift their heads in front of the Ye family again.