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Chapter 57: Flame of Anger: Burn the Entire Eight Desolation

“Then… what kind of person would possess such great power which cannot be detected by any of you?” Long Yin asked.

“Not unless… that person’s power is one level higher than ours and is deliberately hiding his strength.” the old man said, suddenly his face changed and he remarked in a surprised tone: “Ye Family’s young master was able to fully endure the flame, his is a power that we cannot see and we cannot even feel its presence. Don’t tell me he has… he has God level power!? This…"

“No!” Long Yin shook his head, his eyes full of vitality as he started at the stage: “He is very young, and possessing such strength to defeat Lin Xiao who is already a gifted genius. It’s already impossible for him to have God level powers, otherwise he would not previously use the kind of method he used to defeat Hua Zhentian and would also unlikely make this bet with Lin Yan. Elders, what kind of method would enable a person to hide his breath? Is there a way to make a person fearless of fire?"

“This… In my ninety years of existence I have never heard of it… perhaps it exists but we cannot say for sure."

“Of course, it’s impossible for a person to naturally possess this kind of amazing powers!” Long Yin said.

“I heard Clan Head Lin is regarded as the greatest fire wizard of Tian Long Nation, don’t tell me that he can only throw the kind of funny flame that can’t even hurt hurt a single strand of hair? Oh, hehe… excuse my rudeness, my words are too extreme. Please don’t put my word into your heart and please be generous Clan Head Lin. Since you are the greatest fire wizard in Tian Long, then your powers must be able to shake the world and scare the supernatural beings. You must have shown mercy to younger generations like mine, I’m really so grateful, but I hope Clan Head Lin will take it more seriously. Don’t make any tricks that even a three-year-old would not think of doing. Please do not forget Head Lin, if you lose, you must call me grandpa three times. I don’t mind if I have another grandchild, but being a grandpa without getting married, what would people say…"

“Shut up!!” Lin Yan went violent as though hovering between a life and death situation and wishing he could tear him up into pieces. After all these years, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t praise him, respect him, fawn over him and never has anyone dared humiliate him before. However, this time, it wasn’t just because it was done by a young man but also because it was in front of all the aristocrats of the Tian Long Nation. At this very moment, under the influence of violent rage, Lin’s rage lead to a motivation to kill. The apprehension and consideration he once had was fully engulfed and consumed by his anger.

TL: To hover between life and death - the idiom used here was A Buddha being born, another Buddha ascended to heaven.

With open eyes flaming in red, he shouted loudly, his whole body immediately ignited in raging fire… the color of the flame shifted to a shade of blue, which was even scarier than the red and scarlet flames. At the same time, a heat that was extreme and hard to bear momentarily shrouded the entire audience, causing suffocation and even producing excruciating pain - as though one were being burned alive.

“This Clan Head Lin’s most powerful skill: Forbidden Fire -- Burn the Entire Eight Desolation! Oh no!!” Howled Elder Li who was seated beside Long Yin.

Long Yin abruptly stood up, pointing at Lin Yan and shouted: “Stop it! Stop your actions at once, are planning to burn alive all the people here including myself!?”

Upon hearing Long Yin’s cry, Lin Yan blocked his ears and didn’t heed the words, both his eyes stared firmly at Ye Wuchen -- he could lose, because if he lost, there will yet another humiliation waiting for him! Accumulating the power of his entire body, most of his senses had been sealed off. Even if he had heard Long Yin’s voice, it was now too late because once started, it was impossible to stop. If anyone tried to stop it by force, that person would have burned himself alive and have died as a consequence.

The blue flame in his body constantly expanded - that burning hot sensation became more and more dreadful and the frightened shouts that became more chaotic could be heard echoing through the entire arena. However, the surface under Lin Yan’s feet was not burned, but instead it slowly subsided - indeed it seemed to be melting away!

Ye Wuchen’s posture was still calm and unruffled. In the midst of the chaos, he was the closest to Lin Yan, but he didn’t feel any scorching heat, only a kind of warmth.

There was an obvious disturbance erupting in the competition area, a group of people situated near the stage even started to cover their heads while leaving the area, making their own way to retreat. At this time, two yellow shadows leapt out, landing separately at both the left and right side of the stage. They both shouted and waved their hands, and suddenly, two streams of air as vast as the ocean were dispatched from the left and the right side, fusing together in middle. With its tremendous power, an opaque barrier was formed, blocking out the scorching heat.

The temperature outside the stage quickly returned to its normal state. The disturbance settled down. The crowd originally came to attend this event just to witness some young talent, but quite unexpectedly because of the appearance of just one person it suddenly became a series of twists and turns eventually reaching this pinnacle where the two in front of them were each showing their true powers.

Long Yin sat down with a gloomy face, a bit enraged, but looking at Ye Wuchen he discovered an expression still as normal as before - his heart was amazed.

Ye Wei and Ye Nu already had a huge shift in the color of their faces because the two people had offered protection - soon it will be certainly followed by Lin Yan’s universally devastating attack. Even if Ye Wuchen’s composure remained calm - he still could not keep from trembling from within with fear. This was not imagination nor game -- that Lin Yan had lost his rationality to the flames of his anger and use this kind of terrifying attack against a young man -- what’s more is that the target is Ye family’s one and only son!!

By the time Lin Yan had accumulated his powers, everything was too late. Even if they wante to interfere it was impossible to approach. The two individuals risked themselves to rescue all the people, but they have blocked Ye Wuchen and Lin Yan, permanently sealing off their escape route.

Lin Yan’s body disappeared in the midst of that blue flame, but this time, the blue flame finally exploded. The entire competition hall was immediately covered by the blue flame, turning it into a dreadful sea of blue flame. At the same time - its range continuously expanded, almost breaking through the barrier set by the two protectors.

Seeing Ye Wuchen submerge completely in the sea of flame, the competition hall burst out in a cry of surprise. Wang Wenshu’s eyes immediately turned white and then she collapsed. Ye Wei responded in time, quickly helping her. Acting hastily he pinched her philtrum fiercely until she swung wide awake.

Note: Philtrum is an acupuncture point - the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip.

“Chen-er… what happened to Chen-er!” Wang Wenshu struggled to get up. Ye Wei said promptly: “Shu-er, believe in Chen-er, he will be alright. Haven’t you seen his fearless expression a while ago - it’s nothing. Tt will be alright.

He was comforting his wife just as much as he was comforting himself and his father, Ye Nu, whose body was indistinctly trembling.

The sea of flame still flaring up - the sound of surprised cries rose and fell in succession. Some of them were without experience in martial skills nor enchantments. Even those young men and ladies who rarely left their homes were having doubts as to whether they were dreaming -- this so-called power of sky level masters… is this really considered within human capability?

If they only knew that Lin Yan had compressed the range of his power to its smallest form. This Burn the Entire Eight Desolation was enough to extend up to a hundred meters wide, and people will surely be engulfed in fear.

Desperately searching through the sea of flames - where could she find her own son. Once again, Wang Wenshu’s eyes turned white and her body collapsed.