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Chapter 56: The Five Elements Resistance Body

Wang Wenshu’s face went pale as she returned to her seat, her heavy feeling slowly turned into relaxedness. Her forehead already full of cold sweat, she remarked: “This kid really scared the crap out of me, his mother.” When Ye Wuchen got struck, she almost stood up as if she were in electric shock, her heart almost jumping out of her throat.

“I already told you, just trust Chen-er.” Ye Wei said in a mischievous laugh. At the same time, he wiped off the cold sweat out from his own forehead and left no trace behind. His heart was similarly pushed to its maximal limits. He was surprised as to how a while ago he was able to keep most of his composure.

After all, this child who came back after having been lost for year had brought them a great deal of shock… or rather pleasant surprises.

“That’s the first attack.” Ye Wuchen said simply while facing Lin Yan with an exposed and mocking grin across his face that provoked his opponent. He seemed almost nonchalant about the situation.

Inside his mind, a new memory emerged.

“... Your body possess water, fire, wind, thunder and earth - the power of death from the five dark elements of the holy Qilin. Qilin’s blessing. You will not fear the ice nor the snow nor the bitter cold throughout your lifetime. You will not fear the fire nor the burn nor the torrid heat. Not the fear-twisting wind nor the crushing boulder. Not the thunder nor the lighting splitting from the sky nor the breath of death. Your body helps you empower these six channels of forces - water, fire, wind, thunder, earth and death - for you to have immunity and control over these six channeled elemental power…”

Holy? Qilin’s blessing… because of it, can one never fear of water, fire, wind, thunder, earth and death and even harness these forces?

Lin Yan strongly suppressed his anger and surprise and said in a lowered tone: “I was unable to tell that such as little fellow as you had such skills. In that case, if you have guts, then don’t hide it! Ha!!”

With one loud shout, Lin Yan’s hands clasped together onto his chest, a strong dazzling red light rose up from the surface of his plans and then expanded rapidly. In that same moment, a scorching heat grew gradually more powerful until it shrouded the entire public area. The crowd felt as though, for a moment, the scorching sun of a hot summer was cast upon them.

For a person’s strength to be Heaven Level was quite rare, but once they became a master this was sufficient enough for them to go against the whole world. Nobody could stop them, and no one would dare provoke them. They even earned the respect of the emperor, so even though Long Yin was present, Lin Yan could freely show off his powers like a raging inferno. Since Heaven Level masters were rare, few could really contest them, and witnessing their true strength became a very rare and fortunate event.

But today Lin Yan used up 70% of his powers to condense the flame power that already caused the audience to tremble in fear - even Ye Wuchen’s facial expression displayed astonishment.

This was Heaven Level strength… and as powerful as this was, this still wasn’t his full force. A while ago the energy of Hua Zhentian was extremely astonish and would already have been difficult to resist. This time, given the strength that Lin Yan put on display, it was clear that the magnitude of power was incomparably superior to that of Hua Zhentian’s.

Spirit Level and Heaven Level seemed as though they were just one level, but their difference was like the distance between sky and earth.

Ye Wuchen arrived in this Heavenly Star continent for just a short period of time, and still could not thoroughly understand the different levels of the worldly powers. If the level was high, it would be more difficult to upgrade and almost axiomatic in every aspect. From the Tenth Level to the Spirit Level was a very large gap that few could surmount. Then from the Spirit Level to the Sky Level was another larger gap that, once surpassed, lead to the recognition of a power so great that the owner was attributed as having a Demi-God state as called by the human race. But the Heavenly Star continent had Spirit Level masters everywhere, yet the Heaven Level masters were a rarity because it was really hard to step across that gap - power, luck, perception and opportunity, these were all indispensable.

“Forbidden Fire --- Red Lotus Arrow!”

A loud voice cried. This casted half a meter of red light that transformed into a rough and long flame arrow and was then followed up by a luminous and terrible heatwave of shots across Ye Wuchen’s front chest.

Wang Wenshu once again stood up fiercely, and for a moment her heart raced faster by many multiples.

Such terrible attack, could the miracle happen once more?

Countless heartbeats rose up in speed - perhaps that of all the people watching with the exception of one calm Ningxue


The scarlet flame exploded into a crackling and radiating fireball - and then extinguished itself in almost an instant. The temperature on stage rose up into something impossible to withstand, but then dropped suddenly and then slowly the temperature returned into its normal state.

When the flames exploded, Ye Wuchen’s body flew out, his body flipping into the air and receding seven to eight steps after falling to the ground and the finally he stood still upon reaching the other side of the stage. His face was flushed. Ye Wuchen bravely inhaled, then forcibly swallowed the fresh bloody that was just about to rush from his throat.

If Lin Yan were simply using his flames, it wouldn’t have mattered given how strong Ye Wuchen was. But this kind of tremendous flame attacks were definitely not something he would really like to face. Although Lin Yan had high magic power and low competence skills as a wizard, the applied force of impact could not be compared to the same level of Martial Skill type of masters, but it was still something impressive from a Heaven Level master. Wuchen almost got full defeated if he hadn’t fully guarded his chest.

Pacifying his internal wounds, Ye Wuchen leisurely walked towards the stunned Lin Yan. With his posture set up on high, he said: “Master Lin, apparently your flame wasn’t good enough - not a strand of my hair or even a cloth on me was burnt.”

After speaking, his face was filled with loathing as he patted the clothes on his chest, as though being touched by the flame just a while ago was akin to humiliation.

In front of Lin Yan, a long black line extended all the way up to where Ye Wuchen was which wasn’t originally present. This was the marked that was left when he had chanted “Forbidden fire -- red lotus arrow” and the awfully scorching hot temperature burned through the marble floor. This was a terrible flame that was impossible to fake.

But Ye Wuchen who had been directly hit without any shield appeared not to have the slightest injury. If they had not actually witnessed it, they would never have believed it even though if they were to be beaten to death.

What method did he really use! Or it may mean that his strength has reached a point where Lin Yan’s flame can’t even harm him... Is that even possible?

“Daddy, you are awesome, seriously… really, really awesome.” Hua Shuirou said unable to restrain herself. From time to time she secretly looked at the young man on stage who had caused everyone’s incomparable surprise.

“Yes… really fucking awesome.” Hua Zhentian stared with his bull-like eyes, then speaking in a low muffled voice: “Fuck, why did I even rejected this fellow to be my son-in-law! He’s even more pleasing to the eye than that Lin youngster.”

“Dad… don’t say bad words!” Hua Shuirou said softly, her face turning red.

Long Yin’s face was a still as water, but both eyes flickering with acute radiance. He said in a low voice: “Elder Li and Elder Lao, could you have resisted like him?”

“Definitely impossible!” both shook their heads without hesitation.

“If I were the one to face Clan Head Lin’s attack, I would have simply avoided it in the first place. Directly withstanding his force, even if full strength were used… the injury still cannot be avoided. But to bear the attack without any defense… even if it is the God of Sword, one could not have resisted without receiving any injuries.” the old man said, is faced filled with surprise.