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Chapter 55: Resistance

The sudden change in face color of Ye Wuchen had caused Lin Yan to laugh grimly, he lowered his tone while laughing: “Well, you speak very well, how can I not do it! Haha haha!”

Lin Yan’s voice dropped. Because he had taken the bet, there was wild uproar within the audience. Lin Yan was the strongest fire wizard in the whole Tian Long nation, there’s no way a youngster would be able to resist him. It would be fine if it were just a simple competition, at most he will just be simply defeated by Lin Yan and get burnt in a battered and exhausted manner, but in no way would he get murdered because Lin Yan wouldn’t dare do this. Even if he defeated his opponent it would be just an everyday experience; on the contrary, Lin Yan will get despised by other people if he lost. This idea had been suggested by Ye Wuchen, but in any case he would just suffer from the consequences of his actions and be consigned to his eternal damnation.

Could it be that this astonishing genius of the Ye family would just like that get destroyed by the hands of Lin Yan? Anyway, the Ye family wouldn’t allow this kind of thing to happen. After a while, there would be an unavoidable episode of riot.

Ye Wuchen turned around, facing towards Ye Nu and Ye Wei he revealed a relaxed smile but quickly concealed it. Ye Nu and Ye Wei simultaneously took it all in, and then glanced at each other’s face.

Don’t tell me he is luring Lin Yan into something?

Although they could tell what method would be used, the two men calmed down at long last. Ye Wei patted Wang Wenshu to calm down her nerves, and signaled her not to panic.

Ye Wuchen suddenly clenched his teeth fiercely and turned around as though he weren’t afraid of dying. Facing the location where the emperor was seated, he yelled every word solemnly: “We, the Ye family, are absolutely not ones who would break our promise. Since I, Ye Wuchen, have already agreed on this bet, then there’s no way I’m backing out. Let Your Majesty and all the friends and elders seated here be my witnesses. If I lose, I will be punished by Clan Head Lin without any resistance. But If I luckily defeat Head Lin, then he should call me “grandpa” three times whenever we met.

After a moment of silence, a flat powerful voice echoed: “Fine! Since you’ve insisted, then I am going to be your witness,. You started this bet, have you pondered on the outcome if you are defeated?”

“We from the Ye family, when we lose, we lose with dignity and fairness. Absolutely we never grow fat eating our word else we would be ridiculed by other people.” Ye Wuchen remarked in a serious tone.

TL: Idiom alert, grow fat eating our words means not to live up to one’s promises.

Long Yin nodded his head: “Now we begin... but... I really hate seeing a talented young man get ruined by this. Sometimes admitting one’s defeat is not a shameful thing - to blindly pursue one’s dignity is a behaviour of an impertinent person.

“Wuchen thanks Your Majesty for the concern.”

Ye Wuchen turned to face Lin Yan, his face is calm and his attitude that of facing death with equanimity: “Superior Lin, please go ahead. Just like we agreed, you can only use flame to attack, or else you lose, and I cannot evade, or else I’ll lose.”

“Hmp! I don’t need your reminders!” Lin Yan let out a cold groan of disdain, then his expression turned to sorrow. He firmly believes that Ye Wuchen’s power would never be able to resist his flames. He lifted both of his hands, and then both palms ignited a red colored flame. The flame color went from a red-yellow hue and gradually turned to a dark scarlet red. A small portion of heat became stronger and stronger starting from his palm then quickly spreading to all the directions.

But at this moment, the originally angry Ye family should have yelled “Hey old Lin Yan, if you dare hurt my Chen-er, even just a single strand of his hair, we Ye family will make you pay”. Instead, completely out of everybody’s expectation they had completely maintained their silence, but their foreheads continuously broke out cold sweat showing their inner nervousness.

Wang Wenshu’s heart almost jumped out of her mouth, Ye Wei grabbed her hand to comfort her: “Believe in Chen-er, we must believe in Chen-er, if we interfere without careful consideration this might in turn bring harm to him.”

Would Lin Yan really use his powers to kill Ye Wuchen?

Of course not. Even though Ye and Lin families could not get along, they didn’t have any major grudges beyond their rivalry. If Lin Yan had really caused Ye Wuchen to be handicapped or even to cause him to die, then there will be absolute irreconcilable hatred between these two families. The Ye family would take their revenge against Lin by all means, and there’ll be no such bullshit regarding there being a bet. What kind of bet would cost them their son. Moreover, people would criticize Lin family for being cruel, and they wouldn’t say anything wrong against the Ye family.

Lin Yan at most only wanted to injure Ye Wuchen, possibly cause him to be confined on a bed for a month or two to vent out the accumulated anger within his own heart. This way, people wouldn’t blame it on the Lin family, and would only mock Ye Wuchen for overestimating his own powers - and to go so far as to make bets with a person with Heaven Level powers without knowing the background of his opponent. To get what he deserved for the injury - one could not blan Lin Yan for delivering this. Also, Ye family would not be able to seek any vengeance afterwards, at least regarding the outcome of the yet.

Furthermore, Long Yin’s words just a few moments ago were aimed at persuading Ye Wuchen not to do anything stupid and for him to concede to save himself which should have given enough of a hint to dissuade him.

On the side of the audience, Hua Shuirou and a majority of the people began to be anxious. She pulled Huan Zhentian’s clothes and said in a low-voice: “Daddy, will something bad happen to him? Looks like the old Ye Ye is more powerful.”

TN: Ye Ye is grandfather

This old fellow when he encounters me only runs away, this youngster does really play big now. Perhaps this will be the time of his ruin.” Hua Zhentian said pitifully yet with a grin.

In a corner, Long Zhengyang’s inner being was also anxious. He leaned his head only to find Ye Ningxue’s peaceful face. In the corner of her mouth hung a faint silly smile, and he couldn’t help but ask: “Sister Ningxue, aren’t you worried of your brother?”

“No worries.” Ye Ningxue answered.

“But my grand uncle… that Lin Yan is the most powerful fire wizard in the Tian Long Nation, would he have any method to take his attacks and not get hurt?”

“Of course! Because brother simply is not afraid of fire.” Ningxue said full of smiles.

Lin Yan waved both of his hands and two identically sized fireballs burst out as though they were two red colored dragons flying towards Ye Wuchen’s chest, all the while twisting and rotating. The corner of Lin Yan’s mouth exposed a sneer. With this hit, he only used 20% of his powers, he was confident that Ye Wuchen could only resist at most a few seconds without getting seriously burnt. Yet, as everyone had expected, Ye Wuchen didn’t even use any powers to resist or isolate the flames. He only stood there without moving, his expression strangely calm and he even stuck out his chest in preparation to receive the two approach flames.

The two flames knocked against Ye Wuchen’s body at the same time… the audience platform immediately echoed with the screams of women. Some women even turned around to cover their eyes, but this was immediately followed by a surprised and shocked cry.

After the two scorching, fiery dragon flames hit Ye Wuchen’s body, it was indeed like two flames falling into the water. Between a few breaths it disappeared without any trace. No splash of fire, no white smoke, just like that it completely disappeared. Not only was Wuchen’s body unharmed, but his clothes didn’t receive any damage as well. Ye Wuchen was still standing quietly on the same spot, as though nothing happened.

In disbelief, people rubbed their eyes again and again, they looked cautiously at Ye Wuchen’s body and attempted to find any traces of the burn, but could not find any. They could not help but think, did Lin Yan only mean to frighten his opponent by throwing out flames only to extinguish them or were the flames he threw simply flame-like fire lights? Beyond this, there was nothing that could have explained this inconceivable incident that just occurred.

But the extreme surprise that could be found in Lin Yan’s face surely could not have been faked ------- then by using what method did Ye Wuchen completely resist such flames?

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