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Chapter 54: Young man, you have a future!

“Hehe, General Hua, Mr. Ye said moments ago that the winner will be the one to agree to the loser’s three conditions, and not the loser responding to winner’s three conditions.” an old official said.

“My beloved official Li, you are right.” Long Yin said.

Even the emperor had seconded the statement, so it was impossible for it to be untrue. Majority of the people from the audience had committed the same mistake of hearing the statement in reverse, even they were unable to make certain of it. Only the minority had heard the statement correctly, and they have seen the proof just by looking at Hua Zhentian’s eccentric and pitiful face.

“Daddy… what he said… it is indeed that way.” echoed a very soft and timid voice. Although it was soft voice, Hua ZhenTian was able to hear it clearly.

Even his daughter had said the same thing, was it still worthy of doubt?

Hua Zhentian kept on changing his facial expression, then suddenly facing up laughed out loud like a crazy person and walked briskly in front of Ye Wuchen. He used his dark hand to pat Ye Wuchen’s shoulder while laughing out loud, and exposing his teeth, his tears from the laughter nearly overflowed from his eyes.

“Good! Good! Good! Hahahaha! Well, young fellow, you went as far as to trick this old man. Very well, very well, hahahaha!”

“After all these years you are the first one who dared to trick me! Well, pretty good! You have a bright future! Hahahaha… I’m really convinced. Alright, what conditions do you like me to agree upon, do I simply have to wrinkle my brows or write my own family name backwards!”

Ye Wuchen separated from Hua Zhentian’s hammer-like arm and said: “My first condition is to request Elder Hua not to investigate recent events.”

“Of course I don’t have any plans to delve into the past anymore. For someone who could trick me like this, what does it matter about Lin family’s young son, he incurred wounds that just serves him right. You have two more conditions.” said Hua Zhentian straightforwardly.

Ye Wuchen’s head beaded with sweat … What’s the logic in this?

“Then approach me once you have them… young fellow, you deserve to be called the young son of Ye family. I think highly of you! Hahahaha!”

Hua Zhentian turned around, swaggering to return to his seat. His anger had disappeared completely, replaced by a whole face of contentment and looking exactly like a patron leaving the brothel.

“I’m finally being tricked ruthlessly. Great! So fucking great!”

Feel great after being tricked? That’s nonsense… had he suddenly gone insane? Majority of the people thought the same thing.

Ye Nu, who had exploded in rage, went back to his seat, gritting his teeth inwards.

“Daddy, you… are you alright?” Hua Shuirou asked in a worried tone when Hua Zhentian returned to his seat since Hua’s reaction was so strange

“Hmm… that young fellow is pretty good. His appearance is better than the young fellow of the Lin family - his martial skills are also better than the young fellow of Lin; furthermore, even dares to trick me… Why did I reject the marriage proposal from Ye family before. Certainly I’ve lost my mind.” Hua Zhentian seemed somehow upset patting his head. Looking at Ye Wuchen, his gaze was quite reluctant to part from him, oddly wishing he could just let Ye trick him again.


Hu Shuirou secretly looked at Ye Wuchen, then all of a sudden, she lowered down her head, her heart beating very fast.

Ye Wuchen had caused Hua Zhentian to reveal the distinct feature of his characteristic and flaws through his extrinsic performance, and consequently, Hua Zhentian was fully defeated.

Originally, this competition was supposed to be a great show but it’s conclusion had reached a point where the ending was not something anybody expected. Hua Zhentian not only got unlucky, but moreover the Ye family also got their great bargain -- two conditions! Judging by Hua Zhentian’s character, he would surely keep his words and that is what makes it a valuable prize.

All things shall come to an end, but some people in the contrary don’t want it to end.

Yet another man hopped onto the stage, then, completely without poise, pointed and shouted at Ye Wuchen: “Young child of Ye, you’re not only shielding a people from the Gale Nation, but also using your despicable and shameless acts in front of Your Majesty the emperor and the people to treat General Hua as an idiot! You are so presumptuous, you don’t even respect the emperor and his rules!”

Lin Yan originally had bellyful of flaming anger, but then it burned stronger, and appears as if it would explode at any time. How can he just let Ye Wuchen slip by so peacefully after this. As a result, he made up a so-called unknowing accusation to press on - letting the people twitch their lips and say.... just say it out loud when you want to vent out your personal spite - why would you have to include the emperor and us.

Ye Wuchen hadn’t gotten the time to respond, Hua Zhentian angrily interrupted, standing up, pointing finger and scolding: “Old man Lin, what do you mean! I’m sincerely convinced that I lost and I conceded in a straightforward and upright manner! Ye youngster defeated me with his own ability, winning fair and square, it’s none of your business. Damn you. How can you curse me as an idiot, would you believe that I’ll make your house explode by tomorrow?!”

Although Lin Yan was just using Hua Zhentian to resolve the situation, there was somewhat a reason to exonerate him, but he didn’t expect to provoke this kind of tongue-lashing. The veins in Lin Yan’s neck burned in red. Ye Wuchen waved facing the direction of Hua Zhentian: “Elder Hua please don’t be mad, this is an affair of the younger generation, only we can resolve it.”

Hua Zhentian did not say anything further, and just sat down. The people were taken aback by this.

“Head Lin would you also like to have a competition with me?” Ye Wuchen rubbed his shoulder and asked indifferently.

“That’s right! You hurt my Xiao-er (son) and won against General Hua, let’s see if you have the ability to beat me. If you win, I not only won’t investigate on the incident where you hurt Xiao-er, but will also give you three kowtows with my head banging on the floor, would you dare or not!?”

A wave of light hissing sound echoed. One of the seven Heaven Level masters of the Tian Long Nation would dare compete with a normal tenth grade power level youngster, and to question intensely whether the opponent would dare take the challenge --- was he not ashamed?

But these words no one would dare ask. Because behind Lin Yan there was not only the Lin family, but he was also the head of Tian Long’s Imperial Educational Institute - several influential officials have their children in this institute.

Even a fool can see that, Lin Yan’s shameless request for a competition was fake. The true reason was to use this opportunity to vent out his personal spite. Due to his high position he hasn’t been this sullen before. But… the emperor didn’t even intend to stop him, instead his face seems leisurely contented. Many people still didn’t realize that today the emperor only spoke very little and only observed in silence, as though enjoying a stage full of marvellous shows.

Ye Nu fiercely stood up and was about to rain curses, but instead heard Ye Wuchen sneered: “Why not?”

Ye Nu suddenly stared in amazement and wasn’t able to speak any further.

“Judging by your old age and weak body, I’m afraid of being not able to control my powers, Accidentally killing head Lin would be awful… How about this, I’ll stand here to let you beat me. Oh, I heard you can play with fire, right? Then I’ll stand here to let you beat me with fire three times. If you can injure me, then I lose, I’ll do whatever you want. But if the three flames are unable to hurt me, then Family Head Lin loses. Kowtow is not necessary, because for me those are worthless, if Lin lose, then from now on whenever you see me just call me “grandpa” three times, would you dare?”

The whole audience went absolutely silent, now they have witnessed the most inconceivable incident in this world. Ye Nu and Ye Wei’s face color changed, Ye Nu stood up and roared: “Chen-er (son), don’t make trouble! Although he might seem like a half dead old man, he has Heaven Level power! His fire can even melt steel!”

“What!? Ye Wuchen startled upon hearing, eventually his face color changed, looked at Lin Yan with a gaze brimming with fear.

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