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Chapter 53: Hua Zhentian

“Don’t be angry second Grandpa, it’s me who did not perfect my skills, don’t blame it on young master Ye” Lin Xiao said while covering his wounds. Then, facing Ye Wuchen, somewhat carried a bitter smile while saying: “Mr. Ye really has good skills, I’m sincerely convinced and I concede. I guess I acted ignorantly.”

“Hurry and lead Xiao-er to treat his wound!” shouted Lin Kuang.

“Hehe, elder Lin please don’t worry, our Chen-er had already shown mercy. It’s just a small wound. If a while ago Chen-er slashed through his neck, then we would have made a fuss.” Ye Nu consoled with these words.

The muscles on Lin Kuang’s face twitched continuously. He sat down heavily, and let out a cold groan. Ye Nu felt leisurely invigorated upon seeing that expression.

Lin Xiao went down the stage, a wizard who was seated behind Long Yin had left his seat hurriedly and went out to treat Lin Xiao.

When you strike someone you don’t aim at the face, let alone mark the face. This is akin to giving Lin family a ferocious slap on their face in front of numerous influential officials.

Everybody stared blankly at Ye Wuchen on the stage, after today, who would call the young master Ye a sickly person.

“You disgraceful young man!!”

This huge roar spread widely like a song. Along with this roar, came leaping a man with a solid and thick image, standing roughly 10 meters high and landing on the competition stage. Upon his landing, Ye Wuchen faintly felt the faint trembling of the stage.

“Ah…. dad!” Hua Shui Rou cry out in surprise. But her voice was too small, Hua Zhentian couldn’t hear her since he had already landed on the stage.

“So it’s actually Senior Hua, looking forward to receive your enlightenment” Ye Wuchen said, his face exposing a smiling expression.

For anyone to be so impudent in front of the emperor, no other would have dared other than Hua Zhentian. Long Yin wanted to say something but hesitated and finally chose not to utter anything and also had no indication of anger. Evidently, he was already accustomed to Hua Zhentian’s attitude a long time ago.

“Enlightenment nonsense! How dare you muddy youngster hurt my future son-in-law’s face, let me teach you a lesson!” Hua Zhentian’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes seem to have puff out flames. He loved his daughter more than his own life, and also loved everyone connected to her. Naturally, he would also protect his daughter’s future husband whom he clearly witnessed the face being marked and wounded by a sword. He exhausted much of his will restraining his anger, but finally he threw himself at the stage, his repressed anger crumbling his restraint in violent eruption.

Along with his anger, a whiff of violent breath had been released and pressed into Ye Wuchen’s chest like a huge rock. His heart felt frightened… This master from the Hua family really had a spiritual level of strength.

His grandson who had demonstrated extraordinary skills made him feel pride, which had now been tarnished by the defeat. If Ye Nu could still withstand this kind of attitude, he will not be called “Ye Nu”* anymore. Standing up with a “Ceng” sound, he pointed to Hua Zhentian shouting: “Hua Zhentian, Lin youngster does not have the skills to match you. It’s not our Chen-er’s fault, don’t make trouble without any reason, other people might laugh at you.”

TL: Ye Nu also means Anger

Hua Zhentian turned ferociously, then using his thunder-like voice roared: “Old man Ye, I saw him hurting my future son-in-law’s face. How could my precious daughter handle this! Although he is your grandson, I will still hold him responsible.”

With Hua Zhentian’s fiery temper, he could scold any person, even the emperor is not within exception, and definitely not even Ye Nu.

“It’s really none of my business even if your future son-in-law is killed. If you dare touch a single hair on Chen-er, I’ll burn down your Hua house tomorrow!”

“Bah! I’ll smash you until your mother will not be able to recognize you anymore. If you don’t burn our house down tomorrow, then you are a cuckold and a bastard!”

“Do you think I won’t? In those days when I was fighting in a battlefield, you were still a child seeking milk!”

“What’s the use of fighting in a battlefield, I, your father, can use a single Vibrating Sky Thunder that can surely wipe out your entire Ye family!”

TL: 老子 - I, your father/superior - word used in anger to connote that you are superior. We’ve used this before but just putting a note for it in case not familiar to you.

Both of them fumed with anger, their elegance and composure completely lost. They both wished they could start a fight right away. Long Yin shook his head with a bitter smile, yet speak a word, and Lin Yan’s lips were sealed, but he felt happy inside. He really hoped the relationship of Ye and Hua family would deteriorate.

Hua Shui Rou grasped both her hands tightly, nervous tears emerged abruptly. If any young man saw her lovely, pitiful posture, they would be stunned by her beauty and feel sorry for her.

“Enough, shut up!” Ye Wuchen shouted as he couldn’t tolerate any longer.

His voice had caused Hua Zhentian to shift his focus, he twisted both hands, replied very fiercely: “After scolding the old one, let’s teach this young one a lesson, I’ll beat the crap out of you later.”

“Wait a moment Elder Hua, could you please listen to the us youngsters for a few moments?”

“Spit it out.”

Ye Wuchen smiled indifferently, all of a sudden bent low his body, used the damaged sword in his hand to cut through the ground, his body movement shifting into high-speed. During few small breaths, he had draw a 5 meter diameter circle on the floor. When Ye Wuchen moved back to his original position, the circle happened to be surrounding him and Hua Zhentian.

“Hurting the elder’s future son-in-law, that clearly is the fault of this youth. But Hua and Ye family both have made their contributions to the Tian Long nation and both are pillars of this nation, how could a small matter affect the harmony of both family. To avoid the casualties caused by the lack of harmony, let’s compete by means of literary, whoever comes out of this circle first loses, how about that?”

“You’re talking nonsense, I’m here to teach you a lesson, if you jumped out of that circle, who am I to compete with? Don’t treat me as a fool!” Hua Zhentian roared in rage.

“Elder Hua are you afraid?”


“If I lose, you can do whatever you want to do, how about that? Elder Hua… can you do it!”

“Hey… This is what you’ve said, why can’t I!”

“Then Elder Hua are you willing to gamble with me?”

“What bet!”

“Whoever come out of the circle first loses. Winner should agree to the three conditions of the loser, Elder Hua can you accept that?” Ye Wuchen explained clearly.

“Yes! Why not, since you youngster wants to die, let me help you fulfill your wish.” Hua Zhentian agreed without thinking, fiercely lifting his two fists and aiming at Ye Wuchen. His martial skills and power relied mainly on transformation. After applying Chi his whole body seemed like it was covered by a layer of copper wall. He has confidence that even if he stood motionless in front of Ye Wuchen, he wouldn’t be easily defeated.

“Alright, then let’s begin Elder Hua, be careful.” the corner of his mouth revealed a smile as if he had prevailed in a conspiracy.

Some of the people in the crowd finally reacted, but hadn’t gotten the time to shout in response as suddenly Ye Wuchen gracefully leaped out of the circle.

Hua Zhentian looked distracted, and then pointed to Ye Wuchen and laughed wildly while saying: “As it turns out, young boy like you has soft bones. Now that you have been defeated, give me immediately…”

TL: Soft bones means cowardly

“I’m already defeated, please follow our bet Elder Hua, agree to my three conditions.” Ye Wuchen chuckled.

Hua Zhentian stared for a moment, almost went violent: “You young man, are you out of your mind, I was the one who won this bet, you are the one who should agree to my three conditions!”

“I think you must have heard it wrong, Elder Hua. What I meant is --- the winner -- should agree to the three conditions of the loser. You are the winner, and I’m the loser.” Ye Wuchen laughed amiably, face looking innocent.

Hua Zhentian opened his eyes wide, his big mouth formed a circle, and he fiercely inclined his head to look towards the audience.

Translated by: Fatty_Uncle

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