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Chapter 52: Mark on the Face!

“Elder Liu, what do you think about his strength?” Long Yin asked, using his gaze to hint at Ye Wuchen.

“Neither did he have martial skills, nor does he know any enchantments” the old man from the right side said, the other from the left also nodded his head.

“Oh? Is that so?” Long Yin looked astonished. He could believe that there was no martial skills, but if there’s not even any enchantment involved… Based on the information he gathered, Ye Wuchen can not only use enchantments to connect with the wind, but also has the ring from the God of Sword. Also, Long Yin made his choice of siding with Lin family in front of the whole crowd just to test Ye Wuchen’s powers.

And he apparently did not have any desire to hide anything; instead, agreed instantly.

The jade fan came in contact with the broken sword, sending out an ear-piercing sound “Ding!”, a very large force burst forth from the point where both ends meet. Ye Wuchen’s arm slightly became numb, successively retreated two steps, Lin Xiao did the same, astonishment flashed through both his eyes.

“Crap! He successfully resisted!”

A rough voice loudly resonated through the crowd, that was Hua Zhen Tian’s signature voice. And this loud voice expressed the same surprise felt by everybody.

“What’s…” the elder beside Long Yin sounded alarmed: “What’s going on here? Young master Lin had used half of his power with one blow, how could he able to resist that? Totally no energy wave was detected, don’t tell me his body itself has high power to such an extent?”

Long Yin flashed his gaze, his vision firmly fixed on Ye Wuchen.

“Master Ye really is the sage presented as a normal person, likewise, be careful.” after a moment of surprise, Lin Xiao’s face had that self-confident smile again. He brandished the broken sword in his arm, and momentarily formed a dazzling shadow from his sword which overshadowed the whole body of Ye Wuchen. After what happened in his first attempt, he was decided not to hold back this time.

He only used half of his strength before. But Ye Wuchen also only used half.

Lin Xiao’s sword speed was very fast, but Ye Wuchen’s strength of vision and hand speed was also extraordinary. With just a simple fan, he had resisted the sword. Then, with a simple flick of his wrist, he opened the jade fan. The thick edge of the fan carried a sharp energy slash towards Lin Xiao’s chest.

Ding… Ding… Ding… Ding...

The sound of the sword and jade collision repeatedly echoed, the two men fighting on stage both showed serene complexion, but the people outside the stage were flabbergasted, couldn’t believe their eyes.

Lin Xiao jumped high and struck with his sword. The power went from faintly traceless to outstandingly strong and had been directly resisted by Ye Wuchen. “Boom” a sound echoed, a marble stone below Ye Wuchen’s feet suddenly shattered into small pieces, both his feet sunk through deeply into the ground.

Lin Xiao jumped back by means of his strength, and retreated a few steps after touching the ground and then stood firm.

A very deep dent mark had emerged in the jade fan in Ye Wuchen's hand, and this was almost snapped off because of the hit. The power that was able to break the fan like this, proved that Lin Xiao's strength was in no way beneath his own.

The second degree of Wuchen's power is equivalent to this ordinary world's tenth level power, how about the third, the fourth... and the highest seventh degree locked within his blurred memory?

Lin Xiao absorbed a deep breath, his contemptuous intent disappeared without a trace. He didn't stop. He concentrated on his sword with eyebrows furrowed and then dashed forward while his two faint sword beams flashed while approaching its target. Ye Wuchen used the jade fan to push them aside in succession, resisting both beams, then directing his fan towards the approaching sword.

“My son... when did he become so powerful.” Wang Wenshu sound excited and surprised, partly didn't sound so convinced, but mostly had let go of her worries. Beside her, the once emotionless Ye Shui Yao now looked surprised.

“Sister, Chen is being considered as the descendant of God of Sword, it’s impossible for him not to receive any teachings from God of Sword. He simply did not reveal his true powers” Ye Wei said, the usually serious face this time turned into one filled with excitement, he could no longer control it.

“Is he really Ye family’s sickly young master?” still many people asked this question over and over again.

“He is younger than Mr. Lin, yet his strength was enough to resist Mr. Lin, indeed the young master of Ye also is an overall genius.”

“If I weren’t able to witness this in my own eyes, I absolutely wouldn't believe it.”

“This surely means that if the father is a distinguished person, the son will surely do well, Ye family would not produce a useless person. To endure silently for so many years... they finally revealed this youngster’s talent today.”


There are endless discussions going on the stage right now, but Ye Wuchen and Lin Xiao’s confrontation had already continue for several minutes. Still it couldn’t be determine who won the engagement, both had their advances and retreats.

Let’s just bring this to an end, this should be his entire strength… Apparently the second degree of his power might be somewhere between the ordinary world’s tenth level and the spiritual realm.

But, Wuchen’s strange and unpredictable power was really unimaginable.

Yet again there was another true direct strike, the raging power had caused the broken rocks under their both feet to flutter around, finally the jade fan in Ye Wuchen’s hand broke apart from its middle. Still he had no intention to yield, but suddenly he sped up his body, with his bare hands grabbing Lin Xiao’s neck.

Lin Xiao used his sword to directly stab backwards, but his vision blurred up. Ye Wuchen’s body suddenly sprung forward in a right angle. Like a ghost, he appeared by his right side -- his actions contrary to cognition of an ordinary person, proceeded straight forward but quickly shifted to the side. “Inertia” -- this word could not be applied to his actions.

His hand grabbed the wrist but was shifted into another direction. Lin Xiao thrusted his sword but before his powers could take effect, he realised there was not enough time to decide whether to pull back or go in reverse. The wrist had been precisely grabbed by Ye Wuchen, his palm was forced to flip upwards.

“Ka-cha” sounded loud and clear, his wrist was dislocated, and his sword was taken by Ye Wuchen, then struck at the direction of Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao hurriedly retreated back, but the silver sword beam became nearer each time he blinked his eyes.


The blade of the sword cut through the left side of the once perfect face of Lin Xiao, leaving behind a very long blood-colored scar.


A huge wave of noise, many young ladies who had crush on Lin Xiao let out a loud scream. Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan both stood up, eyes bulging from their sockets, shouted worriedly: “Xiao-er! (Son!)”

“Haha! Good, nice! Hahahaha!” in the middle of the noise, old master Ye clapped his hand while laughing heartily, wishing he could dance wholeheartedly. Because of his grandson, he had been worried for a long time, and had been sullen for more than ten years due to the comparison between both youngsters especially with Lin family. But now… a moment of revelation! The word “pleasure” was not enough to describe what his heart felt at this moment.

“Disgraceful youngster of Ye, how dare you hurt our Xiao-er!”. This time Lin Yan's five senses had been twisted together, evidently his anger reached its pinnacle.

“Oh? Then moments ago who was the one reminding me that 'swords have no eyes during a competition, if someone was inattentively injured... even if handicapped there should be no investigation', are so old so as to have forgotten your own words? Do you mean you are talking rubbish?” Ye Wuchen said mockingly. The broken sword in his hand was as bright and clean as before and didn't leave a single trace of blood.

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