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Chapter 51: Choosing Violence

“Enough. Do not speak any further.” a monotonous voice echoed, Long YIn Who had been silent all along started talking: “Although what President Lin said was inappropriate, still he did not have bad intentions. President Lin, sit down first.”

Lin Yan, who had just now almost collapsed in his own anger, had to forcibly suppress his own anger in order to sit down heavily. His gaze was still fixed on Ye Wuchen, wishing he could Wuchen into a sea of flames and burn him into ashes.

After the sparring of words, Long Yin didn’t even show a trace of anger. Instead he smiled happily and said: Ye and Lin family’s youngsters are both extremely talented and outstandingly brilliant and can be pillars of our Tian Long nation in the future. I am extremely delighted! What Wuchen said was right, very similar to my own thoughts, our Tian Long nation will never be afraid of Gale Nation. We must never target any person for the Gale Nation without reason so as not to cause other nations to despise us. I also considered Lin Xiao’s thoughts on Tian Long’s safety, we should not allow a moment of negligence turn into tragedy. Besides, I gave the order, the ruler must not joke and I can’t take back my own words, and this puts me in a difficult situation.

The emperor has spoken. The surroundings went silent. Ye Wuchen didn’t answer back. Still, he was wearing an innocent smile on his face, he knew what the emperor meant “Difficult” was purely some nonsense, he must already have thought of some way to torment those people.

“How about this, since it’s the right time and place, and both of you are here, might as well use this opportunity to compare your skills. Let’s battle instead who determines who will win or lose. I will comply with the one who wins the duel.”

After Long Yin’s suggestion, the surrounds went strangely quiet. Nobody dared to interrupt or to agree; however, this method was clearly unfair! This time even a fool can determine that Long Yin was obviously siding with Lin Xiao. Not only will he win comfortably, but the emperor can also take this opportunity to insult Ye Wuchen and the entire Ye family.

Young master Ye not only has no martial arts skills, but was also a formerly bedridden and sickly person. Even if he is now in good health, how could he possibly be Lin Xiao’s rival. Some people who have practiced martial skills and enchantment were secretly shaking their heads in disapproval because Ye Wuchen’s body doesn’t even contain any trace of energy waves. He is neither someone who has mastered martial skills nor enchantments.

Lin Xiao’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly and was about to tactfully decline because he has this lofty and unyielding character. To compete with someone who has no power might wound his reputation, but before he could even open his mouth to speak, Ye Wuchen already replied smiling: “Emperor’s order, how could Wuchen refuse to obey.”

Lin Xiao quickly withdrew his thoughts and replied: “Lin Xiao shall comply.”

Once he treated this young master Ye with disdain, and didn’t even have the interest to meet this person, but this was their very first confrontation. After the arguments, his standing went downwards, but he didn’t react with shock. Right now judging Ye’s relaxed composure, his heart couldn’t help but secretly stay vigilant. A very straightforward answer, could he have possibly come prepared? But judging by his breath, he clearly wasn’t someone who had any powers.

In the contrary, Ye Wuchen’s straightforward answer has brought about some murmurings in the surroundings, but no one believed that he had any strength to win over Lin Xiao. Some sighed, some secretly criticised.

“This… can’t be. Don’t let Chen compete with him. Don’t say martial arts, Chen can’t even harm a mosquito. How can we manage if he got injured?” Wang Wenshu stood up with great alarm, but Ye Wei dragged her arm and sat her down, comforting her: “Don’t worry his facial expression is confident, clearly he has planned ahead of time. And based on the current situation, Lin Xiao wouldn’t dare really harm Chen.”

Wang Wenshu didn’t even resist for a heartbeat. Firmly restraining herself not to shout, her whole body was obviously restless and impatient. A son will always be a mother’s favorite. If Ye Wuchen suffered any harm, it will be more painful than using a knife to cut her heart.

Ye Wei calmly watched Ye Wuchen. For someone to be chosen by the Sword God senior, could he really appear to be so powerless? Let’s see what is hidden inside of him.

Lin Kuang has been beaming with joy for the longest time, Long Yin obviously sided with them. He crooked his head over, with consoling face he said: “Old General Ye, don’t worry. My son Xiao will show mercy.”

Ye Nu let out a very cold “humph”, and didn’t feel like paying any attention to him. His innermost being intensely raised up, but on the outside he was as serene as stagnant water. His intense opinion and calm temperament were equal opposing forces.

“Hahahaha, I suppose this guy from the Ye family doesn’t want to live anymore, how dare he challenge my future son-in-law. My future son-in-law could just stab him to death with his little finger. Oh!! hahahaha!”

A sound similar to a thunderclap resonated, every corner heard it very clearly. Hua Zhentian had this delighted facial expression, as if seeing his future son-in-law hoisting power was the most joyful thing to observe. Beside him was his daughter Hua Shuirou, who then softly whispered in his ears: “Dad… lower down your voice”.

Hua Zhentian covered his mouth at once, then facing his daughter smiled in embarrassment.

Both people positioned on stage, facial expressions were similarly light and gentle. Leng Ya had retreated off the stage, covering his chest while sitting down in competitors’ area. His complexion was still very cold, but only a few noticed him because he was no longer the center of attention. The focus point has been shifted to Ye Wuchen. He couldn’t run away. Not that he can’t, but even if he could, he couldn’t possibly do it.

Lin Yan grudgingly stared at Ye Wuchen, then said in a low tone: “During the competition, swords have no eyes. If there’s an accident blame it on the skills and not on the person involved. Even if the person became handicapped, there’s no grounds for investigation!”

This sent secret signals to both Lin Xiao and Ye Wuchen, Ye Wuchen twisted the corner of his mouth and stared at Lin Xiao and said: “Master Lin, you have used up some of your energy in the competition a while ago. To be fair, I’ll fight you without weapons, how’s that?”

With these words, came uproar in the crowd. Most of the brothers even covered their stomachs and laughed, almost like hearing the greatest joke in the world. Hua Zhentian also smacked his mouth and said: “This young man from Ye is even more arrogant than his old man, interesting, very f*cking interesting.”

“Dad… don’t say bad words.” Hua Shui Rou gently pushed him with a voice as soft as a fly.

Hua Zhentian immediately went silent.

“He deserves to be called the grandson of Old General Ye, it’s very interesting, hahahaha.” the red faced Lin Kuang laughed arrogantly.

Lin Xiao got distracted, smiled shaking his head: “Don’t bother, I just used up a little energy a while ago. Now my strength has fully been regained. Young master Ye just use your full strength. May I know what weapon you are most experienced with.” after speaking, he lifted up the sword on his hand, prepared to use it to fight against Ye Wuchen.

“Okay, since Mr. Lin used his sword, then I will just use my fan.” Ye Wuchen’s right hand confidently flinged. Closed the jade fan in his hand, then pointed to Lin Xiao.

“Let’s begin” Lin Xiao didn’t want to comment any further, stroking the sword’s sharp end, hinting him to start the attack.