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Chapter 50: Measure for Measure Part 2

Lin Xiao smiled and said: “Master Ye, my second grandpa has an impetuous character, he didn’t mean to rebuke Ye family, I’m here to apologize to Ye family on behalf of my second grandpa. But this person is from the Gale Nation and people from there are the ones who repeatedly offend us from Tian Long, which caused so many disasters around us The people have no way to make a living. Generally, every person from the Gale Nation is our enemy, we can’t let them get away so easily.”

“Are you afraid of the Gale Nation’s people?” Ye Wuchen turned his head and asked.

“I am proud as I’m born in Tian Long. How can I be afraid of merely people from the Gale Nation!” Lin Xiao knitted his eyebrows and said.

“In that case, this person hasn’t caused any harm to us Tian Long nation, why should he be arrested? On one hand, this might seem as if we from Tian Long has very little tolerance towards other nations. On the other hand, this will also seem like we are afraid of the Gale Nation people. We arrest one when we see one! Let me dare ask, have you heard any person from Tian Long who went to to the Gale Nation and was arrested by their people without any reason?”

“You are right, master Ye, but you haven’t seen the extraordinary capability of this person. If you have to wait until he commits a crime to arrest him, it might be too late. People will treat it as a joke.” Lin Xiao answered unyieldingly.

“Then master Lin, you mean to say that your capability have surpassed him? Do we need to also arrest you to prevent any disasters from happening?” Ye Wuchen laughed and said.

Lin Xiao seemed to show a grudging demeanor while shaking his head:”I am a Tian Long man, and he is Tian Long’s enemy, a man from the Gale Nation!”

“Master Lin, I dare to ask, do you have any proof to confirm that he is from the Gale Nation?”

“Master Ye, you must have heard, the sword in his hand is called Shattering Wind Blade, was formerly from the Gale Nation’s God of War Feng Zhaoyang. If he’s not from the Gale Nation, then how could he have a weapon from their God of War Feng Zhaoyang.

“Oh, that’s the way it is, I understand now!” Ye Wuchen nodded humbly, as though he suddenly realized the truth. Then he walked towards Leng Ya who was sitting on the floor, His left hand lightly patted Leng Ya’s shoulder, then his right hand lightly took away the Shattering Wind Blade from his hand.

“Now, he doesn’t have his Shattering Wind Blade now so that means he’s not a person from the Gale Nation anymore. Right now the sword is in my hand so am I someone from the Gale Nation who should get arrested?” Ye Wuchen played with the green sword in his hand, pondered and said.

Leng Ya amazed and raised his head to see Ye Wuchen. The area on his shoulder where he received a pat have a strange warm circulation, which have caused the wound bleeding on his right chest to stop.

Lin Xiao’s voice stopped, shook his head and said: “Master Ye you are making false arguments.”

“Identifying one’s identity with the use of a weapon. Speaking of false arguments, I myself have conceded to master Lin”

“Master Ye’s words makes sense, but his identity is very extraordinary, because the Shattering Wind Blade has involved Gale Nation’s Feng Zhaoyang.”

“Master Lin, may I ask if Feng Zhaoyang had followed Gale Nation to invade Tian Long in those days or used any other method to violate us.”

“This never happened.”

“In that case, Feng Zhaoyang and Tian Long nation really don’t have any hatred towards each other, but rather, he dedicated his loyalty and freedom to the Gale Nation, protected what he needed to protect, yet he never used his power to help the Gale Nation’s to act oppressive. Is he to be respected or to be hated? Should we ought to pinpoint against Feng Zhaoyang, and trigger his anger?”


“Also, not only you master Lin, but there’s some other elders here who can easily arrest this man called Leng Ya. If he really has dangerous motives, he wouldn’t have come here and showed off his Shattering Wind Blade so easily. He doesn’t really have any other motive beyond participating in the competition, that’s why he used Shattering Wind Blade without any worries. He is being open and candid, and if we treat him like this and if this news spreads out, are we as Tian Long men to be praised, or to be laughed at?”

Both men wearing white wore smiles on their faces. They argued with equal harshness, but both wouldn't concede. The whole stage became very silent, and everybody was stupefied upon hearing their arguments. What they refused to accept is that Lin Xiao stooped down from his higher position to engage in the non-stop argument of Ye Wuchen.

He really is Ye family’s good-for-nothing young master? Or has he been hiding his true identity after all these years, preparing to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

Wang Wenshu repeatedly rubbed her eyes, sort of stunned and talked to herself: “Is that… really my son?”

“That Leng Ya is from Gale Nation, hated by all, I felt quite appropriate to execute him on the spot before, to free him from any extreme bad conditions he ought to face and suffering from everyone’s reprimands. However, because Wuchen has a tongue like reed, every word went straight to the point and avoided the contradictions between Tian Long and Gale Nation. This successfully lead along everybody’s thoughts, including Lin Xiao’s. Right now, even I feel that executing Leng Ya will be the worst thing to do. Son, you are not the Wuchen that we used to know anymore.” Ye Wei said flatly, the side of his mouth showed a faint smile.

He lost his memory, but obtained a new vigor and life. This probably is one act of grace bestowed by Heaven.

The fire wizard’s bad temper was as violent as flame. He was being criticized by Ye Wuchen, and has been holding back his bellyful of anger. Upon seeing Lin Xiao’s position going downwards, he couldn’t stand it any longer. “Ceng”, stood up, pointed to Ye Wuchen and loudly roared: “Little son of the Ye family! You keep on protecting Gale Nation people, what are your inner intentions! I will arrest this person today. Even if I offended Feng Zhaoyang, then what? I’m not afraid of a lackey of the Gale Nation!”

“Hahahaha…” upon hearing, Ye Wuchen laughed wildly, then he flung his jade fan and said: “Chairman Lin, I think you are very old, not only do you have hearing problem, but your brain is also starting to malfunction. I’m born in the Tian Long Ye family, and I haven’t been to Gale Nation. How can I protect Gale Nation? I protect the reputation and dignity of my Tian Long nation! I, in exchange, have a question for you, you said you wouldn’t hesitate to provoke the anger of Feng Zhaoyang. He is called a God of War, his strength is earth-shaking, who can resist him except Tian Long’s God of War Chu Cangming, can you!? If you really provoke Feng Chaoyang’s anger from Tian Long, for you to die in your age is nothing, but how about the safety of our emperor His majesty! How about Tian Long nation’s safety? It would stir up the Gale Nation’s invasion of Tiang Long… Don’t tell me it’s just because of your personal spite that you have to make Tian Long suffer!!”


“Moreover, Feng Zhaoyang has been loyal to his nation and ought to be respected. Right now he has been called a lackey by you. Do you mock all the loyal officers and general as lackeys!?”

One by one large basins of feces seemed to land on Lin Yan’s head, Lin Yan almost threw up blood on the spot. He pointed to Ye Wuchen, his whole body trembled and was unable to make words, all his white hair stood up and between his hair sparkled flickering flame.

Some of the audience looked at Lin Yan with ill gaze, some of them were irritable and began showing anger. Master Ye was right, even though Feng Zhaoyang is from the Gale Nation, there’s no right or wrong, he was being loyal to his master. Moreover, he dedicated all his life to his nation and to being a great model to their officials. This faithful official has been cursed as a lackey, and that would also mean he was cursing the faithful officials of Tian Long with the same title, wouldn’t it?

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